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Winter Storm Watch For Tues-Weds

Mar 10, 2014|

Meteorologist Jon Hitchcock

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

At the airport weather station in Cheektowaga meteorologist. Jon Hitchcock with a National Weather Service to anybody -- others. Morning John you don't. We're doing pretty good you know we thought maybe winters back might be broken by an -- no such -- what's coming. Now I need to be the bearer of bad news for winter weary Western New York but there is at least one more storm coming we have a winter storm watch up from a late Tuesday night through Wednesday night. And expected very low pressure move from the Ohio valley to just south of Long Island on Wednesday. And to the north of that load track will be moderate -- heavy snowfall. Until a couple days away and our first guest on this storm is on the order six to twelve inches across Western New York. And and what is the the timeframe here in late to see Italy -- it was the worst of it. Well -- expect -- -- the developed late Tuesday night and and that's they'll pick up an intensity. Price first across the -- here early Wednesday morning than spreading into the night -- frontier. Prodded by mid to late morning Wednesday. And then at least it'll taper off 1 in the evening so looks like the worst will be from. Mid morning Wednesday through early Wednesday evening. And so it will be a general storm affecting all of western York. Yet gonna be widespread snowfall now only Western New York the parts of -- northern Ohio northern -- Pennsylvania. And into New England as well so we're gonna share in the mystery. Yeah selected their end recent storms. There's a chance we get Eminem they would always turn away from -- but there's no escaping this one John. Yet the that was. Kind of some overzealous. Reports on especially social media about those stats storm. They never really looked like they were hit Western New York but it this one looks a lot more likely. This morning has been pretty breezy and a peak wind gusts have been measuring earlier poor weather station. It he got here at the airport around 33 miles an hour the with the wind direction they've probably been a little stronger that. In the south towns along the way to reach shore probably up to forty miles that are down -- John thank you for the update you as always we're very grateful. Okay -- National Weather Service meteorologist. Jon Hitchcock.