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3-6 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 4

Mar 6, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I decided we -- things a bit because I've got to make light of that movie got a Mongolian clusters of dance. On the highways -- Western New York. And basically folks if you just joining us. You know I outlet outlet into the men's room during the break and whenever guys who works here. Okay here's a -- He -- to guy who's always talking on the phone he could be dropping a -- he's still on the phone. We're not gonna name names but it's like they're really so he's talking to somebody about what you mean there's an accident on the nine -- And it really really wanted to be mean and nasty but I I held town. But anyway. Dropping news anyway it. We've got a situation trapped. Now I can tell you about it. But rather -- -- Stewart because between mornings and after she doesn't work nearly enough to what's to Lebanon. OK Alan I don't wannabe. I haven't used as were you don't wanna be -- huge bag but why is the camera young's rode on the ninety not working on the day it when we can actually shows the GD camera on the night at young's road. Well. All line these whiny traffic. -- no -- already. Struggling. All right so we wanted to know so basically because the DOT camera is out on the -- young's it will be hopeful for us to know. Either from west founders were from -- -- wonders how far back the traffic is backed up on the -- indeed heading westbound. Approaching the Williams golf holes. Correct them when though. Well all right well. If anybody has any additional information. You know let us know if you can help prove -- wrong I -- we appreciate that gives it makes me feel superior. Thanks Ellen will give you chance to picture race. Four balances if it's a had a tough week basically a clear skies and cold tonight seventy in the low tomorrow partly to mostly sunny not as cold 38 right now. Now we're rolling at 27 degrees at WB yen. On we have another traffic. -- now we have another -- the hall and folks I hope you will forgive me. But we are talking here about what is really a cross roads. Can I say crossroads joke you've got a choice Eric Clapton cream or Robert Johnson I prefer irked that the inquiry because of a racist. But it. Too scared but anyway. We're talking about in arteries were talking about -- -- major artery. Because early -- every bit the traffic in Western New York has to go through the night US exactly Wear the glasses. Located. Let me go to ready on WB -- -- hello. I don't. I think. They that's a little bit of all the information about that accident. I was and the ninety east. Heading toward the 290 west and right in the vicinity of the Cleveland drive. Well look at. That's where I saw the tractor trailer now that tractor trailer that was one of these trailers that have all the side than it. In order appeared to me is that what you must be shipped to it and it cut through the side. Of the trailer dumping it to throw it it's actually looked like someone took the can opener and open up -- side of that trailer. And that's where all the traffic Serbs backed up for the right where. The ninety let's go underneath. The Cleveland drive overpass and that's why you have this. Western band like Tuesday. But at the at that point by Cleveland that there's only a minor turn it's not even like. Hair -- turn. Right right it's just you know everyone emerging at that point really. I wondered maybe somebody cut off the truck and the dude had to take evasive action or run into somebody maybe the truck drivers not the blame at all. Maybe some moron and a four Wheeler made the guy slam the brakes on it during the we. I think that could very well that happened but it it appeared as though the -- must issue because you could see you right into the inside. Of the of the trailer and maybe about ten feet in front of that tractor trailer Campbell there was one of those. Flatbed. -- -- -- went against the in the country media and I could say maybe about ten feet in front of their trucks. But it's I've never seen a tractor trailer where the side of it was that ripped open like someone took a can opener well. And you know the thing is headed in a steel side this wouldn't -- happened any broken glass would have just ended up inside the trailer but instead they used canvas I don't why would they do. None that now trailer there like that I'm a lot of them have a very thin wall. Just to keep it out of the elements but when -- -- -- wouldn't you think today that victors of that there. But wouldn't it but -- but about Steele is still harder than canvas to what you think yeah. But it but security if you're gonna get any moment -- be trying to play the glass. But whatever cut through I mean it's such places right through what the wrecks or whatever was supporting a policy could do with the mark. And structural. Channels or something like that there were pocono to fill it with a combination of things. Well again you know what -- -- -- -- you know at the by the way you thank you for your informed. Observation but you know again it does make one wonder. Is this a situation. Were some -- packed. The load