Donald Trump at C-PAC

Mar 7, 2014|

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Teleprompters. And all of them that we can't. Trump national. Do well in Miami. Great place. I just spent 250 million dollars rebuilding it making it the best resort in the country and I saw a Tiger Woods this morning Ernie Els and Phil Mickelson. I was just like a position where. -- -- -- Very impressive. Created a lot of jobs there. Thank you look so -- I'm creating jobs we started one. I'm on the -- post office which is sitting. And tremendous numbers of jobs a lot of money going into it and it'll be perhaps the most luxurious hotel when -- finish anywhere in the world. And we're very proud of it right on Pennsylvania Avenue right next to the White House. -- and congress'. Sort of an interesting place today. Isn't serious. Serious. Trouble. We know seventeen. Trillion dollars. -- -- But you pay a seventeen trillion nobody ever heard the expression. A number of years ago the word trillion. We have. That's BI believe we have deficits that nobody. Which I've been talking about for the last five years. Yesterday and -- is not today's. -- -- They're -- now for those that don't understand evacuations. What they're basically doing is paying. We're really -- you -- nobody. But now we're gonna really do it again. And the reason they did me and everybody was surprised by what was because I -- leadership. Is so weak and so pathetic. That they can get away with -- believe me they're taking our jobs and they've taken completely. And -- -- not the only one you look at other countries there are all doing the same thing they have no respect. For a leader. And frankly. They have no respect any longer. For our great. It's so simple. Just saw. That we need. It's a strong economy what we need his -- you did these phony job up six point 7%. This six point 7%. Is probably 4122%. Real numbers. When you give up looking for a job it's like they -- city you employed. They changed generally. Before they couldn't find work they couldn't find that are out today. Such a huge number. -- -- -- numbers came out the worst in 36. Years. We have a president -- today came out with his. Lowest job approval rating 38%. You do a great job. The country back I'd like. You bring the country. Already. This 54%. When you're thinking that it's sort of inconceivable to me. We're getting into Jimmy Carter territory. I've seen anything like that again I lived through that time and it was not a good time. We're pretty close I think may be my next month we will have surpassed. The late great -- And that's. Confidence. Something happened. That brings the country back. The potential that this country I'm working so long. These things -- has done an amazing job received -- -- -- Want to be here when he calls you come here. Point across I have to tell you the people in this room. What people don't wanna see. This country be great again it's very simple so. Europeans. Whoever. Actually send these the people that run that -- That want to see it be great again it's really simple so it's just one of those things now. We have a big election coming up in fourteen. The Republicans and conservative Republicans because the word conservative to me is very important. Conservative Republicans. Were going to take this I believe that I think that's. I think it's 116 you'll probably be running against Hillary I think it's going to be a tough race but I think it's going to be erased that by that. We'll be so bad that the Republicans were like why does take that and. And obamacare which is a total catastrophe. -- The problem. It is that in 2016. Do you look to steady -- like why do. The problems are being declared. To the year 2016. And yet the election. And I don't know -- the Republican leadership has allowed. And I've read a lot -- court saying wouldn't it. Let it -- along to keep drifting. And 20162017. And 28. Eighteen are going to be an economic disaster. And you know what whoever is president. Good up you have to be very Smart you have to be very very shocked but that's the way -- -- basically when he 16 am. 117. And 2018. Economic disaster some -- economic. Catastrophe now. We have so many issues you think about this country. We have so many problems. And we have so. A little leadership. So little leadership and his. The leadership and she agrees would -- love her. Agrees with everything -- What's been happening over the last couple of days. Russian. And who you know I was in my scalp a couple of months I don't miss universe that's. And they treated me so great. Could we even sent me a beautiful present with a beautiful and I thought I spoke to all of -- people. You look at what he's doing with President Obama he's like toying with these -- -- So how -- you Olympic. Did. -- he starts with Ukraine. How aren't -- wanna do during the Olympics they'll. That -- yet. So I asked if we ought to leave and the -- yet. Takes -- He's taking the -- because that's where all the money list. I was surprised. -- that would say most of the wealth comes right from that area that's the area with a well. So that means the rest and Ukraine will tomorrow and it's predicted to fall fairly quickly because without. Money like this country if we don't make this country great. All it's gonna really -- pretty small. You -- -- -- -- you