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Mar 9, 2014|

on Rob Astorino for Governor or Kathy Weppner for Congress. Can they win?

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It's hard line and is ready at 930 WB and good morning this is Dave -- I think the premise today and and we're gonna kick it around a little bit you can disputed if you like 8030930s. Number I think the premise today is there are certain candidates out there. Kathy weapon are running against congressman Brian Higgins or rob -- Reno running for governor against Andrew Cuomo there are candidates out there. That pretty much snow in their heart of hearts maybe that won't say publicly. But in their heart of hearts that they're going through to lose. We're gonna kick a little bit of that around -- -- you can agree or disagree we're also gonna talk about how that plays out in the actual campaigns if you think you're going to lose. He then just pick a candidate who can be so outspoken. That it doesn't matter if they lose as long as they get their big message out. We're going to talk about that now Steve pigeon -- -- democratic political operative someone certainly knows of the Cuomo camp and some of the issues there and Mike Capote I was here Republican political operative. Mike -- let's start with you thanks for being here. How many campaigns have you run overall have been involved in. And how many of those ones where the candidate pretty much knew they'd lose and did that matter did that change the way you operated. I see about thirty to 4030% of that about 3035. And you just run like cattle or or did it did make a difference when you thought maybe the guy wasn't gonna go all the way. Well sometimes candidate who knows they have an uphill battle or even an insurmountable battle will go -- point. Another another candidate might run an ordered set themselves up for Rebecca -- -- always good reason to run and against people who work. Too difficult to be one of those reasons is the party and the Republican Party the Democrat party party don't want. Opponents standing without any offers -- at all the -- get away with murder. Do you think that rob asked to Reno and I know you you were involved obviously in the efforts trying to Donald Trump to run. So this is almost a rhetorical question do you think -- -- Reno could win. I think before it we try to talk Donald Trump and running again Andrew Cuomo -- art art spirit and albeit again now. Nobody RB on Donald Trump card could beat. Cuomo in this state I think even -- they senator that they Christ were nominated for the Republican Party he would lose parent well. And what about Kathy -- -- is Brian Higgins. While it it is another juggernaut he has broad support. Our district and of course we have Republicans were arming them. Are wealthy Republicans. You know I think you'd rather inaudible well. Steve page and I know you're are close to the governor you would obviously agree with that last part. Well I again I think but I found with. With candidates and weren't very uphill battles is that many of them are the true believers that they really believe that they seal vulnerability. And they really believe that people recognize their intrinsic value. And many of them stay in this because the name. They believe there than the David typical life do you pay that's funny use those words to those -- the same words that. Republican state chairman -- Cox used when rob best Reno announced this week that that Andrew Cuomo was about to meet his David basically. Right well and of course that. David I'm glad we know it happened in biblical times and there's more stories we're going -- wins throughout history -- right but there's also the George Pataki's. Right well course and the but it that they had time. Mario -- comma was running for four term ominous numbers reflect. And Pataki camp became a computer date of Al D'Amato. A pro choice Republican. Who looked good on paper. Who was you know was from the suburbs of New York. Have the death penalty issue going form. With flat numbers out of Mario Cuomo so call -- entered that race knowing that it was four terms are difficult. Right now one about a race like Kathy what their vs Brian Higgins let let let's pretend you're. -- everything under the care of the Republican Party Steve. Do you pick someone like Kathy because she's outspoken even though you know she's going to lose. Well yeah exactly -- it's it's actually it's it's good to see a candidate come along that you know is is going to be. Get their message out and is going to work are and is going to hold the line. My tips we rate has the chairman you don't wanna leave any office unchallenged. You want you know it as to the team mentality and and and and that the ticket mentality. Everybody bringing something to the equation so somebody with her who has a modicum you know presentable and has -- little bit of a following on this you know from the commercial on the station. You know it's nice to see I think it's cheesy. In unbelievably uphill race. Again I don't the Republicans are funny brainy and he started with a big campaign fund for sure the years that he's been involvement even -- jumping on the band way. 8030930s. Are numbered lines are already starting to let a big time let's go right to the phones will certainly we've been more discussion as the program unfolds. Democratic strategist Steve pigeon this year Republican strategist Michael Prudhoe. 