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What Is C-PAC and What's Expected To Come Of It?

Mar 6, 2014|

Kevin Hardwick

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Joining us on the WB a lifeline this morning doctor Kevin Hardwick tenacious college political science professor and member of the Erie county legislature Kevin good morning. Good morning to -- pack he's getting underway today a Conservative Political Action Conference Kevin does this annual event. Grab the spotlight every year. Well it's it's huge it's the it's the big time the year that all the conservatives get together they get together in Washington actually they're there right across the river from Washington now a little bit. Out of the way. But they get together and all the big conservative speakers command I mean it's it's taken off this morning with Ted -- Paul Ryan is going to be speaking Mitch McConnell Chris Christie. Bobby Jindal Donald Trump is going to be there this afternoon Rick Perry tomorrow Mike Huckabee Rick Santorum Rand Paul a huge darling of the conservatives. They're all going to be there and and it's it's huge and everybody covered this all the media are there. I mean this is like a a preview of the Iowa Caucuses. In a couple years everybody covered if everybody's there. It's it's it's acute event. Kevin and Lucy APEC conference operates on a national stage and they usually talk about national issues but. Donald Trump when he speaks today might he. Dropped a hint of what his intentions are -- -- -- running for governor in New York State. Think this afternoon a little bit before 3 o'clock and I've seen him speak there before the last I've been at the last six -- acts. Along with -- -- just college student we weren't able to make it down this year. But you know he likes to toy with the crowd and I'm sure he'll drop that you enter to. I would be flabbergasted -- -- declared one way or another whether he was running for governor of New York. I don't think he -- do that but but he's gonna play it up a bit and then he's gonna have a great time. You know they they generally hold a presidential straw poll every year don't -- Yet they do that's that's one of the highlights it actually runs the whole time you can vote any time now they -- you voting on line. And that's Saturday afternoon at the end of the event about the -- Sarah Palin gives the keynote address. They will announce the results for the straw poll. Who do you think is kind of in the the favorite spots that -- going into this. All I I I got to believe -- that there ran Pollard had crews I would be you know I would be astounded I'm sure it's going to be one of them. He you know I think I think one of the highlights those going to be later this morning when Chris Christie speaks. It's going to be very interesting to see how he's received I wouldn't be surprised if there were some boos from the audience. You know I mean that it is a big chance speaking before that this this crowd. I was there a couple years ago when that Mitt Romney declared himself severely conservative in front of the crowd. That they in cool well it sounded like he get a disease. You know he went there to prove that he -- A conservative credentials and he comes up with a line like -- beauty you know you hope for the sake you're Chris Christie that he doesn't repeat that here. I was about to ask you about Chris Christie Kevin bush George Washington Bridge traffic scandal we thought he might be past that lots of Republicans. Say it has killed his chances of being a candidate for president what do you think. Yeah I think that you know I don't think that's gonna matter as much to this crowd that he'll be speaking to. Later today. There has other things will matter like you know hugging President Obama so the warm relationship be developed. With President Obama over hurricane CNB I think to the folks in their room that's going to be the bigger offense than anything involving that bridge in the traffic yeah. Kevin -- to join us thanks. It stuck to Kevin Harvick finishes college political science professor.