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3-6 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 1

Mar 6, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WB EN. Doubles down. He went right. That you. -- -- -- -- -- No one ponds with an assault rifle no -- -- -- Did all of time. If they are big extreme conservatives. They have no place in the State of New York. If you've got health care already. Then you can keep your plan if you are satisfied with a wherever and whenever I can take steps without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families that's what I'm gonna do when that happened to. Gary -- -- strong silent. That was an American. -- brilliant -- -- -- -- to eat. -- -- -- -- And I like Q. You have loans. I'd like loaded. Clinton's -- my -- It's nine minutes after. It pretty WP. And I take -- that crap. It may want what looked like Alvin. Math -- But the unit. No way. It is I'm -- Jamaica a little rock star for three years before it date back. I felt my father -- zone. Of each month paid that storm not for the winner and those genetics. Now -- it happen and happen. And it I don't. I have some good today. And the man. I I actually. I have to command an American company. Now this has nothing to rule. Well not much to the fact that I put on my FaceBook raged for WB a couple of days ago. A note. That the great though headphone company in Brooklyn New York. Makes the finest headphones I've ever. I used to be it's nicer guy. Now all the great old guy. And I know we have sponsors over at that speaker shop on main street ball lower across the UB. But they don't have any spare parts opera great shows at least the ones I did so I sent this email that great of guys. I need some knobs. That will hold the -- post in position so it doesn't flop out of rebels. -- -- elect an envelope full of black knobs. So I now have more black knobs and ought to do it. And somewhere there's a joke but somewhere I don't think I'm definitely tell the GO. Because it's the treatments can. Definitely it was really intended to be so out -- -- -- listeners in Brooklyn. Thanks to the exuberance of the good guys are appreciate that I remember. In the envelope even though they didn't ask weren't. Because it's not their fault that might not in -- of anyway yeah it's it's a thing out and over the frivolity. Pissed off. Or pissed off today. A first talk politics and -- You know it's like a politic the death yesterday. But you'll say one thing. Give her devastated -- showed today. And I got angrier and angrier and angrier angrier and air here is I was listening to -- -- be ages ago. Not each but at some callers were calling this indeed breach fox. If you'd all like Catholic dogma doll being -- black. The Catholic Church is pretty much this. Match. For all I. I don't know about 2000 years. I'm not Catholic but my understanding is there's a felony Peter who knew Jesus who went to Rome who started the church at home. Who was then martyred for his trouble who's actually buried somewhere in Vatican said he. And he is the guy who got a policy is that started. Now I I I know that somewhere and history. At one point priest were allowed to Mary but then the Catholic Church relatively early in its existence decided. That it would have on married priests. And for the life of me folks I don't -- It's. Not anything. I'm not a Catholic I'm a Christian I believe they creator meant to him about an atheist I believe -- -- creator. But I'll never understand the people who call themselves Catholics. Boy this is a nice noncontroversial. Subject for the day after Ash Wednesday hot but. I will never understand the people who expect the church to change to meet the mayor Williams and decreases. Like. If you don't like Catholic dogma. All the Catholic. If you think priests ought to be allowed to Mary. Become an episcopalian which is like Catholic light. Except if you become an episcopalian. Be ready for openly gay priests and open. Openly gay bishops not slide the Anglican church in town one that broke off from episcopal church and now -- over the -- -- You know it's it's like I say when people say I'm Christian there's like you can have a civil war even among Christians over just one issue gates. Little discouraged and -- -- all. You folks Hillary's I mentioned this is for a long. -- that -- -- -- for jobs I was did you editor. I was assistant sexton. -- enjoy saying that high school because in other words accident. I'm the assistant sexton. At saint my apologies episcopal church so much about what -- for years right. And it actually at one point I was actually confirmed as if you can believe it or not. I mean that's before people -- me I was gonna help but anyway. What happened along the way it was the episcopal church became uber liberal. -- uber liberal. And the people at saint Bartz took a vote. And I'm talking about saint -- on Brighton road across from -- mortgage they said. Do we really want to be part of -- church anymore. That really does not represent our values. And overwhelmingly. The congregation says that we are. Here so basically they broke off from the episcopal church and they became Republicans. And they became the part of I think I'm gonna get -- wrong part of the Anglican Communion of North America and I hope I didn't get -- -- wrong but. The interesting thing is sick of all the news of this temple church. Is still a bright road in -- a lot of across from. Him or east. Campbell -- of abuse. Anglican church. Made up of the people who set up your -- broke boundaries episcopal that is in the old Jewish temple. On Edgar