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NYS Inching Toward Medical Marijuana Approval

Mar 10, 2014|

Laura Nahmias

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

On the WB and lifeline is -- -- -- reporter for capital new York and medical marijuana Lauren good morning. Good morning -- are great -- a time where does medical marijuana stand currently in New York State. The medical marijuana is. Closer than it ever -- and keep being legalized in your statement that probably means that it is. Going to happen -- -- have. Multiple Republican senators have indicated and in recent weeks that they would be calling you consider voting for a legalizing the drug. But they're the number of different obstacles that it sent duke to that happening. -- among them the senate Republican leader has not committed you know bringing the bill do bill to legalize such -- senate floor for a vote. And as democratic governor Andrew Cuomo has not. Committed to finding. Such a battle it Finland it is voted on in the front. Well you know both are likely looking for something an exchange what might they be looking for Laura. I hope he would have. We're not entirely sure but we'll see that in the next couple weeks as the format and the assembly and the governor because she -- The -- -- usually any issues that any different conference one. Are are negotiated in the coming weeks when when they. Decide. What the budget we'll quite get all get wrapped up -- up -- Laura lawmakers who object to medical marijuana what is their objection. Based on. But some lawmakers Jack. To that idea of of legalizing marijuana and he would act potentially a gateway drug. -- other harsher. Harsher drug they also objects to the idea of legalizing something that involved. Smoking. Because of that the potential I'll read a smoking anything I -- And it's -- that concern has been allayed by pat. They don't want access to say that the drug can be legalized form a cheap oil to -- strains. That that don't involve smoking but but for many lawmakers to oppose that and there aren't that many at this point -- -- I am the concern -- inspires me about the health threat. Of legalizing something that that. We don't necessarily know. Definitively how good or bad it is -- Laura this is past several times in the assembly but it's never passed in the senate yet you were saying were closer than ever to legalizing it. How many votes do you need in the senate to get this over the top. Well you need thirty it. But more importantly than that you need to commitment. He. Majority leader of the planet which actually the and it through. Some hocus pocus and and here last year is controlled by it by two leaders Republican majority leader and and the Democrats. The air but the but I think that says. Republican majority leader has not committed although he has signaled some willingness to consider. He had not committed to bringing that out of the floor for a vote we have more Republicans senators. In the senate. -- to vote yes on the issue than ever before we don't know the exact number of senate Democrats interestingly. Who would be willing to vote for -- but this senate bill. Aren't fair that independent Democrat -- -- has said that she has forty vote. Locked down or not entirely sure -- who those forty votes. But forty votes would be more than enough. If you need 32. I'd better not it would be more than enough and yet again because of the way that the New York State and it works no bill comes to the floor for a vote on last. The senate majority of yours. Say that they want to. Are you learn we appreciate your time thank you for explaining this to us. Thank you -- nominee is is a reporter for capital New York.