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3-6 Beach and Company Hour 3

Mar 6, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Back in Beijing governing and as a last caller said people very very much -- ago Pope Francis -- to a surveys here. The pew survey says that 40% of Catholics say they are praying more now than they did last year. I can understand that if it's a few years apart a major societal changes. I I was just curious as to what would be in the last year that would cause that I don't know the answer were asking you know secondly is the Harris poll. Which was. Published in the middle of December and in which we find that 72%. Of people in this poll believe in -- goals. 68%. Believe in heaven. 58%. Believe in the double and 42%. Believe in goals. Also a subset of that would be -- Catholics support for changes to church teachings. 77%. Of vague bit they should allow Catholics to use birth control. 72%. Say -- should be able to get married 68%. Should allow women to become threes. So there you have vote that's kind of like a Catholic -- there. In the other pronouncements I'm just curious as to where you following this do you believe in them. In miracles do you believe in the devil do you believe in goals. What about priests they're getting married what about women becoming -- and -- appointed a caller to callers or three callers ago made. Do you do these things out of fear or love. The term fear of god and the term love of god are both prominent but. Which do you think dominates the you do it because you think if you don't do it it's going to be problems -- do you do it because it's the right thing to do and you love god and that's what got wanted to Chris we have a couple of a FaceBook postings so why don't we go through them. This is from Amy she says that 40% probably reflects the baby boomers -- may be starting to show signs of aging and health problems. It might be praying more because they're realizing they can't control things now the way they once thought they'd be able to when they got older good point and then maybe there having some health problems now would just themselves -- their children and whatever and they see things that. A more mature person would see that when you're in your teens and twenties. Maybe media maybe go by you -- elsewhere this is from Ross he's I think this current economic situation in America has a lot to do with more prayer people worried about their future more. Might play more. Australia my price that you get a decent job to be able to provide for your family things like that or you might be thinking now you're. Your parents are elderly might be praying for them more army there's a lot of ways to look at it. And that's why we've opened the lines let's go to a gym and north I don't want to -- here on W via. -- We get straight to our number one wire people a little blisters all praying more right. Well you know I'd been retired for going on for years -- -- -- will be retired I have the art to your -- And open I've noticed Greg cable or picture it's -- that all of these religious. I like everything up watching the most that. I don't need the by the I -- or watch it every night -- -- -- but it about every night -- period will be. And you you enjoy the depictions like that to have more palatable I assume and then other ways of getting the same message. An awful lot -- -- issue of off women pre you know in all bomb -- give myself in trouble here but I'm going to human Health Department. -- -- important issues -- -- the conclusion that. That is the basis it's good at the cited by the bite revelations from holy spirit the only way to figure out -- -- -- -- it -- if you study the history of christianity. Before the council of -- -- in the year 345. EP. Women work acres in movers and Christian here -- Whitman did not -- the Serbia until after the outlook. -- I hate -- I'm gonna give you a little advanced information all right it's clouded its -- but you're gonna know at first. Something is going to happen here at WB and that you are going to law I can tell you that right now and when it is denounced. I want you to remember who told you the information for our thanks -- like. So that was a little teaser. Something is going to happen so I think at WB embed that Jim is going to absolutely. Love and I think you will know but I happen to know that Jim is. Agreed -- you agree with that okay good and -- it -- announced which I don't know when it is do we -- Every once in awhile we just get vibes from outer space. Or we read in the paper of a one of those two things happens and then when this happens Jim is going to be thrilled he'll call say thank you. I was it probably is going to drive me crazy now until it does happen. For him try to figure out what it is we yeah we can cancel the -- -- let's go to Lynn. Len thanks for holding on WB yen. -- Earlier that you W -- -- -- catching this question I have a couple comments. Who do you think we're so wise as well as the -- as -- the bedeviled when I say I don't believe in the double. I don't believe in the concept of the double I think there's temptation around everybody all the time. Not a specific person. Being targeted by the double let's that if I can make that clear. I was just curious they'll look and look what it was that talk Angel ball down the fallen Angel sure yet spoken it he's doing -- law but every now. A couple of comments are. The post -- although drug doubled and that's what -- lion seeking whom he made a ball. Are another thing. What the -- -- sparks and everybody is using today I believe -- a higher power you know there are many many higher powers. But there's only one true god. And another thing armed. -- is capped -- come aboard your question I'll do. -- brewers are all they had a -- There's no mention in the whole vibe of -- because all of that dumb little -- baptism. Those are all they have made religion it's. God