rode in the I don't want to. So they basically said look church doctrine is not our doctrine anymore. We are air force starting our own congregation and they -- So I will never understand for the life of me and believe me this this is not anti Catholic. In any way shape or form I don't want to perceive it is that. But I will never understood at home portals. Who. Have. Been confirmed as Catholics. Complain about the doctrines day accepted when they became Catholics. It doesn't make sense to him. It's not to -- did you think the church was going to change. After like 2000 years of a historic. Right -- is that a realistic expectation. Well -- one point threes were arbitrary OK. But it's been what about a thousand years that's a long time. That's almost as well as we've been waiting for the sabres to what is daily -- Probably about as long as well for the sabres to win a Stanley Cup. But they're not gonna change. Probably not your lifetime anyway so why should. -- church. It's based on principle. It's based on a series. Of logical. Steps. That Roman Catholic apologist and I don't mean that with a negative connotation. I mean that people who can explain your policy -- who will explain. Why the church has certain. Ideological beliefs and why it engages in certain practices. And it will walk you through with logical so it resumes exactly. Street is what I seven that could be misinterpreted adult. And they can explain why the Catholic Church in 2014. Is the way it is in 2014. And let me ask -- question if a church whether it's the Catholic Church or church changes its ideology. To meet human. Needs. To -- -- and expectations. Is really the church. That's -- I don't understand. And I've said this before. I'm not a Catholic but if I work -- like I would be the -- Catholic. Seriously I would be so Catholic but would go to the church with a Latin mass that's how Catholic I would pretty. But I'm not Catholic. But I for the life of me -- I hear people calling and -- about the Catholic Church -- -- over Catholic I think that myself. Well physically -- she knows you're Catholics in the you call yourself a Catholic. You want partner when somebody's buying you up there for the last -- Yet you refuse to accept. 75%. Of the church doctrine. What what does that. -- Great concern what I really planet -- earlier today. But it is the day after Ash Wednesday and I guess I didn't realize -- -- I was about there's after listening to Imus show this morning. Now sandy has more Catholic experienced and do -- The only Catholic experience I have is -- I have. Probably shoot me most of my friends are either Christian. Like Oregon Christians Catholics or Jews. And then some people. The other big group would be people who consider themselves spiritual. But not adhering to any specific religion worked great. Like I don't hang out with atheist is I think atheists are stupid. And I don't like -- -- was stupid people. And forgive me if that offends you but you know somebody's got to win the lottery. We just had somebody win that that ten million dollar quick scratch ticket. I hit quick scratch once but the doctor gave you some cream -- submitted -- -- after Jamaica where an order but anyway hit. But could you repeat it back -- -- take that all the quirks grant but look lightning can strike. And today. You know forget it forget all spiritual and philosophical here but when I wake up in the morning. First is all the crap and still alive then my second thought is. Wow this really pretty amazing when you think about it. I -- out the window the sun is over there in the east it's gonna -- some or whether in the west. The seasons change. And so did I think you need not wonder why. -- and lyrics there somewhere but there is such order out of chaos on this planet. That I refuse logically to accept the fact. That it is some kind of mathematical statistical accident that just happened because it happened I can't accept that it makes no sense to me. But I also don't understand the people who say. Will -- -- -- -- -- I think the church is wrong. If you have that many disagreements with the church wire you even like. Seriously. -- The simplified things but that's why I got the hell out of the Republican Party. Because. How can -- carry water or John McCain. I carry water for Mitt Romney. I carry water. Passed the -- Artest on god eight at straw. Well my arms are pretty well built but then after awhile and they get tired -- -- galactic passive forms -- I -- -- rest. So my question. And I realize this is a largely. Catholic community. I will never understand. People who today -- Catholic. Who. Had such. Rates. Issues. Such huge huge divisions. Between themselves. And what the holy father roams as your policy as it is all out. And what generation after generation after generation. Of some of the most intelligent people ever walked the face of the earth. In the Catholic hierarchy have sent the church is all about. May I remind you. Import here are gonna sell a solid Catholic priest here it's like -- shipment of minute. But may -- remind you that a thousand years ago 15100 years ago the only option. The only option for people with any kind of IQ whatsoever. Was the Catholic Church. That was the option. You were either a scribe up -- and in the lack a thinker or the fields. -- Okay you -- exactly -- university. And -- black history. All right you were either an intellectual in the church -- worse are. Or are very small percentage word royalties with blah blah. And in Britain UCs which go persisted Tuesday. But again. Can somebody explain that's all they do in this