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3-6 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 2

Mar 6, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WB he had. I walks the beat you with great. Effort. The -- look. You can do this and my brother maybe you're better off not having the surgery but taking the painkiller. Again like so stupid why apple people in carriage. -- -- I'm not only I don't know what this. Good. Kind of objective people and I'm very. Easily and thirty you know partner one simple request. -- -- to have sharks went. But didn't make it be let back. -- and WB he had a and I I feel like I should thank and also apologize to our morning host sandy beach because usually. Still say these topics but I hopes it takes it for the compliment it is intended to be. That what -- was doing it is a topic about the church and whether the church changes and me a few other things in -- -- -- wrong. But I was I was spellbound I thought to myself. Wake up earlier Walsh. And I couldn't wait to get on the today because it wanted to bring this up. And if you're just joining us folks again it's not about me but I also believe I should give you truth in advertising. I'm not a Catholic. I'm not a Christian I'm not an atheist I believe in god I believe in a creator. I do not adhere to any specific. Religion -- spiritual set of beliefs. I believe there is a god. But that I would say I know there's a guy. I have not even a shadow of doubt that there's a guy which religion is right that I don't know I can't commit. We're gonna get fifty years old and single cell and that's. About all you need to know about that decision right there but I -- the -- show. And I was just I was mesmerized I couldn't wait to get on the year now as far as the issue of priests being married. I do wanna point out. With all -- respect that to a caller to -- -- return presently at one point in the history of the Roman Catholic Church. People in the church were -- -- wouldn't believe it or not to be married when I see people in the church I mean. Bishops. Presenters. And deacons. And all other clerics. Were allowed it to be married but. They were supposed to have sex. They were to abstain completely. From their wives and not to have children and this was actually decided. The end of the year 304. At the council of Elvira. You guys. And have you no decency. Have you no -- and. But you'll remember the name though council of L virus said you can beat Mary did you just can't get pregnant in fact you gotta be chased. All right. And made it look it is a matter of historical record. And at some points. Which was actually -- -- that I could identify it for you if you'd like. And if I'm wrong. Well one of the Catholic apologists and I don't mean apologist -- a bad way it's like propaganda that word has a very bad connotation sodas apologist apologetic ex it's not what you think -- news. But yes at one point priests could Mary. They work. Supposed to have carnal relations with their wives many of them did it. In fact at one point the church actually said if you -- the son or daughter of a -- you were forbidden from inheriting property the idea being to. -- -- -- Priest -- people in the church from having children. On fortunately. Unfortunately. One of the unintended consequences. Of that and I hesitate to say this but it is a historical fact. Unfortunately. A lot of babies that were born in -- honorees and monasteries. Were killed. They were murdered. Infanticide. There's a very famous letter written by. A very by a Pope. To a minor English -- basically saying don't fall into that trap. Others have fallen into. You were leading eight this salute immoral life. And you do not want to send an unhappy souls to hell by impregnate adding nuns. Amid the king was basically -- loans right left and center. And needless to say the church took a dim view of that. On -- get back to I think it was -- win in Orchard Park who is a very well educated are Catholic lady. Lou and -- -- -- was the difference and there is a different words do mean things I know that because our president said so once. Com between dogma and discipline in layman's language could you just explain the difference between the two. -- dogma is a teaching of the church. That has been given to us from Christ himself to the apostle and has been upheld these past 2000 years don't never changed. I think the plan is how we live -- those teachings the action. And you mentioned priestly celibacy you like crap that priests and bishops were married in nearly church. The church and it's with them. And has decided that it would be better for our Kris too. Not to be married so bad that they discipline that bush changed. Hands. I would wanna say two bit. It changed for the western -- the Latin right. But in our eastern churches ukrainians have been -- there are married priests married Catholic priests. The Anglican Anglican priest who convert to catholicism. Are all so -- to if they were married Anglican they can be married if Catholic -- And I did I did mention that earlier and by the way -- -- correct something I said. Our regular listener Jim hi -- who is a member of saint -- Anglican Communion and -- tells me it's saint -- on brighten the old saint Bartholomew episcopal church where I actually worked as the janitor or assistance -- that one time is actually the episcopal. I guess the diocesan headquarters now in Western Europe Africa has basically nobody