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3-7 The Movie Show w/Cinema Bob and Sandy Beach

Mar 7, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And beyond black and. Yes that's -- -- general manager or better come here in buffalo to you about big upcoming party actually that's not to -- cinema Bob who is -- that was Gerard. -- learn from the original 300 letting everyone know. Tonight we dying and held out. The question I have yes can you get a decent fish -- and how -- of Friday night and there's going to be a line I would hope what is now your fish fry and hell I would assume. It would be those cases. They let the fish said little you -- It's a little heavy oil is -- is out there on race day I I don't understand coleslaw all I've never understood the appeal of that. I'd never tasted it it looks simply. Horrid haven't chase scenario like and I'll tell you good coleslaw with a nice thing -- -- -- was the only well every cabbage and there are many many things in my life that I've never eaten. Just because of the the George Carlin. Think they -- shadow box. That just doesn't look right. I've I've I've never had Manning I think -- they just doesn't doesn't look good to me I'm not macaroni salad potato salad. New coo you don't I don't know they don't. I'll blah it's all white and -- -- -- it looked like it was like Miley -- -- -- yeah. -- -- you know I've never had bad either and I'm good you're the only one I'm fine with with -- on our -- our way you have -- Oscar overview now I brag about -- -- you may twentieth floor picks last week -- of the 24 you've got 21 correct yes that's amazing yes I guess I did poorly in -- live action short and best and I took -- -- -- but I know I have trouble there. I still all for best animated shorts. That the Mickey Mouse cartoon didn't win is is just tragedy horse the Mickey Mouse cartoon was just terrific but mr. Who no one's. The French the French and seeing cartoon. But those two wide and the other one that I was wrong on was best original screen play. I thought American -- get it and hurt. One Spike Jones creek like I was and if I had to be wrong in any of -- I was so happy to be wrong and have the correct thing was she -- Wednesday -- Null her her be the one winning okay match -- RG yeah. I was -- I mean ideally I would have looked for some time between two rounds and Mary happy to. To see that particular one win. And every year year I get to sit there and won 2124. For -- That's pretty good I guess time pretty good this thing. But I've got this thing and we have very good and they also do their sheets and cinema then going to the university register. Not even studying film he's he's gonna be chemical engineer error. He got twenty. Two out of what are you PD -- ayalon I I agree average review its financial situation here as well earlier in the week people. Everybody started joking about how. Well I guess -- will be taken over the shall now. It was funny the first four or five times I heard it but now it's kind of getting -- and also did very well she got twenty out of twenty where that -- And just sitting in my report -- you know where we're pretty savvy group. Michael now my son Michael abstained federal he doesn't believe in in this kind of judging on artistic. At all -- a situation where you all we -- -- -- he he held back there. Of course. It was a big hit this was the highest rated Oscar show in fourteen year. Now I said to you I think this is going to be a low rated show you said no I think it's going to be hard and you're right what -- well I think I think two reasons one. Alan. Very popular right now and should -- She keeps things moving and very nice. I am really -- -- everybody likes Ellen but I didn't and I don't like Alan I think she was OK but I don't think you out of luck. Personally I would have been happier with less time spent. Out in the audience but I think for a lot of your broad. -- broad audience I think they enjoy that they enjoy seeing her you know she didn't -- or safe here there's a growing audience but you know but I think yeah I would think you can see her back and she's going to be able to maybe ask for there we -- -- -- checked. I have no desire to -- bat really well I think you're gonna -- to whether you want to or not. And you know winning the Oscar does mean -- you know a lot of money for yeah if you win it does move on if you lose it can be rough. -- -- -- A best supporting Africa until she didn't where he's been. Everywhere -- -- the movie came out talk shows and things like that. He's broke. On -- -- hear me I'm the captain now he's been living off. His per Diem basically in hotels in that it's not like he's gotten any other jobs. Although I would think. He could maybe get an endorsement deal with western -- he might wanna what usually are Galileo did no work he only got 65000 dollars for making the film. A little bit less than Tom Hanks got. Personally I think they should give them I think that we -- that resulted -- such a big part of it but here's something that I think -- then. You know further usual reason for him to get a bonus he had lived. One of his lines. You know the line. I am the captain now yet he had that's the best -- yeah. And that's the line everybody knows -- in the movie so fun on Sony Pictures and a lot of money off this -- the future. I -- notices that impasse Oscar shows you know there's