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Hamburg Spat Over NY SAFE Signage

Mar 7, 2014|

Scott Zawierucha

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Joining us on a WB and live line this morning is Scott is Erica Hamburg man issued a summons. For violating a sign posting ordinance. On offense and his property in South Park avenue and Scranton road Scott good morning. Thanks for the time. Tell us about the end of the science first and we'll talk about the summons -- but tell our listeners what the sign was all about. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Virtually the original sign was so long Maria ridiculously six irons was a little bit in -- It to try and was Ferraro. To -- -- it stood up. The governor and -- yet it currency there are opposite effect should say. The end base -- its -- share power who's fighting for our rights and and a that's normally go to church and state cap early in the end it was not a political support while I was. Let's start -- -- -- -- by the code enforcement but it was political -- it was not a political sort of it was strictly by secret or more the political signs -- at the and that didn't seem real lecture order teaching on their point. Well. I made an appointment -- -- Carter went down talk to -- way to put vacation that basically yeah. Long story short it was a First Amendment and in the it'd be potent force shall stand out. Well what do you expect it was. What do you expect -- happen when you appear in court this morning. Well I don't know at this point it hit a lot of -- -- What the idea is. So are in these these this -- itself it is First Amendment issue as far as I'm concerned. That it aren't being cited because -- in the according to the child ordinance went out -- everything attached -- sense this is what they're trying to India and right now. First in October it was a it was a political. -- -- -- January 14 I ever I was issued another warning notice and take it down. But there are now being cited because they'll be having something potentially threatens. You know and because -- and the court and force told him down and she should be getting. Scott is this if you think this is politically motivated. Well I'll tell you this launch. January 14 is that they are the early in Hamburg it's very jittery organizational meeting. And the town supervisor had told him down on this port and -- -- officers are dependent -- And what other individual were ready to couldn force crops or other than Charles supervisor and didn't come from him effect it was done again this is. -- -- Scott I'm looking at a photograph with a sign here posted on your fans. Know your garage of -- back defense. What about what about or to -- well what about moving the Scion. And just putting it in your yard -- with the objective that. Well that's -- Go through it Charlie Hamburg and you'll see banners and signs and fences or prominent part commercial -- that just something that's noncommercial. And then check to keep it -- work on neighbor park park we've got sixty -- into -- -- out there that the part of Hamburg actually promoted. It sold advertising space to. We -- stood in order to. -- and I'm not against it by any means understanding. The biggest offenders is apparently Hamburg themselves putting signs that a sense. And they're trying to meet one little -- and it isn't it ironic that aren't being singled out these other -- there. What -- I wanna read equally out and get anybody in trouble I don't know objection to people put signs up well for commercial use. Well there's an awful ironic that the put so much attention and we. Is the -- is still up. Yeah I guess this in January 20 work we put -- We replaced the Yaris and people went up there as will the Portugal when you have 48 hour. And that's the one it says and New York is not safe stuff Cuomo preserve the rights. Correct. Not costing you a legal fees Scott does that is that true. Do you expect that this might wind up -- and higher court in an appeals court possibly after today. I never had anything of this magnitude over something so minor -- -- but this is this is treated successfully trampling on the rights as a citizen. You know quite frankly I don't care. It doesn't matter what -- just. He could be -- shrinking global warming animal rights or anything else this is our first amendment rights were talking about. According to this this ordinances fuel if you look it up in the town called. That would even look at these and putting an American slight difference. Is he got a lot of support. The winning shot or this morning. I can't believe the global warming people would've been -- people I don't read that. You know -- people that are even polish. -- it can't force to literally it is not just about -- -- -- this -- our first amendment rights. They don't quite -- rights are being trampled like I'm trying to protect another -- It will Scott will continue to follow this and we thank you for joining us this morning. Most will see what happens that's so Scott as a -- and he's on Hamburg man and being cited for an -- safe. Sign on his property and -- in court later this morning.