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3-7 Beach and Company Hour 2

Mar 7, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Backward BJ company when I first filed -- story in channel to thank you very much you were using a channels of story today. And I've found it incredible just incredible and as I look around it's part of the universe were living in now which seems to be soul strange. A government statewide parents group says their poise. Their poise they're -- ago. To file formal complaints. Against two New York school districts and that would be of course Lancaster and Williams bill. The New York State allies for public education claims what's occurring in those who district is a form of child abuse. Now here's what here's what's going on apparently during some standardized tests students have the opportunity to opt out which I find very strange. A simple I guess their parents after located -- As it seems very strange we were never allowed to opt out you either or prepared for the test and you took it. Or you didn't take it as best you could get was an incomplete because you didn't know. But I guess in today's touchy Feely society you can opt out maybe maybe it offends your sensibilities. And we find out that under the dignity. For all students act. This group feels that being asked. To sit quietly while others take a test is a form of corporal punishment. And under that dignity for all students act it's a form of harassment. Or bullying course you gotta get a key word in there. A keyword will be bullying because we know that as a negative connotation as it should have but let's use it totally and appropriately. Okay being asked to sit quietly is a form of bullying. And so Don Ogilvie. Said their premise is that sending -- -- punishment I don't agree with that. It's a few individuals that are describing it that way and trying to commence others and he's so right. And the Lancaster superintendent. Says that the practices in his district -- not much different than they are the other district. -- apparently there was from the state Education Department. Some kind of note came down. Indicated the some guidelines -- -- the way they describe and they said the review that but don't give in don't give in because these these parents are so. Narrow minded is the best way to describe it that they're missing the important lesson. The important lesson is not whether your child is amused for an hour. Or however long the the test takes. It's the fact that when choices are made there are some times. Altered alternatives that you don't like even worse than not doing the original thing in this case you didn't take the test dresses that quietly. Maybe you would have preferred to take the test maybe next time you make a different decision. What I'm saying is teaching kids that if you don't like this you can do that if you don't like Michigan to bet that that that's no way to run a railroad. And I think it's outrageous. I think it's dumb I think it's a waste of of money and effort. The area there are legitimate concerns about education and they should stay with bad. And -- keep away from me absolute ridiculous claims that this is some kind of bullying or craftsman. OK let's go to Carol I think is next Carol you're on WB again. Hi all how you I couldn't be better Carol what's on your mind. -- -- -- I -- -- the -- that the people Yahoo! -- I mean what do you teach your children personal debt debt debt debt write up on top but it generally that don't care. Secondly. If you don't want kids to take attached. People -- -- The era of doing just make a statement. You know I mean there there there are people who have different religions and and it don't -- this don't want it don't mark this celebrated her. Maybe they don't like this sex education in schools giving. These people know -- -- -- -- this stuff is going to be Don our thinking don't like to keep employed. And then you abuse of -- now are exactly right. And I -- you wanna -- you. -- what -- -- kidnap you going to do or are spotted you or whatever why he'd seen because he had to take this at. And you got to go to you know horseback riding more -- something -- What about. The consideration of the other students what about the students that just simple courtesy of the students that are taking the test should -- I have a peaceful quiet classroom. Don't they don't ever try to. What -- -- -- white saying you know don't they might need more and -- it was so screwed up. And that's what this country by a mile -- you know I didn't like that work assignment I decided. You know I know I would book coming to work but -- didn't like the excitement I decide to vote to build golf. I'm opting out I you know I I woke -- this morning I'm opting out of today's show because the -- out I mean it's ridiculous and they're missing the big lessons that it should be taught in school that you have to prepare for life you have to prepare for tests and things like that. And don't -- because if you grew -- only. I bought bullying that bullying child abuse harassment I mean debate and it did not have any proper words what's happening there kids aren't being amused every second of the school day and that's what's got them down thank you Carol -- -- you -- laughing -- -- -- -- you very much. I you know I always tell a story when it comes to something like this. It shows that people are really give a damn about anybody but themselves remember in the Akron school this. I've told this story many times Akron this was several years ago. Akron decides. That. We'd like to raise our our scores would like to we'd like to do better would like to you know is indulge our children would better education so. One of things were going to do is part of a comprehensive program. Is to issue some more homework it's part of a total overall and and what happened once they started doing that once it started doing that suddenly things -- getting better and better things were going in the right direction. You know more success was achieved. So what happened. Here's