intense speculation was gonna win and you see the nominees are all the TV shows and the ones that lose oftentimes even some nozzle of the when you never hear me again. God that there is there one shot was perfect script perfect storm they're done. Ya ya I mean -- it just because you had a huge. If you look at most people's. Careers they'll have a handful. On stand out roles perhaps you know but. That that doesn't mean you're gonna long referendum you know a Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts here -- the people who work. -- -- -- And time. That doesn't happen every that's going to be very -- force somebody who while. Say early in their career -- a role it gets my nomination and everybody's aware of and all that. Their career really doesn't pan out after that may end up with. A regular job what we can there be a regular job -- -- get to spend their entire life people saying hey didn't you used to be famous -- and not your guy. Absolutely let's -- a break don't always come back big box office news -- Redmond start the box office now and then than -- quick break. We'll be back -- with the show settle Bob Mays sandy beach. -- it seems that it is the -- -- cinema bobbled by kind of looked over the Oscar telecast now next up the big box office knew. Yes or number one of the box obviously a nation. In nonstop his latest action movie 29 million dollars -- a week and well just I thought I liked it while I told you no matter what you set I was gonna look -- -- that was the case with this film in that. The reviews were were put -- rough on -- for the most part. The audience polling though from the people who chose to go see if they enjoyed it on interaction with strong people appear like that ended the group is now. Box office guru. Brought up a very interesting statistic in regards to this film. In the last five years -- Neeson. Has had six action movies opened at number one while. That's more than Matt Damon Tom Cruise and Will Smith combined over. Well 61 year old -- niece and is number one in action is nobody comes close to him right now. He's he has a presence. You know it reminds me of he has a presence like our John Wayne Dell presents a big thank Gary Cooper and -- our fuel in charge -- yeah. At number two son of god. Did 26 million dollars now this was a re edit. The TV miniseries of the Bible they took out the do all the scenes dealing with Jesus they added if you deleted scenes and all that. And this was I I would imagine for the most part this was not a case of people seeing the film for the first time it was people taking their family. Out because they wanted to see this story up on the big screen. Not surprisingly. Very strong Sunday matinee business check it out why you go to church go to lunch and assembly goes to see the movies -- -- -- and number three -- -- movie another 21 million dollars it is now 209 million. At number 43 days to kill five million dollars it's now 21 million. And number five one the study is grossing films of 2014 monuments men to another five million dollars it is now at 66 million. There was one VOA away. Anchorman to supersize. 752. Brand new jokes. Opened at number fourteen on it only did one million dollars which 44. Bill that had that wide release is a little underwhelming and AM. Actually in the long run. Might have been better off doing it is separate. Video released there. Why don't you test our movie I Cuba. Mr. Peabody and Sherman. Originally seen on rocky and bullwinkle hits theaters today or what kind of dog is mr. Peabody. Is -- a schnauzer. Beat Jack Russell Terrier or C a -- -- I call 6049875. The prize they movie pass for tutelage of some that are valid through April 30 when -- fourteenth. -- about dollar certificate to -- -- pizza pub and grill. 43 dollars general contest rules apply. Now big movies hitting the big screen today gonna get back in the groove 300 rise of an empire. Yes this is a sequel to the big big hit 300. Attacks -- did eight years ago this is coming out years of eight years eight years ago. Now the biggest question that this fell masks Zack Snyder wrote the screenplay for this with abound in the screenplay and it did not directed. How do you make a sequel. To a movie in which your entire cast is killed by the end that's that is tricky well -- -- Eli took eight years. They do a sequel. And a prequel they do stuff that led up to the first film and -- and stuff. Afterwards you don't see a lot of people from the original cast here. They wanted Gerard Butler. To make an appearance in hand but he he decided not to. Lena heady. Who is in game of drones also she she was in she's in this in a small role Rodrigo. It's in Torino is also in here and small part of the most part. It's in new people most of them people you you're not gonna be that familiar -- The most recognizable. Name is evergreen. She played -- Berlin in Pakistan right now. And she's the bad guy here she's also a warrior in this film and she's the big evil one. She plays at big. Over the top and very. Very broad as they do for the most part throughout this film I mean. These are Greek warriors who who have fired in their hearts. As well as personal trainers and stylists every beer is just write their bodies are sculpted and oiled. There are loincloth are not just tell. It is rated. But it sexy sexy violence. This is 3-D. And and also as the CGI. Video game look