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3-7 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 1

Mar 7, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- news radio 930 WB he had. And he would rate. That you. Hold to a no one ponds with an assault rifle. -- Yeah. If they are a bit extreme conservatives. They have no place in the State of New York. If you've got health care already. Then you can keep your plan if you're satisfied with a. Wherever and whenever. I can take steps without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families that's what I'm gonna do. When that -- it can recoup. The strong silent. That was an American. -- -- -- brilliant goaltender -- knew what to -- The news -- 930. And I like Q. You have loans. I'd like bonus yeah. -- -- -- have -- but -- a big answer yet they let you know under is wondering I it's. The show up. I a great program all dialogue. -- Eric I led up publicly like ours camping up there for congress against Brian Higgins -- they get a yeah. Now the problem -- me. The problem is that. Is -- every single debate except the debate at saint Joe's -- But every other debate in which you try to engage him as my attic he won't give me the time today so you have to take your message to the people. And Kathy just helpful for just this consider this to be constructive criticism. Do not mentioned that your husband is a doctor every other sentence don't mention that. Don't mention it to turn off the people because when people hear my husband the doctor they already think -- she's a rich rich need the money. That's what they think trust me. -- political consultancy -- what it's not even gonna cost Japan. And she's got a bit by the way -- one point but that's that's people's perception. So -- I wanna endorsed -- -- for congress against Brian Higgins wanted to be the first one to do that. So just in case there's any confusion about that and I voted for -- is amendment mr. Mike Madigan. I voted for Mike Madigan last time -- will vote -- -- -- this time should she end up getting the nomination and a bulky -- McAfee again. Don't talk about her husband in the doctors don't don't do it and you know what and something else I would definitely cut back on. Don't talk about your son being a soldier as much as you do and I'm not trying to lock -- say. All I'm saying is that. It's gonna take away from camp I don't know -- but it's gonna take away from your campaign make reference to let everything out again. Enough that people know but not so much that people forget that you're running for congress and not your son tonight your husband. Spending. On what is it just doesn't have a teller to replace. I don't pull punches you because I'm on I wandered away. And in order for her to win those are two ideas that I would give her that she asked to execute so that -- has a better chance to what. So. I wouldn't call constructive criticism I would just say it it's. Consultancy. For finally. For me. And it's worth every cent you played port. All right do you think we're gonna -- gets circulated about some truck blowing a load all -- the highway because it happened happened the other day it happened yesterday like our. All of these incredible radio shows these ground breaking incredible swells of public support radio shows and then somebody called and it says. You know we got a truck that just spewed blasts all over the road like Paul. And -- somebody asked to go and steal my thunder. I mean nobody was hurt so at least eight others there's so I'm not complaining about -- but there are so many things by the way. I had a great idea. You realize that what Michael Savage committed WBE and I will not seem half as crazy. As I do you realize that. With Michael Savage coming here I'm gonna seems saying it. Michael Savage and Savage Nation from ten until one at WB EN. Now what's interesting is now and this is like really inside radio nonsense stuff that you probably go to -- about. It is that. Michael Savage has been on the warpath against Sean Hannity. And I know the Michael Savage also is that a real big Rush Limbaugh then. Soul it's gonna be -- Because we'll have Rush Limbaugh stole from -- adultery where Sean Hannity from seven until ten. And the we'll have Michael Savage with Savage Nation from ten until one. And if there's one thing I know about this radio station it's that one talk show host it one -- part does not attack and talk show host and are -- part. Are you would never your city beats anything bad about may. I just won an app that. So we'll just be interest -- to see what happens between. Echelon and Michael Savage and and Rush Limbaugh all on the same radio station. Happy about this care is automatically my sanity quotient just let up tremendously sell -- thank you management. Actually kind of aggravated about it because they're rather enjoy listening to the best of our -- late -- night. I rather enjoyed listening to myself about