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3-6 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 3

Mar 6, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBE -- I wore us down upon -- with great business benefit yeah if you go to the whole movie. Moderately anxious and my -- That we have to pass the bill says that you can find out what is it yeah but that's not my responsibility but if you've got health -- already. Then you can keep your plan if you are satisfied with a. They're ready if nothing like -- shortened to. -- -- Today and don't mind these 8930. Excuse me while I whip this out. -- -- -- We're -- and -- joke either you're having an epileptic seizure which I certainly hope is not the case because I was unaware of any predisposition new -- towards users. If there's going to be great as -- your. I'm going to be the one not you you do not try to steal my thunder young man we got a lot of traffic that's what they hand gesture was. Let's find out what's on the on the -- well hopefully it's not serious yours -- Harris. Very seldom get the use those words and complete sincerity with -- pain whatsoever. Our folks if you're in that -- -- by that last rock. Despite windy outside right under the weather is yours you're -- that because I wanted it right now we're looking at. We're looking at mainly clear and cold tonight overnight low seventies tomorrow -- in a post speech slightly. And that's that occur as. -- that are up its benefits on it and cold but not so cold in the end of the item 38. We still 27 at WB. Yet our right George directory answer on the island. At fifty mile an hour winds okay so ladies and gentlemen here's here's the problem okay. This is where effect is actually -- interesting. Educational break. This is -- illustrate the difference between the spiritual. And the pearl. Right now. You are on planet -- And if you are on the -- the and you're heading toward the big -- tower because you're trying to get on the night he west bound to get -- out buffalo or to get Edberg you're basically ball. Because some guy with a -- truck. Apparently blew his load all over the way so we got the DOT guys now sweep up the glass. And it you are stuck in traffic but please guys am I gonna be real serious here for a second. Remember. Give the DOT guys date rape. Those DOT guys are somebody's mom somebody's dad somebody's kid somebody's brother somebody's sister. Don't get in such a hurry. Bet you forget safety comes first seriously. Cut him some slack it's a pain in the butt standing on the threw away sweep and stuff up. So please when you do get to that point. You know be cool and don't yell stuff you know it. They're trying to help as best they -- so if you get a picture of it you can send it to Tom at WB -- dot com. I want pictures of the glass on the road. Thomas WBN dot com or lose at WB EN dot com either we'll get it on line. And that that is what -- the way it's all about in the future and basically folks this is like the other they would skyward. We're talking except it's worse because now we're talking about. A major highway. Right smack dab in the middle rush hour of ever hour ago Joseph what I looked out the window this this concerns me because -- blues guys. Ninety westbound. Exit that worked at that point it's actually heading south even Paul west. All right let me go to two ladies and folks if you're on -- I will get to you and I apologize for somebody blowing the load. Here is Jennifer in traffic on WB and Jennifer. Where are you and what is the. I I. Why do I don't know what the elites sitting right up there app and find out and are now but I have. You got to the honey you got to speak up because I'm a little -- Like met with -- Elect. I believe they are it's not even though and bring like -- -- flat flat rallying. Rightly has a little bit -- out flat. Okay. And it's -- they shot at and a that it happened met. So it's an eighteen Wheeler it's not one of those glass trucks that we see all the time with plate glass windows. Now it no other. Iowa is actually like a big. -- -- it go ahead and elect a black like calling out the front. Mean it still aren't Palin supports. We're talking that a -- very very significant bloat. -- a huge load OK. Now. Got that part of the -- -- this part of the would you please follow my example. -- bomb so basically that and what's what's going up there that part of the road is screwy anyway. Because you've always got the idiot who tries to go in the right hand lane over the curve to get onto the ninety westbound at. Then you've got the people who work coming onto the highway from the 33. And that you got the people trying to get off the night beginning until the 33. And that he got the state police barracks right there and then you've got -- it will narrowed down. So a lot and that you've got to people who just went through the Williams go pols who are trying to sneak onto the ninety west. So what you're telling me is the left lane and the middle lane are basically do is dripping with glass. Completely cut and going to bat. But. It's. All right well you can drive a