to it. But that 3-D is the in your face kind of 3-D. Buckets of blood servers are severed arms legs and heads are just thrown out of the -- at all at regular undergoes. On. One of the twist they do to differentiate this one must wonder given its own look. Is that the majority of the bad in this film happen and it streak. On these in more ships. There's even want to sequence. Where there are these huge. Charges of horses. Galloping horse and eat the horse is on the deck on the ship so as you can see. This is a very very believable movie our offense everything in a proper manner. You're not sure how to tell the good guys apart from the bad guys. The bad guys Wear clothes. And the good guys -- just body oil and six pack. If you liked the original movies. And thought gee. I'd like to have. Exactly the same thing over again. Many many. Critics have mentioned how it. It almost seems like they followed a check list as far as we -- speech here easier fight here we need housing sacrifice here. They just kind of go through all the things you would expect from me. 300 movie it's just issuing Steve Reeves. Wasn't around for these films he would have made a killing. I sort of went away when guys thumbs up -- we do have a winner on the other movies and has good. Mr. Peabody and Sherman originally seen as a rocky and bullwinkle load appease. It's theirs and they -- kind of dog is Mr. Big body Bob. Here's a -- is -- -- all the -- Saudi look Marley Jack Russell Terrier blocked. According to. OK let's get this mr. Peabody journalists that about not watching the rocky in -- Or cartoons. -- you're familiar with these characters. Mr. -- Peabody was a a very brilliant Harvard educated dog. Who had his adopted boy Sherman. And they were going into his way back machine and they go back in time and he would teacher and things about history. I don't think kids nowadays are seeing these cartoons rocky and bullwinkle really -- on for a lot of younger kids. Rocky and bullwinkle is of the airy fairy talky shell I think a little and my kids I know. When they are younger and never really got into rocky and bullwinkle. I don't think that's gonna matter for the kids seeing this this is done by the DreamWorks folks this is a lot of the same team. That did Shrek and Kung Fu panda and how to train your dragon so it's got a very modern very 3-D. Look to it. They do go back in time again they visit ancient Egypt. The Renaissance French revolution Trojan war. George Washington Leonardo Da Vinci Gandhi shows up. While Marie Antoinette and one inspired bit of casting Albert Einstein shows up. He is voiced by Mel Brooks I'm not I'm not one wonderful testing there. -- They do kind of an odd thing here the whole thing bomb. Does the child being adopted by the dog treat -- kind of seriously here. Child and family services shows up trying to take him away from ramadi which is just on. But. You get lots of -- lots of poop jokes. Like for instance. The sequence with the Trojan horse now if you're wondering how they get out of the Trojan horse there's a little opening just below the -- I don't yeah. We'll probably have fun. Did you will be back when -- would be Asian company is always show with cinema Bob's. Edu and wherever you go with a WP an iPhone app. Powered by the final out left. The best in -- railings indexed. And it is the movie show cinema -- also resented -- big movies and imagery soldier about 300 the rise of an empire. And mr. Peabody and Sherman next up girl on a bicycle. That's we've got good and not so good or Carolina by such a good news good. But the good news this film -- the reopening of the north park theater great. Over on her I mean it's one of Buffalo's. The just all time classic theaters the marquis out there is just you know levels buffalo institutions. Just gorgeous I've seen so many. Great movies there over the years it. Closed up its doors last June but it's opening today with girl on a bicycle they've done about. A quarter million dollars worth of renovations. Inside. And whereas the north park previously. Had just 01 showing a gay. They're now going to two evenings to matinee year shows a day so you have better chance to movies. They've got to a digital projectors now the screen is larger so you've got a better viewing experience. There are also changing. -- their booking policy. Over the years one of the frustrating things about the north park is. They always for the most part in the last thirty years or so catered towards foreign films and independent. And once we get a successful one. Holy cow. Might run for weeks and weeks and weeks are member in the late 1980s. The north park was about the only place that was showing foreign films. Well but that's priest came out summer of 1987. And was very very popular. She played for three -- it was like I used to see a lot of foreign film at that time. And there he argued -- a -- eating out is that movie just was playing forever. That they that's something that consciously staying away from each of the movies. At least for the first a month. That you can see on their new website. Is coming in just for a week they're bringing in a for a week and then bring -- -- felt they wanna show a wide variety of it. That new owners did mention. That they will be bringing in some homemade desserts and and fancy -- way things an idea how the the little theaters in Rochester does that to