it wrong and did not use enough blocking your packing or whatever or is this a situation where the truck driver got cut off. -- had to take evasive action and that caused the cargo shipped. Yeah I I believe some so Bork probably cut the cup driver off they're being being checked back to -- parent are. Are very good at what they do. And you do get some idiot you know what's this sudden shedding any other great I can do about eighty miles an hour now because -- that's right statement. -- wait there's one way to figure out there -- ways that there's one way to possibly assigned the blame for this accident. Does that did the tractor trailer have an Ontario or come back license plate because if it did that's gonna change my world view considerably on this. I don't think may be that -- otherwise I think had a bumper stickers that real mobile. -- -- -- -- Al ma am glad you called and I appreciate it and are I -- -- we haven't heard many ambulances so no injuries reported from this and as the DOT people are cleaning up. Let's try to keep it that way and I should also point out. While you're listening to -- is that if you are an eyewitness. To what happened. The state police are -- need. Eyewitnesses. Because this truck drivers for reader might very well be in the balance when he's got a call all offers and it might be that the truck driver did nothing wrong it might be that some. Don't read in a four Wheeler caught the guy off. And the guy had no alternative but to jam the breaks to the turn the wheel so he wouldn't kill me. So if you witnessed the accident. You really do have an obligation. To get involved in at least Laker -- work. File a statement. With the New York State Police and it if you call any state police barracks they're gonna direct -- to -- -- -- -- Sometimes you get any answers and that you won't. But if you saw it if you -- firsthand eyewitness. Please give your statement because this guy's job might be on the line and if he didn't do anything wrong you really owe it to him to bail -- out. In unfortunately I I probably would just a few minutes late in getting there because that was I was passing by and it it and I thought everything. You know had transpired already saw a few minutes early -- with -- but it will help but. Fortunately my my determinations about almost. An hour 45 minutes late. No no no -- no actually -- it's right on time because this is news were talking about news what happened now and I'm simply saying that we -- ahead people who were listening to her work listening before and are listening now and maybe they just never would have thought calling the cops and they never would have thought that hey maybe this poor guy's job is going to be on the line. If somebody has come forward and say look you're really wasn't his fault that he hadn't jammed on the brakes -- killed some. So. Anyway I'm glad you called very much at that your. Very -- thank you -- -- to go to great job. Well I appreciate that this for academy to say thank you I weep we try and I couldn't do that you couldn't do without Joseph beamer. I could do without John Sherman -- but we we like to give John credit anyway I have. But we can do that Alan Harris and you guys actually make it fun especially when there's no fatalities. That's. If there are fatalities or serious injuries believe me it's Sox and I hate -- are doing it but. Sounds like everybody made it through and let's just keep it that way with the DOT guys. I do I need to go to Allen again you want me to break now let's go to Allan Harris right now WBM traffic committees are busy camper Allen. All right always looking up for the guys who pay the bills bit. I here's AccuWeather four tonight clear and called seventeen tomorrow partly to mostly sunny not as cold and 38 right now. Now 27 at WB yen. Do you want me Joseph to take more traffic calls are we cool I -- okay. -- -- here's the good news yet. As -- just told you it looks like the truck has been moved out of the way -- And it looks like. An artery has opened. Soul you will start to move albeit slowly. But you give this thing 2030 minutes and that's gonna be almost like it never even happened. So if you if you're patient and you can listen to me for the next half hour. It's almost like Chinese water torture and so do we wanna take more traffic calls for sure we get back to the other topic. I think what especially at last call for traffic calls on this incident because. Hey if it's clear enough it's clear it up. Edit your backed up -- way past young's road I'd like to know if you're backed up on the 290 heading in the eastbound direction I'd like to know. If you I witnessed the accident I would love to talk to. If you were eyewitness to what happened. Because -- I can envision a situation. Where this truck driver was doing nothing wrong. And some. Dill weed -- right in front of them. And if the truck driver hadn't taken evasive action might kill a couple of people. And it's better to have windshields die than human beings and -- just a little secret. This guy. What are the first calls he had to make would have been to the whole office. To his dispatch. And when your truck driver and you've got to see the -- this is what you'd do for a living. They