went to the church after most of its members and guess what. We're out of here because you've changed your beliefs were not change an -- adios MF. -- for a fact that's exactly what they -- I don't know if you know that -- -- -- -- I've I'm obviously being facetious up. So please please -- further with this because. Again I'm not Catholic and I I I'm always. Like I'm amazed animal little troubled. By the people who profess catholicism and believe this is not intended to be Catholic bashing shall I don't do. I don't do that I never will I never have. And you you'll never hear Catholic bashing for me maybe the occasional slight joke but I do that with everybody but no Catholic bastion. But as far as the as far as the people who profess to be among the faithful. Who then to not buy into dogma or disciplined. What is the answer for them what what is the church it is the church say really why are you you're. Well. I can't speak for the hierarchy can't speak for the clergy. I really do believe that many folks. Simply do not understand it's simple distinction. That you did dot -- will never change so more debt for example see. The presence of Christ and the eucharist. The perpetual virginity at Mary. Don't think it'll never change term secular factions will never change with tactic price truly rose from the dead. We will we believed -- did he is truly a design personally we believe that this is change. -- -- -- it will never change typically in however hand change. Whether they will attack is the decision of the church padded by the holy spirit soul. To those who do not accept. The disciplines. And feel that they should change. I don't I don't think it as a result of -- Dartmouth well some folks -- change -- well. They they need to see what Pope John Paul the second talked about real potential life. They knew -- mineralization. Can keep this in our country badly and I would say probably in most of the west. Had an abysmal. Since the end of the second bit. OK time out when you say caddick he says you're referring to catechism which is a series of questions and answers which are designed to really. Ferret out the true nuggets of church within the Catholic theology. Just question the answer I get -- -- Yeah I can't give them as a question and answer format but when I think can't keep that I mean that teaching of the truth of the day and then -- suffered. Thankfully most of my education at least elementary. Was. Prior to the councilman not blaming the council port I think account to a deadly misinterpret it. But the teachings of the church never changed and how they were presented. To the faithful to change radically and there are many many people who simply don't understand a reasonable. Nature of Catholic teaching -- the -- out but. And they lead because they misunderstand. And I have to say it's not an original thought archbishop Fulton Sheen of -- -- memory said folks that never leaves the Catholic faith. They leave with these big gift to Catholics say it's. That's that's very in Beijing there's one. It. You know and -- I mean I'm still hung up on Pope Greg. I hate you don't let it create -- I know you don't mean hell I'm I'm being facetious because he was just a brilliant man I I want to thank you for -- -- forum articulating. With great clarity. And perfection. Some very complex ideas. Guy and it really has been a pleasure and I do hope that you will call again. I would be happy -- I love your show well -- -- how wordsmith if you act you are right up there well I I do appreciate that you're very very kind and -- thank you. Paramount question time. Well -- believe thank you very much it's unlikely but thank thank you it's about twenty minutes after four folks. You realize now that we this was my second or third call I've taken today. Do you. I can always tell. When somebody has been really. Educated. In the Catholic faith or are in the Jewish rate for the most. I can always -- And that lady just immediately. I knew that she -- more than the average run of the mill person. And look in the general run of humanity you expect that you expect 5% of the membership of any group or any organization. To be the active go gators the thinkers the loss of visors and the educators and win was one of them and we have a lot of great ones in Western New York -- a lot of them. Over the years on the phone or email. Brazil hours of Grand Island I think there are other people if I say one little thing. That is incorrect. They tell -- where they don't tell me you know like a mean way but it will clarify if I say dog I should say doctrine they let you know about it. Which I'm very appreciative. Let's find out about traffic right now hopefully you'll be appreciative of what -- has to say -- -- players. Well actually I'm -- cringe but I do the AccuWeather forecast that it gang mainly clear and Colby overnight low seventy and and tomorrow partly to mostly sunny. Got to 38 degree and work your twenties at news radio 930 WB yet but I through a it's -- buffalo fashion. This is where I was born. And worse but all three years in my -- I'm looking out the window and seeing blue skies. I realize that somewhere there's somebody does not lose squirt them in the reservoir where's the late great track reporter Mike -- used to say -- Jews. Please look out for those people driving westbound into the sun -- rounds and -- Peca is -- fly you know wing and reporter. Not good. Okay let's get back to the calls you're still in