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3-6 Beach and Company Hour 1

Mar 6, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Hello hello does region every department of -- -- on the follow the sabres store. Yeah I'd like I liked -- RA ER swapped -- wrong jerseys. Iran I don't know -- Well look up. Okay yeah I slob comedy -- slobs can have -- -- -- -- one game with the sabres I've got to be a rare Jersey. I'll get back to me and I -- ways. A rare sabres Jersey everybody can have a superstar. Does that mean everybody's walking around before the trade certainly with a Ryan Miller Jersey. Comment comment comment on. -- it -- that Yaroslav hole wrong or whatever Chris you're really wanted to -- announces sabres names here you guys lobbed a lock clock. A lot OK I like a -- lock it's gonna finish writing a -- -- little hole -- would call slot. Are -- he only played one game here I'm figuring if I can get. A whole walk Jersey it'll be very rare to reward money people go are you wearing a -- rock absolutely. I don't even know if he had I think -- orders number Roy is the game that he played with the sabres he didn't start to do is the backup goalie and some stadiums in the NHL. Don't have space and eventually goaltenders are they have the backups at the -- and Zamboni entrance of -- -- showed his face a few times and even rounds I was hoping Navajo -- but now I'm between a rock and a hard place I guess some I guess I'm not getting my or a mile block you can get some of the injuries he when he when he traded dot. But he treated Miller. They went may Gallagher video coordinator -- to be -- Beckham that's right yeah I wanted to got to play hockey in high school but never never since the back. I was hoping he'd be called in the service metsu. I know -- it was hours ago after he might stop some -- well I'll tell you Chris -- calling hockey names is not easy there really hasn't baseball he's a K okay football no problem everybody every third person is manager Michael but these be it beyond that -- hockey is stuff I can you put thousands of its own errors at all increases demand. That's his domain I'll stick to to some of the baseball names and I can pronounce so we've got to -- we got some trades made yesterday and all that's done and I'll see how that filters out meanwhile yesterday. Now I can't believe. Some people -- just in considerate you know I'm talking about yesterday. Was the final day for try -- -- until 3 o'clock. In order to do that now -- a Sports Radio for a for the sabres for a pocket. If -- sports writer -- mood to social media you glued to the phone you're glued to whatever telecommunications. And you have to have to get the latest information on the sabres aren't you right well. Not if your wife is Melissa Holmes. Melissa Holmes from channel 20 yesterday. Who was the wife of a sports writer and her baby. Congratulations paragraph congratulations Melissa she's a machine does a great job is she's very nice she's married to. And -- she had the baby on trade day. -- Up all the but here's why I'm saying she's in considerate to. She worked on Tuesday she's on the early morning newscast okay Leo with Jon -- she worked on Tuesday she was out here you could tell she was ready to have a baby at any moment. She on Tuesday. Work on Wednesday and the baby was born Wednesday morning at 730. She'll have had a half. Half hour to get from the studio to the hospital would think she wouldn't take today off simply because she's having a baby a half hour after broadcast. Think it's usually stay right to and maybe could -- -- -- ever urgency vehicle backed up to the General -- audio as you know -- is that it will see. And bomb to the hospital have the baby but congratulations Melissa Holmes and jailer a beautiful boy a very very. Welcome baby well of course Melissa Holmes yeah. And you know what's funny. One of the anchors I don't know I was John Deere from Mary -- -- the when they showed the video this morning they said the baby looks very happy. Now if you know where a baby just born and your mother was Melissa Holmes. Wouldn't you be happy I guess I thought I would be very happy. But anyway congratulations -- now I think is something that shouldn't be too hard to solve maybe I'll get a job in law enforcement and Winthrop Maine. Local police in Winthrop are seeking the public's help in identifying and armed robber. Who wore green pajama bottoms and amassed. One holding up a convenience store. They said he held up a circle okay. It's a convenience and gas station and he was captured on surveillance video you think you really need that surveillance video how many people are our road -- around Winthrop Maine. In green pajama bottoms and a mask I'm thinking I was gonna hold up. -- -- arm with that outfit -- had a really interesting night planned that's all I can make up but anyway do you see this guy. We shorter work its Helm of the police earlier form. About this what a show there are many shows like get excited to see because I've seen a lot of them haven't seen more than I care to be honest we've. But at Madison Square Garden -- always together. To -- for the price of one Paul Simon and sting of that that's a nice combination -- -- they did overrode two and a half hours. Video they -- apparently enjoy each other's work and they go back and forth or whatever but to have hours Paul Simon sang. Of course Paul Simon had a gazillion. I hit some -- but I don't know that the that the and Singh had. And my favorite. So that's that. Anything else on our guys -- -- did you do everything -- yesterday