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3-7 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 4

Mar 7, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBBM. I wore us down upon the -- with great benefit then yeah. If -- the whole movement the Muslim tensions and my -- That we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what isn't it yeah but -- not my responsibility in the if you got -- -- already. Then you can keep your plan if you are satisfied with a. They're ready if nothing like a short time. -- -- Today please don't mind these 8930. Excuse me while I whip this out. Got an argument with John Sherman now this is great this I call a pilot of fighting with my African call screener John German because I. Well she got a nice guy and I'm trying to be a nicer person and I just have five minutes during which I -- filled up my water bottle. They get in here I realize it's empty. And I gave John the look your puppy gives you win your puppy once this tree. Let's have a look I gave John Sherman when my water bottle was empty a -- at think -- during the break he insisted. That he fill my water bottle. That's McConnell loyalty I engender in my crew Kristi didn't say with what he was gonna feel. Should be and objective concern for me what it's autism over there yeah. That's Sox. I thought there was some in the other room actually wasn't that Joseph you also wants to break. -- it got some money what are we charging Aqua -- in the watchable but fifty -- here here's. This. Of Michael when -- protect it. Thank you John at this point it's really. Need really anyway job. -- well I mean Pepsi Coke I mean -- allowed some sugar free beverages anyway. Some great things to get into you know I. I've been trying to do the Cheryl. And and here's what happens every time is gonna do the show this week. Some truck blew it's load all over the road. So now I have the chance. Ladies and gentlemen it is march. It is march. You. May be thinking of a ghetto in fact on my FaceBook page -- in my email here at WB and because the only emails I receive a whole bar. Dear mr. Berle new Asian formula make you bigger man. The only emails I get -- all don't know Hollywood have gotten that information from the web sites I visit but. Anyway. And anyway here's my question to you. Where -- -- winter. It just -- by the way spare -- the calls that bitch at me for whining about winter. I have an intrinsic right to complain about winter I was born here. I've lived here all but three years of my life. I was at the Buffalo Sabres Philadelphia Flyers Stanley Cup finals games three and four at the auditorium in buffalo. I was at the bill's comeback game in the rich product box I lived during the blizzard of 77 and was year. I was here during the tragic days of the 22 caliber killer. OK I was here all those times. So my pedigree allows -- to bitch about the weather certain aspects of my family tree by the way I can Trace back to 1820. One of my great great great -- in fact owned a large tracts of land it in what is now the heart of the village of Williams real. -- he held on to that land. I would be like Carl Paladino and mark Croce. All rolled up in the one. Except I'd be even bigger able. Critically. Are you guys are on the observed mark and Carl catalog -- but I just that and have some fun anyway. So -- winter has been rather shall we say unpleasant. For army. Because. I tend to be more solid guy John you're the -- sure want to and -- You sure can get a break that we don't -- out of the same play. -- I hang out of the you know forty something divorced bars in you hang out at the him in my twenties and really life -- and all that bad bars right. That's pretty much how that goes yeah I mean women in your bars generally speaking are. Never married never pregnant. Maybe looking for a husband to be looking for good time. Women in my places are pre planning funeral. Where where was yes so either way it. I -- -- if you are pre planning a funeral right I apologize if I brought bad memory your percent of the -- got your ups and arms. -- you know what I realized at any given time during the show people are going withdrawal kinds of different things in life. And you know sometimes they state by sometimes as I say things like our crew would have somebody really is doing that today and if you look at completed. So. We are wondering I. Wondering where is your dream that got away now some people have the resources to travel everywhere all the time no matter where they want ago. I mean to go to Frick and Bora Bora. They'll go to Australia. Delta's go anywhere because they've got the money it looks good. But there's is irreplaceable. Roland you know that is other than trouble -- it is time. Time time time. -- and ignore -- all right hazy shade of winter time and time so. Wanna know from you guys because I wanted to -- happy ending two day in honor of my heritage. I didn't want to ask you what you -- as Q where is a big deal get away. Let's just got seven days. I have to tell you something. You know the presses. -- well a lot of things depressed but. Cats and one word. These things all the -- What depresses me when I occasion and I talked to somebody and I say sellout how long. -- and they say all we just came down for four days. I'm thinking to myself what is get this story one they have trembling. One day a relaxing. One day of kind of