what happened. A IE parents of one student. In Akron so. Strict. It's -- the district because. This little baby was overwhelm the -- always so much homework for them so here's the mindset. I don't care if all of the other students are getting a better education. I don't care if the entire school district is is elevated. All I care about is too much homework for Mike it and that's the kind of we have today -- I don't know how many people in this group I would guess not many. OK but that's all that's all that's needed in today's society -- field people of the of the same mindset. And then get a fancy name. And then get some key buzz words I'm telling you bullying does it now when it's wearing out real fast. Harassment all people listen about harassment and it is not applicable apply it to of that. Because people and -- who have -- here anyway and they'll feel sorry for your little baby who can't stand and having any time without having some kind of entertainment or amusement. In today's game -- seems like. We -- more and more into the tail -- in the -- exactly so you've got many parents. Are parents of all those kids that are taking the test we don't hear from them at because they're doing the right thing. The kids are taking the test of the kids prepared and they've got the material will do well if they're not prepared they won't do well that's life that's what it's going to be when they get out of school. Do the job keep the job don't do the job lose the job that's just the way it works in society a going to be dragging your little mop it around for the rest of his or her life hoping that the boss has alternative plans LeMay -- wanna do what the boss wants them to do. Doesn't work that way folks they'll be living at home -- -- when they're 65. In your basement. Watching Star Trek reruns are -- will be back with -- -- beach and company. And. Admire me. Have Bob and I have a confession to make okay. I have this guilty desire I feel guilty of really do but I have a yearning need for this. You know when you're on the highway. And somebody in front -- -- was driving like an idiot. And you know you've got to get away from them as you're passing them. You looked to see what they look like. I mean what does this fool look like -- I have a mad passionate desire. To see what the people in this group like that are complaining that their children have been asked to sit quietly. While others are taking a test a wanna see. -- they look like the rest of us that they have horns going out of their heads. What do they have a you know out of they have carrots coming out of -- -- what do they look like that they have four legs. Then they are their eyes one on -- out of the nose or they both on one side of the -- I'm just dying to see what -- like -- what I. I set it all out up and many air us Dodi -- so I don't ask don't watch that Al are you'll banking. Because I can't figure out. At the smartest guy but I'm -- the dumbest guy either and I can't figure it out -- it makes cents. The whole thing of being able opt out is foreign to me. But -- legitimate reasons say there is a legitimate reason that is not simple courtesy. To sit quietly while others who were doing the tests that you don't wanna do. Are taking the tests don't you all of them that as classmates. You don't wanna take the test but. Is it your is it your opposition that you don't care they pass or fail because Europe again is all about you'll again. It's all about you -- Because you don't want your mommy or your daddy. Don't want you to sit down and sit quietly. You don't give a damn about the other kids in the class that are taking tests. Don't care about the teacher reader he just care about the fact that for whatever period of time this has takes. You didn't like what you had to do and what did you have to do oh you had to sit quietly. Now there's there's a price to be paper giving it when I went to school. There are many times that I didn't sit quietly certainly not during taking to us about it. Whatever way you -- a joke came up in my head I said it I was usually sent to detention I spent a lot of my school career in detention. Luckily I didn't have them any problem with studies so. I could afford to do would detention is the one moment was long but it was worth it and I got a good joke and it's become a living form. All right but the bottom line the bottom line is where others choose to take a test. Why do you think you have the right. Not to sit quietly. Well to what elevates you -- over them. Fuel more important than them. The it's like it's like the people they didn't come into work today dictating what people do commend the work. We're here were on the job were -- ago those other students are prepared for the test them they're taking the test some will do better than others some won't do well at all because they don't get the material but there are at least doing it you chose not to do it but you don't care if you would -- those who choose to do. So there again mom and dad you put your kids over all the other kids in the class. How selfish. How selfish. How do you know it's something that these kids are -- learning are being tested on might be important to their future do you give a damn no you don't. You know and it's and it's apparent. When you describe sitting quietly. As bullying. As I -- him as corporal punishment. As -- rats. Got to be kidding. I don't think there's still needs education and the parents do on this one as these parents are dumb as a stump. And obviously they don't care let's go to June NG the walker junior on WB yeah. Thank you for taking my call I'd like to clarify -- I want it. To that and I would welcome the opportunity condoms. All I wish I'd known ahead of time June I would love to have had you and go ahead. You know my my thought process there it is unfortunately didn't seem to. You don't -- and in fact that you don't have all the facts first the president about special Ed children. We're talking about I know -- third graders. -- -- -- -- -- Because of the fact that these tests