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Mar 10, 2014|

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Maybe it's time for buffalo means business -- -- -- -- buffalo radio veteran and local business that's a good buddy Shula. Buffalo means business is the hour long weekly radio show that spotlights local business. This morning's it was brought you by doctor Bob dental care for worry free dentistry -- your nearest doctor Bob location. And Mike copier fax business technologies for the whole first document diligence. If you look like a business featured on this show please call 8430167. That's 8430167. Now your host bloody -- Welcome back to buffalo. Means business on news radio 930 WB yen and 1520. ESPN my name is -- Shula. And this is the -- local business show that talks and appreciates and respects a local businesses. Here in Western New York proud to do it every week. And we have a great lineup of guests and this weekend is well we're gonna start. With mark Moyer who's the general manager of Lancaster country club along with. Down to Hermosillo who was a member and vice president of Lancaster. Country club. Welcome guys by great to be here thanks but he very much room -- for -- here who hasn't heard Lancaster country club. Well we can always use more people be -- -- Lancaster country club but recently we think we've been doing. A pretty good job partnering with the local medias and many people the community you get the word out about the Lancaster country -- What about Ella tells about the history of Lancaster. Cut interest he brought that up I've been their only about five years but he -- -- -- -- -- will be -- time researching. -- history in some -- it was pretty unique you hear different things from the members as you're going along but it was -- formed in 1924. And found some interest -- effects of be real interesting twist on just kind of run him down pretty quick. A committee in 1925 was named to look into a suitable site for. Residents of Lancaster country club to golf -- The original course had three holes only with sand greens it was called the BB dimple. Six temporary holes were built for 1000 dollars. The firm furnished to may have some plans for eighteen -- holes for 350. Dollars. Six championship polls were complete by August 1925. The first gulf -- was hired for eighty dollars a month plus -- plus and fees. Greens fees were 75 cents remember a dollar fifty for non member. And fifty cents a whole whole our fifth five cents a hole for caddie. The first greens superintendent was hired for a hundred dollars a month. 19289. Grass greens were then installed the watering system. 1938 the expanded the club house -- new -- -- 1940. During the war. To keep the club go when they have built a horse barn and work horses were stable on the golf course where in that now they have what else is located. Due to gas regime members were driven from the village by way in the play golf on the horse drawn wagons. Lot of history a critical test at 1965. There was -- clubhouse burned down on Broadway in the club also -- In in 1966 we start to come more forwards are deported without -- He has a history -- -- -- pretty neat. The course was playing in anticipation of an exhibition match in the summer feature Arnold Palmer Jack Nicklaus Sanders and Lehman. They were there or they were all there and indeed. Others are pretty great lineage and history of amateurs and pros and participate at Lancaster publisher couples with -- and I'll stop. A regurgitate statistics here so it's pretty interest in. Harry -- Cooper 1928. Has now inducted in the PGA hall of fame in 1992. Played it Lancaster check harper 1942. Top young professional from Michigan check Redmond. 1947 -- top trick shot artist. -- blow up pity that a burden 1947. Founder of the LPGA plate charter member of the PGA hall of fame. All of these people were part of a poem was there yes he was. And make a great picture in the club of Arnie and Jack convenient step when they played. Menus is great picture -- like it with six hold my handicap would be our fifth 1966. They all play against each other in an exhibition match and it's there and it's it's in the history units at display an added note that the great picture and a great letter Jack talked about how we fluent and -- and -- -- influence playing in buffalo was very cool but history I don't -- so. This winner has been a horrible. Are you getting the feeling pupil are art it's in the place and gulf. Berber. Already pretty soon you thank you know absolutely. Whether it's winner whether it's a mile winner spring winner and -- -- seasonal business here. In this part of the country as our. Ski resorts. In waterfront property business except there's so really no matter what the history the weather is. We we our goal is to open as early as possible and closes late as possible so we. We have a -- strategy to prepares us all winner along during the winner wool or refurbish our course assess residual or fertilizer final -- programs. We'll do different treatments on the course will be -- take trees downed tree work. -- -- some blacks ending some different things to get the course -- opened quicker so we have a very active strategy the minute that the temperatures cooperate the snow melts. And the frost is on and the turf is not in danger we roll. Will pull carts out in -- you have to do it that has to be your goal what he'd do during the interim while people -- call for -- what do what about the other ones what is Lancaster have to offer we have a club awful law schedule with our club we -- on all twelve months. We're very active -- social schedule so we call the second season. We have committee's members of volunteer participate -- that they can bring forward different ideas that represent what the members are asking for so we'll do. DOB team wine tasting event that mr. Thomas who was so gracious host for