the Niagara Falls fill out. Talked to me. To what we've been getting into today about. Catholics hoops -- Catholics but the league down with a lot of the dogma or discipline of the church. Yeah it's pretty impressed what -- -- our -- very knowledgeable I was too. Yep and out -- the first call the great example of what you're trying to bring out I thought you are credible answers for we're just really feel a lot of what BJ at the church's. Talking about how it's. -- all that -- -- -- stand or if you don't like there's plenty of other churches. But on the other hand like any other organization. The Catholic Church does not want to alienate its core constituency. But but it. -- a -- but if you but if you bend with the breeze. With every vicissitudes. And passing fad that that's not what a rock does at a church is supposed to be -- -- Well and and I hit my point was more of that side to look at a virtual reformation. Who are actually -- no intention of leaving the Catholic Church you just trying to. Yeah that would amount to just two ruling party area although a couple of these kind of hypocritical. On time. And -- of people who picked up on his right he's a chat while all all the churches that been -- so much respect our own. -- -- -- -- -- kind of what what we're doing on that on my show with the conservative terror is an idea as opposed to the Republican or even the conservative. Idea. Because I don't think I fit well with conservatives. Who tell me that my lifestyle is evil and retrograde in that I'm going to hell. Mean what I do is really none of anybody's business unless I choose to sheriff and I feel very comfortable with the way that my life. And if other people all -- Not my problem. What -- -- -- you are going to a Christian. -- girl who is the goal I speak it nobody knew that at all. People who judgment not a sport in your sport that died in Italy or -- -- judgment. Who will wait hold hold out because I wanna I wanna talk Jim -- we have to slug it out here it's 425 at WB and -- were much different. It's like ever meet Tom -- I just wanted to -- Just heard this song -- do. God gave me. I'm a man of peace and if you gratuitous violence but she'll ever be in the same room with Tom Petty based on his back profile video. Last dance with Mary Jane I shell here Tom -- square in the -- He deserves. That is the creepy just video that has ever be and that made it ever. Anyway it and I like Tom -- but he's just gonna have to pay. My steel toed boot it is up for third what do you Wear steel toed boot Tom well actually because last summer -- -- mowing the -- And I broke a little -- it took about eight months for the -- Are right it is out hourly and we're talking about. Actually. Ripping off. Paying homage to what sandy beach talked about earlier this morning except I'm focusing on one particular area. Because I've never understood and please forgive my ignorance. If bottom -- up -- I'll always tell you I don't know something. I'm not Catholic. But I've never understood people who said they were Catholics but then they read this litany. Of things with which they disagree with the church I think. Know about it. You say you're Catholic but it's like you don't really respect what the church as this way. How do you reconcile that now look I'm not in the position to judge. I am genuinely intellectually. Curious. How you do. Without judgment it's going to be a judgment freeze well. Now we also in buffalo and Western Europe little secret for. We have probably. Some of the most well educated. Articulate defenders of the Catholic -- In all of North America right here in buffalo and I know this because over the years like thirty years they've sent me email. That sent me letters they sent me pamphlets and books please don't send me books and pamphlets on try to clean out my life but not at the clutter. But. Seriously folks you guys who -- the Catholic intellectuals. -- -- I find due to be amazing. As a non Catholic -- you'd be amazed. With very fassel mines. That have arguments that are based in logic. And I appreciate that very much. Don't like you know that your your -- I appreciate your passion and I appreciate your intelligence. Melanie get back to was it -- -- did he -- Now the guy with cougars beat up took. -- it once well. Okay is that we got on an Eden -- well first let's go to fill in night in the fall stuff -- we felt -- Our conversation on a contentious note just before the news but I forgot what we were contending because I was looking up something -- How -- bring -- towards all. People don't understand the difference between making judgments and condemnation. And what it is you know people want to make a judgment about the church. That's why. Then the can down the discretion to include. That's different -- and then to -- comment about what their what they think corner and I mean Iraq descending order had. But once you start making condemnation -- we shouldn't let it sort. Or -- -- and it is what they already don't do the relaxed. And well they certainly I don't show actual. -- -- little girl I mean it's not much different. Well. I can't believe you just said that because remember I said that I was looking something up. -- you're gonna enjoy this bill because you you are Catholic and my correct. And you were educated as a Catholic and I -- you've done your own studying of Catholic apologetic -- -- correct. Okay. Yeah I again I can tell I can always call. It's like we have I don't