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3-7 Beach and Company Hour 1

Mar 7, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well hello hello what is region company and sad -- because after the -- singers get through a singing my praises. We have a programming announcement remember yesterday -- -- was that I told. Remo Jimmy would be very happy where -- program. A decision coming to. News radio 930 that's coming up right after they get through singing hang him. Yes yes yes it is a beach and company and I actually get to make an announcement Tony Chris I. Why it is that may need to make the brand and council and the pressure is a lot of pressure in his time enough. Well. -- is helpful to man you know beer and get the Internet. -- that's my announcement handling it OK now this is a good deal. Where Powell looking for excitement in our radio programming and it doesn't -- much more exciting than this I will tell you that starting Monday. On WB and starting at 10 PM going to 1 AM. B Michael Savage Savage Nation show comes to -- -- and I'm thirty. Now in the past you know people have searched to find him in out of town radio stations. They've had to go on line listening to streaming all kinds of things because he was not available here and in buffalo but he has now and it will start Monday night and I guarantee you a start and if I. Lots of people will be talking about this because Michael let's average Savage Nation. -- takes no prisoners it's you know what to the wall with him as ocean -- I'm I'm looking forward to it because usually. If somebody quotes and out of town talk show host the quote him. That's that's generally we already have Sean Hannity on here for a while on the on the Michael savages. Very what would say edgy. Yeah he's that he's definitely -- Obviously very opinionated very about it while -- that you want an entry on a bland talk show host in -- a -- talk show host the moderator who the hell wants to be a moderator -- a body I'm just telling yet. So that's at Michael Savage coming to -- news radio 10 AM to 1 I am starting. -- Monday night you can find out more about Michael and the show at WBN dot com. Honestly got that go right to be and dot com and and check it out if you've not heard of bomb. I think you're going to be pleasantly surprised if you have heard of him you're going to be. Pleasantly surprised the way you're gonna be pleasantly surprised. Yeah I know whenever we've done any kind of shall attempt to -- it. -- -- a program that that might be the number one named as the lumbering up you know when it was beat union get Michaels absolutely. Better ones cloned human coming back to an end of the two big questions I'm just today. I -- last night where you were at the -- they get or who pointed information -- seminar on our trip to Alaska with princess cruises AAA. And we -- of basically a full house below it went very very well. And IE I display you know I wore my first piece of Cruz where. As you know this is princess cruise. I'd and so what I did is in order to honor princess cruise lines because they're the best they really are I slipped out of my head I made the audience closer rice. Before and I had my assistant bring me up my -- work. And I made him close -- a while their eyes were closed. I slipped onto my beautiful head. -- jewel studded princess crown and it said princess right on it now there are many guys that are six war. There weigh 350. Pounds and wearing princess crowns so it should be easy to spot me but I -- no word from a cruise. But I did have a last night it went very well. Meanwhile all kinds kinds of things happening I saw today. You wonder where you get your news of the I saw us a subject today that is so incredible. That I'm thinking I can't be awake. This is that dumbest thing I have ever seen in my entire life. And if anybody who thinks this has any sense of rationality. I don't know how to get a test done quickly because -- you are swirling down the drain in a hurry. Okay. We talk about our kids and we talked about you know the usual blob blob on the future of America. Some movie future president's others will be in jail. The bottom line is it's important to get a kid a good start. And part of a good start as a foundation. And part of a good foundation is to tell your kid or let your -- all by your actions and your words and your deeds. That they are not the center of the universe. Okay there are part of it but they're not the whole thing. And I said John Rosemont approach why I think it's great art aren't. Well and -- a story coming out of the and what I -- this out for you. You're going to think I made it up. But you can't make up this is so blatantly stupid. I don't -- couldn't make anything this dom. Now Tony you have kids -- you -- one kid in school right and I want to listen closely and -- as Sunday Chris might have a kid in school and and I've my daughter's already out of school but she's a grown -- but she certainly went to school. A statewide parents group. Is going to complain. In fact -- about the files some kind of formal complaint. Against the Lancaster school district and the Williams -- school. Its -- and I was not aware of this because. School anymore. There are times when you can opt out of a test to me when I went to school of there was a -- -- If -- into negative -- I was that now they can opt out and for those who opt out. All are asked to do. Is sit