networks that we -- to not eat meat out why it. One of those are all we are made and the reason look at followed cook what what will priests. Very which street should what they are being -- the actual appeals. And women be priests because the more considered not coming back up local. All of -- apostle of the Bible were buried but others don't -- -- Of their wives and virtual. Okay you're right thank you -- thank you very much. It's of -- support things upon her if one of the things he said is another thing to ponder. Marriage. Is presented as this wonderful thing. Is OK okay. We all know how marriage is terrific. If it's so terrific why can't -- get married. I mean it's so that they want along with the women being able to be threes. Just go against my logical. But hopefully logical thought process. If if Mary if -- the virgin Mary gave birth of the son of god she surely. What should have been allowed to be a priest that she wanted to -- Mean to me that's that's a non starter that's that's simple that's easy but it doesn't work that way. And marriages is supposed to be something we all aspire to. We we learn all kind of lessons from marriage or children come from marriage things like that but yet appreciate -- married. See those -- a couple of things that that I find problematic. Regarding the other things it's all personal. I don't believe in goals 42%. In the survey here I don't believe in -- this is the Harris survey. I don't I I think that often thing we're quick to attribute some thing to golds. Follow -- did you hear that I think it's a ghost of a former -- homeowner know it's probably air coming through your battle rating system. There's lots and lots of things that we attribute look this piece of toast. It looks like the virgin Mary if Jim there was gonna come back to earth I would think she would be -- -- -- something a little bit better than a piece of toast. I'm I'm just thinking that it's we want certain things that the and we want certain things happen and we were willing to push them along the road did you get it done right. But you gotta stand back and say OK does this make any sense to you I'm not saying that we should understand everything -- we can we really don't and look at temptation. OK suppose you have temptation is very individual now okay say the devil sets up this display. It's a display of fine wines. And three people walked by him -- a terrible. The first person walks by -- fine wines appreciates fine lines looks and says oh this is a good year for this one. I think I'll buy a bottle of this -- now enjoy it with my wife and and -- and it'll be a worthwhile purchase that's fine that's the first -- The second person goes blind says. I gotta have that I gotta have that and I want more than one bottle because of one bottles and assume imminent I'm gonna keep drinking until I lose consciousness I like this much and they -- five bottles. I go Byron look at the spotlight is -- -- -- so you've seen different degrees of temptation. Now you're talking about criminals. Now you're talking but the guy with a -- -- -- -- by the -- display what -- after this. As a reminder I will be a revealing the first piece of cruise -- than I've purchased for the Alaskan cruise. Tonight at the preview -- 6 o'clock. -- international and shared and that's what Tripoli as the -- people will be there certainly the princess cruise ship will be there and I'll be there. And I've made my first purchase for crews work -- idol you know I I wanna blend in with everybody else on the ship. And so if you will need more information and call 1800. 24 to 4244. As 18024. To 42 reports tonight at six. Chris you have another posting please we would like to hear this is from Joseph he says I agree with you that women should be allowed -- Prius I also think. That free should be allowed to get married it makes no sense to me that they can't it's it to me is so sensible and it's it's both things that are lofty. Marriages supposed to be something we aspire to -- Certainly the priesthood EU EU leader have a calling you don't want -- home. But how would you like to have -- calling and not be able to fulfill. Willing to devote your life to load the church and Christ and and being says and being told no oh no women need apply. A -- and that's not just because I look at the calendar and it's it's this date. I think that that's the that's been a basic bottom mine forever and governor I used to do a joke about temptation. I've -- of a million times that it's it's a homemade joke I made it up myself all right. Says when faced with temptation. -- and immediately. Because you know you gotta give in eventually all the -- you're gonna miss something that's a logical approach. But basically were fighting temptation all time different people different temptations. But I wanna know if you believe in of the dabble. Because we've found out that 58% of the people in this Harris poll believe in the double. 42%. Believe in goals and as we haven't had many goals takers on this surprised yeah I'm surprised though because we we ought to be able to do believe and goes but they're apparently not. I'm not ready to stand up for a room there believe angles now. Let's go to. Next let's go to -- mean I think in Williams though I only senior on WB yen. Good morning to all your topic today thanks. Great to have that a couple things that came to mind Latin. I -- -- for young people coming back into the Catholic Church in particular it and taking the coming back for that search for meaning in their life. The data being cheated by life and everything that's out there and they're trying to find that source of meeting and that's. Guiding principle -- their life. You know I think I think I your I hope your right because it seems like a logical thing to do. The rate of of the speed of technology today and the way we lead our lives can be overwhelming and I can see especially young