mind meld with Catholics even though I'm not want you're gonna love and I can't read the entire letter but there was this king. Of this minor. Well -- that was major but there's this case a part of Britain called mercy. Mercy back in the year 747. And his name was apple bull. And basically. I say this apple ball was a lot like Bill Clinton except in the years 747. And -- -- -- body parts of whom I'm sure you have heard found out that basically killing -- ball was -- and everything with a brat. OK so say bottle this writes this letter to the caring which I thought took -- ads of steel back then because back then kings thought nothing. Of condemning Lehman to fire or to be that. Have basically this letter is a masterpiece. Of diplomacy. And it butt -- Because it says hey you know we hear you're not married. And if you've done this because you wanna have eight chaste lifestyle and an abstinent lifestyle. We applaud theirs but. This is what we've heard on the contrary. On the contrary. You have as many say neither take a lawful wife remained a chase abstinence for God's sake. But governed by lost abstained. The fate of your glory before god and men by the -- of Las Vegas this and adultery. We are extremely. Grieved by this for is regarded both as a disgraced in the sight of god and the ruin of your reputation in the among the them. And then. Saint out of his gets down to brass tacks and folks this takes balls biggest church bells here's -- told -- can't what is worse. Those who tell us there's. Add that this shameful crime. Is especially committed in the monasteries. With holy nuns and virgins consecrated. To god. And then he went on to say that every time one of these non -- of baby chances are the baby is murdered after -- And I I got and basically say bottom as goes on to tell king at the apple bald. Dude you really need to change your ways or you will fall into the pit into which you've seen many before you fall. I ought to put that letter up on my FaceBook page because I happen to think it's a masterpiece. For what it said so. You're right that the the the author of the letters say -- office tried to explain. Logically. To -- is all powerful up altering Bill Clinton liked doing it why he shouldn't be doing what he was doing. But at the same time he made it real player that he was this pleased even though he was diplomatic about it. Some very good. You -- agree completely is an important they -- doing. It tends to be sure should there and looked at the simple and you -- wouldn't go according to the church or whatever way you wanted to hit. He can do. It -- Personally and -- Yeah Christian ought to be. An understatement wouldn't. But not a measure up well -- our first question. I think I don't perform political work at. All. One liners in order I don't all the support him. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well can't you just somebody. Somebody that you -- Where it was nothing equations are the Thessaloniki and I can't remember. Shall we ought to -- the motor homes cool you kids what I would be a true story. Not going to be perfect but respectful I don't and so -- And I didn't -- quiet. It's human nature and should not pregnant but they didn't know I think people get up and they couldn't walk there should be no. I. Don't want it back. You sure you might not agree to appeal. All right a -- it than it has been a pleasure I'll put that. That letter up on my FaceBook page because. There it is always stood out in my mind as a model. Letter. Basically. Carrots stick. Carrot club. Didn't sell -- put up in my FaceBook page because. Very quickly because unlike your well candlelight your girlfriend in high school I'm a little late. All the good that's good chemistry should this be -- him for off season. Optional promised more. All I haven't but I'm very familiar with that Thomas -- There are interstate movement which alcohol at all do you just expect -- what. And basically tell them to stop this -- -- -- there. We divorces court Victoria. Thomas Moore. Get a lot. If they don't make him like Thomas More anymore. Because the way you said it is exactly. How it happened at one point he was king Henry the -- best buddy and confidant. And Thomas Moore said. I am not going to give up my faith in catholicism. So you can get your rocks off with and boldly and under the cover of marriage I don't change my principles that way and sir Thomas More. I ended up losing his head on tower -- I believe it was. Under Henry the eighth which is by the way I have so little use for monarchy. And why when I talk about our founding fathers I refer to that era of British history as the example of why our founding fathers. Didn't want to stay religion. -- a friend thank you very much. Okay this has been out -- so far I gotta tell you this has been my favorite show of the week. Other enjoy the heck out service I was gonna say elbit that would have worked out very well I need to break. But folks were we're talking about. This whole thing I copied idea from sandy beach and I wanna make sure the -- gets credit for the idea. Because and -- focusing in on one aspect to what he did today that is always bothered me here we are the day after Ash Wednesday. And it anywhere in the licensees. And I think to myself I wonder. How is it that people can call themselves Roman Catholics. Yet. Have such wide. And deep disagreements. With church dogma. And discipline and we did learn today there's there's there's a