picture did you. -- but I already have I. Well what what are you and what do you contributed to society today. Well I had my diet that I -- I don't learn it at bank. All right so you're going to the 400 and then you're just gonna take 400 to the end to go that way. Are at my dear well look drive safely and you know what seriously thank you for thinking of WB and dot com and Alan Harris and traffic command because Alan. I mean in between checking in with DMZ and Justin Bieber pictures he is Washington post's traffic cameras like you wouldn't believe he's -- it's only for that he's watching the traffic cameras always have thank you very very much for thinking of us. Appreciated. Obama. And I got an event and the it is. Well we very much appreciate it and and I appreciate your calling in to this program as well if you got a picture of the glass which is -- we're not talking about some -- I think local truck apparently we're talking about 88 you know on eighteen -- that was hearing a significant amount of glass and this is the second time now and what two or three days where we've got a load all over the road and there's really no good reason for. Fifteen mile an hour wind is not thing. Not to say. If you can grab a picture said that the Thomas WB dot com or news at WB EN dot com. -- -- to another traffic caller this is Tammy if you're on the 29 the westbound right now and you're wondering why the hell you're you're like International Falls boulevard it's because you got this truck of glass not to be confused with heart of glass by Blondie. Which -- whole bunch of glass -- pains all over the place. And Tammy were -- what he is. Candidate. Tami don't do this to me. -- Tammy I have your phone number I will call you at 3 in the morning and do the same thing to you if you don't say any thing. Is anybody on this line Mike John -- gotten it wrong can you hear me. I know you're that are stage fright. Are we talking like the stadium the trough halftime. It is I get it through you know aren't well Tammy I'm sorry you you let me down. And I field -- neglected by you and I feel like -- of the man having admitted that are right so if you're on the tonight and he. You're backed up probably to the boulevard by now because of -- truck. Every every guy in the audience right now is laughing and some -- you can relate in some viewers saying obviously never served in the -- -- -- yeah you're right I did not. So. That's what's going on I'd appreciate your traffic calls criticism again guys I don't need to dramatize or catastrophe by his pastor -- -- -- -- -- there can't be -- Missed a catastrophe -- that will be at. Let me know where you are and how bad it is and if you're anywhere near the accident and you can safely take a picture or video. Maybe your DOT worker who can snap some on the slide. Said the -- us Thomas WB EN dot com. Were no new news at WB yen dot com. And I think we should probably check in with Allan Harris right now -- don't have the best traffic spotters in the world on the afternoon -- -- our audience liked so there's so much a part of what we do I love. Alan would you do me favor would you copy and paste the link to your FaceBook page so that I can copy and post their copy and paste in my FaceBook page. I do it for you know. Doctors I'll share with my audience -- people like Mike 101000 fans at least the ones and pissed off yet. Well I'll get to it -- I'm brain damage always. Thank you my friend. So we don't barge -- -- All right that's Alan Harris all right it is that 27 degrees. On team. Cold and clear tonight seventeen tomorrow will be up to 3827. Right now and up folks we are having a great show. Unfortunately. Here's the problem. As much as I enjoy getting into these spiritual things. Talking about big church especially during the Clinton seasoned. Enough to make a call. And the call is if you're on a hole I will get to you. But in the name of all that is decent and holy. I also need to make sure that I keep people up to date with breaking traffic nightmare information. And it is a nightmare not everywhere but the night in the west. Between Cleveland and the 33. You have a big truck not one of the local trucks but the big eighteen Wheeler truck that was -- panes of glass. And some all a number of panes of -- ball all over the wrote. The left -- in the middle lane and we've got DOT workers out there right now risking their lives to get that last swept up. So old. Please. Let us know how bad it is let us know where your back up to if you can get a picture of an up close and personal. Please do it -- you can safely and legally do it. And more importantly most importantly. Please just keep your eye out for the emergency workers. It. The via tow truck guys. Via mechanical eyes the sweepers the cops please keep your eyes on those people they've got families and oddly enough they'd like to get home and see them again. So please cut him some slack. On WB. Okay. You know I think America and Goldman from the newspaper on the issues and their long enough that I bet she. Even remember before the newspaper started to -- Like even my