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3-7 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 3

Mar 7, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WB EF. -- -- -- -- -- And welcome to the New York's yeah. If they got beat extreme conservatives they have no place in the State of New York no one -- with an assault rifle. -- Until then. His ball club. Tom now or leave it right what you showed that very spot news -- 930 check out the big -- Our I've got a couple emails here atomic. You Bartlett okay. You know why would there -- right okay well the back here and and -- -- -- separate space epic okay. At some point in history -- -- and this one's. But talk show hosts were not liberal allowed themselves to be painted with a tawdry and evil rush. Racism. And at some point when guys like your humble -- say the NAACP. -- what it used to be that it really is the national association for the advancement of liberal colored people. Some. Understand. That a lot of people on the left didn't like that bit of truth. But. To my Brothers and sisters in the black community are always welcome. To my show. And if you hear recently stuff about Dr. Martin Luther King. I think you can tell by my voice. -- sincerity in my heart. And I will never talked down to you or patronize you because I notice. You've seen enough white liberals in your day. Who in the name of being white liberals try to talk down to you. And I think it's entirely demeaning disrespectful. So that's something I will never ever do. Ever so yes when I talk about Dr. Martin Luther King I hope you hear the passion in my voice. And when you talk about me trying to bring people together I also hope you hear the passion in my voice. Life is too short. To spend that a lot of time at a lot of fury. On areas where we needn't. Okay. We've all made contributions. To this country we will all continue to make contributions. To this country. And my world view is. If somebody is being denied justice -- being persecuted or being discriminated against whether that person is white male female black. Is immaterial to me if it is allowed for somebody. It's allowed for all of us. So bad. Sometimes some of my Maurer. Conservative listeners get a little uncomfortable when I start talking like that but. That is the message that I've been trying to convey. And that is when you allow for example people who work transgendered. Body. Lesbian and homosexual. When you allow them to -- English are to be discriminated against. You also open the door for straight people to be discriminated against in fact. There is this to you about that just this week which was absolutely appalling about how. What was -- and I'm gonna get this wrong that I hear right that the gay hair stylist of governor brewer did not wanderers a client anymore. Because she Hamdan hog over the Arizona law there was a story like that basically the reverse stereo type of discrimination. And like -- said if you fight it in one area you have to fight it in all areas because what's right is right. Simply because it is right. And these are some of the ideals that I tried to impart these are some of the ideals that I try to include. In my eight. Personification. Elaboration at a -- sedation on the term conservative Irian ism. Okay because it must be inclusive it can't be exclusive. It must be made up of patriots it must be made up of people respect one another it must be made up of people who. Understanding that you're never going to agree with everybody 100%. Okay and under is gonna give you one more example element to shut the hell up. Rus Thompson and I didn't speak to each other for over a year. Over something really stupid. -- could've been settled in a quick phone call. And there came a point. Where I was given an award by shooters committee a political education. And I wanna to reach out to everybody. And I accepted the award. Only as one person. Giving full kudos and compliments to people like Ross Thompson team new York city beach -- our morning host now. Carl Paladino. And others. Because it is a multi front battle we must wage. In the name of freedom for all of us because remember folks no matter how you feel about guns. If they persecute the gun owners. When they persecute you. Shouldn't we all care because I well. Maybe I'm just too idealistic. I don't know. -- -- all star right now speaking of scope -- shooters committing a political education on this a side issue in that Hamburg. AST thanks very much for being with this it is always a pleasure sir. It so Steve -- your perspective about what. Happened today in Hamburg -- be one of your members who in my opinion is being persecuted for his political beliefs by a democratically controlled town or is -- village of Hamburg. Yeah. He he's. Take a record over the fact they've got up. It's interesting to note that there are. Many other. Sign. Many other offenses all around Hamburg -- -- typical enforcement as a there's only going after his side. And affect me because enforcement officer. Gave him the notice that -- he has to appear vital signs that day after the reorganization meeting -- The town for a change of control to Democrat. See what confuses