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Sabres GM Tim Murray after the 2014 Trade Deadline

Mar 5, 2014|

Sabres GM Tim Murray briefs the media after the 2014 NHL trading deadline passes.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And to this day go well like you thought it was better worse about how to go all right no expectations. And we it's guys that that we could possibly move. And which direction we were gonna go. I was quite sure so. You just you do a lot of listening and then you discuss each proposal and make what you hope -- right decision. Here. Your hat yeah it was good I mean. You -- me -- slate. It's what I have to do rates soul. I wish I can enjoy things more than I do you know. I don't but I I mean I do enjoy it but. Yes the way down I you know I had a big role and in auto and an Anaheim and I was the middle guy between. The GM in this -- is that there were in the other room and this time there was no -- I was running back and forth and but -- I was. It's exhilarating. It was fast and furious and. You know I'd be lying if I didn't say a enjoyed 90% of it. In the McNair. McNabb trade is it just simply unique young forwards and you've got a surplus of young defenseman. We need young players and the two forwards that we got. That was that was a 24 as we thought we really like their future so. That's it was the two players we were getting back we we thought very highly up. So was in the position -- it was just. It was the it was a two colors and you know I didn't come in today expected to trade draft picks. But in saying that I knew we had a lot of draft picks and I knew that we were getting draft we. If I made that trade I knew there was a possibility getting. Two seconds back. So it was we need we need young players at every position but the two -- we got back her. Her heavy skilled forwards that would be. That we hope going for her big -- What we're. It. Well. You know. When it. -- You're never done if -- -- never getting calls right so no I'm not done I mean this may be their roster. We have for five years. Depending on who's a free agent coming -- or whatever I'm. But. We have to add players we have to create inner cut -- inner competition. And this is the start of it -- the start of building was. For me was on Friday and then today it was a continuation of -- but there's still. A lot of building to do. He was a free player. Didn't costs enemy. He he cares he's a good person he. He's a competitive guy he can skate. There's lots of things I like about him on the ice he's a what I like to call it good complementary color him. And if we had better players here to surround him he'd be a better -- complementary players most complimentary colors are but I think. I don't wanna say change the culture does that makes it sound like you there was something wrong with the here and I don't wanna I wanna do that night. I'm trying to establish a certain culture and that's you earn what you get. And his work ethic is is terrific and and he's character. So I want competition I want one of our draft picks to say today that they're pissed off that we went and got -- moniker. And that's that's how you create competition. No idea. I couple GMs had guys like that call me and say when you get you renew your guys so that I can get rid of my I don't know were. Where that logic comes from but. Big players that were on our roster that were available. Were treated and the timeline. You can't get carried away with the timeline because if you're. You know if you're in a hurry or anxious and good things may not happen time to the -- and trade actually able. -- no idea I don't know I don't know what time it is now as a real close to 3 o'clock we'll post yet I don't know it was. I called -- yeah I called chuck Fletcher back and told him I would leave behind it that I was talking to another GM. And I said I'd be backe before 2 o'clock and I said that I don't lie and it was 159 in my computer so I got it now. -- I would have considered keeping him if there were no trade offers that I -- so all that was my that was my course and all that. US faced -- in your face. Whether that's a -- course and I don't know but. They were going to be traded if if suitable tree can be it can happen if that didn't happen then. We had some time here to evaluate. A lot for example and you guys have already committed trade and then we make that decision so. I you mean. I hadn't thought about the future with him I think that was the next step and right now we don't take that next -- -- he's not here. Policy basically model -- You know. You know bashing and we don't know him that what what do you see when you look at things in the big picture because it just looks like there's. Well. Guys we don't know prominent. And who knows you know -- I mean it's confusing everybody else what are you seeing. If we make -- for the guys you knew coming in we'd be very limited on the people we get paid for I have to believe it last year like scouting on the site right so. We make trades for the guys that we like and and fashion is a freshman that you Minnesota that. Was highly touted as a seventeen year old it had a down year it's an eighteen year old went in the fourth round. For many different reasons that have been. Documented and has got his game back and was. Was a dominant power forward at the world junior. He's a guy that we like that I -- for a long time and we believe that he can be. That type of tired on the road there isn't there is some chance that -- you know where we were trading for two futures. Ameritrade apex and that's. You