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C-PAC Conference

Mar 6, 2014|

Michael Caputo

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The C pac conference Conservative Political Action Conference meeting outside Washington beginning today. Another question mr. county executive rob ouster in I was on the governor's race what could this mean for the other potential candidates. Let's talk about it our next guest on the live line those Republican strategist Michael can be a little. Michael was the mastermind behind Carl Paladino campaign for governor. And 2010 especially probably knows the successful showing an upstate New York. Michael good morning thank you for joining us. Before we're talking about C pack today of what was your initial impression. Of rob ouster in all you have to -- when -- declared he was a candidate for governor. Well to win somebody quarters for all they're doing something incredibly. -- -- a lot of -- me make a decision. So when mr. declared -- he deserves it. And I right line and people other people were supportive of we're just gonna get it they're partners they're probably went from the fire are made it difficult -- -- Deep -- Klein and he'd make a good governor and yet there. Hey Michael I you might say that today is Donald Trump stay he's got a captive audience in Washington he's one of the headliners at the Conservative Political Action Conference that we keep referring to his seat -- today. What do you think the expectations are for him when he speaks. What do you think you -- -- A seat that's been around for a couple of decades in fact it was the -- at Hendrick seat that was the reason why I got into politics are reserved. Do you -- I got a scholarship to go to Deepak. Indicate -- and it's grown into a huge event with thousands of -- -- country. And it's a talk -- them I captive audience today is it speaks to probably be probably be national in scope. But I've been told you might say something about the governor is great but we don't expect anything about beating him for getting out and any definitive manner. Wish they might say something about the governor's race what should we be listening for. Michael. Well I mean the -- right now is that mr. factory you know it again and and unquote are wondering what that is open. I think a lot of what we're on mr. trump has been buried. Don't eat -- district interconnected donated my diploma in the packed. But he doesn't think he can win and you might hear some words of backpack -- -- the that are. Michael good to talk for the U. Thanks for joining us. Can you do as a Republican strategist Michael proposal.

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