people. Who haven't formulated all of your thought -- not wanting be swept away about wanting something to grab on to a foundation. And the religion might be exactly what they're looking for. Exactly delicate -- -- -- the can ground them in the midst of the way the world is swirling around them. They're going and they're going to the traditional things that it's interesting they're going back to the conditions of the Catholic church and trying to get in a solid base from now. I'm not -- the other thing Atlantic Hammond and period I know one of the reasons a lot of people in their college years it turned out to the face is. When they get the notions or science. And they can't reconcile well it's my wouldn't give me this in -- that telling me that I can reconcile the two. And that's where I taught at the -- the college level for quite a few years. And I thought that disconnect there for people. I think that's not that's very profound and see if you agree -- best I also believe that there in the learning curve then. And they believe that they should be able to absorb and understand everything and if there's something that can't be understood. Because we as human beings don't understand everything. Then there are liable not to embrace it because they don't know the answers. Correct they have to dismiss it -- push it away now they can't comprehend it. And they can't live in that juxtaposition between the Q they have that they feel identified with one of the other. In our to have a defensive and a piece there whatever. And they're quick to dismiss the religion because picking up the -- around it and that's something that have to go by faith I think the big picture we see them coming back. Because that that the level of maturity that the media can still explore they had even though I don't understand it. Very well yeah now that's I'm delighted you you've told us about this because it sounds like something that would resonate with the young people while there sitting in the classroom and trying to figure everything out good good points good points and while that was excellent I like I like that -- -- very very good. Are the -- -- in a classroom. And the Georgia has not -- -- this class of that class you're doing great all of a sudden you start thinking about religion does a lot of things and god. And that its application to your life there's lot of things that -- can't just snap your finger and understand. Severe cant understand that you attendant -- You don't wanna give in and say I don't understand because I don't have the maturity to understand it and I may never understand that's the point as she said yeah a lot of his faith. You've got to have faith. That this is the right way to go Ortiz of the right words that I should I should leave my life accordingly. If you don't have that if you don't have faith and you can't explain. What -- -- being told then you're gonna reject I mean you you've got to be -- get closer to a to accept that you can't get closer because it on stand. Is that is that fair and -- My attitude toward life is -- the best I can. Trying not to hurt anybody try to do whatever good I can. A -- a small level and that's that I'll take my chances when he got to do. You know appear rub it and they check you Avago oh with a minute. Did you work with Danny never see Agassi out at the gates -- -- yeah yeah you know father art. -- -- -- OK welcome aboard C I'm hoping that I'm over by association. Of knowing Dan Everett. And father -- they'll get in they'll also say well we see you know -- jury room. Well here and uncle it was a monsignor okay against logo will be back Lamar -- beach and company. You're hearing the voice of Barcelona WDN. That call us now an 8030930. Cell calls are free and star 930 -- toll free line is 1806169236. Back with vision -- have sandy beach Dan what about two surveys one just came out. As a matter of fact revenue was like yesterday from the pew research people. And they say 40%. Obama of Catholics say that they are praying more than they did a year ago so we're asking why do you think that is happening could be a the economy or jobs or health situations or whatever. We're not sure and did not that there is a definitive answer -- we would like to know from you also that's a from the pews every from the Harris survey. There's lots of lots of questions. And though the sample -- is on both of these was let's it was goodness 072%. In the Harris survey. Believe in miracles -- down a little bit from and 2005 -- 79%. Believed. 68%. Believe in heaven. 58%. Believe in the double. And only while -- -- -- -- only about 42%. Of a bit of Americans believe in goals so that's where it has. On the subset of flow of the survey of Catholics support for changes to church teachings these are Catholics only in the respondents on this. 72%. Wanna allow priests to get married and 68% -- allow women to become trees and I unlike your thoughts on on all of that. I'd Diana buffalo thanks for your -- your on WB. And I didn't -- well -- well with. The -- That out of being married. I believe that they're very for the Texas at. What others who -- -- and its parent you've been many adult that's been Marion. Is the you know -- could never be appraised because. I thought they would churlish and and could not have been but it was -- bad cop out. You know athletes to do -- with cooked -- by the. Well there what -- what about Christ as best I know he was Jewish Joe's old price price be precluded. -- a cop out as a -- isn't that sort of Christ walked the earth today could be a breeze. Well I guess they would -- I don't know I ought to be. It does event I wouldn't want -- -- the person who says no we're not exempt and you look at. But I haven't debuted at the Oakmont cement and the -- -- the man and the ten commandments. Now home both of them do it and I got told him the right to ten commandments he gave them the orders you know what the