on line. Hard to believe eleven host the wine tasting you know as a businessman is always an event going and a Lancaster mark has put the special Thursday nights together. During the winter here so we have a teammate every Thursday in -- that we do wine tastings and events so. It's a great place to bring your clients your family your friends come and hang -- that you get this on the record you like wind and I'd like to put on the record I'd like wind and I -- I gave up nonessential drilling for Alaska -- the. He's pretty need to eat these he's got pretty good mastery of it to -- and he's a lot of crap that's a lot of humor and it's it's -- -- -- event and we try to have. Our members also host events we have so there's there's there's member participation and and it's reflective of what the members want. And some of us trying to tell them what they should like what they want would do was Scotch and cigar night what with the Texas whole night. You know we -- do the traditional events the east Thursday Christmas as we do it children's event. And adults themed event we to a fourth of July. That are members sponsor they put up 25000 dollars in donations full firework show. Bumper cars horse rides a tense clam bars it's it's it. Outrageous and that's the spirit of the club the members. You know put this. All -- we have fun you know eleven months you were kind of close in January but other than that is obviously good time gonna link has two other golfer and not prize. Allies the whole country club thing in people's minds changed over the year because what I think a country club I think of and we are really do think of guys think of opera you know actual enemy would. How is disease is -- statement a country club well it it's really evolved that's a great question that some of the challenges at. The country clubs are facing nationwide not just to buffalo. Two things have happened and on the mechanical side there's been an introduction. Of a concept it's kinda new around here to would be. The public courses or links courses some more unique type a tracks have come into play in are more sexy which is given. The public another alternative than the country club and they've also economically permanent position. That's that's made it -- a logical choice for some people go away from so the country clubs. -- continued to have two align themselves with. Our cultural right now and and and the and the times of Iran. So we really have to have a twelve year program were trying to collect dues for twelve months and you have a golf course -- might be open from April to November. Now days you have more tool working. Families. So it's harder for one person I think to come home and say AM is gonna join a club catch up -- Monday simulators so. We've really built a culture that's reflective of all -- it's inclusive and a lot of opportunity for the women as walls the man. And the children and the kids we run a junior golf program. We run a camp of lessons we running swim team program we run swim lessons. So we have to have a full. A scope of activities in a lifestyle. Not just senator around golf. To stay vibrant. To continue to be compatible to acquire membership into it retained. And that's a big change but it's really -- -- -- place now the kids are just as comfortable there with a pool in the kid's golf. It's not just about guys going around playing golf trust me the women's league they have maronite and their events and it's it's a big family event. Men women and family what what's it is or anything specifically. Different about Lancaster country club in your in your opinion. And different while way it's just a fun place to be is really I've been there for fifteen years and is so much more Stanley friendly having the pool and you see kids you know. Playing golf on the course Europe doing brunch with a -- that's coming up you know it's it's really have much more family oriented place. What is what is someone who joins a country club what are they looking for Amanda and -- looking to -- something to do where they're looking for her to network with other people what is it. I think it's it's a host of things one it's it's it's a it's a family experience or could be an individual experience. For any different member in the family based on different interest on the school open the diversity that your offering in your entire club. The second thing could be also beneficial and business and networking. And to entertain your friends. We some of the things that we also do was we will do different programs on a Friday night for example we have a couples night. So -- your wife might just be beginning golfer but this is off on relaxing nine holes. It's fifteen dollars they throw win and they have funding stop and afterwards hundred people -- they're having dinner and drinks and -- themselves. Socialize and give in to meet new people so it's it's an alternative. To to socialize seems to activities to healthy activities for kids family time as well and individual. A -- is that -- -- -- -- people are also looking for value for how much they spent in the product. Accessibility. The pleasure one of the great. Attributes of playing guess that just brought up. Before as I I look at why it's so unique as. We're not overpopulated we don't have compaction problems so what does that mean. You might get a break at work and run out you can get shall the -- it's -- a tee time get on the course instantly you can get a three and have to for around eighteen holes and because we're not overcrowded we're not trying to overcrowding you're gonna enjoy. Excellent conditions in the course because of no compaction you're gonna have accessibility in there. When you wanna get in and out and you have debt that experience of not tying up an entire day just for golf. Are being able to get a northeast. A lot of people want different things of course you can it's a great course