it worth the noting -- -- -- cute stories to tell about your son. How about a turning on your microphone that would be nice poems aren't you were designed to let. Me. And you didn't know your microphone was not -- now has my big voice and I'm paying much attention to average -- right. Mullets are you gonna have a baby and the it. Well I'm not calling on again until Thursday okay wedeman is the president -- I go have a punch it exactly. So oppressed not at all is all the dust is settled on the ice chips is settled out of the out of the sabres do it first glimpse of love final -- and make trades. I think they did very well at night I wanted to look around to see -- maybe. Other people have different opinions so if you just like a search for a you know trade deadline winners and risers. So look at a bunch of publications -- Toronto star Yahoo! -- sports that Canada everyone says that the sabres were winners so -- The experts seem to think it was a good deal -- I thought it was good deal too it's not gonna make them any better right now. But all the assets that they had the interests -- to free agents they were gonna walk. Anyway after the season Ryan Miller Steve -- mammals and guys that everybody thought they had -- who were all moved the got a bunch of draft expecting got a couple prospects back and they also claim the -- can off waivers which. All right now Connor. That's right and I'll tell you why -- winners not only -- the player transaction but if you look at today's problem goes you'll see a picture. Of law of the general manager. And he doesn't have those geeky glasses on -- he was listening I think as those out fabulous -- glasses that look like the government or carnival you know back -- it goes down for 25 cents and pulls up. A beads and stuff like that the buddy -- by the -- special labs is not and so I think that's a that's a good look for him you know I'm talking about non geek. I'll take a break we'll be back with more and I promise you the next segment all of us will have our microphones. We we have to go back to basic broadcasting. On -- Hunger is rated ninth RW via you know were all against crime we don't like crime. And oftentimes you have a crime among siblings. But the worst crime is mother and daughter crime where -- we all agree that when mothers and daughters don't agree. That's the worst possible kind of crime and this is an example Tony you have a story regarding mother and daughter crime. Yes I do a New Mexico woman is facing a battery charge. After allegedly hitting her mom with a battery operated vibrator. The men away -- a battery charger to take a battery out of the vibrator and -- her -- had I don't think so let's see here's the problem with a story like that it's not easy to assault somebody with a vibrator OK and here's a lesson to be learned this is an educational show you can't just like use a chopping motion like that you've got to go slow concentric circles. And that's not easy when you're angry you know I'm talking about. And it -- -- -- hooked it up to a rechargeable because oftentimes right amount mettle of whatever you're end of the middle of the battery goes dead and -- that ended than -- start but you know months and is looking -- -- eyes as she was charged with battery. It's concede -- is outside to be on the jury because they have the past the evidence among all the jurors. Can you see the judge going to -- respect and you pass that on. Very nice. It is that they knew it was out in the open nets where she grabbed it. It was on the open and yes it was -- that she securities -- why do you think if you are important air. You cannot bring a vibrator are not that I've tried to. But I don't think they would allow you to carry a vibrator into the court note note that the court their home always in their homes as she assault her in court yourself that are at home. Home yet the police responded the mother was bleeding. Profusely all of that I authority here that Leo well obviously issues into court hears that The Who they say in -- sex toys have become the weapon of choice in previous assaults yet our gas in November of 2010 and a woman allegedly assaulted a police officer -- sex with a rigid feminine pleasure do you play policy. Oh don't you worry about it Tony don't I you've got a good lawyer I'll get your good lawyer. You know first of all assault with a deadly weapon isn't even an illegal in New York today. Listen you know. -- 77. And off. Thanks Andrew Cuomo -- need to be right -- and has always say practice I'm not -- very seldom we laugh about the state -- That's got to be on the scene is brewing building up these things on it just happens suddenly. You know you don't suddenly think my mother in law is driving me so crazy I think -- altar with a dual. That is not usually the thought process usually it's the -- maybe go talk to work. Maybe I wanna biter to the kid's birthday party but whipping out was it was it made. It doesn't show it as a picture now of the you guys who go online I'm sure there's the picture of on line so where linked to how we're always told when we when we present a subject on line to have. A visual legal whether it and Ewing Chris do that all the time we're talking about whatever the subject as you find some -- -- -- there's something the matchup. -- that story seem to ago. Well if we turn it into a subject we will find a banker -- much because we care -- really do we care and do things right absolutely no idea that would get away here. And there. We have what he had an intervention. With somebody who attacked their mother