do not. Go to go to great -- and yeah I -- county -- -- he'd be passionate. That would make -- decision to have my children be. Well no matter whether there -- what do you chose -- haven't tested or not do you not feel there is common courtesy don't let those who do -- have the test will be able taken him in in peace and quiet. And we and I feel for the children and unfortunately the parents did I realize that they did not have to take these -- -- I can't make it a perfect world would have been a teacher with a walk and because the president doesn't have been special web chat doesn't -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Better than we -- accepted the children can keep the patent now that it's going to. So what what you're saying is you want a customized version of everything on every school day and other words these kids are in school for the same reason any students are in school to prepare them to become adults all right whether there's special needs a special -- kids or not is immaterial the fact is they're being groomed to be adults and deal with the world as best they can and I think one of the things that they can learn its common courtesy that while others are doing something important and they have to sit quietly that's -- that's the choice and -- the parent makes the choice. Four of them if they don't make the choice than the parent has to understand that as well. Amnesty and these two of them including. That in. Succession of six minutes. Maybe the parent should've thought of that. Maybe the parent should have a lot of that you know your kid better than me a teacher does you your -- you're aware of him -- her more than the teacher is maybe you should have thought of that instead putting your child that kind of position. Well you know I'm I'm actually kind of it's surprising in his comment because of the fact that. The -- and I'm looking at it and leaving Ryan wanted to take that -- our. Right to make a bit. They're back to say did you really believe that this is. Harassment bullying add to corporal punishment do you really believe that. That we have explained that. I didn't ask you that I'm asking -- now I'm asking you now. -- you I'm asking you a simple question do you believe sitting quietly is harassment. Bullying and corporal punishment yes or no. Did you bet that he can about it in the French and restaurant that's on. All right like a lucky -- got a million stars I'm sure the world is all against you but the bottom line is education is about making a child into an adult if you don't do if you don't do it now it's gonna be harder to do later thank you I didn't see all the carrots that Javier. We'll be back Lamar would -- -- company. You are hearing them. Voice of buffalo WDN. And that callus now an 80309. Series cell calls are free and started 930 and our toll free line is 1806169236. Backwards region company of sandy beach got my contention. That. Some kids are taking the test. And others have opted out whether their parents opted out for the Mets seems to be wrote opted them out of this test so they're not taking the test. They're being asked to sit quietly while those who aren't taking the -- attack it. And my contention is those who are taking the test should get consideration. From those who -- it's simple courtesy. And so vote last lady we talked to thought she would use the trump card and tell me that you'll understand these are special needs kids. Well first of all bad as my argument. So if you have special needs kids first of all the goal of education is the same whether you have special needs kids or not. And that is to prepare them to be adults and they take different paths and different at different timetables or whatever but that's a job of education. Is to give them the information that they need to make. Sound judgments as best they can't. As adults okay. So that furthers my argument weird especially if you have special needs kids taking the test shouldn't the other children show them the courtesy. Of law allowing them take the test and reason why so they -- given. It all gets down to no matter oh what the capabilities of the child is. It all gets down to my child is more important than your child. That my child. Having to sit quietly. Is more of a burden then my child not having to sit quietly and the people taking the test being distracted. I don't get that but it's about a -- society that's all bottoming society and now have you noticed how many experts we have an education. They are all experts in education. They all know more of them the state education commissioner of a no more. Then the superintendent of schools -- some -- in my -- they they know more about everything to do with education because they probably went to school. -- And it's all upside down now. Teachers don't wanna be evaluated that's a big sticking point going on in New York State now there again as a good example. When kids get out of school are they going to be in any aspect of life where they're not being evaluated. Their boss is going to evaluate them. The armed forces is going to evaluate them even if they're born rich the board of directors over stockholders are going to evaluate them. Few people are not under some kind of evaluation. And but the teachers on him. And if the teachers ought to be evaluated. And the parents don't want to have vote their kids asked the -- sitting quietly while the kids something test. What kind of Missoula we -- running in education. We're spending all of this money you see the results were getting. You'll notice the ones that are. Really applied -- seem to get the most bang for their bark but like these whose school districts Lancaster and Williams bill. Both bank and I would tend to group them without knowing that there. Without knowing exactly how the -- that they're following accepted procedures. They're not doing anything wrong and asking us and -- Here's another thing I should mention that -- number we were out of time were right up against the wall. If you as a special needs student and she didn't