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3-6 Beach and Company Hour 2

Mar 6, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Back -- did you go to sandy beach we're combining two surveys today one as the pew survey which share came out over the last couple of days. And it says 40%. Of Catholics are praying more now all of them they were a year ago. So the natural question would be 00 what so what will cause that what's the change what's the reason. And if you can enlighten us on that we'd appreciate it they don't -- -- 301806169236. And start 930. And we also had other information. Are regarding of various surveys that Harris survey for instance. Off it's a religious service came out in December. 72%. Of people in this survey and it was a big a sample size. I'll believe in miracles 72%. 68%. Believe in heaven. 58%. Believe in the devil. And 42%. Believe in goals and I'm asking for your opinions. On those in 03093018061692. To six or 930. Let's go to a rod and emirates Roger on WB yen. Well Robinson licenses run going I'm rob. Thanks I think -- pretty regular callers are some of earlier that your listeners will recognize immediately. The former Catholic born again Christian now tonight I disagree with you on. Our officials say I disagree with you on this date in question I believe Satan -- at work and our allies and god created all things including statements and the second thing I believe. Are you thinking picks out individual people to attempt is that is that -- thought. I I believe they were all fallen from time them and we've all fallen senators Imus and you're so sure absolutely I believe I believe the very same issue is network. That causes your surveys to conflict with one another. For instance I think that the culture today is very secular and becoming more secular people don't want to think about they don't want to think about. These do what you should and shouldn't do with the command for the district of liberals might. People today I can -- I just sold my house and -- -- 25 years years ago people do their neighbors. You would welcome some would be good when he came and are now what is going to their garage closed the political one not that from nobody. There's no correction sort of very same thing that's causing. Catholics to -- more. They feel many of us. The reason we're would we -- the other is because we feel lost we feel isolated there's nothing out there for so we need to say on the other hand. Why is the society becoming more secular Hollywood images prepared you know taking us away from even -- of religion and why is happening. Your first you bring up some good points I think the more complex society gets the more we need god. And I I think that to feel that we have all the answers that we know all the solutions. Is so arrogant it's beyond my comprehension I think we we all need a superior being we need somebody to go to in good times and bad and to me it should be going the other way but I understand what you're saying. But it's not -- trying to explain the reason -- -- the more isolated people feel. The more they see themselves well it's it's hopeless I I I can't -- and might miss family I don't even see my kids. Who people are just too busy for one another so what's causing the twofold. Problems -- escalate the secular and -- of the society. People are just feeling lost. Certainly the churches our our. Our our our affiliate there there's more you you you -- and you're a born again churches today -- they're old they're filled with people were looking for the answer they're looking for hope you're looking for confidence. And the last thing I'll say. When in the Bible it does say that in the end times -- users -- so unbelievably bad indeed. You will you can't even imagine how bad they would get before Christ comes. Well there it wouldn't it wouldn't surprise me an idea I think you're you're considered a firm foundation there rob thank you thank you for calling. -- so thanks isolation as we're not coming together it used to be you know in the early days of our country we relied on each other or you relied on your neighbor. There were things like armories where everybody gets together bills a barn in one day to help things out people did visit other people. If they were ill or whatever I think that basically as I as I said to him the more complex society gets I think the more we -- god because we can't figure out all the chances of stuff ourselves really -- And I think we easily go to but as as far as those some of these things. I don't I don't really believe that. The evil. Thought or the evil. Choices are presented to us by good double I think they're very air in some people are more susceptible. Than others why is -- some people. Some people get drunk every -- some people drink at all why why do you think it is. I can tell you that maybe once you started drinking you'll like that and then you drank too much and so you get too far away from a similar drugs. If if if everybody's first taste of a drug okay was reprehensible. They want to have a cycle. But that isn't the way it works is that. The way it works is this is really go and I'll have to do it again. And the more you keep going at the further and you get and the more troubling I mean that's basically the scenario nobody does it the second time if it's not good the first time I really firmly believe that. We got some other things here to prove that are are going to V. Even more I think controversial. And