me about it is and again. I go through the same thing because I live in the village of Williams bill. But technically it's part of about -- of Amherst for a lot of things like we don't have a village of Williams told police department we have the talent of -- police department. Most of whom have enjoyed being in my home. Humor they're I was hoping for a little giggle anyway out of habit. But but in the in Hamburg anyway -- it's kind of like the same thing you've got that town of Hamburg and the village being a part of the town in terms of issues like this. Right this issue is from the town of code and where. OK so you can prove or actually you're not represented him but. I know you've done your due diligence -- is there any evidence to strongly indicate -- to -- That this man to the exclusion of others was singled out for special treatment because of his pro Second Amendment political views. Well it certainly looks like that. If that there are. Many other signs. Than the other senses of Hamburg. Is there not being. In other activists some of them so what happened they went into court today and oh how judge's chambers that we use themselves. From that case. A -- say potential conflict. What judges get hit. That is that is. Family members. And the other judge he has. -- Is actually the town attorney. And that's as they were indicate that there are essential civil action. Associated with that would go through without attorneys. Both both talent judges that we choose themselves so. If critical. To another towel we're not sure at this point which is -- -- -- of the -- it down. Will be appointed him to be -- on the court. Almost reminds me of the movie casino where Robert to an -- says by god every so on so tall boy that is -- county commissioner related to a county commissioner in -- one of those tighten its situations. Something like that so. -- we don't know what what I was gonna go to is probably going to be at least a few weeks before it gets reassigned. Those two other court if if I play -- felt sick a lot like the court and members didn't let anything to do with it. Boy you know what -- I'm a player and by the way Steve also does the president of scope full disclosure I am a paid lifetime member of scope. Shooters committee on political education I always say that just because I think it's the right thing to do and a few questions for Steve all stop the president of scope and why -- Our phone number 8030930. That's 8030930. Start -- thirty on the cell phone 180616. WBE. And you know not to oversimplify things you but I know you're country -- it almost seems to me like. Hamburg did did what my old boss used to call. Kicked any war on -- down a hot day like today weren't expecting this they didn't really. They didn't really think this thing through given the animosity toward and lights it. Yeah it it does appear like that. And I and I don't think we have. Unified. Town government involved I think it's. -- county supervisor. Is was not fine it. Before the elections. Or change. In control. They have total -- they agreed the First Amendment issues. So. Have you ahead you know I've got a break but. I do wanna ask you if you had any conversations. With which well you -- sure -- -- with the attorney for your member James Ostrosky who is a libertarian and a fierce advocate of individual freedom. I don't I don't wanna violate any confidences but this sounds like something where you guys can actually work together. To really. Benefit to the First Amendment stand by for that. Right now let's see if the 29 B is still doing -- Mongolian cluster lion dance and here is Allan Harris. No well it's almost like you're not even earning your pay -- today on -- AccuWeather for a today a obviously that is gonna be partly cloudy the overnight or 29 tomorrow eight thick cloud cover a couple of snow showers 36 holding at 42 degrees again. Yeah it's Friday write yourself a favor for at home stop at the gas station the drugstore. You know the big box store -- is not to buy batteries. Make sure you pick yourself up a couple of fresh nine volt batteries and -- package of some double a.s and maybe just maybe some triple -- Because we are moving the clocks ahead before you go to bed tomorrow night we lose an hour of sleep this weekend's spring ahead. And if you're anything like I am. You take denied volt battery out right you chuck it in the garbage then you go upstairs to the battery juror in its like hawks wrap -- took dead battery. So by the battery before you get home. And you won't curse like -- first whenever I realized what a moron I am -- -- -- can you can't save me from being a moron but you can save yourself from being one. Make sure you get your batteries and it was just thinking about it what did you do is swap out tonight. Nothing says fun like swapping on a Friday night. Somehow that sounded. Exactly the way I wanted to to Steve all starters with -- -- WB yeah. Steve James Ostrosky Avery fierce a libertarian attorney he's representing your member. In this at your did a member of your group the -- guy in Hamburg. Have you had any conversations with him that you could share with us without breaching any confidences about