say she opted her special needs to him or not so we don't know but let's assume -- If she opted her child out. Of the out of -- And -- oh. That your her child does not wanna sit quietly while the other is taking -- test didn't she impose that. She -- to had her child take the test she impose that but here again it's special request. We have a all of this this is my child not all it's more important than the other ten kids they can attest or whatever. And that's what it's gotten through that's what is right now it's nobody else that matters except me and in this case nobody else -- but my kit. The other kids have the same challenges the other kids have the same pair of parental concern the other kids have the same future they have to look. Forward to and in the United States and this is not a good way to do it. To nitpick every single thing that's going on when you have no background in education. You have no degree and in being able to communicate studies to students but. You just feel like doing so it's it's mad Max beyond thunder dome educational version. Let's go to him crescent Ottawa under pressure on WB -- I -- Under a fine. -- Erica -- -- say that you know there's this kind of like they have in the middle of a book or have a beginning and don't have and got -- medal for stardom. You know it's -- based. No way that this story was positioned. Require a good book. Effective -- well what what parents adoring yours my kids -- topic. Here. But I I can empathize with them because I see my children struggling with their homework Malloy have -- answer. Big struggle with how to explain how they got to. And they want to -- here are -- put my friends' kids. In it it's it's all has to do with this common core curriculum that it Kamal it spirits. Critically flawed. And the parents have no other recourse but to try to opt out of they're kids being subjected to the -- com that there are material that they've made it happen taught. Well you get that and then you'll have others teachers who say we don't wanna teach to the test. So yeah yeah and you have Andrew Cuomo saying there's nothing wrong with common core it's just the implementation. Of how it's been ruled out that is the problem. And most of the states I don't have the number in front made. Are are are using those standards. Both the with tests in particular. Are that costs or teachers which -- -- -- If there -- the children are taught the material there might be material that they haven't even more. And the teacher are interested on how they're teaching kids how to -- critical thinking. And seeing how all the kids get to. Well I think critical thinking good -- could be -- to the parents as well let me ask -- based question because it's -- question our show today. Is it corporal punishment harassment bullying these are all terms used by this group. When a child is asked to sit quietly while all the children are taking a test is does that fit the bill. Nor does not -- is what it is so. Is a form of punishment it -- like detention or say am I would crack a joke and I go to detention no right. The -- haven't done anything they just are taking a course that isn't going to applied of their grade. And the parents are trying to protest -- -- curriculum they're going to appear first. Why you got to flaws there event. You've got to flaws one is the parent put the child in that position that's the first law and second the of the bigger lesson to be learned is that when a choice is made whether it's the child's choice or the parents -- And an alternative is there then you may not like the alternative less than you'll like these first choice so in life that happens. That's that's what reality is that that's what education is about thank you. We'll take a break we'll be back we're more -- -- company and newsreader and I'm thirty WB yeah. -- Admired me. Beginning on Monday night at 10 PM Michael Savage the Savage Nation -- It's he's very opinionated he's really out there and he's very entertaining. And number excited when I found out that -- that was gonna happen and I told Rambo -- when it was yesterday. That he would be very happy about what we're going to announce today. A lot of people who have vote -- referenced Michael Savage. I have to go out of their way to try and find what station these on outside of the city and now he's here so -- news -- 93010 o'clock. Monday night ten to one and -- should be good if you need more information go to WB and the outcome and it is there. I'd yeah the woman referenced a special needs children I don't know if this whole article. If all of this policy only affects special needs children or I assume it will be a general policy. But the fact that -- special needs children either even -- is my criticism of this. Because as a special needs students. If you take it literally they have special needs and two and to have a disruptive classroom while some students. Are trying to take a test. Bob is tough enough when what they're not special needs students when they are it's even tougher. And if you think of a goal if you think it rationally. What the goal of education is you'll see that this is fine the way they're doing it. The goal is to give you information. And give you away and outlook. Give you a foundation. To become an adults that's why you go to school you're you're preparing to become an adult. And these preparations are just is important for special needs or non special needs students and they should all be given the courtesy of a non disruptive quiet classroom. And if you really think as this group by the New York State allies of -- for public education. Of that asked to sit quietly. During our test is corporal punishment. I mean real he's talked about over the top if you really think it's harassment. If you really think it's bullying. And you should go to school for little remedial work there because I don't think it fits any of those categories. And these these groups I mean this is referenced here that there is a dignity for all students act. -- I -- holy picture of some judge. Or