this again is from the Harris poll Catholics. Only in these questions these are from Catholic respondents. And what they would like to see what they think the the should be able to see allow priests to get married 72%. Of Catholics in this survey says yes -- should be allowed to get married. Allow women to become threes 68%. Say yes. My my thought about that is very simple and I I laid it out last time we talked about this maybe a year or so ago. If Mary. Was suitable enough to give birth to Jesus Christ. I see nothing wrong -- Mary being allowed it should -- walking the earth today. To be able to blow to worship god and died as a priest. And her own son. Mean that's just so logical to me -- -- say a woman and Mary was a woman how can a woman virgin birth how can a woman. Give birth to the son of god and then not be allowed to be -- I don't get that I really don't and you can give me all the biblical quotation JaJuan I still don't get it. You can say -- Vivica says that you know that you I mean people who know the Bible know -- -- inside now. But I think in his she's good enough to give birth to Christ she's good enough to be priest. Are we'll take a break there will be back with some more from a survey would like your opinion on news radio I'm thirty way RW via. Now we're going over to surveys that pew survey which is just out says 40% more Catholics there are a pro are praying more than they did a year ago. And the natural question would be what's what's changed what's what's the difference what would cause that that change. Would like -- hear from you'll also in the Harris poll we found out that there -- 72%. This a survey came out of the middle of December. 72%. In this -- believe in miracles. 68%. Believe and haven't we also found that a 58%. Believe in the devil. And 42%. Believe in goals so we'd like your opinion combos. And we also have a Catholic section of -- of that Harris -- And allow priests to get married of the respondents and they're all Catholic respondents 72% would like to see that allow women to become -- 68%. Would like to see that -- like your opinion on all of that. Let's go to Todd in Sloan Todd -- on WB CN. -- allowed and I load. Of full fledged Bible reader mr. -- I am not capital -- you baptized program. But I totally believe in Jesus in the Bible. And they do one thing or talk tomorrow with a double. In the Bible. Warning -- or. Sided -- So why are so wrapped up -- now is because the old boring world if you believe in the Bible. You'd think that there's a double in your mind doesn't demo plant thoughts and individuals or does he really have command of their free will always said. To me he can come into your -- will appear vulnerable. That a lot of people that happens to lure people that are on the speed of depression of people that come from you broke and we are -- to individuals. So we -- I don't know what it's like a partner he's a partner. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The Lehman -- -- He's a double screen them to -- your utility but he doesn't scare me because I don't believe in -- higher power completely got. And got in a perfect. I don't pay I don't believe people make decisions when their -- event today in a weakened state that they may not have made if they weren't so I understand that -- -- -- Actually seeing Italy -- It's like I mean it's like now what an action epic or celebrate the farm -- I don't it doesn't think in my ordination but people do it that's why do we want a dual. They're reporting the -- count them three times during his 44 units in the wilderness. -- with the with the bread and X -- the devil tempted him and turn it away so yes the double bogey actually you know our. -- your weaknesses and it really seen any in my entire week is using your turn in -- Nobody. Called how'd you are so that. And I think you'll present everywhere appointees a couple of days ago -- -- let. It. Well. Wait a quarter -- I don't know loudly declared -- about temptations vision about the batteries or thank you thank you very much are you have a there without the batteries. Tony have a cold operator one right do you believe -- steam -- game -- and that's very very. Israel and I Israel wanted hundreds excellence expected results -- -- the average a double if you're Catholic I think once a year. You'll ever master asked the renounced the -- unless they change it now they've changed some things in Somalia attended mass regularly. I believe that temptations. Of there all the time. It just a matter what what your temptation is for our. Whether it's for -- fooled women -- stealing from your boss there's a lot of things that you might be tempted to do and if you're especially if you're in a weakened condition. If things matter to you. You're less likely. To make bad decisions them when they deal to say let's grow I don't care anymore and then -- I would do anything. But if you really do care and especially to have people around you or maybe children. Bob mom and dad wives husbands whatever. And you you don't want to let them down and and you want to be able do the right thing and you're stronger about boy who -- that is not present. I -- via a very very tempting but as I said I don't think I don't think of an individuals. And entities saying you know YC area over there. He's leading to -- -- I think in my attempt and was something I don't see that. I see the temptations are already there there every place. If you don't believe it kind of watch