to play like mark says it's easier out there. But it's like cheers everybody knows your name if you're on your own you can walk out and finding gamer if you go into the restaurant. Bureau of treated like one of the family you know that that's addressing it to them I'm very familiar with Lancaster country club I -- -- humanitarian once or twice yes and -- been there as well it's that far I mean it's that first he's gonna get your own people think it's way out it's really easy to get to island west Seneca. And it's easy coming in the back on every one of my good friends whose members and in Amherst and he gets there in 1015 minutes so people don't realize how easy it is to get to. Is is. Is geographic important for members of country club and it's it's very important and in going to that pit that issue even further as we able. Attract. A nice cross sections so we we we -- Easter roar we bump. Hamburg. The east gamers we talked Clarence we touch were right the core of Lancaster. And we've got a couple mean for wrote we have Broadway pavement which cuts back in. Which -- easy outlet in the backside which goes back out to the backside of alma opportunities to rock. So we're really in in a strategically easy spot and then from downtown we have numerous members that worked downtown and learn about that area. Easy shut down right to 33 and cut it jump over over -- -- to it is right now is march a big time for new members and fitness. It's this is probably. We have two times that we really have strong acquisition and and drive for membership at fault. And -- spring typically. The the interest starts to -- up February January based on whether. It will have an effect. Last week and I was making phone calls some people that were interest and we have a really unique program I think to our members. A similar -- to we rely on them to. Refer. Their friends torso. We can keep continuity in the club to a degree. And I was speaking to someone said Walt did so what's so give him my name and a censure. And I think I I I was downstairs Els looking out my window and most of them about ten degrees out and it was a white out. And -- and I didn't know -- in -- making phone calls you know trying to -- other people -- like -- that he -- -- -- -- -- -- announcement what's wrong with the and take a poll applause and with the monsters and so anyways. This is the big time people are still looking to do what they know this is a time are starting to see the break on it so we're prepared and Anderson -- They join if you're thinking about it now's the time to get in in it's a buyer's market let's face it there's a lot of book clubs out there in this great place to be. And it's tis the season took you're thinking about it. It's a great time we joined even as a social number we -- -- -- -- Lancaster we got the pool -- don't -- will come and play with us. We have about a minute left let's talk about that -- associate member so. Let's actually talk now how can people become members of Lancaster two point made it really a mark yeah that we've been released. We're weren't we we started off five years ago about a 180 -- numbers we've drawn in the sub out when Nat 270 our target is 285 men were were very comfortable. So we've got few opportunities left and while we're doing that it's a great opportunity again. We're allowing people come in with no initiation -- while we're allowing them to activate instant privileges of the club today tomorrow whenever they they decide they want to come on board. They will not have to pay any do -- July they receive free season cart pass. For the first season. We have a thousand dollar appreciation package we start him out with some of -- to come to. The ABC tournament fall harvest all the different things we can help the members get connected. And shall we really appreciate it and we invest them you know getting connected to closely wanna stand like it so we're very aggressive on the front end but we are coming down to the end were almost -- our number. And some of these and sentence were we start to tighten apple because will be in the position we wanna be back and so. It's that easy you just can reach out to me. We set up a time to get together visit take -- around the course. And the other thing will do because of others like this week 100%. Guarantee your purchase and if you don't like -- -- in July. You can walk away from -- and you can experience a club there you go great offer. CC NY LC CNY dot com is the website for Lancaster country club 6843700. Is -- phone number so did. Your membership right now it couldn't be better deal on -- I mean that's awesome. Great deal but it thanks for him -- congratulations on buffalo means business -- 6843700. Mark Myers thank you thank you very much -- Lancaster members. A week's truly appreciate you look at that time in Downey Khamis who thank you very much explain this is buffalo means business on news radio 930 WB and in ESPN 1520. I had Christie they'll vita breakfast biscuits this morning than what I do. Did just sit and -- only to trains realized that I mean a guy named guy was and just arts star it's hot and meaning -- men and a meeting after that some good spring and then me yet and none. Meaning that didn't run in yes Ari does meaning what I'm green at the Larry. 