relaxing in the packaging and then another day of traveling that is hardly what I'd call a get away. If you're gonna get away as so -- Given herself seven days. And I know what you think. We're -- radio stars we don't have that kind of money. Well what most of the expense with the traveling is going to be with your airfares anyway depending on where you're. When you get there the hotels are pretty expensive. -- I would also recommend by the way and I never thought I would say it's an all inclusive. -- -- do your due diligence before you ago. I'll say that again find out what other people who have been and where you are going to have to say about your destination before you book. Because. I won't tell you were -- -- go because I accept your horror stories as well except with you guys because I don't know you. I would have to take responsibility for what you say and this way at least I can prove it was I've got all the documentation. I will tell you would not go ever again. No disrespect intended to my Brothers and sisters who -- Dominican. In fact very lovely lady whose -- -- attempt Dominican but anyway. She's not -- but anyway. Issue. But in any event. Here. I will never. Ever ever -- could offer me a free trip. With a couple of bisexual passions that I would not ago. Dominican Republic I will lot on the displayed in my opinion of the Dominican Republic. Beat Dominican Republic is not ready for prime time. It's trying really hard. But the Dominican Republic is kind of like you mail in about 1975. There's something that will be something eventually. But it ain't ready yet. Ladies and gentlemen the place I went in the Dominican Republic and again I don't lawyers but approve everything answered. The place I -- was called breathless. Not restless breathless. And all I can say is the slow and lives it will take your breath away. Well let's just say this much is far as this joint in the Dominican Republic. Not only did it take my breath away in the worst possible way. It also may be extremely. It'll. For a very long period of time in fact I still have not recovered and probably never will. From the food borne illness which I picked up there huddling elect picked it up there it's the only place. -- only for three days. Do not ago. To breathless in the Dominican Republic don't do it. -- take your breath away -- hard. Yeah and you'll also used deficits and for the next six months in your life. Need I go further on that one well. I mean I haven't been that Ross is my trip to Greece. Oops too much -- so anyway it was -- knows it was one night. I'm kidding to make the guy's laptop. OK don't go to the Dominican Republic they're not ready for terrorists -- sorry there enough. Stroll. That was I gotta tell you that was. All the traveling I've ever done. In if you listen to this show you know that your humble host enjoys traveling I enjoyed meeting people from other cultures. I enjoy. Picking up Spanish when I can't. And frankly if I may say so myself. I'm not afraid to use languages even if I barely know them. And I picked them up I pick up languages like like debt. So it's not some. Racist -- well he's a gringo and he's in the Dominican Republic and he just doesn't like the fact there we speak Spanish nothing could be further from the truth the people I'd like. The Dominican people I really liked. But I also recognized the logistical. Idiocy. Of that resort. Let's just Davis what do we got there. By the time we got there within about 72 hours I would say roughly 75%. Of the people who checked in with us left. That's how bad atlas. There was no food -- very little food. And the reason I got sick was. I think what they did was they transported food in an un refrigerated truck from one resort to another. They threw it on the griddle. And -- against my better judgment I -- it. And I gotta tell my body has never been the same sentence and that's not an exaggeration it knocked me on my. It's really that out so don't go there. That's my advice don't go there now. I don't want specifics from you guys get back and defend if I ever had due in court anything ever percent. I don't want your specifics of if you wanna say I would never go to -- again because that's fine but just don't names specific places in Kent true. -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah are laughing at something. What do you what am I gonna make -- got a real joke is that which are waiting for our right that's nothing to laugh about so. Let's go to traffic right now -- these young -- which -- in the next room. Our -- give me all -- a look so how's traffic -- Right now I found out why these guys are laughing so some guy called and said I hang out at euphemism for homosexual bars. -- -- -- -- Is that. It is right. Don't. Watch. No I don't really don't -- if I did it shouldn't if I was in the best career -- for. I'll be an element everything else -- the -- well he's. But again I can't fake that. But we are talking about vacations so there room for wiggle. All right so if you had a bad experience. Don't tell the name of the hotel but where did you had a bad experience because I will never ever ever set foot on the Dominican Republic again ever. -- ever. Now. On the other hand it did you have a secret little spot that you go. That is your place the place that is almost like your home away from home. And I know people who will swear by it Turks