but our the ultimate that the what does that good -- -- to -- And the new testament I have no idea who. Well you are a lot more biblically I inform that I am I'm just thinking that did you knew who religion has called christianity. And it's named after him so -- -- over that he would be allowed to practices. But oh what is it true christianity. Is now -- does look there and not -- about Catholics now as a Catholic I don't poking fun. You know there is. It's period and I know look I think came back and and by the outlook intentions that was regulator. Can you can you get your arms around the fact that women can't do it for whatever reason or. I am not one that thinks that everybody can do everything I but I do believe that they are certainly as qualified morally spiritually. As as any man is. I can't tradition you know and and I'm I'm okay with -- because I'm opener like you know but into the creek. Because you -- can't. Good Bryant can can they don't -- the portion of the. Think about it like us to. Like the issue needs somebody you need people to carry on and the -- having problems recruiting. Trees males. I'm not saying that they should accept women just because recruiting a little tougher but I am saying they should be open -- that thank you. Because there's only one way to look at it. You look at it that if indeed they can't beat -- That they're not suitable. Okay why wouldn't they be suitable now you may be able to come up with a biblical verse that says that they are not acceptable to beat trees. Bush I I just can't get my arms around the fact because I believe there is suitable as -- car. Certainly and in history will tell us that many men who chose the priest or perhaps -- out. But I'm thinking that if you're devoted and you wanted to devote your life. To god and you wanna be appreciate you wanna spread the good word you wanna do the good work. That why would why would we say no audio. Why why would that -- be close to you I don't get that at all I really truly don't. And my trump card argument not Donald blow my trump card argument is that. If Mary were suitable pick and god could've could've created Jesus in any way shape or form that he chose to. I'm maybe half two. Present Mary win. We're the son of god. The -- be that way so if he chose if god chose Mary. To present Jesus to the world. Why would we not believe. That Mary if she wanted to could've been up for east. It's such a nonstarter for me I can't believe that I can't get anyway in -- the the thought that she would not be suitable. And by saying she she she was a woman she was real woman. And I think that if you if you reject women are jumping car. And that's that's the end of my. My idea preaching for today boards. We'll -- -- will be back with a final segment of beach company under his right -- 930 that Libya that is surely can't announce that today Tony. He had been told no we have a shot down big special announcement coming up tomorrow about something it's happening. And W via remember when I had -- -- on. He's a regular -- to the show has been for years and years. I told him that he's well liked this knows he is going to lob windows and little avenues you think tomorrow yeah what is it that dominatrix show that got. -- I know it's an infamous triple blow up dolls. -- -- -- color exactly. He will love it and and guess what besides him you'll. All right so I'm excited about it. Excited about a lot of things but -- -- about this should be. -- let's go to -- in west Seneca fullback who calls -- on WB yeah. -- I can't stand -- the remote interest in served pretty well quit. We're one wire people pray more we've managed to make such a -- out of everything we can't get ourselves out of it without help. Well that's true and this is -- EL LA not -- okay go ahead -- OK. -- -- -- -- -- about the limit increase. The way I feel about it is. God ordained Roman for a person that does not mean as special purpose let me. That doesn't mean they're any dumber than men sometimes they're smarter than men. Like each show men apostles. And he had it and he had it definitely isn't for creating a woman but it would take a while to get into that. You think you. All right -- out what you -- think that women are here as an adjunct to Amanda is not an equal to men is that what you're saying. You know. End. As far as priests marrying. The way I am looking at it is they can't get it -- Doing what here -- week. And to add to -- -- all the effort every year old. All I know I don't know why I I think. The first of all we're told by every church known demand that marriage is a wonderful thing. And doesn't instead of coming to an empty -- empty residence at the end of the day coming home to our children and a wife. I think would be first of all to be more of a real world setting on how people actually have to live their lives in today's society. And I think he could bring a column and they perspective that that maybe they don't have right now. I don't know what I don't know when I was growing up and I was taught and so we're all because of my generation. That would you marry and have children. Stay home and take care your family. If you get a gap that don't mean -- not -- partisan and can't do that they don't know some. -- -- -- If you -- born. Date -- and his mother quit yet so full -- gap in the UK cabbage apple. Working out at eight. One or the other is gonna suffer because you can't do them both equally well. Well it's -- here it is very difficult -- an editor -- takes a lot of planning and a lot of understanding. And a lot of patience I understand it but I don't think it's. I don't think it's impossible -- while. I don't say it's impossible but look at the math we have to they look at -- The children -- that they are citizens family breakup accidentally. 