advertising just one day is watch advertising and it's -- You know old fashioned way just -- -- and jot down how many things juicy. That would tempt you. In advertising that's what advertisers all about it's temptation. Now that's not all that temptation and sometimes temptation hey I should have -- health check up -- just our commercial. Foray. Health care plan I should have that done. I'm tempted or -- -- so that's a good thing. But it can -- just the opposite way when you think it's and they -- usually think of Britain as negative but it can be positive. Let's go to Carlos in Toronto -- -- on WB -- Yes. Probably a ball movement is saying. When people. Persuaded by. -- -- and pollutes the current. Procurement quote the Bible but in the Bible it says it. Don't have owners of trench of the Apollo India. So I never understood that I and so. I understood that the way airway travel brokers surely all its. It's so general. To get all achievements of involved. Attitudes of life. And that's the attitude. That every one what we call human nature of our blog page -- -- age and -- it is being broadcast. Worldwide. Do you believe the temptation is out there in various forms and and people adhere to have a form of they would like to. Either learn about our experiment or or -- they think enjoy or is it an individual thing one on one with a double. That several thousand. We don't target people. If there's a purpose in mind to -- a broader scale bunker but didn't get -- it's it's and overall attitude. That it broadcasts except -- you'll get up in the morning. And you just feel like in the dumps beyond your own bullet that's feeling com followed the at all why you should be you know report report this -- society. The -- policy that he would he just can't get out of double bullet and have come from that's that's good yeah so. It's attitude of life it's at all. And we also so susceptible. Well that well said Carlos thank you very much Carlos from Toronto will be back but more would be -- companies. You're hearing the voice of buffalo WDN. Call us now an 8030930. Cell calls are free and start at 938 or toll free line is 1806169236. Back to Beijing -- you look at a few -- search Eddie Harris research based appeal visas just out now says that. 40% of Catholics are praying more now than they were a year ago. And I was just curious as to why what's changed what's different. Or you know what kind of what we're going to Leo are a number like that. And Devin Harris. Apiece there's a lot of things this is on December. Bod if you look 72%. Believe in miracles according to this. 58%. Believe in the double. 42%. Believe in goals and then a subset of that of that this survey is for Catholics only. And 72% of the Catholics in that survey would like to see. Priest get married allowed to be -- get married. And 68%. Would allow women to become free sales of things that they would like to see done. And I'd like your opinion on that to Moscow to Jason. Jason your on WB yen. And it -- I regret in his style -- -- spotlight became pregnant and actually read the Bible I wanted to improve myself -- -- part that I read that thing called sleep and covered up right at the beginning with. That was LB dot they'll go that long winded and I had I I actually gave up religion appetite and I never. On the block that basically. I mean -- popped through fear I mean I -- people would would do it but a lot aspect of I was shocked. To find out how much did believe in the -- in and out article and that point our country. You know religion now and as an imaginary and I mean I think it takes the weight personal responsibility I'm not the point and I don't I don't get the job done like it. Wish and pray that not an -- as they get something done yet. I do making it happen. And you know if you go back in history the ruling elite are we wanted to believe -- religion. And they're not wicked people -- periodic back here that Eric Wright that air. You bring up are you bring up an excellent point three key question what you just brought up is. Do we do things out of the year or out of law of I think most of the time and probably a combination but. Yeah you're right a lot of it is. It's -- my way or the highway kind of thing though that's the way it is and follow it. As opposed to you wanted to do it out of the -- -- might be doing it on the fear and I don't know if that's lesser value to Leo but IIIC -- you're talking about Jason. I don't think that you need I don't look so good so push here and do the right thing and it. I think got a little doubt it to a lady you know look at the -- pick up develop I have extra money. Deliberate global -- trying to get in the good graces and anything that they'll look at the right thing that Illini feel I don't do anything bad and you don't it will again and unfortunately a lot of atrocities in human history. Have come under the name of I think and now like evil people. Lap belt you know what many are under that -- the American people that do these things and -- that they could incorporate the responsibility of people who imaginary front and back. I think big you know bush you've ask -- why I mean you've for a present a whole lot of questions and I think there. They're good questions that we should we should look at them each and individually thank you very much -- appreciate it. Yeah -- federal impact I think we -- show a couple of years ago. Do you do things out of fear or out of law especially if you're looking at