wonderful factory workers -- a tasty stuff. Blocked but was the one thing that really wonder sure everybody here it is people who loved the north park popcorn over the years yet. It's still going to be made in the same fashion I can't say that they've got. The tips and recipe here whatever they did because the and. All I feel about did you -- on -- and a lot of dialogue it. They are going to be popping it in the same fashion so that's cool things the north park they're popping like you used about their pop which is one of the most of Muslim group that's too little. That's true all about the movie are you going to review remote. -- -- -- -- -- Unfortunately it's getting some really wrong who -- on the bicycle and well yeah it's. It only has an 8% on -- to all -- war. Yeah it's kind of it's kind of rough here. It is a romantic comedy. Don with very broad stereotypes. Labored slapstick all sorts of misunderstandings. That Oprah those are -- -- they are going to throw out here is. Here's a few critics quotes for it to the San Diego union Tribune. Said the story. Seems to have been pulled from an old episode of three's company. Arizona Republic says it be that romantic. And. A forty Henderson or regrow arteries from Robert -- Roger Ebert dot com sad. Think this may be the worst romantic comedy I've ever seen. It's not an exaggeration. At all now. It's interesting. LA weekly this week did an article about two romantic comedies because it's always been seen as a big staple. Although the movie industry. And in. The late nineties when megrahi was still in her OK you're now. You had at least three or four romantic comedies in the top twenty films for the year. Every year they were -- they were performing particularly well. Even as close as 2005. You had five romantic comedies that made over hundred million dollars. That has slowed down so much as to the point where. Two in 2013. In the top 100 grossing films that top -- One romantic comedy moment. So much of the stuff that might have been previously romantic comedy. Is now kind of a slob comedy or sex comedy. They're just not being made I mean there was also this also to talk with Matthew McConaughey and his. Renaissance. As an actor after he had so many years making cheesy romantic comedies maybe that's why document -- he's not making them they just not making them all together for some reason. The the genre. Has has really taken a hit I think somebody in a big way. Needs to rethink. And look at possibly just just a new way to approach the romantic comedy that's very odd to see that genre which is such a staple. Kind of disappear. While you're trying to -- us have an hour of our group popcorn and nudity and the movie sucks. Well now. I I mean you are. Is come on you might enjoy it I mean it's getting bad reviews but a lot that I think what maybe this will the guy who wrote it and directed it also wrote the notebook. Which got reviews also that only got 52%. On rotten tomatoes and that was very popular and is on TV all the time is still very popular. Maybe this will draw people into -- Along with a hilarious. Crazy mixed up hijinks. In the film yes yes who's sleeping with who wants to be sleep with you that's sort of wild ranch craziness. You also. Have a sequence in which the girl. Who's who's on the bicycle on most of the film she's filming a commercial. For a so product she's like an actress and model. And unfortunately. The -- is very slippery she's filming that commercial and shower off and you have all sorts of wacky naked slapstick hijinks as she slips and falls around the showers so you've got home -- desserts. Really good popcorn. And the naked so -- woman's sliding. Around a a commercial -- maybe that's enough to make people say hey you know what. I think we should support this -- Pop pop pop. It is the most ratio was 78 old. Thought I was crazy man to Wear my shorts and flip flops to work today but it's the Braves aren't they did and maybe we are so employees of that I just I've got the sun -- on -- I don't wanna burn out count them I'm delicate now we've been waiting for the throwing time and strange enough. The next movie is called the weight yeah. If you are girl on a bicycle. Where earlier about this one. Good league this year. Close of dignity. A very good actors. No and he asked Jeff Malone. Who is also. Very strong young actress in her. Here is. Here's the situation each year. Khloe should big Neil's mother. Move. In there their little -- it's kind of house she lives in house tucked away in the woods is beautiful mother and a landscape and mother lives there the mother. She's. The daughter Jenna Malone comes to her mother and it's like grow and this is terrible Graham died. While the daughters coming over. Cohesive they need it's a phone call. And it just like. Who called out of the blue. Who kind of suggests. She's coming back OK. So. Police -- Brittany what you do is now the feeling. At all. We can't barrier. We can't have a corner coming taker or anything like that she's gonna come back to law according to the news yeah. Seoul. Basically. The tour that. Sit on the house. Win the mother's dead body. And wait and wonder didn't she come back to life. And we just waited maybe she's not gonna come back but the -- get -- with a psychic call and say how would she even noted call if she didn't so she's probably. Gonna come back to life so we shouldn't