having to worry about hitting commercials and in times and hitting everything else. But I guess -- adjusted his new fellow Michael Savage guys and Savage Nation which -- starts on Monday night Monday night Monday night Monday night at 10 o'clock 10 o'clock 10 o'clock o'clock. So there ago so that's the new line -- here on that W via. Now as long as Michael's daytime employer does not come along and say that he's not allowed to work at WB and we should be OK okay. It. Somebody's. All right Brad Davis in a mask and about fifteen years with Jim -- All right -- we go to our way of Sony places so many things so many issues like the unit but that none of them more important and then then what is going in the and it's interesting that the justice system at the judges in Hamburg have recuse themselves from adjudicating in this case because of a conflict of interest which by the way is something soldiers or should have done. On many an occasion but did not with the United States Supreme Court but then again she is the liberal Democrat. They don't have to do those things because they don't walk on water I think we know that but this is a story that we talked about last week. Don't it don't anybody think this does is the first time we've mentioned it because it is. We talked about this where it. With Steve -- -- which sculptures Cuba via political education. Folks what at what ever is doing. Is unconstitutional. Amber that I have ever should be sued itself for civil rights violations. The town of Hamburg is violating the First Amendment. This is not commercial speech. This is political speech. It is protected. By edit the first freaking amendment of the constitution of the United States. This is a clear cut case of Hamburg overstepping its authority should not even get a litigation. This should be settled now. Not only with a letter of apology to the guy with the anti -- safe sides but a financial settlement for the pain in the she's had to go through since the count started harassing him. Over his signs harassment which began by the way according as the ball stopped when the Democrats took control of Hamburg away from the Republicans. Ladies and gentlemen. What this man art outlets this is worthy licences germane to show it's got to stop unless it's germane to show it got to. Sorry that is when I look at that -- if I see people that I don't know if there occupying my -- time they got to get Ella. -- a selfish god. I'm a jealous god. And I don't like it when people take my it and take my attention away from my people Wear my people's attention away from me. But anyway. The top of emperor has taken this got a court. On what basis. What the Everest this guy is illegal does anybody -- -- Look I have a neighbor who is a Democrat I -- Well. Direct neighbor. He's a -- lives on the street every election his front lawn is -- is absolutely covered with political signs. Every conceivable. Liberal Democrat candidate running for office this guy has signed on his -- Every conceivable. Liberal Democrat candidate. And it I practice what I preach. I think most of the people this guy supports. Well. I think of Ortiz off to my quota of I think most of the guys this neighbor supports our schools a put it that way. The tools but. I would lay down my wife to support his right to publicly expressed his support for said tools. Because at that America UN maybe little pink houses. Seriously. The top of Hamburg is in the wrong the town of Hamburg needs to back off. I don't know what it's gonna take to get that out of amber to read the First Amendment of the constitution. But what it is doing is absolutely 100%. Not even close. Over the lie. It is it's about a hundred feet over the line of constitutionality. This isn't even an issue. This man is having to come up with eagle threes. In his own time to defend himself against what can best be described as like political persecution. In the town of amber. The top of Hamburg I'm gonna take us up then it's gonna hurt. When this is all said and done this guy should file a civil rights lawsuit against you. And you ought to be paying him a seven or eight figure settlement. -- peeing all over his constitutional rights or you can realize how dumb you are being and back off now. Because he's gonna win he's gonna win -- and you are gonna put your taxpayers on the hook for a severe. Liability. I'm not a lawyer. But I know the First Amendment very well. This guy in Hamburg is being bold. And it's obviously a political witch hunt. And whether or not. This is a pro or anti Cuomo size and this happens to be anti Cuomo. It is wrong to persecute. And prosecute this man for his non commercial political speech on his property. Look you guys went to law school I didn't. You guys should notice a lot better than right why don't why know is better than you guys do. You're gonna lose this case Hamburg you're gonna lose big and I hope you do. I hope you'll lose it. And I hope that