but the more -- -- about seeing the shadow of the more confused I am again not -- -- just. I don't want to call sandy beach and -- -- -- -- regular and. Because far from a I found it showed to be so intriguing that have been thinking about it all so he accomplished his mission as a talk show host. He got another talk show host to think about him all -- -- callers. Explain to me. Because I don't get it. How you can call yourself a Catholic. If you have such great issues. With the Catholic Church. I do not understand for the life of -- I really don't. Because at least I'm honest enough with myself this way I'm a recovering Republican. That the Republican Party left me. Or well actually -- left the Republican Party and let me it was a little bit boat but the Catholic Church. Part with some exceptions but for the most part has been a rock. For the most part it has been consistent. And it's not supposed to change. With every generation. It is supposed to be the rock. In fact -- believe Jesus referred to Peter and his church as the rock you were the rock upon which double -- my church at a lot of Protestants get pissed off when I say that but you know that is in the new testament. So I I I don't get it can somebody explain this to -- because I'm not a Catholic and I don't mean to be talking out of my responders. But I just don't get it how people can be such allegedly devout Catholics and -- have such deep. Issues with the church they profess to -- up. And is -- -- and says that anybody. Joseph is that make incense or by two deep. After the trade deadline day you don't give a damn anymore is that your outlook on life. You know no person. 803 on I thirty is the phone number 803 on 930 start at thirty on the cell phone 180616. WB EN. About some -- -- minor issues. About some serious religious that Asians. Doesn't. Get -- straight wipe them. And you wanted to tell everything I mean athlete your house forum I'm sorry you know. Speaking of you know it's 334. News radio thirty WB yen. It is it with you on the radio and didn't. I've ever interest in philosophy on life actually a -- interest and to me hopefully you do as well it is rather unconventional. And if that were conventional it would be boring and so lucky. But things that has always fascinated me yeah me to be stealing sandy beaches show but I have to. Because I was riveted to like the last half hour of the program. -- and he was basically asking people. About a survey that was out. And others that a dumb down the survey and on to try to get to the meat of it like she usually -- ratio which is what makes him great. And by my question is simply there's. If you can't agree with basic Catholic dogma why are you look at what are your Roman Catholic. I don't get it. I don't agree with the Republican blog anymore. The Republican dogma and I do not see eye to eye on pretty much anything. Therefore -- left. As it left I left it. We broke up we divorced. Smartest thing I've ever and because it's a bit DK in maggot ridden bunch of people were quite frankly despicable. WB yet please tell me. If you don't agree with basic church dogma. Why are you Catholic and those of you who are. I mobile Roman Catholics I know I have some listening to the show -- Clarence. And in the old days Jim recruited us. Look. I have talked with some brilliant -- -- brilliant local Roman Catholics over the years who know the saints who know the reasons for the feast days who know everything about the church there is to know short of the Vatican library. So there's no shortage of Catholic intellectuals in the area. And again folks our society. It is impossible. Now look I think religion can be good and it can be bad lot of people have been murdered stupidly. Over religion. By Catholics Protestants by Muslims by Jews username their religion and somebody has been killed over. On the other hand without the Roman Catholic Church. The dark ages of Europe. Would have absolutely savaged every written record. Of history. That we have back to a certain point. Between the Catholic church and what the Muslims did with their historical record keeping. Without those two groups of people we wouldn't know squat. Until National Geographic. Specials came along with archeological -- All right let's -- take some calls here on WB yen. And I want your educated opinions because I know. That we have a lot of very very intelligent Roman Catholic intellectuals out here but I'm just gonna ask you dumb it down for me because I'm not an expert on the church I grew up Catholic everybody with -- -- -- I was a -- was Catholic I was the only non-GAAP. -- -- But now I think the myself tigers did grownups -- bitching about the church. And yet when it comes last right time worst worst father. -- You gotta come. I don't there's here's Debbie into a log that help me out your WB Ian. I can. I look upon it I'm Catholic and I disagree with similar things in the Catholic Church I don't want to leave decapitated just want to change. So I don't look upon the campus I think any organizations. Obviously especially if they're you know run by humans. So that. They're fallible and out of noble and I think anybody you know commit China to the Republican Party do you put some people stay within -- Republican party for -- change from within. Think you got to look at by the Catholic Church is that -- land. That indeed dictate for billions of people everything it means they kept pictures that you -- -- -- -- -- not -- China's ties and it changed their mind. So it's -- a. Other Tibetan there have been occasions I said there have been occasions where