his chances of winning or. Anything about his strategy and what scope can do to assist the cause. I haven't had a private conversations with that it was felt -- that there -- other than. You know the basically the what all the press was asked that question today but it feel pretty confident that. That they're gonna get this -- turn them First Amendment grounds that. That this ordinance. Does. Free speech. Is going to take it while having I think it was some other talent. -- the election. Well. You know we spoke with Paul can't -- a little bit earlier I don't know if you had a chance to hear our talk with Paul jamboree at. But he suggested a 1983. Civil rights provision under which. Yeah I think it that. It's what they in my. OK so tell us about your you know what I've got a break otherwise I'm gonna get in trouble can you hold out a few minutes ordered. All right sorry about this Steve but let's face it there's no where you'd rather be than WB and talk with Bauer right. Yeah that's not a very sincere and convincing and enthusiastic. All the unstable also that is what this from skull. Shooters committee on political education I'm a lifelong a lifetime paying dues member of scope just say you're all aware that so nobody thinks and try to pull a fast one here I believe and honestly with you guys WB. Okay. Okay. Okay. Yeah apart if I'm not mistaken them as a playable they still -- the audio left of the usually cracked down on guard Brooks audio elect a minute ago -- up on YouTube I guess I do the same thing. It's 534 it is ready at 930 WBE and it is hourly with you on the radio all follow. I don't say supplement product catch all for it. I am once again I do wanna thank my dear ladies that quest labs. Quest Diagnostics. I'm young wrote in Williams bill. Now you are familiar with my black -- at -- she knows who she issues. And she would be highly disappointed if I were to reporter -- is anything but might blackmail. But today. Today. I had the pleasure -- -- shot an eight. And Melissa. And all I can say. Now -- that wasn't there she is this is silly and spit fire is to get -- got -- but wants. But -- is open. They -- Cigarettes when he plays like that first of all it's not a good sign that your first name basis with everybody drawing blood it every local lab that's problem. Probably not a good sign. But the opposite -- it does make its so fun actually look forward to going there. It's like a dysfunctional hourly family reunion they're really it's so should seek out and Melissa Deborah you weren't there and my black -- Mean I love you always well -- -- I'll see you next week. I tried convincing them that I needed another sample taken. They didn't buy a what I. Since they should do they walked out of the room but they were laughing OK now let's get back to stable stop with scope. On the WB and shooters committee on political education we're talking about the signed -- in Hamburg and the persecution. Of this guy. And up are you aware that -- just do what I find interesting about the about the safe at these so called safe. The number of documented cases where signs have a just and issued summonses -- people haven't been issued summonses for having the size but. The number of bug reports of vandalism of the science and even in some cases -- destroying and or stealing the signs I find that to be. Kind of revelatory in a frightening way. Yeah we actually -- -- -- cameras. Somewhere out of Putnam county. A while back. Take -- -- be that -- disappeared they put up another one. They put it that disappeared but the -- of trail. They eight protection game. That is put that up this year -- -- on the -- the connection we have on the plate -- -- So quite a flap about that we sent him some good times after that and nobody was unfortunate that. In the year. There's also a woman. Who opened -- county. -- -- Who. It was cop feeling sorry she's been through their local pediatrician. Wish they have a proper about -- and they they let me ask -- -- that the local sheriff went to her office. And found a number of four. Affected her dumpster associate or feelings and by -- out. But you talk about somebody who really has your priorities straight she's a pediatrician. She's not the constitutional scholar she's not a lover of liberty. And you would almost think that guns of their own volition and free will got up out of locked safes and walked down the street and randomly opened fire on little children. It's crazy and then you know believe well. You'd think that they're they're. It looked down and got orders and then they're willing to go out and steal people's -- You can. -- actually the fit my my all time favorite question I was ever asked by a doctor Steve you already know the answer to there's. But I -- it's so funny I revel in telling this story. Mr. and you went outside. With a loaded gun in my response. And you're really something else doc what the -- good uses a gun on buses got bullets and it. The top two they've worked with -- the affected patients says he is he was up. Very openly in the park. And somebody come along those horrified if she didn't get a governorship. Well it should bode well -- -- it. Let's let dangerous -- -- -- -- well of course it's dangerous what could put the pieces ever gonna sort of danger. Sometimes I kind of wonder how people make it through medical school but then again mine is not to wonder why mine is but to do and in line. I'm all right sir Steve what is gonna with any upcoming rallies and gatherings of people who want to see NY safe overturned it can you give us an update on how people can take part. In what you guys are planning which scope. Sure we have a number of things. Morrow -- that in. Hey I'm aware of the sport is called it the electricity -- really he's. Save that for a educational forum registered voters not firearms. We'll be doing that same form in number of venues around Western New York. Including. March 14 at -- a lot of VFW. Saturdays at fifteen we. Check -- -- fire hall. And -- eighteen. If that vote for you guys. The cap on March 19. And a leading up to our big event for the year we're if we stand up for you right. Reality in Albany we are adding more and more -- the state every day. You can. Go onto these golf club -- open wide out or. And April 1 really is firstly this. We'll see if that long list of -- is. Light up. Coming all of the states so it. Very big event people for an opening. Now another -- no longer and -- -- April 1 is AA. -- Tuesday. See another -- the afternoon show it really wouldn't be possible for me to go and -- the broadcast during the afternoon because by that point everything's going to be pretty wrapped up right. Plus I don't have anybody to hold umbrella forming any more so are pretty much screwed. Got there will be -- -- -- -- really associate with a will be meeting at the field of parking lot. College in New York writing down through all cities with the police escort. And adding up at the capitol about 1130. In this group that is what and they they had a thousand bikers and ultimately this year. Think -- turnout this year giver -- -- thousand Harley -- were -- for what they. I have heard an 810 under very interesting circumstances. And I'm guessing the sound and the fear is frighteningly similar. I'm gonna put a -- up as I always do to your page with scope Steve our phone connection is kind of getting somewhat and you us. But I'm so glad you could join us and I know that we'll get you in studio before. Well let's see it's only march so tell you what did you studio before then maybe with which residents for an update on. On all things gun. We -- All right Steve. All right Steve all stuff which scope by joining us on news radio 930 WB EN. -- -- -- -- good stuff they're good stuff and I do think the guy and Hamburg is getting host. I I I truly do the First Amendment was not written. Only to protect liberals. The First Amendment was not written only to protect conservatives. It was written to protect all of us. And ladies and gentlemen I'm gonna say something but I said earlier but I must say one more time and it is that's. When the government attacks won a group of us that same government can easily attacked the other group. Of us. That's why. You know the old signs in the colonial days with the snake chopped up into different pieces unite or -- That's what we have to do as a people and I know it's tough being -- even the conservative. Movement. If you think about it I reference to this earlier you know we're gonna start curing the Michael Savage -- this coming Monday. And Michael Savage is not a big fan of Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity. To put it lightly. But he's going to be part of our station. So you've got -- Buffalo's early news which -- second Susan rose. You've got sandy beach from nine to noon. You've got Rush Limbaugh from -- until street. You've got that me from three until seven Hannity from seven until ten Michael Savage -- until one and then George -- Overnight. Pretty impressive and but I think what is the most destructive things people on the right can do. Is to start attacking. Each other from a within. OK folks one of the reasons. -- whether you want to admit this -- agree with it or not. I think you need to take this to the bank one of the reasons our liberal friends. Have basically kick the asses of the conservatives is. A had unified. They understand the game. They are better street fighters and of course they've got or allies in the media. So if we as conservatives. Or conservative Terry Jones if we spend more time attacking each other. Then we'd do a competing ideology and demonstrating why our ideology is superior that were in trouble and we're never gonna win. Because ladies and gentlemen even a marriage. I assure you you were not totally agree with your husband 100% of the time no way. I will never agree you know what -- Let's just say in this life I've got new 123 I probably got about ten people on this planet. That I would take a bullet for and it would probably do the same thing for me. Even those people were -- and everything. I have some very putts. But were basically on the same team. So. You can spend your time attacking people who ought to be your ally for the most part. Or you can spend your time attacking another ideology and demonstrating -- yours is better. And a player that I would much