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Zipping Up Loose MA Cellphone Pix Law

Mar 7, 2014|

WBZ's Carl Stevens

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The Massachusetts State Senate this week passed a law. That would criminalize those who photograph videotape or electronically surveil. Another person's sexual or intimate parts without that person's consent. We have to talk about this right now our guest on the live line from Boston Massachusetts Karl Stephens. Carlo is a reporter with WBZ in Boston good morning Carl thank you for your time. Well no problem John good to argue. Picking these kinds of pictures of what. Yeah some guys from end over Massachusetts which is -- about. -- forty miles north of Boston he was in Boston writing me and VGA. Edit cells hold and you would restrict your picture. Underneath the woman's skirt he started so -- that took a picture it was arrested. The -- not what you did something bad it would do they go we also shall be charged or he appealed to the State Supreme Court and it looked at the law. But law under which he was charged in in the law it's is that you can not take pictures of nude or partially nude women. Well well not only MBTA here we're fully closed. So there was no applicable law so it was legal for him to do what he did this ruling came out two days ago. The president of the state senate that she was outraged that the court was too narrowly interpreted. Interpreted the law. That they need to know what right. And the court basically in their ruling suggested to the legislature that they should. Legal -- missile thing and so that's exactly what to say legislature did yesterday. You know everywhere so well we're probably complain about lawmakers not acting fast and of these gadgets -- one day that passed the law the government decided today. And it's going to be illegal. To do what is stated take pictures older women church. But this guy from Andover is he free and clear them. You know to create Clara you're my -- who grew up. You know I'm not trying to be funny. -- but how does somebody. Take such a picture I mean you lie down on the floor are do you do you use duct tape and tape the cellphone due to the quote your shoe or what -- -- do. No it just you know -- -- -- the key anyway right. So imagine if you're just reaching down -- -- pick up the newspaper about deplore. Only in your candidate is alcohol very distinct picture like that. -- so exists. A big problem here -- and -- either other cases like this -- in Massachusetts are you finding more. Well I mean I had never heard the -- alleged dirty network called up -- before this case. So it's not like we've got -- an epidemic of perverts of obvious pervert by the MBTA. -- Now it's it's it's never come -- before we had never heard the phrase we did we would not familiar with the luck. Just assume that everybody else did that it would be illegal to do something like that. So no there's no no epidemic of obvious perversion here in Boston. The story that we read from the Associated Press of this law would criminalize those who photograph videotape or electronically surveil another person's sexual relevant parts. Without that person's consent. And me would someone consent to something like this. Yeah they think Oprah biography. Are. That there were both parties are not the same basic goodness I think you get the buffalo operated so the United States. You know. On a bus tour streak are the subway yeah totally count apparel. Thank you for joining us on this this morning good to chat with you. -- that so things warm up a little did you yeah it's not a normal. Little there. Well -- a lot and 12 degrees this morning and that's been par for the course all winter. Okay we are twenty right now thank you Carl. -- Steve as a reporter WBZ of Boston.