they have changed doctorate -- and specifically. Excuse me if I may say specifically. You now will find English man has instead of Latin mass in most churches number one. Number two like a thousand years ago priest were allowed to carry that hasn't been the case lately unless somebody leaves the Anglican church of the episcopal church becomes the Catholic -- and is already Mary and there are exceptions and. And I think. I think the bottom line is it depends on who you think has the right to change it if you think that the hi -- is the church. That the men that there amend any power position as -- Catholic -- is the only -- with an ever changing any dogma. Then you're out of it -- my position. I think that Catholic laypeople have -- rights. And the duty to change from within the Catholic Church think that they think are wrong the same -- you don't have to leave the Republican Party could change your career. Other Republican Party is nothing to do with spirituality and nothing to do we've got. The Republican Party -- a series of political it's a series of political beliefs which have nothing to do with the afterlife -- as far as I'm concerned with the creation of the planet -- the universe the Catholic Church the Catholic Church -- folks I -- you understand that one of the great appeals of the Catholic Church is a promise of everlasting paradise the Republicans can offer them. But that they just comes down to who do you think has the right to change that organization but only if you -- the -- hierarchy or is that everybody. As you know it in the. Let me ask your question who isn't a better position to change but at the positions of the Catholic Church those who -- the Catholic intellectuals who -- in Vatican City. Who are familiar with each and every Catholic document that has ever been produced from day one that is still held in the collection that have a daily working knowledge of the struggles that took place within the Vatican and every papal decree decision and sentence ever uttered or people coming in from the outside. I think as saying that the democracy and maybe. Does not democracy it's a theocracy. That's really disagree. I don't feel that the dictatorship I think that the people that are responsible for changes at -- Should take into account that you -- to believe people are not perfect they can make mistakes. But if you believe about trying to give you a hard time my -- I'm really not but if you believe that that people within the church okay have been chosen by god. To guide the church. I I think you have to give more credibility to those people who have made a courier and the life in the church. Then those who walked through the gore on Christmas Eve and Easter Sunday. I think just because got called somebody to a particular. You know position or -- that'll sicken me that they -- completely infallible and can never be influenced any out that they can be dictators and can never be questioned. I think that's not entirely at its assembly. I don't know some corrected me on this once that is. It is not the official Catholic position that all papal decrees are infallible I think there's an asterisk after that of one of the intellectuals is gonna -- in -- So why should they feel that everybody is able to influence them. And we don't watch it it is quite -- questions it was a. Because the churches of god people are of the earth you're talking about spiritual vs the world. I am every bit as spiritual as anybody in this hierarchical church there are no better than any we have both human has gotten houses both. I don't buy -- thought that there are you know that they're better than me because they're in their position. Not a question of being better it's a question of they have been chosen by god to enter in to that and fair life. I agree but that doesn't mean that they should act like dictators and listen to nobody else's opinion there they make mistakes they're not perfect. They can take into account. Like Hebrew national hot dogs they answer to a higher authority than you. That guy yes they granted to a higher authority that they shouldn't just basic decisions only on what they think. But -- I. They're basically about a 2000 years of this forgive the -- There -- -- 2000 your history there it's. And everything right. I think they should take into account that you -- pockets and dictators. -- it an act of god child and that means that they are going to be dictated for evidence that never was anybody else. They're more like they're more like lawyers they go back and they look for precedents with in the church they look at the writings of great men like Paul Gregory. And they should also look at the opinions of labor -- couple. But what lay people okay but remember the church is Iraq. Laypeople are to adapt to that rock. No I don't believe that how the church has changed any kind. There have been some changes how we we talked about and there are -- of priests yes. But but but here's okay would -- struggling for ever tell me that I promise you I'm not trying to give you a hard time and I'm into Ivan joined the hell out of this conversation I hope you weren't there. Okay good. Tell me where you think the church needs to change. Taylor drives me -- alien named it the way they treat women. That they think that women can't be -- -- a woman can't be called that a woman can't be in the church are getting fitted. I think being discriminatory taxes toward women is the last bastion of discrimination that's allowed. If you ever -- -- to minority people lose their mind. But you -- say you couldn't discriminate it is