come November or whatever your terms are up your voters realize what waddle was -- really bad word what. This is you are. When it comes to enforcing this particular. Illegal act against this guy who is against and why say it. -- you're in the wrong it's not even close. You've got to back -- you -- she's your swords zip up your pants and you -- would admit that you were -- wrong. You gotta walk away from this one. You're gonna lose. -- right you're gonna be John stopped. You're going to be giants -- against. Derek Roy. I was thinking about sheathing and Derek Roy came to mind I don't know why. If you're you're gonna get polarized. Folks the guy with the sides is doing nothing wrong he's exercising his constitutional rights. What part of that is so hard to understand. Folks I've told you this from they want. And I know that I'm crazy because the Buffalo News -- but. But. You know I really have to devote my site reports on line. But that's another story anyway I'm actually the most well adjusted person most people of government surprisingly. But I also happen to be exceedingly funny an incredibly creative. But when I was gonna say here's the town of Hamburg. Is dead wrong. Couldn't be any more wrong you know somebody your your your expression you couldn't be any more dead. Yeah you couldn't be anymore wrong the town in Hamburg is -- right now. So love. What do you think. Is this man's constitutional right to express himself. Politically not commercials rich politically being compromised. You know on. I think it is it's still 00 it's it's my job and their pleasant view. For years and pleasant view. And others is what this time it changes it from time sometimes Jesus loves me. And sometimes I yesterday but -- today. Right it's property its commercial side and it is a religious First Amendment protected each. I pray today and Jesus loves me. And Jesus loves you -- it did this man's apology. What I -- -- my underwear all it and not if I was wearing an elected commander repeal but MI supposed to get my -- all it and -- Because -- get a sign out Jesus loves me and prayed that I unpleasant view -- -- urge that Genesee. But folks. At a time. This is wrong. I applaud this is it going ladies and gentlemen. I've told you and told and told you when they come after the Second Amendment the other amendments will follow. When they blow on one aspect of freedom you're really gonna stop the error what is -- take wakes you morons. Seriously. Your -- -- but it is that they have FaceBook. I don't think it's your twentieth and see the light of let's get prepared for last it's better I don't but these are very important pressing. But what is it gonna take the way -- up to the fact. That your government your politicians. These Jewish council who you -- office. What is it gonna take the way up to the fact that they are on a daily basis conniving to control every aspect of your life. What part. -- advice that the reason you must end up with a Second Amendment. Is that it. In other words the ability of citizens to protect themselves from government issues. A sacred obligation of Americans and a sacred duty of Americans if we give that up. You can expect the other amendments to topple like dominoes. That -- thousand -- 2005. And all I know early. A candidate for looney -- Because what is happening right now -- network. We see the guys first amendment rights being pitched. I can say is if you're attached letter of the -- and Hamburg. You are gonna end up the bill. I hope this -- -- you know I hope he wins billions of dollars and hopefully flip -- Hamburg and moved to Florida and a state that recognizes. The individual right to carry firearms to own firearms without Andrew Cuomo like restrictions either Florida or Texas helmet and extorted me in corpus gross. 326 news radio 930 WBBM. Give me your thoughts. Is this guy -- and persecuted I think is. The town in Hamburg is wrong it's out of Hamburg level. As it's shirts handed to them and -- -- About greens people. So it's good. Now it's still. Need. I live on. You've done. To this day. Memories. Then we. Minutes. -- because I just you. By the way I don't quite get my picture taken with a -- nothing but that. I've I've allies speak better English map but sometimes I just like down the downplaying the grammar it's a little bit. -- wasn't quite I kept my picture taken with -- but he strolled out of my FaceBook page you will see. A rival from Sweden when they played at the Revere a theater at Nortel a lot of my buddies at the Riviera theatre were nice enough to escort me backstage and had a chance to beat the band. And I know it wasn't all about I get it I understand that but it was like the next best thing that. It really is. -- do you think I'm so full of arrival from Sweden on YouTube. Best of a tribute band in the entire freaking universe in fact the only one authorized to actually where the original costumes and some of the guys in the band actually