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The library and perform in the maple entertainment complex -- and sweet home roads -- entertainment dot com. Welcome back to buffalo means business my name -- -- -- you are listening to news radio 930 WB yen and 1520 ESPN radio -- second segment today features Justin. Great guy its star of radio and television. The general manager of Keller Chevrolet in Cheektowaga it's like a shining beacon over the -- Jeanne Jackson -- do and think about -- are you thanks for a good to see you Wednesday we talk about golf you know European golf for a you know when woods is cold weather again and man. It can answer enough for me I've had enough of that. -- haven't got a lot of lightning lately. How does that affect -- Keller Chevrolet again has been around for sixty years you've seen a lot of winters has the winter effect Paribas. You know -- sometimes it's really funny. To expect business to be bad because nobody wants to come out and it's just the opposite. She can really never predict -- in our industry. It's really related to the programs that are out there that really kicks up our business. But as a whole. You don't we don't have the highs and lows a lot of stores to. And we got a very solid base in Cheektowaga very very loyal great rental -- and that's what we've hung our hat on for the past six decades. I mean it has this is this winter though I mean do people. You know two people do you see in the past couple years go out told that the current lot he got a lot of cars and stock to date. When it's zero degrees they prefer walking outside of -- on line your -- say we have I think Keller Chevrolet -- camp what are what is the buying process while with the game ball. -- again our industry honor and our in our industries -- a little bit or is you can actually I Caroline and have to come out more. But we are that family type store that you are are actually their customers is what's made Keller Keller today. So we rather -- out it's out of online and we wanna deal with you face to face one of the things we bring to the table. We're not sitting you know we're not sitting in a -- someplace you're gonna run in the -- -- -- in the Charlie everytime you walk into the store right -- Sixty years for. A standalone. Chevrolet dealership like Q are there you don't have naked. -- dealerships all over that -- that the country. Your loyal Cheektowaga. That's a long time to be in in one place in the car industry's sixty years but we're pretty proud of that. It's. Third generation Keller. Charlie Keller open it up or 61 other guy -- again let's crap. And then got passed down to his son Roger. Who you know I basically tell -- he's retired. He doesn't -- that he thinks he works harder than anybody but he spent six months a year Florida these days. He is now passed that on our president is Charlie. Who you know -- Charlie -- guy sure. And he asked me to commit about eight years ago now probably the best move I've made in. 35 years I've been in the industry it's a great family. They're like family to me and two steps it looked like -- Eric Keller Chevrolet did the you did out of the remodeling to a dealership looks great. It does I mean that. It took about a year. Now that it's done -- the rewards are tremendous. Our customers are happy very friendly inside it's still there but it's still has that warm Fuzzy feeling. So we're happy we're happy it's done is working on our trailer was a lot of fun. Let's. Let's talk about the there there's you know there's a huge military. Aspect years store ever since I -- when you guys. Military and supporting the military has been very important to the dealership. You know the Chevrolet in the USA brand but. But but. Tell us I mean you have a lot to talk about in this area the military -- Keller Chevrolet. Trying to try to support these things well. I think I brought it in myself as you know I have. On my entire family is served father father in law nephews nieces Brothers. And then. All both of my children. In my daughter -- so we've had four tours in Afghanistan. It's changed my life brought a great deal of respect. To the USA military. And I brought that the Keller Andy Keller -- and we embrace that. We are huge supporters of Western New York euros which is a tremendous organization. And I try to help the soldiers that come back that are in need so we jumped on board with that operation purple which is a program that's put -- once a year to help the military kids of the military families. Of deployed parents. And we've been a huge supporter of that also anything we can do that we you know that we can put our hands around. We respect these people beyond your wildest dreams. Even even for Memorial Day means you are while other people her. Saying it coming in and shop a Memorial Day. You have for years now made that day -- now open now we will absolutely never open on Memorial Day that's. And you've heard me you for me on TV you've heard on answer our listeners have to -- its. It's it's actually kind of annoying to be embarrassed for the it's a day to recognize those. Where have you made the -- ultimate sacrifice for our country it's not a sale. It's just and a spans of time when your family. Think of that that day enjoy your time off. -- and sells it like it said. Kind of annoying me I get kind of wound up when we start talking about that put. And that's again that's who we are and that's the family type of dealership that we have we don't work Sundays. We don't work holidays. We don't work you know -- -- Memorial Day the -- now where it's about one has agreed to much. Exactly mean because and there are other people not just in the in the car industry but everywhere. They. Try to make a dollar and Sunday evade and and I think that says a lot for Keller Chevrolet. That -- stick to these values well are people more important they've got real spent some time with their family -- to meet him. There with us -- or open six days a week that's funny. How many employees do have -- fifty. Fifty employees -- -- lot and you have. And it basically it Keller it's. It's a sales department. And then you have the service service parts. So fifty people is a lot what is going and in the car business right now. Well since the auto show the market is just exploded why is that what does that take the arsenal now we. Does -- got a lot of pent up demand over the winner like you said that you really wanna go when it's twenty degrees below zero look at cars with some people have