and caicos. I know people who swear by see mark. Or other places in the Caribbean. I went to Turks and caicos once I would go back again it was expensive. The weather sucked. And why bother. You know it would just it wasn't a good time it was like hey look it's right geez I -- -- had a whole lot cheaper. And then there was the time it went into the restaurant in Turks and caicos. I'll never forget that the place was called the banana boat. And there was this guy Heidi -- and sandals he was trimming his freaking phone sales. He was training his hotels in the restaurant. Anybody remember the scene of The Sopranos where Ralph was doing it with Janice in the bed and she said. Oh and Ralph said what's an edit it to a friendly fire and shrapnel. So where's your dream getaway where is it. Where -- it and why haven't you go up or. Tell it I'll get the Friday after the words your jury. -- for those of you wanna go to Alaska. I know it sounds stupid in March saying it wants to go -- and ads but. Alaska in July and August when sandy -- going is beautiful. If you do want to go to Alaska I think everybody should see Alaska once I went there once I wouldn't go back just because I would. But -- I but I never regretted going to regretted going to the Dominican Republic. I never regretted going to Alaska so if you wanna go to Alaska go to war WB -- dot com web page and -- with sandy beach has it will be a lot of fun. OK seriously that's to me that's that's the best way to go. To Alaska. But words are words you're wearing short spot where is your place. Because I don't feel like you in the entire shell in Jamaica. Mean I -- I had to but I don't or other places outside a Jamaica where people actually don't have fun I just happen to enjoy certain spot. You know three out of thirty starlet 38180616. WB yen. When one is preaching the word of the lord one goes where the senators -- It's probably on WB yen Porter got some -- and sincere. Aaron -- could make it. Since they -- Israeli and -- thirty WBN. All right -- reception gang your room what are your right. -- And on whether to -- should be in the workplace or two ago. And -- your agent and traveling. -- -- -- -- money on cars watches and travel that's. 0330s. Or 3106. Ones at UBE. Right now and that's why it's too much. -- battery. Day this. Week in. Which. -- It's -- it's such. That was so let's get back to calls on WB. Or Margaret Margaret. And -- -- I find -- that's -- Mexico. Okay I've been there it is an island off the Yucatan peninsula weird -- I we -- name -- hotel. Okay this is my -- twenty. I'm. All at that Malia high end hotel we are. Funny at times. Well I am very impressed by you're staying power and you're obvious dedication to the to the resort -- what I went there was back in the 1980s there were many hotels. We stayed in one called the end the president today which probably isn't even. That was just over. -- -- -- I had a wonderful time this time I'd get. I get back home last night. I was there for two weeks. And it was absolutely. Gorgeous. In that two weeks it probably -- fifteen minutes. I can't say enough about the resort. Wonderful they treat you like family. I'm glad you're not and number you are per cent by name. At the amenities. This step -- just everything is just wonderful I can't say enough about it town. And I know they've they've got to down tone. In Gaza local Sunday yeah. -- -- with the idea and how far from the downtown is your favorite resort. Well they say it out and throw you go you you get a taxi and you go right out affect -- Which is four kilometers therefore I don't know what it is. But I mean you go to Al centro and Mary you are downtown. Where -- -- what does it cost you because what about issues were Turks and caicos was you'd take a cab ride for miles forty dollars plays. Now. When I felt when my husband and I first started it got there it was three dollars. Now -- that eight to. They're still little steep but. A little to speed yet. How many -- You know -- you can -- it. If you really want to you -- walk and it cannot get far. You are able you can rent them buy. You know it it's not get to our. So given the name and or picked up. Asking you for the name because you're saying good things about this spell it out for me because all of. -- -- and ET Al I eight. My land and AYE eight and is it is. Okay let me just tell you it is the is that like act hotel resort. No worse. Right at the -- And it stepped Hollis. -- the tallest building Arab retort. Quote out. I've gained they have they have the most wonderful amenities. -- lower -- This. Resort. And it they have to currencies. Outside aid. You can walk opened at that you know you fight your glass door. And you walked right out into white and could be your wire. -- -- And it is the last. Place that he has the most natural -- beach in complement. Well when I was there it was still in the early phases of development our -- ML since then of course I've I've been there since and I was amazed at the progress or at least the of the building expansion that'd taken place. Not two weeks in -- Mel. Hollowed did you spend most of your time. When -- I'm good at telling you because I -- -- 26 trying. I. Personally didn't do that my. This time because I in the end I've seen I've taken the theory. You know how you take this scary for cut them now across the prior Delcarmen. I've never been on a fair -- About -- and I haven't been. Well within a -- Lola. We've prop plane like the one -- get -- flu we -- that from the airport cow's -- to the middle of the Yucatan and how the pilot landed and that little -- airstrip I'll never forget that the -- to -- and it's I'm sure you've been -- -- -- column. -- yes isn't that wonderful. Amazing change in all it was worth defying death declined to the top of that pyramid to see that -- jaguar. Matt and you -- happy here at six shows. You know you think. Tell us up personal about what I do -- that it will ever happen and -- So they believe my end in Qasim Al and I I tell you. It was absolutely. Wonderful. That 26. Well you know what if you get this -- if you find a place and -- like a place like you -- I -- free. -- and turn it on expensive. I mean when you went and you take your quality other islands and places like you at. I I took my family. Too. Jim -- in December for president. In comparison. Cotton -- it is so much cheaper. Yet to see you know your way around cousin Mel I know my way around Jamaica I know the guys there always have can be up there always taken care there buddy. Well they're not. At helping me out. Another look at there look at me up because -- -- in the words of Al Capone. Nothing goes as far as a smile except the smile with a twenty dollar bill in your hand. In here and yeah. -- get you anywhere and everywhere. Got a baby are well last year. I'm glad you call that added that to my list of places LSU and people have to say -- Our sorry David I got to move on a lot of people have similar stories that they'd like this year right the much lead up my aunt and cousin now sounds really. -- -- I don't spend that much wanna go to Jamaica and I -- the single supplement because I'm not rooming with people I don't know. Although they'll let you get a room and paid the double price but they they stick you with some dude you don't wanna be stuck with with my luck it's gonna be some -- German fart. And that no thank you. And I am part German soul I can say that here. Is -- library in buffalo on WB and hello Larry. Our our. You you'd like to go to the -- -- No no I go to a place called -- what can -- Mexico. Still. -- next door. Tell me why it's. Well I went down there in 1993. To those four machine and absolutely fell in love with the fishing experience. And then subsequently fell in love with the city itself -- and reluctant NATO and then a couple of years ago. I wound up buying a condominiums down there that I rent out. That's always a good idea if you're going to be -- back or condominium. Are sorry. Soul. A what are the condominiums at your Beck if I'm dance. If you tell me at six -- -- -- -- and my business that it stop our. It's it's not it's kinda like yeah it's on the Acapulco side of of Mexico. But it's about a twenty minute flight from Acapulco beach stop you want NATO. I've been there once I really enjoyed it a lot what is there to Dugard now. Well it's it's really eight. Quiet little place so very romantic spot loaded with lots of beautiful. -- restaurants which are they got the arms at the plate that people go chill and relaxed. There -- a lot of activities that take -- sport sixteen. Smart clean -- or respect writing all of the ocean activities that at. A resort area what else. That's that's pretty low income I'm glad you called each stop at public stopper in quite some time but appreciate the heads that. OK I pitcher skate each stop -- the -- in Mexico. To get back to the closer is Kerry in the ransom -- on WB -- carry have you escape in the sun for which you view. -- -- -- -- -- -- But the -- hole. We're losing a lot of damage. I don't know what it means a lot expecting. No I do not mean -- I mean dialing and the -- -- -- that the equipment. Well there's nothing wrong with -- that. But he's go to -- root canal ought to tell us all about the prices. I'll do it everything from budget traveler which is what I was. Up to you know you go to forced Terry Norton an -- on you not much we did the budget traveling Lee Latin -- -- all and eight. Actually -- in a little studio apartment around kitchen family -- -- on the Al. It was very reason I went for eleven days and I have to say that only around 800 art. You mean out of pocket in addition to what you spent for the air fare and the apartment. Including the air -- and the apartment. Are you -- yes. Okay that's what I call value and in depending of what's out there I mean what were you eating and that there will be the big question. Well like it and we didn't make however O'Neill that we did eat out. -- found a couple of restaurants in town that were actually run by -- -- and they had great hamburger then you know there I would say. North American Christine com and they are very reasonably try to eat of course -- happy happy hour and all the EU is. I you can put on meet the vote at a certain pending action in -- Ers beat the -- -- both in the comment. And they were selling to pound problem -- there for thirteen dollars. I can beat the crap I did if we can opt to. Care for the -- it goes embassy as far as I'm concerned now spell a place where you were in Costa Rica. It's out LE UERPO. Is the first or whatever I. A KB I TJL at the -- -- VA health and others emission vehicle. It near San Francisco but it's a different spelling. I'm trying to find that I in my little map quest and I'm not releasing