8030930. And we kick it off with John in buffalo thanks for waiting hi you're on the air. -- actually. Kathy -- from Williams will actually gave me a minute game which is -- -- -- So you want to -- callers from way back. Yeah it's popular and cluster -- But well there were also about her is that. Should she pretends -- to exude the constitution talks about the -- exploration and stop. But when she was speaking back our show about. Who should run against President Obama for the Republicans in 2012. She had her first task was. That he was it good devout Christian. That was her first tests and of course the constitution clearly prohibits and he religious. Had to hold political office so. And just the contradictions. And especially and other related particularly with well Republicans in general has the Second Amendment and obviously. Many types of weapons have been regulated -- -- as well regulated rate in the Second Amendment and there are certain types of weapons that have you know you can argue about. Which ones should be regulated are allowed. But to pretend that it's completely against the Second Amendment to regulate a fighter is just ridiculous -- and open. Like like beauty is in the eye of the be holder of the constitutions in the united holder and many people in the name of the constitution of rent it to mean different things and and I think you're correct those things are pretty clear. And yet the people that talk about the constitution the most of the ones that ignore those those items might take a -- at some of the things he says. Well law I wanted to set the record straight and I I'm I'm right onto a blind it is good guys and -- might -- a good person. But as Republican viewpoint are there are several many many Republicans attack at a very large in Britain lucrative arteries or not. My point Michael is he had yet million dollars in his account before that party was ever held -- -- if he was the ease of use that he's being funded by Republicans. He's. He he he's did a major fund raiser with Republicans but he's received planning Leo -- funding from Democrats. Well let me finish -- Steve Dana White perspective or a report on -- -- is very. You know Rockwell Bryant hit in this you know I. A lot of people are likable. One at the Republican. I can't say that someone like Kathy -- or even though with the uphill battle of the optimal. She's going to give in the business the entire time during. And from my perspective I despite the fact that Republicans are funded press. I don't like the people giving billions of dollars to people like -- -- it would be nice to that you just. It to Cathy walker did you sports and to spend that money that the Republican he'd come here in buffalo rather than giving it to -- it -- newspaper on. So -- and in your book Mike she's a good choice. Well I mean first of all there's very few to choose from but not many people are willing to. We've onkyo yet by but she is from I think I don't know how they're quite worried about -- But I think you know the Republican leadership here and the belief the -- and they didn't have been and they wanted to be -- there. In fact I was at her announcement and nick was there to obviously. I overheard him say -- I'm so glad you're running and he was beaming I think he was excited about it -- wasn't. A comment that he made publicly for mass consumption it seemed like it was legit excitement. Why should India I I think first of all for anyone to announce her outlook officer of republic offers. It extremely. Difficult extremely well. And I think if any chairman and looked at somebody making it very difficult step is very proud of them excited. -- -- but also remote service. You know it Britain and the possibility that bit. And went for the possibility that brought back in Oakland. But if you take. Hope out of equations. If you don't factor a lightning strike or -- -- your campaign plan he doubted that they're almost insurmountable or probably not a mystery to me. Sure sure I imagine that let's -- on hold a quick time coming for you Steve real quick. And we'll take a break we'll become more calls on the other side work. Lot I would agree that went whenever anyone stands for for public office that is a big commitment and your putting himself out there to attack in and the rest. It's a little easier commitment though and when you're running -- no one expects you to win because like the old -- rougher movies. You can pretty much say in and and do what you think. 8030930s the number will build at least flipped on the remaining calls when we get back after this it's hard line -- news radio 930 WB yen. This is Bob -- you earn your money during the week find out what to do with it by listening -- -- money talks Sunday afternoons from four -- seven. On WB the end. Headline news radio 930 WBBM. Democratic political operative Steve pigeon is here Republican political operative Mike Caputo is here. We're talking about some of the uphill battles that are shaping up. Obviously Kathy why opener against Brian Higgins is one of them in congress and certainly could argue that our rob asked to Reno for governor has a bigger challenge against Andrew Cuomo is well. Phone lines are jammed let's go right to it 803 on 930 at in buffalo thanks for joining us -- Pro immigrant would gain I -- Certainly before you were. Seniors they're cinema try to keep my career could. -- and rejecting not. That it happened I mean. Cutting taxes creating -- going to any story -- -- They're really able to see. Different you know competition. That bottom line with what the rescue could work for a time I work for treatment and -- may be indicative that we era. People and -- we couldn't have hit realize. That they brought this country something I we spent time Ryan. -- let's bring it into the current discussion do you feel candidates don't mention this enough. I asked somewhat rhetorically. Now yeah -- -- that's probably a little bit of honesty and integrity. Yeah that expression you know -- an appropriate people propagated that warm. Fuzzy feeling. All right let's ask each of the operatives starting -- Mike does the buy American issue play. Big guys and I think is playing in Morgantown economy have been Bennett did the pain in the course here but -- It rather optimistic to expect on its integrity and -- All of you see here you wanna you wanna vote only for that whereas somebody who's been the trigger for thirty years honesty integrity and palm by the way of the. Steve -- and half half. Well first of I would say one of the biggest issues facing this country is just what the caller mentioned which is. That that the dwindling middle class it was the middle class that that made this country with the power that it was around the world and the quality -- stagnant wages. The inequality of income. The that that the focus just being on profits in corporations bigger profits than ever money that they're sitting on not spending. And yet and getting many