to. OK for other people look at this the best kind of by car because they think businesses -- But the auto show. It sets the excitement out there the new models. And then General Motors in our case Chevrolet picks up the pace and gives us tremendous incentives a starter a year in kick us off with the auto show. And fortunately this year they've continued with those programs in March so they're gonna start us off to a great quarter I mean if -- if you wanna buy -- Certainly now's the time and original -- is the place. What what are you seeing in Chevrolet is now that you didn't in the years past are there any other more safety features -- a more what he thinks the biggest change in in Chevrolet news. Quality. You know eight years ago on a starter with Keller family with a nice car. But in this day and age safeties are big factors or you're seeing currently content while airbags. Great cast -- which is important but the overall fit and finish of the car everything about Chevrolet has improved over the last eight years. And that's really important and we -- an action we've gotten a good product for for customers. Is a moment some pretty good in 2014 moment straight or shortest ended. Let's talk about. You for a little bit and you know -- -- -- you've been in the terrorism so long time 35 years and how has that changed. Are seen about five evolution of the car business and -- it really does change it changes on a regular basis. And we went we went through and an early program in the seventies late seventies when I started. It was just about gas. I mean people were trading. You know we were trading -- terrorism and little mini cars. Because they would you know because they were gonna pay them a dollar for -- you know for Calgary -- remember. So that was an evolution. You know. Interest rates became an evolution. Safety became an evolution it's early in the industries change and then leasing. Became a big part -- just yet is that is leasing still as relevant as it once Korea apps that I'm -- mean I think it's more relevant today than ever wars. And why is it. Well it's an alternative and the alternative as you can drive more car for less money. And at the end of the day you know I was of the statements that I don't own my car. Both your financing your car you usually don't own it anyway so take advantage of a lesser payment tribe may be a little more car for the same amount of money. And in this day and age. When your leasing the Chevrolet. -- carper let's hypothetically say a three year lease here under Warren -- for the three years so your payment is your payment. And now you're getting two years. Of scheduled maintenance for free. So literally other than your carpet and important gasoline in your car. You might spend fifty dollars -- an -- a couple of changes and tire rotation in the entire tiny haven't. What about the people who say though. You know while I don't you know I don't own it. Don't. If you write a check for are you -- If you finance that you don't because you can't sell it you're a title with somebody else's name on it it's -- you pay that off you know element. Now and tell us a little bit about. Keller Chevrolet in terms of there are -- compete again sees wal marts of the world. You know -- what do you guys. How old have you been so successful with a standalone dealership in a tough world like this where people can buy cars I mean they can go to. You know on the Internet buying from anywhere in the world right including big event for you was well -- anywhere in the world. See the misconception is people think that if you're bigger you're paying less for car it's a French acts and -- so I pay the same amount of money. As the get on the street regardless of size. So our differences the way we treat each and that's what we're really we talked about it -- advertising. You know there's no games and there's no gimmicks where prime -- you know multiple rebates aren't accessible and I can match this and do this and don't payments and all this nonsense. And you know what. You know as I've said again and I -- terrorizing we respect our custom. We have a little more credit for their intelligence. And you don't want that's the people we like to deal it. Because you know remember the old saying years ago I think it was that seems an educated as -- nervous customers -- -- Educating consumers really are -- as. It is a slogan trademarked it all sounds good but it's pretty accurate for the smarter you are the better off we like. You also have a great used -- department infect remember a couple of years ago. Party kind of morphed it into a nearly new department where these cars on your lot. Are nearly new a lot of removal mile vehicle mileage vehicles. Perfect shape just a couple of years old how is -- -- Too and free and you use cars earlier it was terrific it's always been a Forte of mine knows it -- and actually. Roger Keller. When I was with -- four years ago Roger was one of the innovators of the program cars and -- on the -- beside. So you know we were. I want I want -- competition. But we are doing the same things that we were good fit together. I did it was forty it was Chevrolet. And he still looked -- today. So again I joke -- a joke about he's retired he does work every day he's buying cars forest does a terrific job. And we have that same process low mileage nicest cars in the industry. There's not that much difference in price but he we've got a lot of clients. So I mean just took to see a half a dozen people walked around just to socialize and say hello we get that and when you walk for a -- to see a lot of guys in uniform because. The people who serve our country respect what we do. So there's forever somebody locked around and AC use and there's always there's always a handful of guys with the Vietnam -- the Korea that's a World War II rats and it's it's a fun place to be. How to people get a hold of -- they go to the web -- Keller Chevrolet dot com and the Internet. What's going on in March were kind of specials -- Aggressor programs you know we have aggressive programs. -- calling at the open house but currently what's really gonna happen what's really happening is we have employee pricing. For everybody. In the month of march. OK so you're getting GM supplier pricing and virtually every Caroline. North savers because there are I think three Caroline's it doesn't exist on Corvette. I think of being in maybe the fifteen product because we just got the new fifteen Tahoe and suburban. Real artist I was at its -- -- spectacular. How do you do that are ready do you sell a lot of trucks. Yeah we -- a lot of trucks -- -- probably not you know we're probably -- into the same kind of volume someone in a rural area. But people drive trucks just like regular automobiles today and they brought back actually ship he's brought the Camaro back. They brought out a Corvette essential Incredibles. We sell everyone we get. It's that and that's that's pretty its current that they've ever produced it really is and and just some of the other terrorist named some of the other -- to get that some of the new ideas and -- as one of our most popular vehicles the new Malibu wasn't. Tremendous upgrade and the last week that was very popular. -- president traverse is tremendous. Terrific family size car. Are you selling it to were selling a lot of them -- us a lot of the friends of mine that ski. It's -- you can fit the whole family units got a nice right in nice size you know what -- they'll -- gas mileage race and Chevy's got the -- and start program ranks Chevy's got the -- our program great program good. It's nice you know wanted to -- when a husband or dad buys a -- it's nice to know that -- and we safe return is so the -- programs is terrific. Is there anything else and wrapping up we have about a thirty seconds left team Jackson from Keller Chevrolet in the general manager right at the Keller corner in Cheektowaga. On union wrote in Genesee street any any anything were -- I would just like to welcome anybody in Western New York to stop in the Keller. And you'll experience the difference between shopping -- Keller. And some of the other stores and you become -- customer you have to I'm telling -- it really is a different type in their many many transplants family has been there. It is very different and yet you're gonna buy Chevrolet it's a great place to go and again congratulations on and sixty years of being our business will place about fifty people Western New York. And takes a time to appreciate their lifestyle networking Sunday's. The Memorial Day our veterans it's all been very very good stuff appreciate I appreciate you talking about us that way and having me and the you're you're welcome thanks team will have -- in. 633. 5000. And we will be right back with buffalo means business and is ready at 930 WB EN. And 1520 ESP Henry. -- post time at buffalo raceway on the fairgrounds in Hamburg. Bring your friends and family Wednesday through Saturday night for a reaction to winning a lot harder tracing. Enjoy our fish fry every Friday night or other great meals from the winner's circle cafe with a great view overlooking the racetrack. Be sure to visit buffalo raceway dot com to save five dollars off your fish fry. 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Here with something that's very near and dear to my heart the guerrilla country store sandy Gingrich who's the owner. In deference or wanna say welcome news shows and Q thank you so much now we were talking off farm. We talking off the rural country stores -- Ventura -- in and bullets in Morocco are -- Now you know I grew up out that way and we used to -- spring water right across the street from you mean my family -- -- well water would get a spring Robert -- from the rural countries -- Right into Greta wrote in the sidewalk and -- of them I do you know like that Israel is again at Elliott is still around. I believe it's been sealed off after many years and enjoyed. The bounty of that wealth and the -- to guerrilla country store many many times I -- listeners have heard of it and if you haven't gotten out of this place. You really have to because there's something that just inspires. Americana. It it at displaced so first of all you're you're like up healing the best kept secret. And we've been. And we are the store is built an 1850 ones -- week it has been in continuous operation as a star for a 163. Years. In the original location near original penalty. It and in that 160 years. It really hasn't gone through much changed. From an outside -- and has -- now just a little bit but very minor modifications and actually inside as well we've opened up commune areas of the building has we've grown over the years but. Very little has changed so when you -- through you are stepping on the original floors. Witch creek in grown and we always tell people we know exactly -- they -- when they elected the store. So it's really got that wonderful on the -- just heritage and and something you might have locked in 200 years ago I mean. It's feel good about about being in there you know you feel like -- Little House on the Prairie yet they -- reality you have everything you would need. I mean I remember walking in there years and years and years that get soda pop -- used to have a refrigerator back in the when you walk and it's in the back we do yes and then you know you have the candy sticks in the end of the ice cream and heavily and sold. You know tell us some of the stuff that that is going -- there tell us why somebody should come out and check out the -- countries to. -- it's a wonderful destination it really is. We have so much to offer and just so we'd love to welcome people to just have fat. On deck -- relaxed scene fun experience of just wandering through the store