mom remembers when it was cold in the newspaper didn't -- But anyway I digress I think that's whatever paper Steely Dan songs like play that -- -- Merriam Howard. I hope I got the guys right now we are not talking about what's going on traffic wise because that is breaking local news. And I would just assume make sure that everybody knows exactly what is going on basically gang if you're on the 29 the and you are heading east -- on the two night because you'd be heading east bound it to get to the nine the westbound. And my suspicion is the tuna and the heading eastbound it. Is probably backed up to about Niagara Falls boulevard by now. Why. Because over the hills and far away. Because over the hill on the mind -- west about four miles up the road you've got an eighteen Wheeler that was caring panes of glass. And numerous pains somehow slid all of the truck. And basically unloaded all over the New York State threw away the left plays the center lane and eat well all over the place. All I know is that breaking glass does not have a conscience. So let us know we're -- backed up to and if you get a picture. And up close and personal picture what's going on. If you can safely do it I don't want to get the ticket and I don't want to get hurt -- hurting anybody else has any -- that you know what I mean. You can text it to Tom at WB EN dot com or news at WB EN dot com and let's get to the calls with anybody and that is Kelly a traffic caller yes Kelly is -- traffic caller. I'll put traffic calls first for right now because it is drive time you wanna get home Kelly where exactly are you might there. On the night last -- -- -- all the ninety he is -- about all the great prop eight are there altitude of 198. -- -- got it got people looking Eric thought top part of how are behind it trying to get through it -- -- being bought out there we get it up -- IPC I'd buy it. That very fact that big wow. So let me just get destroyed. Again people. Need need to notice. The ninety westbound. Is where the accident itself took place you have just on down the ninety westbound but as you looked off to your left. You've seen that the nine the the other night the east -- like if you're heading to Albany. Is backed up past the galleria. It's past. Up to William street may be and you said the 19. Because apparently what they're gonna try to do is it like a big -- had a tow truck. Yeah exactly yeah. Well what they'll try to do that is bring that parallel with the eighteen Wheeler. Now exactly what they do when they bring the parallel to the eighteen Wheeler I don't know because the pictures are saying it does not look like the eighteen wheelers off on its side. Yeah I'm -- here I didn't know it yet and I heard your guys report that I could create a long long -- amber at all. I figured out you are right about the parent you hear it quite flat out got -- got. Yeah I guess the topic still up your -- can't work now. Well you know that's the kind of thing that we never would put in a promo so. Really quickly could just say gosh thanks to WB and use saved my time two months it would -- Denver. Guy they WB and do it -- I was. -- that's just sound totally contrived. All right now I I I appreciate what you're saying and I do thank you for the heads up about the ninety eastbound now being a Mongolian clustered dance because the state police are trying to get the of the -- the big wrecker. To take care of the truck in the westbound -- Presumably. All right well. As well can we pass that info on UR Allen does purity and now OK good thank you so much -- I appreciated. All right. And that's good information. Here's amber all from the boulevard and riders say she may be just a little bit ticked off amber welcome to WB Yemen that would have -- later. Coming and he whacked actually and I was just on the -- you know that it is sooner -- all -- on the lengthy side. But sneaking up and go around I would suggest that it's valuable to call them by now about how hopeful. And. -- Well again major artery and it's like when you've got broken glass you've got virtually every -- of the ninety westbound. Affected so. Basically the highway right now I hate to say it but it's having a stroke. And I would not wanna be hitting it right now. Are carried out. You know I would suggest then that people avoid. The 29 be heading in the eastbound direction in other words -- if you're not familiar with the area if you're on the 29 the and you're heading eastbound that's the road that would ultimately take you to the airport. It would take -- to with the gallery a it would take you to main street Williams bill which in my wanna do to save time. Is get yourself the Sheridan drive. You might wanna get the Sheridan. And you may wish to take shared and drive east because it does run parallel. To the to the 29 -- and if necessary. You might want it actually. But when -- on Sheridan you might want actually turn right on Harlem which again will parallel the nine. Sure it will parallel the two denied the Harlem will parallel the nine. Does that sound like good advice based on what you see. -- absolutely. Well