barrier to properly appreciate -- we should -- where I -- I'm not sure this is -- -- yeah. -- seat. Movie here. A lot of just odd. Visual you've got to there forest fires. Approaching soldiers ominous feel the force cars approaching. And that that airplanes airplanes are coming around spraying the red oxide down to stop the the fire from spreading. Horses are dyed red from -- she got these red bright red horses running round. And the two women just sit around in the house with the dead body just. Just wait -- horses when she buried at a Mobil station. No no she wasn't all that might have been an improvement here. I did not see this film personally. I did watched the two minute trailer for it. And I got to say yes that is the longest two minutes I don't ever spent even a two minute trailer felt like it went on. Floor. Ever reviews lies not getting investors to 18% on -- to. -- not doing that I might see it anywhere -- -- -- out alive because the qualities of pygmies. Some scenes would Vincent Gallo just stuck in my money and I. I haven't been able to get them out of my head. You I I don't think incident. Shows up. In in this one you can let me know we got. -- is okay good let me not he does your regimen might be disappointed OK well maybe. Our next up is Omar not tell -- from a title I'm -- like this one. Well this one's getting great reviews all may go like that. This is Palestinian. It had an Oscar nomination for best foreign film. A young cast for the most part in their early twenty's late teens early twenties very strong performances and it is the first film for the majority of the canister. It's about a group of Palestinian freedom fighters. The one young man Omar. It is an argument that's where they got the title and they said that's -- That's going to be is I don't I don't know Harden up the electric collar God's will or Omar the well the guy's name is Omar that's that's. -- -- Sell. He is involved. He's around for the the killing him and Israeli soldier he has caught by the Israelis. And he has threatened with nine years in jail. And when that doesn't seem to be enough. Two. To make him. One help them out a they kind of realize that he's in love with a young woman -- hard -- group. And they basically say yeah you're gonna go to jail for nine years and things don't look so good for her writer if you don't help us. So he then. Turns. Turns over and helps them on the inside. And in the battle between the Israeli and Palestinian groups. The film. I guess one thing if this if this will make pay a difference for you yet know ahead of time. If -- your politics are going to player party and asked the film definitely takes a pro. Palestinian. Approach never guessed well yeah I mean you and you take a story like this and you can approach -- a lot of ways you can show the people on either side you know a lot of -- like this can show this side of in how well old they both have their reasons and there are a lot of movies do well. That women it was more situations. This one shows the Israelis in a very negative light. Very very broadly caricatured but. Very well reviewed movie as far as just being de political thriller strong performance. Any Israeli reveals that said I. He had not read any high Daly zero news on our and I couldn't tell. What about new -- -- -- the Hunger Games catching fire out now. This this is the second film in the Hunger Games series. Coming out on the Friday which is unusual films usually come out on Tuesday but every now and then they'll do a big event one such as this. Mean Jennifer Lawrence of course. Elizabeth thanks Woody Harrelson Stanley Tucci Donald Sutherland just a tremendous access and Philip Seymour Hoffman who while. There are three books in the series this was the second book. There in the midst of making the film for the last book they're splitting the last book into two films from everything I've heard so far. The majority. -- Philip Seymour Hoffman seems had already been filmed and they're not going to have to recast they should be able to work rounded. But certainly tragic tragic situation. The the video release. Has a lot of Dexter your dark commentary from the director. You've got a feature length documentary. On the making habits and deleted scenes. And the -- Is -- and I saw in the theater is and this is going after that young adult audience that twilight was going after but whereas the twilight films. Forgive my idea. In my view and here they were kind of dumb as a rock -- these films are actually pretty interesting they have some interesting political commentary and there where it's. Why you have about 25 seconds to tell us about the Academy Award winner for best picture twelve years of -- -- yeah just incredible timing as far as this goes. If you haven't. Cnet's which I would imagine it's true for many people. I would strongly suggested I mean not -- yes it's it's a true story it's an important story which I hate when people say movies important but this does. Bring up a lot of very important points but one of the big things that I would like to stress about the film. It is a story well told this is an entertaining. Interesting film I really think of people -- -- a strong movie strong content. Next newscast while Seoul on the dreaded 93 game was it the rest of you Monday morning at nine would region company. Local moon which they never had dreams of peace.