quietly. While others take the test. Okay what's wrong with that well apparently. This parents group says what's wrong with -- why it's corporal punishment. It's harassment. It's bullying. On here we golf here we go once we get a buzzword let's use that every possible chance weekend. Anything goes wrong if this machine is out of my diet score let's call it bullying shall -- Let's call it harassment. Let's call -- corporate punishment. So what that's saying is this our little darlings have to be. Amused or entertained at every waking moment okay. So of the teacher hands out the tests and just ask those who aren't taking it to sit quietly. It's not acceptable. Let me go over this this is they channel two story. Actually a -- wanna come back because. I -- set it up correctly. And their word already of break time but this got my blood boiling because this is symptomatic. Of how screwed up we are as a nation we've got all these do good groups all these watchdogs. Who have these ideas that like our shared by three people in the community and they got some grandiose name and they come up with stupid -- ideas and this is one of them. And this box. Or some by the way. Is from Connell Wanda. After a will mention his name while -- mention it now Eric. A meal or goal. I think that's that meal Burkle Eric -- Burkle a tunnel on them and Eric let me just none of us. I hope I'm speaking to the real -- because some idiot is posting things -- your name on it. All right so I'm hoping it's not you know. Because if it is it's very embarrassing for will be back with more with -- -- company news -- -- and I thirty W via -- just the reminder from the announcement we had this morning at 9 o'clock starting. Monday night starting Monday that it ten point 2:1 AM five nights a week Michael Savage in the Savage Nation will air. On news radio 930 now if you're not familiar with -- you can learn more. By going to WB and dot com but he's -- up and he's well known and very opinionated and very entertaining and very amusing and I think you know like it's good addition to the step. By the way Tom -- let me an email and said that he was listening last half hour of our show yesterday. And that that it got him fired up and so we did it for show of on and of itself and that's great Kazaa Oppenheim to do the same shall whatever. My only concern Tony is this. If he does that today the last of our marshals and B movie should do you think -- beat is going to be doing his own movie show. You never know you can't tell you don't know about these things people love the movies that time you're welcome to use our subject matter any time as one of the nice part about being on that it is a different shot adults -- -- -- Employ I want her first shot at best. About 5:30 this morning I found this out -- just held my blood because it's symptomatic of what's going on in our society. Everything is about. Meet meet me. And with a parent every once and allow it gets crazy. And it's all about my kid that how would the school district -- with a classroom. How would decorum now with learning. What's best form by trial let's all I care about. And sometimes it gets irrational this is a good example of that this is a channel -- story from which I am working. A statewide parents groups and it's poised to file formal complaints. Against two Western New York school districts having to do with the way they claim their children are our retreated. When they opt out of taking standardized tests OK before I get to the next paragraph. I I guess you can opt out -- we never could opt out when Howard school but I guess you can now. If it when I went to school there was a -- who took the test and in integrity as you fail I mean that was it but now. They opted out so by not figure out what kinda heavy burden. That these still have to carry in order to opt out. They were asked to sit quietly. Right I. Think they have to sit quietly while the others who didn't opt -- doing their tests are imagine. -- that is out. Egypt's obviously my tongue missiles are stuck in my cheek I can't believe it. The New York State and we -- the New York State allies for public education. Claims that what is occurring in Lancaster and williams' role models to -- -- of child abuse. Asking a student to sit quietly while others students are -- taking a test is child abuse that's what they claim. The parents group contends that those districts as well as an example of others in New York children who refuse to take the tests are forced to remain in the -- problems -- cassettes -- Oh. I think we got this thing going in Ukraine. And this at the same time on the world stage I can't believe that we have we have. Kids are being since -- Olympic and that is why the world is falling apart. It is what a group refers to was that a policy of sentence there. So before -- even go further with this let me just say this we have -- over indulge our children then it is Howard Jodi. To not let them have a second not one seconds in their lives where they don't have something in their ear on for over arise where they actually have to be entertaining and amused the famous words of my sainted mother when I would tell her I was bored she would say. Do you want me to hire a clown. And I guess apparently this group things clowns or in order to a meal was the children that decide to opt out of the test. Now this is that these awards -- Eric. It's my HE TL BE RG well it's. Bob