amber I am grateful that by the way well where are you exactly right now. I'll Barnard -- over by older white. Okay and are you already seeing more traffic than you might expect to see at this time is people who said screw this -- monitor. But actually not that bad. Well here it is not that bad today. Well I suspect it may change once people realized that through the traffic is a Mongolian cluster dance on the -- the heading. East bound and I'll -- also start to wonder about the ninety westbound how far back that is because the last word is it was backed up to the 19. As the state police try to get a big wrecker to the scene of the accident which would be about 45 miles up the road apiece holy crap. Well that's why we're here. Say that again my -- I'm I'm glad I app dot -- main street I got lucky traffic -- that. Well -- a sometimes the golden horseshoe is there and sometimes and it in today you have the golden horseshoe. You. Thanks very much. Majority -- -- let's find out about traffic and that's our Allan did you get the word and the ninety eastbound now what the state troopers try to get that big -- over to the accident scene. I just wanna give a a correction on the website where people can send photographs it's not news at WB and that economic news room at WB and that come. I've just. I just forwarded a couple of pictures to you and my last caller actually said. That it was almost getting back to Coleman now. From the ninety's heading in the eastbound direction so. The other two and I'd be back to back back. Might not be a bad idea to get yourself off Sheridan. Heading in the eastbound direction which will parallel the -- IB MN ticker right on Harlem which will parallel the ninety's depending on where measure -- ago. I hope so. All right -- thanks a lot more rallies but -- hardworking guy do intrepid Albright today and this week and look at those pictures up on line at forwarded them to win Alan Harris. As far as weather goes AccuWeather clear and cold tonight seventy in the low to about tomorrow will be up to 38 with mostly sunny skies. And by the way -- I guess we're going to be making a major announcement soon on WB -- I think it's gonna happen tomorrow. We're making a major announcement. Here's how major it is. They wouldn't even tell me what it is. I had to do my own sleuthing. To find out what the announcement news. They wouldn't even trust me with the information. Which means by -- will not work tomorrow and there'll be a memo out saying and we wish Tom well. All right. -- more traffic calls guys anymore traffic calls traffic calls -- got to go to the top of the list line 38. All right here's wrecked on WB and -- my friends elsewhere York. Well actually when you're in the -- just coming up through. The 33 perhaps the traffic here as well backdrop. I went over Cleveland driver and one over the nineties -- the trucks sit in on the side of the road. And the it -- -- caved in and out of almost a sort of get some promoters like ripple couple who opened up an -- corner of. Why you wonder well it all bets -- staying because. What would have bashed in the roof of it because there are certainly lower overpasses. That truck would have not asked under. On its route on the New York State through. Yeah that's and the real work it. Whether it's on the top of the group in -- and until I hear otherwise I'm going with -- big foot you better explanation. That agrees that all out there. As. Well to our problem is getting pretty well. Traffic would jump on. I am not around union -- through. Yeah I don't this is one of those situations where people know where they have to -- I can only offer alternate if you're heading you know again if you're if you were heading eastbound on the on the 29 -- it might make sense to go to 324. Or shared drive. And head in the eastbound direction -- and if you're intent was to get on to the ninety -- they had to. To areas south you might -- just take Harlem. And then may be -- access the ninety's at Walden or someplace like that. Yeah -- told -- -- -- I'm a very very I met my -- light you're trying to get up to the 33 now. I was up in the studio checking out there but I don't think I'm gonna wait that's enough. -- and nice nice. Looks like 12100 debate. All right thank you thank you very much. Our folks. -- -- -- taken other we have is the traffic call yesterday -- -- and put her the head of the line I got to do this is our responsibility have a social responsibility. -- BO WB and where are you later. Right now about thirty minutes ago I was that and -- -- -- -- main street elected I got off to a 91. Out. Should nineteenth lap I have a thirty very sick to go to the out. That there aren't -- -- -- -- -- -- You you gotta start again because you got to get everything right has right now you're screwed up knee. -- -- What is the question of even if you're trying to convey information -- kind of half past make sure you got every direction right. Okay I was -- that you and I eat at main street. So I couldn't get up to the June 90 lap accident ninety flat like got -- And 98. I got off was