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Brian Mazurowski Talks With Bob Jaus of Hayes Seafood House

Mar 6, 2014|

Brian Mazurowski talks to Bob Jaus, owner of Hayes Seafood House, about WNY's favorite Lenten tradition: the Friday Fish Fry!

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

A fish fry on Friday is a Western New York Clinton tradition and sent down with a guy who knows a thing or two about fish Fries owner of -- seafood house on jobs -- enemies it's -- Big increase in your business because of the fish tries to do. Especially now since we've had the rough juniors February with the weather so we're looking forward to this year's land sales. To most people here you can dining you can take out to people perverted take their fish Fries home my dining hero woody knows. Well it's almost 5050 we get a lot -- take out but -- a lot of people like to dined in because once it comes right the -- Or that or the other there's nothing like having it rates served him. And you would know how long have you been making a fish Fries for how long is so long how long is the businessman making fish Fries for and then you personally. Well -- they started 1877. And -- dead my grandfather were from mr. -- bought the business in 1922. And I'm the third generation. My grandfather my father. And then my Brothers and I. And my dead moved the business or nagger street endured friars back then in 1963. We moved to Harlem road and that's when we started doing their fish -- And when you started doing Mets is that when you noticed right away that people in buffalo they love their fish for a it was huge I mean it was. Well first ball is the wrong used to be where Fridays every Friday. Catholics anti. Could meet meet so put in the late sixties mid sixties. Today they made it where as possible they didn't that you could have. Beat and -- my other felt that because people are used to Friday fish tries to always be. You know the day that people would go out and sure enough. That came into place. So. It is a big thing that. Fish tries at the thing for Friday's yes and -- it's been a big part of their business I mean from 1963 to now we've served. Well over a million fish tries. What's the secret to making good fished for is there a secret. Well the thing that we look is trying to find the best option possible for us looking for the best possible finish. And then you wanna clean oil that you cook couldn't we use a light veteran like Brad. And cooking at the proper time. Why light to some is it different the -- in some places you go for fish fry is said different here than it is in other places. I really don't. Look it. What other people are doing what we've we've done is -- same wayward if you do it light your net connect getting all the taste of the banner in the breading. You want to taste of fish but you violate -- seals the juices of the fish. Fish on Friday he mentioned it's a Catholic tradition and obviously that's a big hero mustard New York but it's more than just that as have you seen the fish fry tradition maybe grow beyond. Catholics saying your time here. Oh I think so I think a fish Fries and Western New York or dislike it and chicken wings and roast beef and can collects. I mean it's a thing to do everybody does that most your local restaurants to have burns churches. All have their fish Fries so it's become Western New York tradition. Some people have disputes somewhat they want further side dish to a fish Fries French Fries what what do you think goes best with a fish for a I personally like a good quality friend tried. -- -- -- -- But our major concern is a quality officially goes on them play. Want people take home their fish today take home fish fry did they take home just basic -- EC people usually do well for the take outside things the majority of the fish this take home is cooked. But certain people do like to. Bake it at home and -- that they getting good quality fresh piece of padding and then that way that comes out of the oven and comes out. You know hot and how they want it sold but the majority is cooked before for most of the -- ago. Do you tell the employees hear anything before the lent season next year them up and sort of pep talk that goes. Well are saying here's the -- -- people excuse going to be treated and the hours are -- -- during Atlanta and and the lines are lying and he just you just get through it then. In the bottom line it's it's good for them and it's good for is fish.