god. Do you fear god that if you don't do what you're supposed to be doing better it'll be problematic for you either an hour later. What do you do out lava got by because a lot of I'm not going to. Given the temptation I'm gonna do things I should be doing. And that's that's the that's a key question obviously we'll look at back at the old westerns when you'd hear some say. Were god fearing people you know exactly what I yacht that's exactly the way it is when you get on the highway. When you get out on the highway do you. Do you speed. If you don't speed he do it out of feared getting caught or on the fact that you don't wanna hurt anybody including yourself because you going slower. So that that's a basic question fear or love. And how to how you work are you conduct yourself among that. Should freeze been able to marry -- should women be able to become freeze. In those those are basic questions that at least -- replied to in this survey. And it's always a hot button issue but the may go one issue of I'm gonna put my heels and and say this is really. Gonna think about this. Is a women being allowed to become trees I cannot believe and I'm sorry it's me it's my own opinion. That women are considered an inferior sex that they would be considered not worth the of of being -- To me that's incomprehensible. And in my trump card is simply. If if the virgin Mary was chosen by god one would -- to give birth of a son of god. -- -- telling me that if she lived on earth today she couldn't be a priest. You're telling me she would not be worthy to be a priest after giving birth of a son of god. How could you defend that. -- summer to come up with a biblical verse that'll tell you that. But I'm not by and that I'm sorry it as I said if if I had to pick one I would say -- replaces the fight. If I had to pick one place to fight in the religious discussion it's that. Women should be allowed to be trees. There as devout as anybody else there is dedicated as anybody else there -- Smart as anybody else there is caring probably more than men are. And so the think that they would be exploded. From big increase. Went and aid one of the people that there worship thing if it is this and -- married I mean I don't get that folks just don't get it. Women should be -- -- should be done as quickly as possible will be back after you know we're talking about among the things we're talking about what religion is the double. And I thought maybe I forgot to tell you this in the beginning Michelle. I had a around with a double yesterday. Last night actually it was in the afternoon and yesterday afternoon at about 4 o'clock I dealt with a double. Well it's not exactly the double. Is Verizon. When's the last time you called Verizon. Now I have to cellphones actually but I also have a landline. And something's wrong in my landline and I know where the problem is not in my house. It's out of the street and I know okay. And so when you call Verizon first of all your chance of talking to a human being is nil. You get all of these props this that the other thing you answer yes no. I've got a glad my -- Add -- they warned you repeatedly. That if they have to come to your house be ready to open a checking account. Just for them. -- they tell you that if they come to the house of what does that mean there were calling ways and they do this if they come to the house and they find that the problem with the phone is your fault. Then you have to pay 91 dollars for them to come to your house. And 91 dollars for every half hour after that if it's your fault. Well I know it's not my fault but I'm willing to risk it so you set up an appointment now I haven't appointment. Guess what they tell you you have to do if you want them to come to your house in charge you 91 dollars Korea for our guys. You have to be home from I'm not making this up. 8 AM. To seven -- You have to devote eleven hours to Verizon. In order for them to come out and decide whether -- probably your phone is. Their nickel or your 91 dollars. Now that may not be either double but it's pretty close to. What -- they think they think everybody has eleven hours thing around waiting for the repair. And it is incredible just absolutely incredible now the last time. Few years ago -- a problem guy -- I was very nice very efficient fixed it it was their fault it's the same things. It's their fault again. But the point is this they give you all of these warnings Warren saying well Robinson danger danger danger so if you really don't like to talk to human beings. But you gotta make a call I would suggest you call Verizon because your odds of talking to one are slim and none. But -- L a legend now I've made now -- my eleven hour waits. At the hire people to sit in my house. Waiting for the eleven hour 91 dollar. Or every half -- repairman from Verizon. Thank you very much okay. Two surveys. One is a pew survey and that's the the newest one that's as a matter of fact that is this this week. 40%. Of Catholics say they're praying more than a year ago and I'd like some kind of thought from US stood as to why that might be. Also in the Harris poll we found a lot of things -- to do with the religion this came out in December. 72%. Believe in miracles I believe there's lots of things can understand but I'm not ready -- a chocolate numerical instantly. Affirming I didn't understand a we'd have a lot of miracles. 