Maria. With a sex story and what that intervention realize now order -- point it's like. The police at all. Throughout that vibrate we've got you surrounded picked up batteries out of it yet -- slowly toward me backwards very nice thank you. I -- it's out of real cops that I hope it's on cops I hope that make Scotts are good I watch all the cops shows and then did the girl will say. Not my vibrator. No matter which I don't know -- got there I was in my hand but I have no idea where it came from. On some original good this whole list. I met him at that I was thanks currents and they just -- all that and suddenly it satellite orbits -- Once determines what -- We'll look at. A bandits tickets to giveaway. Are you ready -- before packer tickets a senior buffalo bandits verses the Minnesota swarm. And that's going to be Saturday at 730 in the value -- -- hundred and while -- general content rules apply don't miss the hard hitting high scoring action. A buffalo bandits lacrosse amusingly announcer voice. As the bubble and its host the Minnesota swarm on Saturday greats it's still available at the first Niagara box office or online at bear bandits. Dot com -- that OK we come regardless of -- picture of all you. That was a joke. Actually yeah. It'll pardon me while uses the rest of The Herald Tony if I hit saga especially hard. All right we come back a lot of talk about. This is this is a wild today because I'm I'm going through my source material as to what I'll do today as the subject. And while I'm going and marking up a piece of copy -- markup the highlights or whatever he surely while I'm marking up a copy. Tim -- sends me an email suggesting this same topic. I mean seriously out of public topics I have in my pulled I'd probably have thirty topics in my -- And I just took this one out and I'm looking it up idea I get an email from them as an amazing it really it's kind of scary actually. Hidden inside his Saturdays you're excited you're accurate he's not moving to Texas now. I will be back tomorrow to -- company. -- -- -- WB we promise not -- -- with a vibrator. WP GA and 9:30 AM as buffalo as the sabres. Backwards -- governor of sandy beach. Thanking -- because Tony had that story about a woman who was charged with -- assault and battery or just battery. I can just recharge -- battery if you have battery is an assault doesn't go with it thinks -- -- she was scheduled assault battery. On her mother as she was at issue is being here -- they a giant vibrator and we obviously found some comedic moments and I'm sure mom was a you know. Budget and it was that funny but we had that but at the weirdest thing the true story that that I had years ago. Was. A guy got angry -- his wife. And it's certainly not a funny story -- very unusual. And he decided he is going to who. He's going to -- Offer OK Erica you know he used for weapon and I'm making this up -- online and time. A leg of lamb. They have a frozen leg of lamb and he had no weapon so when they got the frozen like eleven beat his wife -- -- and she died and that was a twenty years ago. And I'm thinking I'm thinking. Maybe it's something that would affect in my life would never would preserve them do you think it had anything to do that and you know you'll never see that problem of guys you know in women with a frozen like a -- In buffalo when you know why why because the mayor had a lamb buyback program whomever that. Anybody who had a Lego land just hang around. He bought it back at at below market prices and people said now that the leg of lamb is out of the house I feel safer. Because what they used to do is as a burglar that was breaking into the house at 3 in the morning what would you if you weren't armed it's a cloudy. Do we have a frozen leg of lamb in the freezer because we got to protect ourselves -- -- Offered to they're dots that didn't work last time let's get the frozen leg of lamb but you gotta be pretty close to visit you got to take leg of -- lessons. And in the end if you're really good and you follow all the laws. I you can carry your leg of its so old ponderous you know those of you think are carrying a 45 auto is every usually -- lug around a little -- But you can go anywhere where -- go into a library. There's no there's no pictures of a leg of lamb with a circle line through it you can take a leg of lamb almost anywhere. So be art to that if you see somebody in the meat department that is giving you bad so bad luck and they've got their hands on a frozen leg of lamb. I think could be trouble you know who has -- legally and what does Mary has a leg of lamb. Pol yes that's very nice you've been reading to -- these kids stories to your five year old could cut a I don't like slam you're like well all I can't use -- I had -- one time and -- and I I got sick. Item like an all out to -- under a bright a man helium and we're poor little lambs who have lost our way and. A. She is a different story but we don't have time for that we've got to go and show she you know how much comedy you can do -- -- I'm already beacon. I already put five returns to the opera already played a lamps buying kind of focus. Are -- here's a story and its a time week. Talk about religion we get a good good reaction because people have definitive views on religion what they believe in what they don't believe and -- and -- whether we're heading in the right way as a country. And -- many people feel that they're very very happy and its aggressive are great comfort during times of of strife and even when there's no strive for -- great comfort to. To believe and you -- superior being and I think most people do in some way shape or form. So there are two polls that I haven't from a main one is a Harris poll which came out in December. Which I have had in my file ready to go next time I do bushel this type the other is a pew poll and that came out right now. And the pew poll first of all shows that. Boy -- a 40%. -- tell you they're talking to first because in order to see how important it is to you you have to know who they talk to. This is you -- telephone interview survey conducted February 14 through the 23. Among a sample of 18121. Adults eighteen and older living in the USA OK I'm. What the pew poll found is that Catholics. A US Catholics -- were very a Catholic catholicism very big religion here as it is in many places. That they found that 40%. Of US Catholics say they are praying more often than they did a year ago. -- of a natural. Intellectual curiosity type question is what's different what has changed and we'd like to know if you. If you regularly pray. And OC 40% said they -- more often 8% said that they -- less often. 51%. Says it hasn't really changed much and 1% don't know does that and every survey. Survey there's somebody who doesn't know there's some boob out there that doesn't know you don't know if your brain while you were. And here's a little clue if you're kneeling in your hands -- class some pretty good she entrepreneur you don't have to be in that position. But if you are in that recession is very seldom anything else you do when that position so if you're dealing with your hands eyes and -- looking up port up -- Evans is a chance. Just a chance that you're praying I just trying to help out here. About anywhere or percent don't know. A so the big question would be what's different what has changed and that we'd like to know if you do pray more often if you pray at all actually. And you can let us know -- that. This Harris poll. Has a lot of interesting information to. The a -- from god among Americans very strong but it's declining. It is a less than it was before. It used to be in in 200579%. For instance. Believe in miracles. And now 72%. Believe in miracles these are various. Questions asked. Awe among via the -- so regarding believing in miracles at all I strongly believe there are things that we can understand. And things we did a good don't make sense to us and we attribute them to miracles weatherman -- they were. Who -- their god given I don't know who does know the answer that but oftentimes -- things that so we can understand. And that we just say it must be a miracle because the doctors will tell you for instance that. That there isn't much chance of survival and in various operational whatever and as a miracle cure. Doctors can't understand -- you can understand it so it's attributed to a miracle however people are quick I think. Two assign a miracle on to something they don't understand for instance and I'm not trying to be funny your really not. -- how many times have we heard that the vision of -- Mary appears and potato chip. Or garage door or something and what happens busloads of pilgrims suddenly start arriving. If if that those reports come out. Now the people will see it wanna believe it's a miracle and mr. monopoly pulling everything but I think if if you look at. Nature a look at of the lines of belief or tree. Or anything like that you can in your mind. Attribute a face to edit or some thing I mean how many times -- kids. Do we look up -- the sky. You're laying down on your back your kid you're looking at sky watching the clouds go by. And the clouds look like things that look like horses so -- a unit car and whatever. And that's our imagination and that's what it should be. -- -- I like a good active imagination I think it shows a sign of intelligence you have an intellectual curiosity. What was the same thing when miracles there are things that we can understand because first of all if you don't believe in god. I think you have to believe that there's things you can understand. I hate for a minute don't think that I would understand everything that god is trying to tell us I just don't I mean do the best you can. You try and keep an open mind. But I'm certainly not in a your pay grade where I could understand everything god does because is a lot of things you can't understand. Why a baby would get cancer I mean things like that. Total innocence bad things happen to people -- -- totally innocent or bad things happen to good people. You can't understand I understand that -- explain it. But some of the things that. That or in this survey is the you know belief in miracles 72%. Of Americans believe in miracles. It was 79% in 2005. So as we go through this survey I would like your employer. Do you pray more. Then you're used to it says 40% of the Catholics are praying more than they used to do you believe America rolls. The next thing -- and ask you to believe and after the break is. Perhaps more controversial than miracles and if you're a Catholic. You're supposed to believe it. I was raised Catholic I don't know if I believe will be back -- of this and more. On news radio 930 W via why don't we Tony the executive producer you're supposed to tell me that here at Entercom. It's throwback Thursday gas or naming all these days that's where I think Friday and throwback Thursday so today's throwback Thursday and -- -- FaceBook thing where everybody throws I'm surprised I haven't noticed a little in my time spent a month when you've got a lot of pictures that you should be and lean on your page celebrity pictures