played on the original but hurts. So. There anyway I like being mature in the shareware and helps carry the reputation. So what anyway now we're talking about the situation in Hamburg ladies and gentlemen I happen to believe very strongly in constitutional rights and I happened to. I happen to a practice what I preach. I live in an area where. People don't put up political signs that there's one guy who does every election. There's like these guys on his lawn. And usually the way I vote is if he has -- sign -- his long for somebody I usually vote the opposite way. Because I know that politics it's like -- aboard the opposite way -- so. I don't I don't sit there and sorry. Can't believe he's got political sides on this property. Boy I really offends me -- the Obama sign. -- it's a free country all freedom of speech hello all it's how I make my living hell all. So why would I -- even a tool of his constitutional right to freedom of speech. And in nine Hamburg. As far as I know doesn't live in an association based -- eleven and a Condo development. And I -- actually brought in my stronger reading glasses today. You know the newspaper is curling. In its current economy and. I would just like to point out the lives of the Buffalo News about the -- newspaper. Pay -- Buffalo News guess what we've had winter before. Now I I know this because I actually went door to door and I interviewed my neighbors about you know the Buffalo News. Most of my neighbors doll like you they like me but they don't like you. And they say that the curling newspaper is a new phenomenon. And we've had winter before that's an old phenomenon. Therefore you're explanation that the cold weather is the cause it to factor of curling newspaper. Hey I have an idea what did you. So I just like to address myself to the Buffalo News you're nothing but a two bit. Overpaid. -- of -- bag liars when -- lighting your readers about the curling newspaper we've had winter before. Gang we're not stupid. Aren't. My job put those bastards out of business. I have court hears -- -- to the real Buffalo's news site WB and that job he ever court appears safe act signed dispute. Gun groups rally. -- rights activists gathered this morning in Havertown court. We're a man was up on charges. Because -- supply safe a sign he hanged on his -- -- -- Well as the grammar police on that one Scott's a worker is accused of a village code violation guard village that town. Village code violation for the large barriers. On the fence of his South Park avenue property that says New York is not safe flight Cuomo preserve your rights. Well one of the -- or justices well now we get to the town. Now I'm really confused what do we one of the top justices recused himself from the case because his son is the town attorney. Judge is that buffalo is that buffalo. The judge had to excuse himself from the case because his son is the town attorney welcome to buffalo hide. Our justice Gerald that had previously recused himself from the case. Now's the work his case will now be transferred to another town -- is not clear yet what town that will be. Now in November mister zoo worker had a sign up that was also related to gun control. Which is a misnomer because the Second Amendment doesn't talk about gun control talks about your right to keep and bear arms not control arms. But his son to. -- -- let me get back to this the gun control issue and the -- fact it's a chair Howard fighting for your rights and and I would remind you that the Buffalo News did not endorse. Sure -- fighting for work gun rights the Buffalo News did endorse. Andrew Cuomo. As it endorses every single Democrat candidate put up before its board of editorial people with the exception of a token few. So that's where their bread is buttered over there at one news plaza okay. With the liberal Democrat crowd that reads the -- the passes for news over the even before the paper started to occur. Only one thing in life I can think of the curls naturally and most of you get resilience for that now anyway. Here's mark -- -- self aware Paul camera always always a market got a legal mind on deck here. I'm sensing site correctly that buffalo attorney Paul Camry -- a noted First Amendment advocate is whether it's on WB EM. Paul -- thank you for joining us and how would use her as an attorney approach this case of this man. Well let me tell you first of all you know the First Amendment applies against the golfer. So we have that element here because it's amber. But it doesn't apply against one person against another you can shoot somebody for defamation or whatever but the First Amendment is -- -- like. People against people. So we have amber -- -- next question is is Hamburg censoring speech. Because they don't like. And that's classic violation the First Amendment content base. Censorship. -- however that being sent. A town or city or whatever has the right to regulate the time place and manner of