don't like it when you have accidents. So you saw what happened. You really should let the state police now. And it especially if it wasn't the truck driver's fault. You know you can be -- in this guy's job if somebody cut him off. You need to be willing to sign an affidavit saying look I saw the truck driver didn't have a choice. Here's how would you like it if it was your son. Or you you know you'd want somebody to have your back and cover your ass as long as they were telling the truth. So what do you do if you were eyewitness. Call my show. But also make sure you call the state police cars will be the lead agency in this. 8030 lead thirty WB Ian. A day of all the. Now I cannot independently verified is a rumor has it -- that so long. May very well have been in the last on many Taliban fighters heard just before the boring. The eight and -- Paul and sent them twos 72 virgins I cannot independently observed by. I've heard things. It is 634%. That about our pilots playing American banner -- for it before they wasteland that is entirely makes sense to me. All right. -- the traffic situation I think we're gonna move on it's I mean countless new trend. That it won't be there. So. -- well once you get back to the religious. We the people on hold -- I -- at -- okay. If you're just joining its. The short of it is I got to reset the table I'll do so quickly. I listened as Eddie -- this the last well -- It's something. There's. Is how people. Call themselves Catholics. Yet they call. And bait basically ripped apart. So much of the Catholic church and its teachings. That I wonder why they call themselves Catholics. And I I'm not saying this out of the spirit of disrespect please understand. But I'm like you know. It reminds me of when I used to consider myself Republican it got to the point where I said I can no longer consider myself. In any way shape or form and Republican. Because the last I checked I'm still a lot. And there are not may figure it's going to -- The Republican Party is that just doesn't. John that you enjoy that. Yes good point. Try the deal here's -- actually you know what I think the and we gave him permission. By the purity used yesterday it was. Yeah we gave him twice permission but three permission. If it's the same Dan you'll have to check on that German and you were working yesterday. Because we get him to put it in your theory then get an actor here is a dog in Eden on WB and hello -- Yes I'm -- it as I was saying earlier this is they think that I am Christian and the Christians -- -- nice to be a point now where they were apologetic for their church and I want away from the church and then I went to other churches and I found out that yes you're bashing. And some churches. You know my church and do and I thought to myself what my church says to my churches that are on the times in my church isn't. Whatever my Turkey might churches that that and and I didn't like inspected other churches are coming in with that but I I like the message of the other churches is just that I feel comfortable at my church but I don't Molly go now and. A -- wait let let's let's not ramble. What if we're -- -- ball let's leave the incoherence to me because I'm professionally incoherent. You say you liked the message of other churches materially speaking what message were the other churches giving you that you were not receiving from your home church the Roman Catholic Church. As the current -- brotherhood thing going and I need to. You know and relating to see him believed then and other things along that line is it's it's it's a little more. Think -- More until. Along that line. You know it's -- -- talk about relationships like a kid taking the west's. Wet -- -- -- questions church -- one is that. Yeah and after John Leslie okay not John Leslie hard. He was in western and player. I didn't have been the only -- Catholic Church. Doesn't do -- they signal regiment it kind of thing that this kind of turn up to a lot of people and maybe that is something make it could export. Later date and time but since switched to another church because they added that anybody is an option but I think I'm better -- a little more. Oh no no no no no and get electricity and on pocket lets -- -- the that you're telling me I. Don't on. Don't just take -- breath. I have a Valium -- you like a Valium and the doctor markets and -- -- so anyway I -- subject Hudson Valley and thank you god anyway. Sorry that I just pay homage to a drug on the year to say that it's legal. Well yes I am now. Yeah I go to hell I hope I am I. Know why I don't -- who's -- why why would it merciful loving god condemn the fallible human being into an eternity in agony for being a fallible human being and never quite understood. Anyway. I think the old. Teaching that all that said that. Well maybe they're right I mean they've got -- -- video of this spending eternity. And in the hell because I had a -- or five anyway so. For 500 I forget abstract but what I was gonna say is the other churches and other Wesleyan church is your talent than. Sherman if you drive by my house tonight and honked the horn again and I am so coming out and kicking your -- And anyway. Let's we live on the same