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Kathy Weppner running for Congress

Mar 7, 2014|

to challenge Cong. Brian Higgins

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I stand today before you -- is beautiful sunny day here in. -- -- -- -- as a candidate for House of Representatives of the 26 district and the great state and New York. For the last week and a half I've been waking up thinking what am I doing what I am I doing that. And for those of you -- listen to meet for years and the radio. You know how much I love my god I love my country and I love last in new York and that is why I am doing it. Today am offering myself up for the slaughter. That we usually witness during political campaigns. In all that in Western New York we can't account in good change that debate. Recent history has proven that we can no longer go to the -- And elect professional politicians. To do the work for us we cannot stand by. And I'll I'll political parties to quench their thirst for permanent power and our backs any longer. We have just aren't looking at political leaders kind of how we look at our Thanksgiving tables. Summer Democrats and Republicans summer independence. And yet we don't treat each other like -- al-Qaeda. Because we know we're all in this boat together. Washington and shouldn't be any different than -- America was built and the work ethic that immigrants. And melting pot and different ethnicities and diversity of thought. Our grandparents worked hard to rid themselves of the immigrant labels that held them back. They melted. And America at the rise. Today however we are allowing professional politicians and the media to divide us once again. To pigeonhole us with hyphenated American with my native Americans fighting one another constantly. Meanwhile we're watching runaway government. Spending our country into economic. Ruin putting our children and grandchildren -- unthinkable debt. Western New York already knows we can't afford it but reckless abandon. With which the mandates are flying everywhere and and coming down on us. We know we cannot afford to create a perfect utopia world. The people of Western New York where are struggling now don't want permanent government paychecks. They want they want jobs they want that dignity and employment. They -- the latter of opportunity. So they can create their success. Instead of -- -- our administration. Builds walls between citizens. And Russia's with over -- power into our lives. Territory -- that -- that the IR law and if I -- constitution. Act quickly becoming the norm. We are watching our freedoms erode. In front of us daily. Instead of getting out of there are ways to -- prosper. Our government is focused on micro managing our lives. From your fat sugar and take that data mining that is now going on with the county -- curriculum. Mr. Higgins pushes her waterfront development. And those average equity and good results. Different trails are beautiful addition. To Western New York scenery but you can feed a family. Mr. Higgins strongly supports the Democrat policies and an agenda. That continues. To our job creation. With massive new regulations. Taxes and fees and obligations. That all work. To limit job possibilities for our district. Every economy in the world has limited amount of -- just like your own budget. My dad used to say I don't know the money tree grown in the backyard -- And and we don't neither we cannot grow more dollars with wishful thinking. And good intentions. As a nation we can no longer afford to sit silently and watch professional politicians. Spew their political -- That defies our common sense and insults our intelligence. Politics is not rocket science. As proof -- to Harvard educated politicians in power in Washington right now. Who do not understand that you can not continue to spend what you don't have. Your parents and my parents taught us with their colleges did not teach them that nothing in -- history. And every taxpayer -- dollar that is carelessly. Diverted. To a highly questionable theory like global warming. Steals from our nation's most vulnerable. Every dollar wasted on duplicate -- programs. Rod and nepotism. Steals from our -- Our disabled our elderly our children's education. And our economic future. And some questions for the voters out there. Have you noticed how high your grocery bills are rising on a weekly basis. Have you noticed how much you're paying just put gas in your car. As your electricity bill -- -- down. -- -- your health care. What is your deductible like have you been able to keep your doctor. How is your job search going. Is thirty hours a week for -- full time employment and can you pay your mortgage and feed your kids on thirty hours a week. Is the NSA monitoring your phone calls and emails and who's telling them to do that. Will the IRS come for you next. How many other people whose actions you don't control can really afford. To be subsidized by your family's bank account. In that phase of a fragile economy and such limited dollars. Can we really educate illegal aliens and prison inmates. And how will that limit our ability to take care of the elderly who built this country. Are you really comfortable with watching a little sisters of the -- be prosecuted by our government. For their religious beliefs. Do you really think we should have to pass bills to know what what is in a bill. We need to. We need to ask ourselves why we continually let the media picked our winners in our political races. If we as voters continue to allow. A complicit or lazy. Lazy and media to give our politicians such comfort levels. And we deserve what we get a nation of compliant step for Americans. Promise stay forward I will be working very hard on to earn the honor of your vote. If elected I will honor that trust in Washington. I'm now in the process of constructing. My campaign website. It will soon answer many of the questions you may have about me but more importantly. It will let you know why we are seeing what we are seeing with the information you deserve to have. We know our economy's not thriving we know our daily costs are soaring. As I speak our sons and daughters are still fighting a war for us. There's major upheaval in many parts of the world many countries who -- recently dependable allies like Ukraine. It just days ago the administration proposed to cut our defense. Budget to levels lower than before World War II. How can we do that. It would be easier for me Iran from -- I was having a great life. It would be easier for you to look the way to go. But easier is not what made America a great nation. Easier does not honor the sacrifice of our troops. Easier is not what's going to save this country. So in closing. Please stop and to consider the questions I asked myself. Went considering it I should Ryan. Can you really of -- to not get involved this time. Isn't it time for all of us to raise our hands. And put a unified and to cats we are washed watching in Washington DC. Are we going to stand by and watch the death of common sense. And is what we're witnessing in Washington really the best of what we -- at we have to offer. I'm willing to -- Western New York is better than that I'm willing to run I'm willing to work. And the rest is really going to be up to you. God bless you all and god bless the United States of America. Thank everybody put. Coming thanks so much.