sell. Everything from all kinds of candies as he mentioned to. On the maple syrup this time of year pancake but yet it's literally rewritten right absolutely -- and you get everything locally too -- you -- are maple syrup is manufactured here in western New York Times in the southern -- All kinds of bulk foods -- we have many many had to bulk foods now sort of snacks all sorts of seasonings spices. Cake toppers. You know cookie decorations. All kinds of things. So everything that at that you might wanna snack and an and have it just enjoy a for a treat to lots of different types of home to -- -- like gift items like jewelry all kinds of things wooden toys for kids. Just lots of different things very for what he needs something for your home and you freshen up for spraying. Or I you have to gift that he won -- policy of Christmas ornaments -- -- the holidays have got to be incredibly user we yet we have a lot of fun during the holidays holiday specials so right now we're actually. All decked out for Easter and spraying and we're really looking forward to the temperatures warming up. We'd do well wonderful things in the summertime Halloween and fall is a lot of fun and really big for us. And then Christmas of course is a great time and we have lots and lots of people common. It's an annual tradition for them to come to the store during the Christmas season. And really enjoy the decorations and find some very unique thing so you were the owner and how did you get to own the store well my husband called Brunswick and I are the owners. And my parents actually ran a store for about 220 some years. And we bought it from them in the year 2000 so. We are only the third family in the history of the -- own the business. Which is really unique I think for for that kind. Of longevity so we have a lot of respect for the heritage and authenticity of the business and really try to retain. Did you it was sad you know primary reason in buying it is set -- set you you look you could appreciate. What that story means that the area absolutely it's like -- city it is like you're going into a little house -- the prayers of like that. But it has you know what what was that story Olson's. -- it will very much like that here. Bill missiles. But it is like if you get people from all -- western new York at Rochester can. We do we do we get people from everywhere we had people across the country and across the world who have really common. And visited or have been visiting friends and family in the area and have command but we have a wonderful regular customer base not only from the surrounding towns but from all over Western New York so -- really grateful for that people kind of look at it as a very fun. You know Saturday afternoon try if our Sunday afternoon trying to enjoy with there their family and you know it's just a -- to visit and you have regular groceries -- to write people can we must -- items of -- we do have a little bit we actually are doing more and more now in them in bulk foods. So. You know it's a great value that we offer for people. It's a great variety of spices for instance on that aegis won't find anywhere else. We've gotten into a lot of gluten free product that's concerned for a lot of people these days. Sell them things like potato flour and Allman flour and things that you just can't find them in a lot of places so. It really try to have a good selection we have IQ the cheese. A deli meats. Just things that you know you need in your everyday life and then treats that that you just would like to have as well. What would you think is is the number one reason I read you the people -- -- worldwide are from Rochester other than it is a beautiful drive. And you also had the upstairs therein it is yes we have. We have the downstairs of of the storm which is mainly air bulk foods and some gift items in jewelry and kids' toys and things like that. And then the upstairs at the start which everybody's always amazed to see the upstairs they don't realize that it's there. It's on its deceptive from the outside that it's so -- -- so many nooks and crannies upstairs to. Sell on the you know it's an old building it's steeple staircases but it's definitely worth that -- attract up. And we have all kinds of gift items home to court and we have museum. Where we have things from the history of the store on display and people are welcome to wander into museum. And that really suggesting that really feels like a step back in time and people see things that you know oh -- my grandmother had that her house and and here it is in the store. It it's kind of a credible grown up right off -- -- -- like they did. Bet you know your stories like that it's a tourist destination I would -- never thought that you know we've been -- going to would have a lot of history there fought but now you are covered from all over the world. Succumbed to the Amarillo country -- gonna bring in my executive producer of the show and our retreat president of Western New York Paul my hour and entity or good afternoon I should say you know where you -- him a couple. And it -- time here well I stepped in the past. Done put. What are your thoughts of the story. Away you know that couple things that -- and I were talking about is you know people. It it's it's. People don't know where merlot is I think the general public is like well it just like you know somewhere in the -- the world. But really you go about the 400 he get off on that second transit exit if you're coming from buffalo from the city gallery in this area. And you go out and you go out there -- second exit you go right around two of the bullets road which is right under the by addictive or maybe go all over yeah you go right and it around -- the girls throat starts there and turns to the right at seven miles to go -- bullish for your rights straight. It's just dead senator right -- Effect you know islets