difference between dogma and discipline and I think -- win for worker for Orchard Park for making sure I clearly understood the distinction between the two because words do. Have meanings. And that's life. You know. I'll say that's my Roman Catholic Brothers and sisters I appreciate your input on today show because I don't belong to your -- up but you're explaining it to me. And whether you are or not. The first up on your feet and the last the first -- your duties and services. I -- know where you are on or church which is the biggest single denomination of Christians in the United States the Roman Catholic Church. The one thing I don't allow is Catholic bashing. Happening in my share. And I have told Davis and I will not name names because it's immaterial. But I would. Bol on all that is holy -- my children's souls. That I attended church wants worthy sermon was basically bashing of Catholics. I never returned -- to that church because it made me exceedingly. Uncomfortable. And I that's just not where I am at -- capitol public Catholic Brothers and sisters. And I would not want to see anybody talk -- -- of them. Were of you. Under the auspices of some competing phrase that just that that to stay cool. That's not cricket baby on WB Ian. Candidates for fifth day get news radio 930 WB yen and just a look at it loose guy is I'm seeing some -- remember the clocks spring. This Saturday night Sunday and let's hope your springing ahead getting home safely and soundly here's Alan Harris. You know we should do we should have people send pictures if you buy that accident where the glass trucked spewed its load all over the road. Take a picture you can safely do it and said that the Tom at WB EN dot com. Or -- what is it traffic command at WBM dot com. Okay yeah either news at WBM dot com or Thomas WB and dot com that's the ninth US between the two united in the 33. Glass all over the road apparently some of it fell off a glass truck. I was just wondering Allen of the pictures will only come through of somebody's using windows. Which is unfortunate on call for untimely and down. Anyway folks AccuWeather I don't even have to cringe giving it to your seventeen below tonight with clear skies overhead. Tomorrow partly to mostly sunny not as cold and 3827. Degrees right now if you -- that accident. I would like to know. How much less is there because tires are -- have you priced higher slightly. Okay holy. Crap so I don't wanna see anybody end up with a flat out service. So if you are on the ninety westbound. And you see the truck with the glass off of yet. Between. Excuse me between 833 and the 290. If you can snap a picture send it to news. At WB EN dot com. Or Tom at WB Ian dot com as long as you can safely do it we'd like to see you were dealing with in terms of the panes of glass. Which is opinion and managed. And you can also call me if you're right by you -- eyeball on the situation not that it's an all traffic day but. My god. This is two days in a row right now we're somebody had a load goal work load should -- gone. Here's dog in. Even on WB and hello Don. I. I when you can't principal accountant on the front siblings runner. And the thing was as -- nineties came along I began to feel. Funny about the church because anything like they became main target -- in the ninety's. And I know it -- before then and I think where a lot of people hiring they talent to everything we've heard. At all in the let them whatever they like -- outlived whatever propaganda there against the church. And it spent for reasons they wanted to take down the church thank you that you read history and literature at the same thing as Cuba but yet it is let them. We LB what we even now you know because they didn't do a lot to you know keep the Christian -- going. Well they did everything to keep the Christian rate going if it wasn't for the Catholic Church you wouldn't have the Christian -- today sorry to break the news to my Brothers and sisters were Protestant but that's the back to back. Correct correct you know and -- 2000 years go to something great after it happened to change his entire calendar around them at the -- things that happened. And for all that is done in record this strike because they don't want the information did not whatever was -- back and you know -- that somewhere along my back became and -- the team only needed they'll apologize for -- an expert -- are Catholic and and they got to get the kid you wanna get to get -- go to -- -- -- -- -- -- negative -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And the and that it seemed like christianity and god is in taking Kabul only out as the the world altogether but just decency and goodness then and -- have been behind everything. If god is good I didn't and I think that if if they're watching god if there wasn't morals there wasn't. You know that it does begin or whatever. I mean god knows where the world would be. This is also why don't believe in hell. You you understand that when you say god is good that's why I don't believe in hell. Yes the idea I don't know I mean what what the hell is. And I I I have no idea what hell is help could be a lot of different is just yet I I I don't know either about how. Obama I I I would call it listening to ten hours of trade deadline talk repair ship is me Paul hold -- on top of that Archie Moore after the news. I'm WB and I am so boasted that.

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