a lot of success how close were you to the to the water. We are right on the water. We're -- it -- -- -- about an hour north of the Panama border so at southern coast streak. Probably the biggest township -- app. Is and the media there and I'm an actual on national park on the -- com and you'll finance in the apple. Closer -- not part of part of my email at the very little out it can't it eat here berg you'd feel about it relate back. I'm in it is myself and -- -- content in ill and danger at all we in a record or -- retreat. We -- really I mean it was it was very say we didn't peel threatened at all nobody out and I thing. Of course there -- little under on the street that they didn't apple you. It was really laid back and I would I would love open act. It's sounds really cool how did you -- you read -- own apartment how like what service did you go through to wreck your own apartment. We actually Obama please call bobbled a couple that went late on that one bit called. I get called on track stroller hostile home. And that started -- Oscar -- all of them. Exactly a -- And that we decided that that really look up the -- you don't know what in -- -- Opel and through -- means we found out that -- -- -- provider we found it cabana. They can't abandon that there -- like studio apartment. And that text they owned by at -- -- from Georgia and light and the export steel part and and there are extremely clean felt very safe. Ever body creepy critters crawl around her. I want -- readers if -- Look at your Donna and that part of the world and you don't see an iguana sunning himself a new and you haven't lived. How far a drive is it in terms of minutes from the airport into which you fly in Costa Rica. To where you ultimately stayed -- -- Diego. That's the bad part I usually am in San Jose street and that about a four and a half hour bus ride. Okay that's -- Don't you have the option it's just chartering a plane and just flying over Kazaa a but I do. You can tell from candidate to an airport -- on which much cloture but opted to -- Internet at the very Meyer or you have to handle the scandal at a time which we get that. Com it they only have one plane that comes in the morning and -- you go without eating. And I'm seeing that the mall is still about an hour by road away from where you eventually state. -- -- about having a kid that got fixed wings are pretty choppers that it is chopper you from the airport right to the resort to right through where you're up. I had that kind of money I would -- I wouldn't be a budget travelers. Why you may see your -- that whole day traveling -- -- when -- -- the Jamaica I want to get to the resort is fast as humanly possible. I didn't mind it because they do make a little stop and eat -- eat things that he went to see. I'll -- in the mountain which is absolutely beautiful you get to copy a page and banana inpatient now. I didn't mind it at me it was like another it would like more I'm getting out maybe -- got to see things. I don't know why go to vacation mode I just wanna start immediately that hole waiting at. Customs. Going through customs and that either taking the shovel or waiting for the plane to command to take you. To -- grill from the airport which into a fifteen minutes the Basra it's 45 at least. You know to start the vacation vacation is too rare to waste. Well we did stay in campaign and -- their first language is like a little town of San Jose felt. Well we did was instead of going right in the -- into the box which would have been extremely hiring. We can't state -- and I put alum and and a beta beautiful cool we had drinks so. I mean even though in our entire and that's amnesia and leading Arabic age and now. -- Well you know what whatever floats your boat so to speak. No I haven't had that I realize we're gonna cruise okay thank you very much if you're just joining us and -- you guys about your favorite spots in the sun. -- so far. Why should -- started this earlier each stop I think what -- Mexico which is on the up Pacific side. The Mexican. Nation there's also. Cause -- which is an island off the Yucatan. Lady stays at the met -- -- my -- and loves it she's been there 26 times. And this lady just kept back from a Costa Rica where a lot of Americans actually are and move. At a place called product vehicle. Do -- thing about that though is. You know what if flying to a country he birdied that in the year for four hours the idea of another four hours on the road. I don't know give me a chopper can -- resort. Let me start medication. Itself. -- -- three old I'm thirty start I'm 3180616. WB EN -- great ideas are you enjoying this. Aaron I should've gone to happy ending much earlier all these calls are gonna have to go unanswered. And they have to start this earlier -- all. You know if I think that this week and I'll put the three ideas that we got into the half hour up on my FaceBook page over the weekend. Because. They are really good suggestions that we have one guy who's gonna talk about the Jamaica but. He didn't have the Thursday on line. Well he was gonna talk about your ability -- wanna hold up. Wish -- -- compared notes egos were. More anyway. That's for. Sure thanks as always ladies and gentlemen what a wonderful weekend. It'll leave you with -- words which means a lot. No -- Viewers cell. About.

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