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GOP Race For Governor Underway

Mar 6, 2014|

Rob Astorino

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

On the WB -- line is rather -- you know from Westchester County downstate where he is presently of the county executive and now. Officially a candidate for the Republican nomination for governor. Mr. asked a real nice to have you with us this morning -- on it and we don't pretty gutless and we fear that you are a former employee. In the broadcast industry so you were. One of us and how did you get prodigy and interest -- -- in in politics. And I can't get it out of my system I -- to talk radio I -- news talk radio and which you do I think it's amazing I. I get up real early like you did you know -- they -- to get the studio but I've heard it on the air six. It's a great life unlike a lot of people rely on -- You know I have -- always done radio and TV that was my career and when I got elected in 2009. -- Westchester County executive obviously. I had to give that up but I love to go on TV and lobbied on radio I think it's a great opportunity especially radio. 22. On filtered talked to people and the intimacy of radio I think it's so important. Pay -- let's get right to it. How are you gonna get the votes to be Andrew Cuomo with Democrats outnumbering Republicans two to one in this state. Well I don't look at somebody like a neighbor at the Democrats why don't talk to them I eat people and I talk to people aren't they your ground without. Here's why in New York State is losing and losing badly. You know everyone knows somebody who has left you know they need to put up for -- on the no longer and they left work. -- now innocent so many people. You know a couple more years and I am out of here I'll go to Carolina go to Florida or -- is that so I'm taking it to taxes so work. In New York is not a prison sentence living here should not see this as an amazing skate I don't care where you are accurate and. Downtown buffalo were up a little bit you and I are also where I am right now in Westchester. Is it is gorgeous state and the people are proud. But I think by every objective standard New York is losing we lost 400000. People 400000. People. In just the last three years alone and the highest taxes the worse -- just aren't you name it. And it's not a recipe for success and I think. People don't understand that there's going to be a very clear difference between the governor and his -- and -- what I have done in Westchester. So you know when you civil -- how did you pot we get elected it's the same thing here Westchester County toward Erie county by the way. It's the same thing to -- one Democrat. And a million people. And I make my case in 2009. And we had a significant number of Democrats said you know what I'm gonna give this guy shot and they did. And even though they didn't agree with me on everything. Are they agreed that something you'd be done and what I ran for reelection after having kept on what promises. Cut taxes more than any county in New York cut spending more than anyone in new York and yet. Still made sure that we had a very strong social safety net for those in need. I got reelected by a thirteen point margin this past November. And we still had significant Democrats support Hispanic support African Americans were. So I don't see people were treat people as I can't cute is here Democrat you're this you're that. And it's not everybody I'm gonna have a conversation with every one they're gonna have the year. Distinction that the polls come November. You're gonna be in buffalo this afternoon. Rob and you got a little company news -- upper pardon. Liberty -- company of you're gonna be in the company of congressman Chris Collins. Are we to assume that to a congressman columns will support you over Donald Trump. Crystal has been just unbelievable. Remember Chris -- county executive and I was county executive sell. Chris actually helped me in 2009 when I was really came to Westchester. And we had a walkie talkie gave me great ideas. And and we've been friends ever since and so. Congressman Collins has been. A true partner I think he's doing great in Washington. And I look forward to seeing him today on -- buffalo. You mentioned yesterday near your video announcement guns the common core economic development if you could just pick one what is the issue. That your running on around. Well I would say two -- now would be the economy you know we have to kick start the economy put people back to work. And taxes because people just cannot afford it no matter where you are they're getting buried in taxes -- seniors. Are forced to go back to work after retirement. They're you know they timing your grandchildren because they're now in the -- So I would say the economy and taxes are gonna go hand -- candidates and we're gonna have a real discussion. With the governor comments. Rob thank you for joining us this morning hoping to talk to. As a campaign progresses. I want our guys we do to. And thank you again for joining us now rob -- -- from Westchester County. -- candidate for the Republican nomination for governor challenging Andrew Cuomo.