50% divorce rate. If you wanna -- little play a little game. Just look in any newspaper and see the name of a child and the parent and they're never the same ever. And so -- well a lot of that Family Foundation. Has been eroded over a period of time but I'm thinking it. Eight sandy we've got to get back. People aren't that and that's one of the reasons that I think you brought up a good reasonably getting. The complexity of society now on the demands of society. And it's moving at such a fast pace and you -- made this is a society is she easier now than it used to be I don't think we have good depth that we used to have. I say amen to that and I am starting my own church services. This hire them when they get to meet my point is kind that you look back and your life and what you grow up with and what we can't help you know you know. The value system is changed. And morals and just. All I look at my grade kids through and say fluently is ahead of them with the wind picked our Angel and when you try to talk like I was brought up. Hey here at all -- I. Well I used though he's still here that's works well I don't know -- -- happened our Allan thank Allan thank you very much presented. And that is quite short. Funny things out and Ari yesterday was bad Wednesday and fortunately when my grandson took me to church to begin -- And what that is basically putting AS is my. Ford said. I had a flashback. To -- -- -- younger. -- we used to say a girl said yes and -- gases thought to adopt the so we're president buoyed the -- -- it would. I'll very good thank Allah and much Lola countries' bonds charm there. Now I thank you don't give me your opinion on this YouTube Chris. I think we have even though we have a technologically. Advanced society now you know we're doing things -- imagine to be done. And that many miraculous things are happening in medicine. I think by and large if you look at all of society. It doesn't have the foundation used to have I think it's we've become -- easier we've become I think not everybody certainly but less caring. Less depth less willing to sacrifice. I totally agree with that and you look at the television programming that's out there garbage like the Family Guy that people watch. Pick her dash -- Things like your dad just yesterday the cheese factor is is unbelievable. And yet there's the the foundation or just the basis for this that this country used to be is gone. You know immigrants while like the term cheesy. And I think there's a good way to put and social media is that really helping that out either mr. dead people getting a Twitter -- and it's kind of embarrassing started shooting back and forth of one another silly some things are better on expressed. You -- know about you don't senate cops because if if it's going to be an under informed opinion or a form an opinion that happens to be stupid. -- vineyard label would have a -- -- because it's your opinion. Oftentimes silences your best is your best ally and people understand that there's a need to verbalize. And put everything out there. That's a part of your life. Four other people to perot's yet and it's so easy just issued off at the mile right there or you're actually doing with that keypad. Right there from your home your computer your -- whatever rather than the old days yet she had to go lobby your house fighting group of people to get in that part. Exactly and -- effort were right it's way too easy when you're in front of a computer stay in your pajamas and and you can complain all -- about society. Ally of I I've had both sides. What my mother told me a long time ago which are repeated many times on this show is very applicable on today's show. She told me even before I got in to radio or maybe just after I started in radio. She said when you do something to look for the right reasons. I didn't understand what human. She said don't do it because you're going to get money for or don't do it because some is gonna patch on the back -- -- don't do it because you're gonna get an award because the right thing to do she -- -- -- do because the right thing to do you have your reward you are very -- the right thing was done and you were part of it and and that's so true it doesn't seem like. A lot of the stuff that I time I was -- from my mother my father my grandparents. Are being subscribe to any more we've become very cheap and and cheesy society an -- like a really -- Yeah I -- all the whiz -- toys you have. But I I do think that we have to take time out and this is a good time especially during the once in season and religious period. Then we should got to reevaluate what's important analysts. Is is are the electronics to be the end all of our lives is that -- awaited jump because somebody tweets us. And comics -- look like they have brought this up before what if World War II was gold ring on the stairs that lead up to this generation -- scares me it really does because I don't know. If we're ready now the best example of our generation that we can see that's going on now is the US armed forces. These people deserve all the credit that we can give them. The of the best though possibility of amenities that we can give them because they're willing to sacrifice to keep our country at least keep it together. And do the best weekend to keep moving forward and may be at a higher level so. Anytime you see summit in uniform thank him for wearing uniforms you know that the word monopoly warrior that moment -- That's very important okay that about wraps it up maybe a C -- tonight at six. And the trip away on international and -- and I will be revealing for the first time -- -- modeling. My first purchase of cruise Wear because. Yeah -- I don't get away Tony. If you like today there call 18024. To 4244. It'll be shocking. Probably be on the front page of the Buffalo News. On -- way we've been on the front page much immediately only local section. If tomorrow on -- ago and I voted Namibia. We never dreamed could be used she.

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