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Sabres Trade Day Analysis

Mar 6, 2014|

Brad May

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Our guest on the WB and lifeline is former buffalo sabre. Brad May and we'll talk about the moves that they made on trade deadline date Brit good morning it's nice to hear from me. Thank you thanks for calling me this morning you woke me up. Very cold morning -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Okay. Are we we love waking people up in the morning -- -- -- fans expected. Yeah. As expected a lot for buffalo at this deadline yesterday do you think the team delivered. You know it's funny you have to take a step back and really a -- Obviously what buffalo did now. Did you team get better today no we didn't. So if you're a fan want to see wins and you'll be electrified -- going -- you know for the next little while but it probably hasn't happened but to build for the future. Or take everybody bought pull back to the Pittsburgh Penguins. Out little walk -- in 2004. Will be in place of all season. Pittsburgh Penguins had two young players actually more than shoot for young players Marc-Andre Fleury from their goalie. -- -- -- -- -- not not stall yeah Jordan stall and then he had marketing Crosby. Join their team. After that Lockett hit some pretty lean years to begin work. And they won the Stanley Cup not too long after 2009. People. So these things can turnaround awfully quick. Especially if you -- you know make the right moves and the cupboard is absolutely fall and awful the cover what I mean by that is the draft picks and the opportunity to -- The next featured great stars of the game and -- put himself in great position -- it was left their great position great nursery here. Although stars are here in that situation was also responsible for the team being in third place well let. Darts -- -- left in great condition. For future draft -- and to -- is done about it I think you're very good job. Where you know Brad lots of sports writers will agree with what you. Just told us they missed some good moves although we don't know who most of these are young guys are this is all about prospects for the future right. Absolutely in the north and every player started horrible prospect the question is are they good prospects -- really bad prospects and and in the timber is one thing I can tell you banknotes. Of Henman wrote him. He loves the scouting aspect of the game. Not to mention he's gonna you know have his ears open to all you know all all of that helpers helping other -- in the organization. He's had actually. An advantage because he worked for the Ottawa Senators you know earlier this season so he's been basically in their war room and there are. Scouting it's you know with their scouting staff and -- law. So -- Got a lot more information being -- -- -- Buffalo Sabres. That may -- from you know the outset what people would look at you know one man -- -- by. It's all the prospects and we look at the drop going forward the first round pick to -- sabres have a sector compact. But where you get you know the next great gut you know player so. The question is. Where they you know. What a week you know their evaluation is an odd characters about skill is inaudible is it different for positions. And then address the needs of the vocal neighbors and down and I'm just an hour straight now I watched hockey every guy that will control as well. Here sport that I was on the air yesterday for twelve hours and I watch a lot of hockey but these Scopes are special. They're they're going to games and watching players. Not to necessary Tutsis score a goal or -- without. They're watching you know play away from the -- are watching and discussing character and and then we work ethic and everything else and -- a -- schools and government. Sabres also claimed Corey Carriker off waivers he played his College Hockey or can he says he think there's a good fit for buffalo. Well you know what I I think right now. Any any good player or any player like stepped in and score goals for the Buffalo Sabres would be agreed addiction court Parker has proven. You know certainly at the American Hockey League level and done. Tampa Bay not a lot last year he played. A little better than what he's you know been playing this season however. I'm Corey Carter is. He's a skilled skilled player and -- may have you know illusion competent and certain. Our organizations -- situations. He's got fresh start both -- he's started this car speaker of the ball full he's excited. And if you ask their question I wanted -- good player I don't know well enough but if you ask me that the Buffalo Sabres become more skilled. By an acquisition of course Parker that's absolutely true. Heyward -- did join us Brad thanks thanks for the time is planning it along -- yesterday but we do appreciate that analysis. Are no problem thank all right it's always great to hear from you former buffalo sabre analyst now. Brand name.