speech. So here. Are they in fact are uniformly. In force. -- time place and manner or. It would not violate the First Amendment. So -- sixty toward our question is. Are they being discriminatory. Are they allowing others to -- signs on their house censor what have you. With no problem because they don't mind the message. And just going after this -- so that's really where it. Okay what information do you have as to how many summonses have been issued by the -- officer in the Hamburg wouldn't that be really easy to find out whether or not this -- being singled out because of his unique and particular political views. Especially these days where computer law summonses I'm sure that you've found he'll find -- There is an exception for political speech. But the only restriction of it is four weeks before an election an and the -- come down one week after. So if this is political street -- at which it appears to the this statute would only allow it to be on them said so to speak or weeks before an election. Com. It is there another outlet for a outlets that's another question is there another outlet for and I don't know the answer that. Except it's they -- their billboards. In Hamburg which are are you at all -- a billboard. -- -- suggest that because the statute allowed -- Okay no -- in the First Amendment that I got a copy does it say anywhere about a time limit where the First Amendment is inclusive or exclusive. Although it's not at a time limit but what's happening in case burial Supreme Court case bubble Bryant. -- -- -- -- That as long as you have a time place and manner restriction. And agents forced uniformly. Without discrimination. Regardless of the content of the speech. That -- ballot as long as it does and extinguished the -- So you might say well wait a minute -- continue how could you explain expressed political speech I gave you one example. Which was all week before election this time to -- up but as far as -- -- never quietly -- Now. The other the case again I I make it clear I'm not old order but the other case. With which I have some familiarity. Because it's all over the place on the Internet is Lou do look. -- Julio. Which was a case out of where I used to live near saint Louis Missouri. Which covered some of what's out to be the same. Issues it was a political sign and this woman believed that she was being. Prosecuted and persecuted for her anti war sentiments by the city of lived -- -- would do. Missouri and I don't I don't wanna put you on the spot are you are -- with that case. Commit I'm totally about it that case and again. As long as it is discriminatory. If another -- if there are other signs that lets that work troll wars. And it was no problem. It but only her anti war sign as the one that they -- old and that would definitely be discriminatory because it's based on the match. The other hand if there are adequate Alder avenue. To expressed this law. Then. A statute can regulate. Where these thoughts and the expressed. So I don't know whether amber as other. Association and a loose other than maybe a very costly bill -- which I argue it is not. Comparable have a -- yes. I agreed the ordnance and I did see a letter that Thursday -- week for patient. For political speech but you know that usually elect this guy or don't know what that guy. Which is somewhat where this speech would fall into that category. But here -- -- -- later -- get into some ethical issues with you but in this case I happen to think they're important because. This is this really political speech or is this simply a re expression. Of the very first and most important amendment our founding fathers added to our constitution as the bill of rights. Well I think it's clearly extraction and it's political and believe being political. As the highest register -- respect by the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court where it respects political speech. As as as much or more than any other kind of speech even though they've resisted over the years radiation that speech. In other words you know you'd -- is still protected speech. And they haven't seen any yet in saying that it's less protected. Then political. Well thank god because otherwise the girls from Obama severest working themselves through medical schools and Lundy lame boy they'd be out of -- That's right but what my point years. If this is the highest level of speech and it clearly political because it talks about. Formal talks about the straight fact it's criticizing government which is political so it's the highest form speech. The only -- Either adequate avenues for that speech to be expressed. And secondly if there's a law is it. Is it ebitda and currently being. In force. Let's talk where. French institute are all work. And see whether or not they cited anybody else if there are similar expressions like this. Anywhere else in the town that have not been much. If it's -- wouldn't bother what amber