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Missing Malaysian Plane Search

Mar 10, 2014|

Shannon Van Sant

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Let's go live now to Beijing China were CBS correspondent Shannon Van Sant is standing by to -- of those about the disappearance. Of the Malaysian jetliner the Boeing 777. Disappeared off radar screen is -- lost contact with controllers. Early Saturday morning Shannon good morning and thank you for joining us. Before we ask a bunch of questions that we have prepared. Are there any news developments this morning in the disappearance of that aircraft. I'm I wish I could say yeah. It's the very fact that and that's. Scary situation and I remembered a passenger here in China. Because there really hasn't been much information -- and a lot of hours. I -- -- to pick up debris but not to that degree has been confirmed to be -- the air clay. Our -- at this point there's don't know what I'd concurrent queries that are to what actually -- it's not clean quiet and. She let me ask if they were too close to -- that came up in the news -- one was not a life raft that was found floating another was possibly that. Door of an airplane have either of them been ruled out. Of this investigation as belonging to that plane. He's not. Out -- -- have not been confirmed to be on the plane and ending -- we're not collected by Shaq either. They were moderately yesterday and and night out. And then over the course of the night I'd be able to retreat there object could -- more trouble. Shannon the focus this morning also was on two passengers. Who managed to get on that flight using stolen passports. Interpol is confirming this they say they knew about the stolen passports what. No -- -- this databases on stolen documents. Before the jet took off one not. Well that's questioning and that airliner ensure airport official or officials. I'm going to answer and look at your Barack Obama pick the court. -- -- a huge security implications not just for the slight pick for all of -- I would take around the Welsh. And -- -- it's still developing country. Are hot or do their security in -- -- -- country that does chic airline. Took off week here or Beijing it's up to achieve great the last act. So it's really great at my doubt. Both in terms of the thirty Japan where increased there and while -- of course why I. These the document in my -- weren't checked. An -- to confirm passengers. That were traveling in hot or not it's more that we all but a couple of months old and it. We're talking -- correspondent Shannon dance dance in Beijing China on the disappearance of this Malaysian Jumbo -- Shannon is anything being said. About the possibility of terrorism. -- there's a lot of speculation bears but I think we should be very careful it -- -- is obsolete WikiLeaks which. And we were still very very rarely the investigation and are a lot to be learned a lot of clues and evidence these sound -- -- And he beat -- by. And when you. Beat out that -- green side is where passengers that. We're traveling on -- passport. Either work by people who checked into the light that never -- To separate group of people not reported -- -- Malaysia airlines as luggage with you -- -- get it back which -- content that's another and look at the fact that the race card claiming it turned. But why would turn back without a called air traffic control what it quietly it's not a treat -- between self. Still these are troubling troubling questions very very current but I think. We wait to see how that unfolds. It's important players could withhold judgment until we can be now and I didn't quite probable that four people on the plane stolen identification and how he had nothing to -- the car. -- Shannon if there was no contact with a plan of all how do they know admitting you turn. Well they are not that they need it radar shows that being -- -- future and there are big hitters -- Matt and trying to confirm. -- -- -- stretching thinking I think people were waiting towards her nation about the amount of camel number. Is diet. -- just information it's very silent -- and I think. The people more investigating the accident -- our -- about what they're thinking very content at we should be released anything we're talking. -- -- Actually -- and confirmation about is what happened. So radar showed that the -- -- which are not who we don't know for sure. What is happening with the families there. And it's saying. But the really flat and so it's crime family which he injured. Mind. I am numbers are leaders should it right to petition today and answers from -- airlines in the handing transparent age and I spoke extensively with the American girl and the only adult Americans on board as leveraged such light touch her name and so they're actually Mercury Beijing. Acts he -- about leading hope and despair and here. And she said she did not want to get -- you may not have survived the flight to. Prove what is that. So incredibly trying time and she described it excruciating. Rollercoaster with each it's completely different counts each -- -- From -- and not earned. Since her honor and a little roller coaster ride of course. Shannon this brings back memories of that Air France plane that went down off the coast of South America for taking off from Brazil a few years back. It took a couple of years to find that aircraft. Any speculation. There where you are anything being said about the possibility event. Locating this aircraft would also take that long. Well it Kool Aid that he did not experience in the Antarctic could kick punch but we. Keep in mind that age where it's the crane went down and it went out over water. I'm in south China he. Very happily tropic one of the most heavily -- why -- -- in the world card and check. All of the act courts or in China -- RE EU entry point the united in Europe. Coach we thought. They would wanted to let -- tropic -- -- -- the world -- And -- -- cargo go to their every match. Also a military. At the -- didn't really kept under quite a lot. -- need military and military are buried in nations I'll buy you -- sure that the territory. But many. Of not. And remote areas stretch of water -- is not a water. -- of water diet that it's hard to find hard to search. Didn't carry different from our flight that crashed off with it a lot. It is that was in the Atlantic percentage and all that integration and -- -- much wider expanse of water restrictions but creek -- That got out of the Atlantic Ocean is quite G. So it was much more difficult for them to search for the range the -- I think he's relatively speaking unfairly shot. Shannon good heavy weather officials warning hoping and stay in touch you're in the future and thank -- for all the information. Shannon Van -- to -- from CBS joining us live from Beijing China.