prefer to spend my time boosting our side. And trying to make it clear why. The other side is incorrect not Wear a name calling although sometimes it is funded juvenile enemy does revel in it. But with facts and with logic. And one of the things too. Bad. I think -- is a life less. If forgive me for being preachy today I didn't commit later today expected to be all preachy. And sometimes they get that way and I hope you'll indulge me just for thirty seconds. Sometimes folks. You -- your mom used to say. You attract more flies with. Honey than you do with -- vinegar. That is also true in the body politic. You will find more people open to your ideas. And open to your beliefs and even willing to change the Ayers. If your approach is one of genuine sincerity. And sweetness -- ability and convivial levee. Then a bitter nasty approach. You know what. My own personal and professional like most most of my professional. I will play the -- track that I held a lot more people. -- The nicer approach. Then be nasty year approach. And that's a lesson I wish I would learn years ago. But I didn't. But I do it -- idea so. People can mock me for changing if they want. But in this life you either are dynamic or you word that. You either change. You either learn from your mistakes and learn from your successes or you don't. And when you ceased to learn that you might as well visit your friends and make her funeral arrangements. Because then what's the point when you cease to learn. Now would anybody like to have some fun -- anybody like happy ending final part of the show. Let -- have got some serious calls here so get those done and then I think we should do a happy ending. Because. As my Asian great grandmother used to say. Mean W name. And ultimately at 6 o'clock hour. And AccuWeather for a it partly cloudy overnight -- 29 and it tomorrow thick cloud cover. Which really. Doesn't matter to anybody except pilot so I mean do you really care of by the clouds are really thinned it blocking the sun are really that -- blocking Islam makes no difference to me. Tomorrow's high 36 right now 42 at WB -- -- by the way quick note it's not often a talk show host will say this. You guys were right. I was wrong about Ted Nolan in my defense I'm gonna say that I at least admitted I was wrong. Just after you guys may be changed my mind pretty quickly I think Ted Nolan has shown. He deserves to be the head coach of the Buffalo Sabres I don't know hollow he got those guys to play that game last night. And emerge with a win. And not just fall apart on the bench because of his relationship with Pat LaFontaine. But I just want to thank my listeners. Four were telling me. Not to think the going. To Ted Nolan was going back in time you know going at a time machine. I hope Ted Nolan stays here a long time. I do and I think he's earned the chance I hope he's given the chance and you guys were right. My initial reaction was wrong and I met at a man enough to admit it let's go to Cindy -- came over here on WB and city hello. Hi there. Well I would -- because. Of that decidedly I'll issue. -- camping unit that's -- -- out -- -- needed a united party behind him. Without extreme now getting in the way. Not quite the point because that's not really realistic. Politics. That's just not. Not politics related politics. Greedy blood sucking the life. Right I finished it which percent. But. But do you really think if Donald Trump had to run against rob -- Reno. That rob -- Reno would have had a prayer of beating Donald Trump but Republican primary. No I do that but it's not double you know. The law underlying issue is divided we thought and out -- on it very united Republican Party behind him. Well all I wanna bang Angelina Jolie tonight to an and that they gonna happen. I mean seriously see what happens first you're always gonna have people you're always gonna have people who think. At the age of the seas on apart for them and frankly I gotta tell you something I think that was just an easy out for Donald Trump knowing that asked to Reno wanted the job more than Donald Trump what an easy out to say well unless he bowels before -- I'm not going to run. If that's kind of attitude contestant on the apprentice had he wouldn't last very long. Well -- -- -- lack TV but I suppose. You know and end it for a thinking. Yeah you know bow before me or whatever but. I still think that did write it we -- -- I don't know much -- -- and that kinda think and that. We all need to unite because the whole idea the government getting. You know getting people to -- -- for a -- is keeping everybody divided into their own little action. Donald -- that was Donald Trump's choice that was Donald Donald Trump made that decision. And it was an easy out the game that will be like me telling Tim Wagner unless you pay me five billion dollars a year I will not resigning years. Like -- gonna happen. I knew Gary you're saying that anything yet. You know double keeping its people -- requirement not there is -- world divided of the government well all. There cannot not not -- on the stump and not not -- the hold out if you'd like to WB --

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