meal barber goal I mean that's the best like into that and I don't think we're gonna go out -- -- -- some anyway. Why can't they just let me get the appropriate. Thought now why can't they just quietly read a book. He demanded Eric meal burger and I don't want to claim the children who want -- being unfairly punished by the schools. He insists that understates social services law the practice of sentenced air can be construed as they corporal punishment. Further under the dignity. Of all students act it could be considered harassment. Or bullying. Being asked to sit quietly. Is harassment. It's bullying you guys it's corporal punishment. What planet does this guy on I mean isn't a lot of ideas at a separate planet now it's not -- -- broken off from the Rex resolutely galaxy. -- as I said before the break. If the -- Eric -- -- listening some moron is sending out press releases with your name. It's really embarrassing -- I must -- news. -- a Donald Ogilvie superintendent of your on both he says I would call that strong language of the point. Hyperbole yeah I think that's putting it mildly. Yeah those of a two districts Williams bill and Lancaster. There is no basis at all for using such phrases describing sitting why your classmates they test you refuse to take it's not bullying has not abuse and that's exactly right. But guess what. You know when things get into I don't know what processes is going to be whether it's going to be court whether it's going to be Department of Education I don't really -- But any time you get these things that are so outrageous blatantly dumb -- You never know where an arbitrator or judge an administrator whoever overseas as goes. I climb over with that. But have gotten to a point. When we have gotten to a point where we can't ask a child to sit quietly in a classroom while others are taking a test. Chances that -- have as an adult. Does this say that this kid has the world revolving around him or her. And how they gonna be treated the next time -- have to stand in line for something. Or the next time there's a delay in something and the thought that some kid might have to sit down and this is radical now. Thank. Our best child abuse I can tell you that. Pol this is what's going on in today's though world will go more into it after the break on news radio and I prayed and -- knows I'm gonna sit quietly and listen. We'll be back after this. This Savage Nation. Here Michael Savage weeknight ten to one on WBE and. And that starts odd Monday night look forward to that and believe me he's a very controversial guy in a very opinionated guy and the kind of guy you like to listen to on the radio so that's coming up. On newsreader and I'm 39 go to WBM dot com and get some advance information. I am so outrage that's the only word I can use. To see this first of all any time a word catches on. Then it's your duty to use it every single time you can't simply to show. That it is this what you're what you what you want to see happen is as important as anything else and now the word is bullying. This parents group claims that if you opt out of a test in Williams bill if you opt out of a test in Lancaster. And your -- to watch us now. Sit quietly. While others take the test that's our address. Sit quietly that's okay that's a form of bullying. It is a form of child abuse it is a form of corporal punishment it is a form of harassment that is. -- It is absolutely. Asinine. And Donald Ogilvie said. Their premise is that sitting there is punishment I don't agree with that. It is a few individuals and usually is that a describing it that way in trying to convince others. Lancaster superintendent Michael. Is that of allowing. Said he believed the practice and is this record not much different than those in the other districts and strongly denied that students who opt out from standardized tests are being punished. It and he also said we will reveal a what the field notes that because it's apparently appealed note from the state Education Department. And sold that's words going but the thinker and others of one of these special interest groups. Don't have anything better to do the -- I mean if there are legitimate issues they should be brought up obviously. There are kids and they should be educated properly about what is what is this parents groups saying. Well here's what they're not saying you know in life and is a school isn't education just about preparing you for life I mean that's what -- To get you prepared. For life. Isn't isn't it all about life that. Sometimes if you make one choice. Then something else happens it's personal responsibility. If you don't want that to happen -- maybe make it different choice in this case if you opt out of the standardized test. And all you arrested sit quietly while others take there's not be disruptive to sit quietly. A form of punishment by any manner of means I'd like New York message. To this group because to me is you have an asinine complaint. When you have something serious let us now 803093018061692. For six and -- -- very. Because I don't elevate this -- did not lay out any alternatives. You know maybe while some people are taking the test and the other students -- instead of just asking them to sit quietly maybe we should bring them to dairy queen to get a banana split. Or bring in warm puppies for them to play well. Or are I don't know just run outside and fly a kite. Please if it