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Cautious About Medical Marijuana

Mar 10, 2014|

Andrea Wanat

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Our next guest on the WBM live line is -- a warm -- Andrea is executive director of the Erie county council for the prevention of alcohol and substance abuse. Andrea good morning thank you for joining us. It. -- you are in the business of washing out and making sure alcohol drugs and other substances are not abused. When it comes to medical marijuana what are your concerns of -- Well. Inside at the Albert. The proposals that are forests are a little too broad. And he'll have found research behind them at this point. So in other words. My council is concerned that if you know at the proposal and of bills that are that are out and help out for the public. For legislation if they're close -- That. It's not for medical purposes that it could be expanded. I'm rather quickly and we have seen and others states so we're just trying to make sure. That is something is -- in -- he edits done the right way. Andrea we had a mom in studio this morning who's eight year old daughter suffers from severe epileptic seizures that have very rare disease. And she needs medical marijuana she says it's a life or death situation for her daughter it's it's the oil she was explaining asked to us the oil in the marijuana that's needed from a main ingredient. And not the ingredient that makes users time. How is that a risk to the public. If that's true. Well actually. That's -- questions and I you know I I think I met that woman at a hearing and I feel absolutely awful. Like that doctor Whitney which here we meet here summer or he's CMC medical director. And -- a little medical perspective a little bit better and I -- OK doctor Whitney. Yeah we're we're. Very clear with those. Really tragic situation vendors -- -- -- so that were obviously very concerned that there are. There really isn't. There are only wish you published cases in the scientific literature. Of a few kids who have been on the oil. And some -- this helpful and some didn't so quick launch commercial and other science and though there would really help those kids in particular. But beyond that question that -- is that's being proposed in the assembly and senate. -- -- -- unjustly Oreo is really realizes any form. Or component in marijuana. Or has not charged that oil in there. Chemical and have a dial as a technical term work but it has several hundred -- their chemicals. And again even if it works for those few Cubans and we don't have the science that that -- the year. We don't that this bill will make all forms of marijuana including smoke marijuana. Available for all kinds of conditions. Which are not truly debilitating which are not the kind of things. That we -- based public policy -- So it was so we're concerned that. -- -- like to suggest that it that we ought to get the search going to prove where are those particular chemical work sugar kind of seizure problem for example. What's your tech researcher is a way to get to edit that type of chemical to those kids as part of a research project. So are we would really notice it -- And it should also double as part of a research project and it will be so widely. And -- distributed. As his proposed in this in the two bills that are on the senate -- Doctor -- is so there's not much scientific. Substantive. Information that -- back up a lot of these claims about how effective. Medical marijuana might be up when Wendy -- was in studio with those earlier this morning she's of this oil based marijuana. Was effective in over 90%. Of the children that have been tested down you don't agree with -- Well -- may -- some medical literature there I don't know right again arguably over that we Carol. There are less than forty cases in the world literature. One recent study looked at -- area. FaceBook web site. That is devoted to current swift -- -- their children with this sort of seizure problem. There were only I think forty parents -- web site. And many of them said it was helpful and I don't disagree that it may be helpful for some kids. The many events that it didn't shall we don't know is that is the science. Other navy individual reports but we don't know it's sometimes those things don't Sheryl its when you were standard that. Much larger populations. He worked since those kids let's find a way to make in Madison -- if you -- in -- accessible. Propose specific nations will find out let's do the sorts. At another point that went to Kenny made was sent the -- style plot is built into this here in New York State that the proposal it's going through the legislature. -- that would prevent doctors from over prescribing right. Well that's that's. The senate in the and they Europe. Information that's been Pastor -- -- -- still haven't seen attic specifically mention. The sites that the bill for example Serbs there's all kinds -- conditions it could be available for safer chronic pain. But what we've seen in other states that it don't -- Chronic pain because in effect that becomes the major reason that people are prescribed. Marijuana. There it is for chronic pain well you know everybody has chronic back pain which people are gonna get there -- further. Again we don't have the -- we've just -- down the road. Which prescription opiates. That's why we ended up with the -- stop because we didn't have the science. -- justify. The safety and effectiveness or particular conditions sort that script for a report. Look at both have you thank you for joining us I hate to interrupt but we're out of time a doctor Whitney. For the benefit of our listeners who are wondering abolish or office you didn't mention your first -- when you're introduced what is your first answer. Robert with the doctor rubber Whitney was our guest along with the -- wallet. On Korea's executive director of the Erie county council for the promotion of alcohol and substance abuse.