for I would go to federal court and I would file a 1980 country's Civil Rights Act. And say that my first amendment rights are being violated and I am entitled to damages and legal. Jesus sounds that sounds familiar and I didn't even go to law school -- Tom but let let that we're talking with Paul care Maria I didn't mention the 1983 things he got -- Paul Camry is my guest an attorney of note particularly. Well known for his every strong First Amendment support now Paul. I've got a break coming up bumper traffic. I know it's Friday you probably wanna kick back and have a martini. Before you -- homer after at home gonna Mickey good for few moments. Oh sure -- quite well over stock news now. It's an art the issue I have all the time. -- excellent we're gonna be pulled over a long time. Our rival -- our will will be judge generous and that will be what they are respectful of Balkan embryos that time here at WB Ian is our -- up coming up. -- -- -- I just have a question for Paul that I want him to mull over before we break can you afford to rent the billboard. Because I can think of a lot a lot of other ways I'd rather spend my money even renting a dual port like the word -- comes to mind. And overnight partly cloudy overnight low 29. And right now 42 news radio 930 WB -- if you're just joining us and Hamburg this guy finds his ads in hot water because of anti NY safe anti Cuomo -- he put up on his own property. And he's been issued code violations. And our guest is noted First Amendment defender Paul -- embryo and that is how you saw his name it is -- -- it's embryo which I try to educate people on every chance I speak with Paul made his -- spell his -- right on the retainer I don't think he clears but is pronounced. -- -- Now Paul when you talk about billboards. I got to tell you as you well know. Ports are expensive. Advertisements even more so in some cases -- radio -- Week. No doubt that would be easy argument that that is not an adequate. Alternative means. Up communication. That's one of the arguments the strongest argument. It's to show that they're being discriminatory. In their enforcement bet that's really the strong. Now at Saint Paul old fashion. But I didn't know you well enough to thank you were the same way irrespective of your politics. If this was a Republican town going after somebody who publicly supported Obama. I would be just as vehement in my defense of the First Amendment. As I -- for this guy for being against mobile because the First Amendment is no respect of person. In itself is neutral. I totally agree and that's exactly what it was intended to do you know the First Amendment not only protect speech. But what it does is it'll swallows. Speech to occur. That is. Different that's controversial. That's -- contentious. Because what that does is it gets people thinking. And it gives them talking and rationalizing. Your reasoning. About issues and ideas so that's really what it's about. The Supreme Court and as you know it's no accident that it's the First Amendment as most of it can't. It's the first the very first thing that which -- you should be free to criticize your government. And to be in the position to speak your mind. And so the Supreme Court has been there's a whole set up special rules for the First Amendment for example if you have a statute that. Prohibits. A certain kind of speech that burden on the government to justify that statute. Rather than other just regular statutes. That you might have other laws or whatever the -- channel. So well the first -- a big big deal. Or is Joseph Biden would say it's a big F and deal. I don't want. And this first amendment rights to let's say that. If some government. Agent -- But but of course if I said it would be in violation of the FCC. Regulations regarding broadcast -- however but -- -- but if I said it from the heart after a bombing the FCC wouldn't touch me. Now I don't think he's ears were wearing that is also an example of time place and manner. So the FCC says yes you can use that speech however. It Japan. -- Yeah Paul Paul radio I have to I have to interrupt you -- and I wanna continue this thought. Now we're gonna have a longer stretch to go after the news break this was a quickie. I've got about ten minutes for you to relax I don't know what brought if you wanna drive somewhere closer to all and then pull over. That'd be great but there. In -- way shape -- form you can work it -- off -- with John -- yeah all right -- we're gonna we're gonna get back with -- -- Camry -- a WB -- it has -- you know it's always a delight talking with Paul and if you would have told me when I started out at eighteen the Paul -- and I would consider him a good friend and a defender of the constitution and good and just. I would say you are smoking crack but the older and hopefully wiser now become the more I realize. The man is the real deal he's good.

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