there and transit -- after I got out of the -- egg that would corps ball. Well I went over Channel 8 street. To get on the -- very bottom they're very which is totally clear but -- way west was totally clear and I'm -- -- -- -- I'm glad that I held your feet to the fire her because that's what you did unfortunately. Hole. The way you've got on to the ninety's and -- east toward the transit road or did you exit. People are backed up on the -- ninety's you know past the Niagara Falls boulevard so. Now. Yeah but what you did what you did was genius for the time you -- -- If they get and the left lane of the -- ninety eat it Gatling was going really smartly as opposed to the two right -- We're just we're not -- thing. I don't know it's spelled bad or not but it certainly was aware of where the -- Well you know what if I were like cat on the 29 the eastbound right now I would follow your advice I would get over to the left hand lane. And I would you shoot up the through way to the first exit route 78 transit road to pew. And and you know the -- excuse me and then they either take. Up -- take Genesee street. An average of taker right take Genesee street and they get back on the the through way to work. The ball very early right up. Did you didn't resist the temptation to stop and at the -- point. -- -- -- -- And I 92 year old mother -- and I think that would be appropriate. On the other hand some 92 year olds are pretty free and wild my -- Maybe I I hope you're not offended at me for making sure that we communicated properly. And OK okay I was kinda. -- because you know what that was kind of harsh of me to phrase it that way now it once it was and I'm sorry I did that and I'm glad you called and thank you for the thank you are right now it's sounded harsh to me the united. I wish it hadn't come -- that harsh but like my job is to get people home safely as possible so sometimes I forget the people don't do this for a living so bets on the -- -- It's 550 WB Ian you wanna do way alum now. I guess now. Alan Harris is here with that the update on traffic -- what you have now. It is off 554. WB and tell you what jagr got. About three minutes if you work in traffic right now because of that accident at the ninety westbound a glass truck I would love to know. What you see if you're on the two and I -- Heading east -- like toward Williams real how far back are you back up and I have a question. Did anybody actually see the accident take place. How is it possible that this truck. Had something fall on it. Because right now I'm thinking bigfoot. That seems to be the most likely explanation. In complete defiance of William of Hopkins -- or. The phone number to call on your -- cell -- to recall start at 930. Start 9:30 -- literally got two minutes well. I mean not William Mitchell before got a great start 930. Your traffic rules they've got to take priority. Because this is a mess. Right now under through nine again folks if you're just joining us wondering. Where -- on. The ninety westbound. You had eight. Eighteen Wheeler with glass on some of the glass panes got thrown ball or pushed off the truck. You've got Lance all over the -- the left this -- You got DOT workers sweeping at a and then you've got all the traffic to try to get onto the mighty west. Either from the ninety mainline throwaway attitude and he and everybody is trying to get to the same place which is pretty much jammed up. So. You guys got let me know here is or is or somebody on which which line should I go to. That is gonna be most relevant is -- -- line Mike is that line might. Okay -- five on WB and this is Mike Mike what have you seen sort. I we're coming I don't edit page in ninety sort art technology now. Denied it but anyway I what I thought well that's what looks like -- what little. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So I mean it could have been hit a look like most want in this site -- delegate center caught cited structural. I don't know what across sided truck means and I'm sure most of my audience that as the year. -- all feel like a TARP -- -- okay. Yeah. So I mean again it just but it genocide in that slightly but it you know repertoire -- that way no but that you that you like to take a look at this right well. But -- sounds so much more appealing but your explanation makes the most sense. All right did you -- -- -- actually see the accident happened you went by. Okay and which -- did they have you in going bias and how many were open on the right. I. Senator I would adding. All right each hour and a -- -- secure it's very well on the other -- Okay all right so you're on your then your -- -- of the two night the east is from a guy heading the other direction telling act after the 99. Right okay now I got you. All right my man I'm glad you called -- thank you very much. All right gang -- will consider this and again as always folks thanks -- without you guys on the ground we couldn't do this because we've got an -- game on the ground game and you are our ground games sometimes on WB Ian.

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