you know big I have to learn sometimes that you know -- isn't going to entertain them every second of their lives. What a handout earbuds that again listen to their their latest music. Have to sit quietly that's all and maybe during the time they sit quietly. They can contemplate things maybe they can imagine things maybe they can use their mind it could be a productive session instead of bitching and moaning in sending mommy and daddy to the schools that follow. Does -- does -- play while that's outrageous which you get a lawyer. I I just don't I really truly don't get it. These are little angels that we're going to unleash on society. Who can't even sit quietly while somebody else is taking a test as a so what are they gonna do if there ever in line for something. Democrat the patients they shouldn't have to do that should be. Just like that whatever they want they get at them they get and at that moment they protest at the tests don't take -- as of late -- hard decision. Let's go to Amy in wheat field namely Iran WB yeah. I'm finding I mean -- -- you. I'm glad that they're getting from here well actually they can work -- To put it out there consistently there challenging your authority by refusing to take. I don't think it's a public advocate -- care a lot about the children making its attention to the care. The parent Serbia in their own can't put in -- minister -- -- Puke you're back the curtain and -- what -- movement and documentation. Many of these people -- teachers including another wife -- the future. So between that and -- and literature and your equity or what. And that he didn't hit an MP Paribas corporate. All right we're kind of losing your phone but I understood what most of what you said thank you very much you know he lesson will be learned. -- lesson to be learned that when you make a choice. An alternative. Isn't always available to your liking. As I said if you choose to opt out of the test you're not gonna go to this duel for the day. They're not going to take you out price remark or ride a pony. You're gonna have to sit quietly that's the alternative right there so if you don't like the alternative take the test if you don't wanna take the test. You'll have to deal with the alternative the alternative is not a punishment and that's the key if I or judge or -- -- trader or an administrator whatever I had to make this decision. My simple question would be the same as in my as Donald Ogilvie do you find. It's a sitting quietly to be a punishment. Well yeah just sat there for five days. -- if you -- -- at bat but the bottom line is you're sitting there have quietly while the others are are taking the test about the word disruptive. Do you think it's proper not to be disruptive. Of the people taking the test there would they wanna be concerned about their education they've chosen to take the test. And they wanna get the best grade they can on the test so why should you be allowed to make noise do this is that an opera round activities because. Because you don't wanna take. You have that right wind as the person have the right to -- classroom while trying to study or trying to take a test. I think their rights trump those who have to be amused at every second and a bit of boredom level is two seconds. I think mommy and daddy you're not raising your kid right now tell me I'm no expert on child raising but that there would John Rosemont says and I believe in him. He says pay attention your kids but not too much. And in this case. You what are you doing you're saying might Childs having to sit quietly trumps your child trying to have a quiet classroom and take a test that's what assess. And now I think that's a losing proposition and definitely losing argument in any kind of a decision. Let's hope -- schools don't get weak knees and -- 803093018069. 1866. Whatever it is dollars will take mark. Is that it is at 9261. Program known as the six seniors. As it up all the way through the problem as. My brain is so far ahead in my mouth I can't tell you by the time a -- catches up the break is over we'll be back after this. It is -- company have their Lancaster school district hang in there Williams real school district in not doing anything wrong and if you cave in to this group. Are you that that'll be the biggest mistake if you cave into the group. Because I I I just can't picture it now. I know school changes overtime and -- a school in awhile but I'm gonna ask. I would ask Chris -- -- Tony and I'll answer is I always do my own questions. I can't picture. How my folks would react. If I went home one day upset. And they say what are you upset for us and I was in school today and something terrible happened what happened. Well some kids were taking a test. In I was asked to. Sit quietly. Miss that it was the rest of the story the -- as far as assesses the quietly. Back off let -- air we need a cloud go a mile. I mean that's it's be on the concept of rationality. I don't get it. Now Tony the mother and father can you imagine going and telling them that story how do you think that react. Odd they would say good we should sit and be quiet exactly right press and again be afraid to even bring -- -- -- low point and don't have a good point during the break what about church. What about church where you have to sit quietly. I mean are you going to say that the priest a rabbi or the minister are whomever is officiating in that service is