some arbitrator. Or some somebody who's in charge of making the decision. As to whether being asked to sit quietly while others are taking attest. The is harassment. Or bullying. Or corporal punishment on holy picture of that happening. But in today's crazy society you never know you just never know but I'm thinking the big lessons to be learned here are totally escaping the people who are complaining about this. The having some some who was some concern and some common courtesy for fellow students might be a good lesson to be learned. And if you opted out for your kid. And then New York kid doesn't wanna sit there are during the course -- somebody else that you -- than yours much sublime -- candidates. You put your kid in that position. It's like putting your kid and -- could no and then complaining when I fall under the water. When you put -- no. And you are putting your you're opting out for your cat. There again every parent now as an expert on education they're all experts they know that that down the road these tests are going to be thrown out they know what that. Legal system's gonna do I mean are all experts now. Every -- -- a column jailhouse lawyers brawl jailhouse wars aren't as you have a kid in school. The education system sucks the teachers don't wanna be evaluated there's not enough. Money blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah. And meanwhile you sit back and say you wonder why we're not getting our bank for the -- there's so much. What's the word I'm looking for who we have to defrag it remember when we were some defrag go to the computers -- you take all the extraneous stuff out and get him in line we got so much of that stuff going on an education now to wonder anybody learns things. So we're in New York where the epicenter of it. Governor Cuomo is not exactly my ideal person says the common core I know a lot of you know like a common core is fine it's it was the implementation of it wasn't ruled out properly but. And many states use that but we've got parents who know more than all of these actors got it there really do. Eight Austria on 3018061692. Visits are 930 let's go to Eileen in buffalo you're on WB yeah. I think Andy Ireland look I I its first -- the show was about. And AT only. No wanted no it doesn't mention a city at all in here. When -- came up. That's. What you are though the message isn't the only test that's given all this does not to mention institute. And I guess I thought to have led us that they were. I thought stories -- SAT and I thought about opting out of that which I -- Actually made some parents that I called earlier and then the list and I'm a little maybe off topic but. As 103 graders like I don't know what to confront its. But I I have experience. -- -- When I went to high school in in the city here. In nineteen graduated 71 and -- when I entered I thought it was a very naive child from the very you know. Small community. Didn't did I never even knew that the SEQ was what it was for whatever and as. A freshman going in I was told you either take college entrance courses or you take business courses -- they can. Not go to college -- out into the distance routes that's in my failing to a way to do that but it didn't so I worked tired. Quite -- -- -- the business the words -- thank -- very well this guy's a senior Clinton put into the and they beat us through and I did and I felt. Or wow I don't. You know and I remember him as highly I scored in the nineteenth percentile because. The test whether anything I have learned which is practical. You know kids yourself global citizens it's up right there was there was -- to register again between biology physics artist -- music just. And you and you hadn't studied any of that or most of it and. Right and so you'd better earlier so like people think it's unfair it was like. I walked out there instead of the most -- Erica time for the. There there's there's a companion star is not a demand into this but it it was about. -- SATs not being the only a college prep scores tests being done now but that's a separate entity from -- So how did you know how did you go away. Nine but only in the nineteen and I don't mean I mean how did you do -- life because he's not like a person has got it together. I you know like graduation they called my name for the -- sort of thing at the top businesses. Average of the school lunch act and political finding which could you know that's how you I don't suspect and the how many people who never went to college. -- -- Relevance of this business community like no announcement no woman who is vice president of blue cross you know my room it was a cure that in the insurance industry -- that was. We -- brought up differently and things and then if. And there's a lot of question now whether it's as has been wise to point everybody to college when. There are certainly good honorable well paying jobs and good professions that don't require that. And we seem to have. Dad is exactly how I feel bad I've seen I have put through three children through college I've -- to colleges I would keep people there who don't belong there. And I think we put everyone to go and of course now we know there aren't any jobs you know and so if you if you are able now. Did you opt out of the SAT because you know it that you're not going to go to -- you don't want to go to cast you're not prepared. Then -- and that a club I've played earlier was considered making them sit there in the room. Why if you opt out and then he's gonna have a lot who do opt out I would think in the public school system. And then they go to look a classroom where there educated done. And you're assigned to college hitters what I had to do it might just -- what you need to think about. Is that an educational. And our our first. I think you've given us -- good approach a good alternative and I'm sorry we're out of time by the always a pleasure to occupy gathering will be back more. Would be -- governor is the show was suitable Bob.

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