people. Executives making 80900. Times more than the average worker when in 1970 it was about thirty times. Those are issues are going to be we're gonna see them we're gonna continue to see them we summon the Obama Romney race were. Romney's 47% comment probably made it impossible after that for him to have a chance to win my console well you -- that let's bring you in my -- Good morning a little. Good morning particulate call at that time mr. continue to influence goes back to -- You know -- -- sort of like the middleman and millions of dollars of campaign money. Unlike a credit -- this year how you can. I think mr. people who -- -- but -- let us take a look each many people don't know what you look quite that you look so much power in your experience. I'm like career politicians usually can't. Under my wing that put you in jail but into like the Cheektowaga. -- Cuomo went home and you can kick in here Chapin that the court. Three college were content why doesn't have to be free when I haven't. Had an agenda. I think we disclosed from the beginning that he certainly allied with Governor Cuomo that's that's not a secret is it no it's not a secret -- and you know -- Among many things that run campaigns have been elected office myself I've been appointed office and it worked for President Clinton and Washington. I am a very active fund raiser. So. But what about his point and and you make your enemies when you do that and you know we tell him what he's saying that might come on and. It -- he's guilty he's charged very. I think they're both of you guys certainly have been active in this for awhile and one of the themes that I heard Kathy weapon or say in her announcement. She used in a ten minute speech used the word career politician or professional politician for different five times in ten minutes. That's a theme that people can rebel against isn't it. -- It is it is you know I I think that those were those about words and on both sides of the -- companies don't orbit they always use the word -- politics -- oftentimes through all of that. And oftentimes the people but the people running partner are saying that someone -- -- a politician but yet by the very act of running makes them a politician. That's -- but the technical people -- -- or something just tweeted the -- Butler was. That with all the bad things going on in -- York. Why Brian -- so popular well first of all he's an incompetent second of all people look at him. He needed to spam lately. They weren't clear -- well well -- they're very popular area and all pulling for work for decades this is shown. The people don't like the congress but they -- the congress. All right and let's bring in one more quickly John in Rochester your question for these two guys and there's a final topic I have to hit on. Comes up now after the news we're gonna talk more about Ukraine and I know and I didn't realize is that the time that both of you have some background there let's bring in John first hi John. They gave -- guys you know. Brian Higgins. I applaud if we let there because maybe she can find a chink in the armor because. This -- looks like he's he's one of the problems the little clip gone down with the cult leader Barack Obama you're either it'll come out what you know. It's interesting summary of the congressmen now. A few years ago he decided Iran. When Eric -- -- well. With electric theater missile was elected us shortly after that we decided to run. And he looked like a dark horse Republican primary but he he took the initiative to to look into the race. It's some of the battered old people didn't. And -- it turned out we may have thought REIT I in this disgrace. When an effort that this guy didn't disgrace. -- and there inherently. Headstart and the rest of the we'll -- at a -- so I think there's an example look at the lautner yeah why some corruption and in Brian -- And which they may remain happy and maybe she can win and -- -- All right Steve I'm Lance both you guys we are all about out of time and I don't know you schedules and I hate to ask you here on the air. Can you both stick for five minutes in the next hour no problem you OK with MI. I mean yeah I went early -- so I'm all. All right good then we'll pick that up on the other side. We'll also talk a little bit more I wanted to get the Ukraine in there. And -- got an interesting story on your website that talks a little bit about Jane Corwin we'll touch on all that and -- the conversation the Ukraine. All of that after the news it's hard -- and news radio 930. Time to talk politics it's hard line on news radio nine. NB. And one week it is -- politics this was a week where both -- best Reno. Republican running against Andrew Cuomo announced his intention. And Kathy -- -- former host here military mom from Israel says she's taking on Brian Higgins. We're talking just a little bit longer about both of those candidacies were talking just a little bit longer about the uphill battles what that means if you're involved in the campaign. Let's bring back in Michael Caputo and Republican strategists certainly involved in campaigns strategists certainly involved in campaigns. Democratic strategist Steve pigeon also here. And before the break we had one call holding over so let's bring you in stand from Rochester quickly here on the air I stand. Hi guys. That -- word Asia story. The Republicans especially conservatives badly need a facelift and Baikal. 