don't look at our bridges you look at our roadways. We're becoming a Third World country so when you see what they're doing. In Ukraine. Is just a question of time. Now. Gluten. Is very friendly with a ran. The rim is causing tremendous problems. Syria. Afghanistan. Iraq. Iran is now doing. To Iraq. -- weapons. Iran. Has already taken that are essentially. Iraq. It's amazing. Now we'll. Tremendous lives. So many wounded warriors he's a great people I know so many of my -- Trying to help as many as I can but so many so badly wounded. And these incredible. People. Came back to this country. And what have we gotten -- what do we got we spent two trillion dollars in Iraq. And that we -- now I took a lot of heat except from. Conservative people. When we went out of -- hang. I assume would take him the what we -- in the oil and people. Thing to do you know they know there's -- -- -- Every an expression to the Victor belongs this whales. OK to that effect yet and I tax -- it actually was I was a team that. I said it would lead to pick you up -- Pay us back. Good human being you want to take you. -- sovereign country sovereign give me a break -- to people ripping off sovereign. I. You know it's taken me. -- ran. Out what people don't know is that correct. Has the second largest oil reserves in the world to know that. I knew it. In his peanuts at eighteen trillion underground. Give us to just. They beat the -- But people. Went nuts now look at what's going on within Afghanistan. You don't Karzai. They're trading our president. Like. His imminent this. So they may get a deal. And I'm not advocating stay. Because frankly I wanna build this country I wanna build these schools I don't wanna build a school in Afghanistan. A road going to the school like. Get built out and then -- And they keep rebuilding and rebuilding and you -- Brooklyn New York did you can't have schools you go to Iowa you can't you go to. Have schools because we. Because we're spending it and other places -- apparently they don't want this. Then they can deal and Colin says I'm not signing it. These stupid Americans that's stupid. They give me bundles of cash -- A hundred bucks in my pocket. Soldier that carries satchel of fifteen million dollars. These. Steaming ahead you. -- -- She's really on. Honestly -- really rich. So we give. Now we're up -- over a trillion. And it was just reveal the other day that our friend again from China. We're fighting their way. We are here. I'd -- -- -- fighting and fighting and getting blown out and all sorts like crap happening. And on the so this was reported big -- the other day I said to. From China I don't. I don't dislike John and you know. This week did an article. About the thing. The Chinese most watched. Different elements that thing that Chinese boat and they. Some of the -- Things now I'm not -- -- China fairly. And my fans respect before they actually say you are right they live in China. And you're right I can't believe we're getting away with -- hit -- thing they most want you know one of the top ten things anything. My hip hop in my time but then. Thank you -- that -- tenant. And one of my spelling and they did what. But. Because this aren't and then respect you if you're Smart they don't respect stupid people. Okay. We either. We don't. We. Yeah but you. Strongly about that at this thing as consent and bring people people as Republicans. Many -- -- up in -- you don't wanna be a Republican and I understand that. Which would grow to thirty million people and I don't care who ends up whether it's Marco Rubio or pat and talks about. That everybody and you and yet. Every one of those votes. Goes to the Democrats now. To do what's right you have to do what's right about the votes necessary. But -- goes eleven million potential voters which will go to thirty million in -- not too long future you don't not yet. Any of those votes no matter what you do no matter how nice wonderment how you are no matter how many times they've. I'm so glad everybody got -- can get the votes. So -- immigration you better be Smart and you better be tough and they're taking jobs that you better be careful you better be careful. I just say one other thing. Medicare. Medicaid social security. And the people come in and see how we're gonna dismantled. And we're gonna just knock the hell. And I'm a friend of -- I don't like Paul Ryan very much. But I don't like. What this. I wanna make these countries so strong and so rich and so powerful we -- so much energy so much. Get Medicare and Medicaid you wanna stop the what you wanna stop the abuse -- believe me this plugin that. But we wanna do that you know. Recently of key party members he's -- strong Tea Party members 79%. Said don't touch my Medicare. Don't touch my Medicaid don't touch my Social Security. When you wanna do that. I wanna make the country so strong. And you can do we are sitting on top of something. That's so amazing such incredible. Well and the way you are -- of these problems is. Tremendous -- tremendous. Job production. Strengthen our military not week in week we didn't. We'll. He's another. Use guns missiles are we brought them intelligently. It's simple. Make America. Strong again. Make America. Great again we have unbelievable. Potential. We have to use it we need the right leaders.