bullying your child by asking their precious little darling to sit quietly harassing its Iraq saying. It's but the trust or use our corporal punishment. Harassment. Bullying. You got to be -- I don't know what's gonna hear this or who's gonna make a decision business. A weather would be a Georgia an arbitrator and administrator. You know Education Department I have no I do to make the decision. But when they do I hope they come down hard on this kind of crap because that's all it's. It's tough enough to -- to do what you have to do to get through education which is so important to less than we don't have time for the side roads circuses that's what this is. And Eric whatever your last name isn't on -- should be ashamed -- ago. Let's go to. Let's go to Sam next salmon buffalo you're on WBBM. -- I'm OK Sam what do you think about this. And he sort caller. I news I didn't look to seniors. I'm not I was born in India making money. Grad school and not only slightly in New York. You know I'm actually. Go -- and use. I am and you know it makes an hour or so -- and. You call oh. Harassment and -- -- on that even beyond that I don't eat -- Yeah. I want hell week. I want to you know Ali you know if you're going to school to learn you should learn and if you're there to learn the material should learn the material and take the tests. -- -- -- You eat. Eat -- and now. Options. And you know I got -- the car. More. Or. Why should -- opt out and put it. -- -- -- -- -- I think. That go and I don't opt. That's that's exactly. You're exactly right -- of the bigger lesson to be learned here is that there are things you have to prepare for. And if you want to if you wanna get to the next level you have to pass certain tests and certain inspections or whatever. But what we expected it because the teachers don't wanna be evaluated on their work so I guess the kids -- wanna be evaluated on theirs either thanks Sam thanks for your story appreciate it. I mean think about the the big lessons that are being missed here. These are much bigger lessons and having to sit quietly. Okay the lessons are that if you make a choice. There is Adobe an alternative to -- choice that may not beating your wife. You've got so if you don't take the test maybe you don't wanna sit quietly. If you'd rather do something else is Roger -- -- still and you are still wouldn't you can't go out and play basketball. You can't go out for snack can't go to the zoo he just sit there quietly that's not asking too much. Not Afghanistan and ahead our hands stands or so ago a trapeze act nothing like agency quietly so hard to do. So dual and if you know I -- that take the test. But the bottom line is I agree with Sam why when that we get to -- worry you don't have to take the test. You can opt out but think about it that's how screwed up our educational system is now what's the biggest problem we have in New York State right now. Teachers don't wanna be evaluated. Got it. There's not. So if that teachers don't want -- -- be evaluated why is it we're surprised that the students don't want via value weighted. Well if the teachers don't get evaluated and the students don't get a better way to what the hell are we spending all its money for. Think about like that it's systemic. It's systemic if if you don't say look very valuable lesson here is that there are some things that Mabel don't wanna doe so will make an alternate choice. But the ultimate choice we -- I want to -- -- there's not a third choice or fourth or fifth choice until we find something that you wanna do or don't wanna do. Ridiculous is what it is in these groups you ought to be looking out for real problems and set of these phantom problems like this. As Chris said he wouldn't even bring it up -- his parents. Tony knows his parents react and I know my parents would react so it's you're a UN school to get educated how much education you get by opting out. It because what happens if you ever need that information well what happens if that information is ever needed needed for future job. Or actually two low performing -- job properly. You can't do I'd imagine a doctor. Well I've completed most of my courses but you know that's why I'm gonna opt out of this one what if a doctor needs that you think he's gonna get certified and that I don't thinks all. Do your dentist well odds always are saying yeah. Well I think you need to root canal but them I didn't study that. So well I -- -- do I think -- -- up and with spoiling the kids. And it may not be just the kids we've got yeah well you know I think more needs more education of the kids the parents when you come up what's dumb ass stuff like this. It seems like this group is the type that that type ones that are out there. Trying to get rid of the coach because the coach exact yells during a crash that certainly makes them do actual -- keep score card game right exactly. And under -- Now now I told you what they have to do you have to sit quietly. That falls under according to them the dignity for all students act. They consider sitting quietly as undignified. -- What cutter kids order every -- him up I mean seriously how judge to be hiring people in the future. And and this is the magic get your look at that. And a mom and data picket -- company vision and get the job because it's. It's. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

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