68%. Believe -- haven't. 58%. Believe in the double. -- 42%. Believe in -- is says especially younger people. I I'm not I don't -- I'm sorry I don't believe that there are noises in the house. I believe -- sometimes the -- settles a little bit here and there. I believe that you can see him a cloud formation -- face or something like that but I am not I don't I just don't. In bills let's go to. Paula because nexus a bubble paglia on WB yen. They stand in April. Correctly are caught about the temptations and you raised the question that you wouldn't be creation really do wanna trust that. What I would say about the paper are written it was a Manning -- our offer. And he wrote a paper. Paper caught temptation when I was in college. And he took he basically took the power away from the double and he specifically say is that. The same thing that you would use. To determine fights and party. The same materials he was basically taken the public and the double and internalize as saying. Although Kyra desires with his own worst -- -- insisting that that's a good insisting -- point of view on that. But this -- the women being priests there is he knows spiritual or biblical. Justification for that from the old testament to the new testament women were empowered to deliver the word of god. And win men went Emanuel did not do it got ordered -- to do keep within -- woman interpret -- he would empowered and to complete the task. If there was a woman named -- who was actually a judge of all the Israel got chosen people. Then why can a woman not deliver -- simple -- for work today if she could be the determining factor or -- the people lived or died in the old testament times. She was good judge of God's chosen people so what could be -- -- about people watching in a woman simply. Be an instructor or leader -- Well -- ball well said thank you very much idea -- what -- -- -- -- religion we have a lot of people -- to know what they're talking about it have strong beliefs and now with him. Idea especially as I said. If I would pick one thing out of the laundry list that I just gave you it would be that women should be allowed to be priests somebody wants to step up and devote themselves to -- To god and devote their lives to god and they're willing to do what is considered necessary. To accomplish that I say more power to them. Two it's just say you can't because of your sexual you're sexually you're sexuality your woman you're not a man. I. I'm sorry I know I know we shouldn't try and make their contempt rise everything with religion but this is. It's so far out of kilter with me I can't I can't believe it's all if I were to pick one that will be the one -- I would choose to stand up for. Let's go to dinner and LeRoy and Dan what's going on there. -- -- a couple of comments not previous caller will be a real quick so a lot. The output from Iraq. Police said he was -- -- -- I don't know what he said except for one thing he said he was former capital was born again. Christian he was born again when he was kept like. And a leader that that's up for another day that. You can't group deepest and -- got from reading the Bible. That's just not eat meat that now. You know he can't do and so -- got to do a lot more study or something like that or rob a surgeon. But enough about that -- you know -- -- that yet but that aren't yet they do believe in Brazil in the habitat and yet they do believe and haven't yet to do believe in miracles. Those student unit -- that you know. The -- let me ask you this -- what the devil. Do you think there are general things out there are some of which you might be tempted with some of which you might not what do you think the -- says okay I'm going to attempt Dan today -- this. -- -- That it it I think it's. I think that the country will tell what this is you know those thing whether you see yeah. Peace at any Indian needle but the good you know look at it was -- Who are committing murder so elegant as well there's. It's it's -- take sensible. But you know obviously -- And. -- the other thing here. At the cream yes. Take that it -- my opinion. Brief that they do you think but I think that there. From the government. And I think that a lot of people. To people. Why are you have a good point of the first -- mention the government. I think that's a religion is is safe haven for us. To kind of shelter us from whatever government where were aware of settings are right now. I think it's it's an alternative because some people believe the government is god some people believe it's -- double you got to make your -- is there -- -- -- -- -- -- be doing. And the biggest thing epic political with a -- so we have. Called France's sure his message. Is the same. And that's before he has not changed and it is dial is. That's a small -- sugar makes the medicine go down and I think that's what people people like differences the previous spoke. May have been just as pious or whatever but he was sterner didn't it didn't have that warm and Fuzzy feeling you -- -- this ball. Oh absolutely. Yeah. You're right he was he was it was a great -- thank you thank you very much. No one's allowed my attempt GO might not -- your neighbor what might -- your cousin won't -- your mother I mean temptation is strictly individual. And I just don't believe that the devil picture laden decides -- you today I think it's they -- all the time 24 hours -- never closes. And you pick and choose which temptations you wanna give into will be -- more with beach ago.

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