take pictures in years ago in the winter went out there it took great picture of the store. Because it's got dead -- you know Norman Rockwell -- look to it and I submitted I didn't win any price. But that injures store only -- had a nice little you know covering -- snow line and a couple of schools hanging down and it. Really look quite so things -- -- you know right about deceptive it it from the outside you don't have any idea how much they can -- you can pick in this story all the nooks and crannies of little. Irish room. In the place where you can get all kinds Irish links course for -- now that's big yes saint patty's day coming up exactly polished pottery is another thing we -- which of course this time a year Hitler in an effort and the museum stairs is cool and each time. But it looks they get technical record its cash and what does it. It's got its supporter music backs OK and and that's one of the things that many people come in and say oh my gosh might my grandmother had that OK and it's actually handmade piece and it has. -- copper desks actually better manufacturers -- to -- you look like they're worth the fortunate probably you know I don't think you can you buy your dad there it's it's they're they're very expensive. Something on the CDs that it that -- -- -- the full song yes it tests preakness yet so it's just you're so it's like cavalcade of gyms and things you'll find him they're just all kinds of things maybe wouldn't find some where else at some. Currently apps currently. I think actually our number one item it's probably. You know marshmallows that are in Lucky Charms Cereal yeah. We have bags of just those marshmallows and they're terribly popular ambulance and they're just they're just Marshall said. But they're really popular bulk food item but they're real little like yeah yeah yeah -- the actual electric. Go ahead well another thing over for the Christmas. Period it's great for stocking suffers. I went in there and I you see things that you just don't see it anywhere else at least I didn't think it. There there are these there's a pair of magnifying glasses. That have to LED lights that relate headlights on him. They you switch to tax which is united Uga played and you could. Sit in the dark with a book and just use the you know I don't later than Larry and if you read your book it and it was and -- media about a couple pair of them I ask those suit in it'll it'll help staffers and MetLife is. It's it's hard by France and need help. Items come from actually. -- crafts people in Pennsylvania -- Ohio so. We do some buying trips through the year where we personally go and select items and look for last of one of the kind types of things so we really China have a very unique mix which is just you know you can't find anywhere else and we appreciate the quality of the craftsmanship. Can make sure you go right up to the top floor because they have. Beautiful furniture up there I've never seen anything is an Amish it and. We have yeah in what the pump aloft. We have a wonderful line of like it is just beautiful oak furniture handcrafted by it by the Amish listings -- look at and you just wanted to you know run your fingers crossed that it's it's beautiful just comfortable. Nicely and land. And it's it's it's really -- let's talk about the -- that it at the attempted robbery. -- know about now that you know there robbery heroic citizens are only. Why it. Her I -- that -- tell us that they have I -- seventeen. The star was already sixty years old at that point in Serbian settlers of the area. And this story goes that there was Icrc the three men who broke into the story and attempted to use dynamite to open the safe. And -- -- is that the owner at the time on Charles hall. Had. A system rigged up to his home which was actually just two doors up from the start about 200 feet away. So when they attempted to break in an and and actually did wrap this safe in fact with dynamite. He got the alarm signal at home and -- -- is close signing grabbed the shotgun and went down and there was actually a gun battle on the steps of the store. One of the robbers was was shot. And his buddies Grafton and thrown in a model TN name date you know they drove away. And that the town organized a posse but could never fines that that group of them. Although it and it was rumored that a local Merlin -- at that time had gone missing and I was sort of figured that tee he he did pass away and was shot and his friend's property varied amount in the woods so. Now we it is great it's it's so interesting. The state is still in the sort of funneled money in the liner but it's still in the -- -- -- to tell the story to kids who who visit and school tours and -- My husband and I actually live in that same house that that owner built. We don't have the alarm system rigged up anymore but we actually live and that and that home so it's really just a -- cents at heritage and a you know -- such a cool story and aunt -- really you know and neat town to. Part of -- thank you for being out today -- -- -- standing degree it's the -- country store go out there and check the place Paul my hour for -- tree Western New York. That does it for another edition of buffalo means business my name -- body should forward to it every week -- news radio 930 WB and and ESPN 1520. We will see you next. Thank you for listening to buffalo means business -- -- to buffalo radio veteran M local business have a good -- Shula. Buffalo means businesses an hour long weekly radio show that's spotlights -- local business brought you by doctor Bob dental care. For worry free dentistry hold your nearest doctor -- location. And by copier fax business technologies go home of document intelligence. To have your favorite local business featured on this program please call 8430167. That's 8430167. Thanks for listening to buffalo means business on ESPN fifteen money.