the only place last ice tea -- the politically correct to discriminate against those women. Just blows my mind that you know and that the way to treat women and -- church is a huge issue of -- but it must leave them over it. I wanna change it from within. Because you know it but it's an organization it's never about me it's constantly changing and are saying is. But it's not supposed to it's it's not supposed to greatly. But my spirits are supposed to greatly eve ball otherwise that really devalues 2000 years of church did you. I agree that they have changed. They have made mistakes in the past and I think that there with a -- continually. They made us. Now they've changed now whether they've made mistakes and that's why they've changed I don't know. I'm gonna make -- you're gonna need to change those mistakes they're not perfect no human being is perfect. I don't believe pick -- believes in total power you dictators. Well there is some perfection and he's heard three to seven on WB here. Hey Tom in all honesty if I were there I'd give you -- big hug I really enjoyed going toe to toe with you. -- the first summit it was great. -- it while I'm glad and I'm gonna smoke a cigarette you're gonna smoke a cigarette penalty call against some time -- look at -- thank you. -- -- and now we obviously disagree. If I'm wrong enlightened because I am not a Catholic. All right I've said this before when I was -- the morning show. If I were a Catholic I would be the uber Catholic. My friend Bob and Clarence my friend Bernie. I would be the Lowber. I would be so Catholic I would know every bit of the mass not only in English but in Latin that's -- Catholic I would. I regard the church. If I -- like is the rock. The rock. And -- what they get the rock if on a Catholic because Jesus told her he was the rock. And he would found the church and I know the Protestants are gonna get pissed off at me please I beg your indulgence. Not a papal indulgence over indulgence in the percent of course. All right gang do something about this stuff. I told -- -- all like to read stupid books. Actually read saint Gregory. Pope Gregory what's wrong with Pope Gregory. OK anybody who thinks I'm somewhat intelligent. Pope Gregory would eat me for lunch and bury me alive. Dude was freaking brilliant. Stay with -- -- radio 930 WB. If I thought everybody candidate just what the McMaster justice. Better of course -- clearly need to bone up on my Canadian history. Thanks -- AccuWeather for today mentally clear and cold overnight close seventeen tomorrow or like we're at the 38 degrees tomorrow -- Well that's got to be a typo up partly to mostly sunny not -- cold in the afternoon -- I know it'll be the temperature but. 27 degrees argued -- A lot in my mind you know what I witnessed this and then. In a million places all at the same time and try and -- the next step would be OK so anyway gang a I. Like the steal stuff from sandy beach. Because I don't Watson did it feel superior over ever get it if -- -- But since he showed that it was awesome and look at always said he is an amazing talent and I'd just that respect the world -- -- -- -- -- Today's show however was extraordinary. Because one talk show host to another sandy beach had me thinking about doing this topic for the last four hours. And basically I'm -- -- break it down to its basic component. If you are Roman Catholic. Do you believe in everything the church cents. And if you don't how can you be a Catholic. Because we're talking about spiritual. Matters. Not -- earthly matters we're talking spiritual matters. Which have been debated and discussed and analyzed 4002000. Years. By some of the most incredible minds. That have ever walked the face of this planet even think. Who worked in the provinces of the church. Like the venerable EU -- the historian on the British idols. Just that guy's I Q have you been in the 180s. Pope Gregory. Says Gregory. This man. Every time I read something from saint Gregory I get blown away say an August. Again I'm not Catholic. I respect the intellectual. Strength. Of the fathers and founders of the Catholic Church. Really don't think you know quite frankly I don't think he would find a more enlightened intelligent group of men. Together in one place or one organization until the founding fathers got together. In our country and they were dealing with matters temper or of this earth and not manners spiritual. Let me go to. Let me go to -- to do I don't know who's next. Lou in Orchard Park Louisiana WB yeah I've got thirty seconds now but I'll be happy to hold you over shoot. Cape Town thank you the one point wanted to make with a Lotta -- people who say they are Catholic but disagree with that church because. They think the church needs to change. Or at the church has changed I think it's important to make the distinction that the church member has ever ever ever changed dogma. Dogma never changes. But disciplined changes and that the plane can change and should change the pepper between the teachings of the church. Can you explain to you know what. I'm not gonna have time to do this now but as you know and obviously you are a wordsmith and you know that words have meaning. And I'm gonna look up the difference between dogma and discipline. During the news breaks -- can speak more intelligently with you about this because obviously you had a good Catholic education -- correct. Well. Okay I'm all the all the love I WB and because I don't wanna be at a disadvantage it'll actually that would make me feel inferior.

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