yeah. As a relief should but you said it's an old very lovely so O'Neill as most of a photo. Of herself in in and younger days pass is that a BG photo yes before gravity photographed -- All really hasn't affected her gravity hasn't she's immune easily and with the -- but it is fantastic -- -- -- -- a -- agree. I'll Wear a docking today. About that -- different surveys a pew survey that says our current survey this this week but says that 40%. More Catholics are -- are praying more 40% of Catholics is -- that are praying more than they did a year ago so I'm asking you. A -- his different various things that people pray for. A what is change why would you be praying more. I mean is it's always welcome certainly but I was just curious would that that's out of pew survey on -- A survey which came out in December which have been holding onto it has some very interesting perspectives here. 72%. Of the people in the Harris survey say they believe in miracles. It's down from 79% but I'm saying. I believe I don't know I believe in miracles I believe there are things we don't know the answer to for sure. Whether it's America -- -- if you wanna say it's -- fine -- no problem with -- I'm just saying that sometimes though we just don't know the answer -- we don't know the answer week. Chalk it up to being a miracle. -- of a 68%. Of -- people in this survey believe in heaven that's down 20 from 75%. The heaven and hell concept. I especially haven't I mean to me I absolutely believe in an idea if not it's pretty bleak. I'm thinking is the Peggy Lee song is this all the risks if that's Zoller is what we got now I think this -- that. What are we what are we looking forward to when when our time to tread the earth is over is -- -- so I yeah I do believe that. Now this is where maybe I don't an alarm 58%. Of people believe in the double. Now I'm not sure I do I know is in catholicism once a year. It's mentioned in church and days debated people say they believe in the double whatever they were announced that though. Are well I think there's a I think there is a dark side to all human beings I think is the negative side to all human beings sometimes it's very miniscule. But -- you know Flip Wilson the comedian used to have a series of a -- he would do and he would say the devil made him do it I don't believe the government should. I believe you do it because you're either interest -- minute or your. You know your inquisitive -- wanna try and what people take make the wrong choices. Big big reason they do it and you also hear this -- wider people start with drugs because. They liked the way it makes them feel that's the reason they do it. And they what do they do other things because they like it starts off from the first time you do something it could you -- again you know like and then get hooked on it gets worse and worse and worse and you can't get out of it -- -- really up the creek without a -- But I don't believe there's somebody a super being that says. You know what I'm gonna lead this person astray by planting thoughts and making things possible. That they shouldn't be doing so I don't know I don't think I believe in the W believe in the double. Now not at all I think that -- or will we have his life life is energy energy you have a positive. And negative like he sat and we all have a negative side and in some people that negative but I may sometimes be greater than the positive. And even the strongest people that have ever walked the earth with the exception of maybe Christ. I have had questions that are on answer whatever you know bowl -- I was shocked. When I found out I think it was right near the end of her life or maybe shortly after she passed. That one of the people and had the most questions. Am I doing the right thing do I believe the right things with mother Theresa. Remember her are her writings came out either just before she died right after she died and I'm thinking if mother Theresa has these thoughts what chance that the rest of us. And so I -- you have that aspect but I don't believe. In the -- I really don't believe that we have a curiosity which sometimes our downfall. Sometimes we have a a weakness that we give me an easier than we should give -- we don't we don't think about it. I think temptations are everywhere it's an advertising go to a mall. Any place any place any time there's temptations. I ended various temptations to steal from your. Your employer to hang around with -- while women. No I I've never stolen anything from employers that's the -- gossip. I say the temptations and Milwaukee as a result and nothing bad happened except that in advance. And so we have that now here's one that I definitely. Do not agree. OK but that's all you know everybody has and you are entitled to it. 42%. Of Americans. Believe in goals. I'm not one now. I'm really not because oh what what people talk about goals what -- usually talking about oh the lamp moved. Or wow the table wasn't exactly and that's spot or I heard -- always I mean in their biggest shock right up to bills. Now I'm I don't forget it Charlie I'm thinking if you and -- wherewithal to come back to earth after -- you can do more than make a lamp make some noise. I mean that's not worth coming back for -- I mean it's no ghosts but notice I don't do it -- shows -- Halloween that's the reason or. November or December or January through march April may June July or August or September. Or are over I don't do -- socialist because of that -- -- those. We'll be back after this.

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