street we have fun with each other so the other -- -- Wesleyan church as the church that told you that talked about brotherhood -- -- confusing. My hand like brotherhood and relationships. And how men need to keep it women and it and that it -- about -- -- -- -- there and there. What people are feeling going through now where they Catholic -- more regiment it's kind of -- matches that I think that's why people are going away from the church they just feel a little uncomfortable besides the demonization. The church itself so. Let. OK what about what is wrong now started but. Let me just Walker's troopers I believe that children need it. Guidance I believe the children crave. Structure in fact go one step further as a grown up high eight grade structure. I don't like being left to my own devices that takes me a year to adjust to a new schedule at least. So if I'm going to be going to church. I want appeared to be a formula. I want appear to be a structure. I want there to be a recitation in a Christian church. Not only the lord's prayers but also the nicely and creed which is the very foundation of christianity. As the new testament to all the early Christians agreed would be the basic tenets of christianity the nicely and create agreed to at the council of -- So that's nice to what was different I bought about each and every church service was. The sermon where the -- delivered by at the priest. That's what I thought the difference one's. And I am I wrong educate because they -- But but the turns -- are the Catholic Church doesn't do you know we're getting churches do more. You know -- they -- -- -- -- as well you know he he talked about this subject as well they need to -- marketers -- church -- the Catholic Church doesn't. Well it's tight. And enhance the women in in more and it can't write very different things and then again -- that was the demonization of itself. But. What that they -- the other churches seem to have -- a handle on things that. Are more current like the only reason and and the women's concerns meant to her and yet you don't want to go too far with -- -- I don't know why I'm I'm back with the Catholic Church against feeling more comfortable there I listen to other people as well. I don't know just kind of feel a lot but I think that's what they -- -- debt -- the people are behind. The knocking down the power of the cap. -- But it's also entirely natural that if you were born and raised a Catholic. That there would be an intrinsic comfort level with the Catholic Church unless. Your differences with the church were so deep. And so sharp as to preclude you from in good conscience following the Catholic Church that does not sound as though that is your position in any way shape -- form. Now I'm really now I just kind of found doll. Different churches and and you know I I yet but I -- I was very consulate to capture it hits the message I need. And if I need and the other. What the word is that anything else you know anything else about people or whatever I'll go -- -- particularly -- medium. It's OK I do -- I don't sleep on Sunday night channel partners believe it or not I don't work for a couple of days I always think to myself even after this long. I still there's still as. Well I'd I'd still wonder dog thank you for him -- -- well. All right so Dan is legit that -- and he's on the up and up then he's not. Always and put money -- OK hold any school on that within just summarily execute him. -- a Tuesday pilloried him or otherwise emasculated and were turned him into honor. I guess about explicit ways to describe the modernization of -- On the west side you're -- WBE and Dan now what you thought on this. Oh great -- -- -- that's the most important thing here and -- is what somebody pulled me back in the eighties the great old church lady got hold of me. -- I -- as always analysts in a while I was raised Roman Catholic and those factored out the princess'. And I thought they it will always be you know all the Munich flood. We're talking about the security -- them. ITN you skews the one immediately OK what is going on in the background. Because whatever it is is bothering the crap on them. What's -- in the Akron. -- what what what is it in the background you like you. I'll I'll answer it'd make you wait so long. -- So one of the old ladies that -- -- if you find the perfect church old colonial oil. Angle. That's -- the thing with the problem with all the not -- public aggregation. Is that human nature -- get involved and not at all so I mean. I wasn't happy government also consult. A compromise with an academic network -- little you know. Not a picture of other. All right that was said more time to speak with you and I'm sorry that just as I go do you you go into a noisy grocery store but there. What do you wegmans and grant street. No typical -- right now. Do pick -- ups are synonymous Holler something all right I'll let I'll let you go all right thank you you know here's here's the first grow. I guess if I were a Catholic I would argue. That the church itself is not compromised. That impact the church itself has largely. Although not entirely. Been able to resist some very powerful tides of history. And stand. As firm as a