47%. You brought up. They have to extend how to act just to the wealthy but they have to reach the middle class the working poor and a 47%. If they're gonna succeed at all you can't just look for a ball and the owners to run for office. And there are people hoping that they finance her own campaign. So I never danced and talked to me about rob Listerine on -- -- what you think there. Both Fallujah. Look I grabbed it and they have a good. Called mortgage revenue per cent tip he is a twit he did TT not a politician in support it's not gonna fly. All right Mike chime on in. Well you know I disagree with the characterization. And -- court species. You know it capable of -- a solid election. Anyone else's. To find her arms race pretty interesting now. But you know -- comment about. And Serena are getting 30% well you know. He might your right and it's going to be all about funding going to be all about money because he can't give you might get the recognition across statement that. And I think history and also brings hope that. Although it's -- more than 60%. -- in victory because Egypt -- The conventional wisdom and see -- a clear -- -- All right Steve I think industry -- you have a very difficult time he's done and really an exciting speaker or charismatic figure he's competent. And it's going to be difficult is going to here's again it's governing the highest taxed county in the country. Almost cut more taxes than he has. And that's. What's he going to say -- I don't think he's got a lot of credibility is saying he's -- very difficult time raising money. -- part of the reason why wanna hold you guys over is you both have something in common with the next topic. We're going to touch on the situation in Ukraine in just a moment before we do Mike there's another story wanted to ask you about. You in addition twelve people who work have a political website in news site called politics and wide dot net. And on that site this morning you have a posting that suggests. That Jane Corwin could end up being asked to -- running mate as lieutenant governor tells more. Well first of all I heard that I got to call and he exerted political action conference in Washington from people -- audience. Washington based -- consultants. Who who Jane Orman want to make -- that there were Republican consultant walking around at the convention there. I was afraid that things she had already been offered the -- partnership now I am not able to confirm that and in fact. Yet Perino here in -- -- -- -- not true but I'll tell you this. And I are very you know people don't notice -- -- -- is producing Jane Corwin. The cockpit that mr. trump. To talk about -- it -- territory and she's great lieutenant governor candidate should check every single one of the box including the one. All requiring money she could -- a few million to have -- -- in a -- but you know it would be very difficult -- All right now it's on on to talk about the Ukraine. Steve I was so interested to learn you've done some work there Mike I know you've done some work there and the elections coming up in just a moment or two we'll chat more with. Attorney Deanna -- -- she's been involved over there have been over there as recently as January Steve what was your work involved. Well I worked on several campaigns including Mike and I worked on it I campaigned. With Roger Stone. And that's right I actually had mentioned before -- like that that's where we get really got to know each other. And it was for collateral that women who was the speaker. The parliament. He had been one of the people that was involved in the Orange Revolution. And I believe he's been involved with the opposition this year to. You know college and is gonna continue to be involved. And we did a parliamentary campaign there. And I've done other projects they -- and done some other business there are some other parliamentary races and so I've been back and forth the Ukraine several times over the last decade. In my view your wife is from Ukraine you met her over there while doing campaign work now. In fact. Even produced super. While we were both working Whitman campaign. Any any still likes me to Africa. Yeah right exact because a lot of doesn't like about me but I I. Take your shots -- -- with -- how how corrupt our elections over there and and does that discussion -- very -- very corrupt and does that play a role in. The broader discussion about what's going on over there now. Well the good the whole government. Has been corrupt and has been the problem it after the armed revolution they had 21 years. Put this together and they really didn't it seem like I think I -- -- Mike was one of them the better ones. But by and -- the system is corrupt. They know fan financed campaign finance laws no real laws on the book. Books -- no rule of law though that's why a lot of the banks don't go over there. Policemen will pull you over just to. You know be paid right there on the spot. Real -- handled by the mayor you have to pay the -- you're buying a piece of land. You me on that land for only a period of time they can take it back from your. Contracts don't mean a lot over there it's been a very corrupt. Government and I think that's one of the reasons why the people finally say enough enough yet might bring it into the discussion of what's going on. Over there are now. Does the collection as I mean I live in Russia. From night or. Now it's been a lot of time I wrote or scrap of Russian. General election law for -- Of the Ukrainian general election law both in the long standing now on the books don't resemble Mike wrapped in one particular sense and that is. Both of them have very little. Regulation of him -- and at all. Secondly the one thing but it it to you when I'm down with the deputy prime minister battery from here. I got stuck in and bee line for custom than. Or equal to what. Like it. And listen -- we understand. Here regard. Just like you do you know it would be actually with -- You know -- Crimea is our it is always been our it will soon be over again. That was 1990 part it's been only a matter I'm quite yet it's what you -- in Ukraine and the Russians never -- They take it and it will never ever in the back and the last thing I want it noted politics there are also buried a shot. In in the Russian Federation and well that the man entered the -- and I work. In Ukraine has killed when -- shot and. And we have body terrorism when we were their visas is very difficult and I agree I think court -- they will -- the claim to. I think the big you know problem has that they try to move into southern and eastern Ukraine. Guys thanks for help setting the stage thanks especially for sticking beyond what you're initially signed up for. On the other side of the break we're gonna talk more about Ukraine. Attorney Deanna dare -- this year she's got to all sorts of insight not only on the elections but on what's going on there now and she's next its hardline on news radio 930 WB --