rock. Against the popular vicissitudes. Which come and ago. That the compromise. In fact has not count. If we wanna refer to compromise as abandoning principles that that is not come. From within the church or hierarchy but it is is come from the late people. Wishing to change the church to make god adapt to them instead day. -- adapting to god I think that's I would answer that. If you are they Catholic scholar and I got that wrong please let me know because -- I think that's the answer that you would get. If you're just joining us. -- this is always fascinated me but it it really piqued my interest this morning when I was listening to sandy beaches I wasn't even planning on doing your religious show that I I was gonna -- would it. That you know I. Know it was going to be up but. Explain to me especially if your -- Which is our largest denomination. How what is that so many view and I say this with love and respect. How but how so many of my Roman Catholic Brothers and sisters. Can identify as Catholics and yet. Seemed to have such bitter harsh feelings. Against the church. I've never quite been able to reconcile that in my own mind because I don't picked up on that as much with let's say lutherans. Or Methodists. -- -- as Leon's. Or Episcopalians. -- Anglican or or Jones. When I know there's always the reformed verses the orthodox thing and there's a lot of family squabbles over that but it's it's beyond me. I'm most familiar with -- the Christian aspect of our religious. Philosophy. But. I mean it in my oversimplifying. It because seriously I think about my friends or lutherans. And very seldom. To hear -- bitch about the Lutheran Church. Lighter than say oh. Really appreciate what Martin Luther did the -- I don't like about the Lutheran Church. But depths of my -- Catholic friends. -- would never think of becoming Protestant. Have the its grievances. Almost that they carry around against the very church they profess. To be. In love and I don't mean in -- I mean you know spiritually and and again folks this is not Catholic -- I don't wanna be real clear on that. I don't do Catholic bashing I won't do it I don't do it won't tolerate. All you'll get from me sometimes as the occasional snide comment. Which and well immediately regret and hope that you -- along with me but there's no bashing of -- serious nature. But those of you -- Catholic I really would like your input on this in the brief time we have -- 8030930. Start 93180616. WBE. All right it is 651 and his radio 930 WBM let us get back to the calls in Salem to -- in south buffalo -- it is your turn shoot. I found yeah I would caught up in the Catholic Church -- pulled it -- to treat the whole thing. And the play is the most cap fact that everybody up like me you ain't bad but -- a Roman Catholic Church it's like the Mercedes-Benz and religion. Well they wanna be affiliated with Ed but it ain't is they've become very disenchanted with that area com. They have a lot of resentment at the wrong I -- I ain't that bad at all. People are bringing them up on. It -- but to me. I hate go to church quite the year you and I go to but the thought that would let them out but well. Because that the beauty and the is there. My god yeah -- in the -- that not all. And I'm reading it about other religion to be handed out every Clinton. I ate. Out more and your real light and they're back just follow. Happy circumstance and it. It's been a -- conviction in the and the Catholic Church. A quest and I out -- through the goal. Was it accurate with my act them out on the -- Little jab at why not throw the book -- you that the book. Educated me about that family. The book and they could not -- that it not that answers that question. And in the twelve. Thirteenth century there was ecumenical council. Where I'm looking. Eight at that what was eaten by a lot of well a lot but we're not one in the Bible because there weren't too many. But one that until I met him all of them -- they -- the -- Why don't we thought why not -- on the Internet all about you look at. We. My -- the Catholic Church. Well I do know that the scholars of the early church took great innings to decide based on logic. Which books ought to be considered part of the holy Bible and which books were questionable. And which books were absolutely laughable and which books earned -- which -- deserved a great deal of discussion and debate. Yeah and a lot of them -- I do a lot of it was fate as it on uneducated people yeah and what bringing the -- of. Underdog I beg to -- the people who got together to discuss those books were the intellectual cream of the crop of the time. The Roman Catholic Church. The Roman Catholic. Population that wise. And it basically uneducated and needed. -- -- And I believe that what -- And which we -- you know I wish we had more time -- Boy what a way to end the show like this. I'm glad you called I wish I had more time but I don't I'm -- out. Because of that the last truck accident Q right let's roll calls that a guy guys -- feel like there. It did my job and still let you down. Well I'd wanna thank here Joseph Lieberman and John -- and I would remind. No yourself.

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