know we have to look at what you're given what you get in and and it's not I guess it's an educated guess based on scouting and he has chance to be a top six forward if he developed properly if he doesn't develop properly he's an NHL player. I think properly -- it to the height of his potential. But he's an NHL where he's a power forward he's got skills he's got hockey sense he's he's a good occupier. You. -- I have -- vision of something yes. My vision of I think that's why I was tired so and I I'd. There's nothing to explain its. I see something and and I act accordingly and what I see in him is something that I like. And that old sale for. 23 years four years and then you can praise me -- you can criticize me and I can either so. On the that was going to be a fringe nature valley killed I don't wanna say that I -- and I. We had we had a lot of guys in the room that. That really like -- McNabb sold. I think he's an -- Mitchell puller. I wish them the best. Obviously that team wanted him and like them so. He's he's leaving I'm not gonna I'm not gonna worry about. You know what he becomes -- what he does because that's out of her hand -- whatever development is left in him is in LA's hands now -- But he obviously. Helping us what we believe are two. Very good young player so god bless them and if he becomes a really good player in LA that won't bother me one -- And we make lots mistakes. But if you get. Paralyzed because you -- make -- mistake and you're never gonna make a deal and you do your homework you scout you. You do all of your background check that you can do and that's that's -- involved in that and then you make that deal and no I'm not I'm. I'm by these two guys now I'm ready for the next thing we just have to do what's right for these two guys to make them better and and let's go on to what we got to do. Which is GMs meetings call -- free agency and the draft and that's my focus now today's over. Well a lot of analysts changed hands all that's not surprising that this late in the year that. So many teams would feel they need me to change that position I haven't seen that before but nothing nothing surprises me. We traded are going article in traded him an article -- -- I mean it's trading noise at the trade deadline is. That's tough that's tough stuff. So again you're going to analyze these these trades of that all these teams have made including ours. Down the road in your gonna have a lot of axes and you're gonna couple check marks I believe. Yeah that's a goaltending is a strange position and strange time to trade the. One here. It. You go out he appears that you -- -- You know he's. For sure. Being able to take Torre in that deal allowed to make the deal and I just called him told him we were happy that he was here he's he's a hard play hard skating. Guy that again fits the new culture soul. Do we go forward them after lecture I don't know that I mean that's. What may have a year left it means that you have them. You're around them everyday you're not on the outside looking in and then you can make the proper decision. And we need players we need players that can play we need players that can skate and he's a guy that's gonna come in here play for hours. -- Violate the -- the plain and simple -- -- young goalie that I've seen for a long time. Played the UH oh and for whatever reason. He's a back up there and these. He's just he's just nodded and non important as important as he wants to be and I think when the. Gets to feel some love again or whatever you wanna call it and has an opportunity that that he can get his game. And in saying get -- gain back the stats are pretty good and right now and a on. I'm a good team but not a great team and at 25 years old turning 26. He's got a background in. In plain and top competition. In his age group. And now it's our job to get him to back to plan talk competitions -- group and is it. Age group now is enough play area back from ancestors. Mr. It. Lot of kicking tires so you know. They check to see if you're. Up to the task and if they can get when your best young players for a Bergen and I don't blame them for that that's that's good strategy that's good stuff and they didn't get them so. We held tight. And you know. You know it. I don't know either -- announced that -- You're not you guys are gonna get me to speculate about anything it's this. -- No no they tried did they they they they tried to make them enticing. But not enticing enough plate they'd throw one good player right when you want it to good players. So I guess they felt that if they -- without one real good player idea that you'd you'd go back in your office you'd think about it -- -- -- you lower your price or whatever and I think that's a great strategy but. Have a plan you stick your guns and. They're also here. -- whoever it is. That that. Yeah yeah I mean. You know we -- just kept those two seconds and then made the trade for two more seconds and so that we have 400 seconds are thousands seconds or whatever it is and I think by a you know fashions -- draft and already played in world junior parties play caller talking or use Hillary's. Is first you're left Winger but. If you look at the stats he's he's taken that position quite nicely as far as goals shots on goal. The way he plays he can still play the point -- your power play. So. Those guys are a little further along certainly than the second room -- we would have and we felt that was a good chance that. -- He's we traded for him he was down so that's he's still down that's where we. We're not we're now. In a position today -- more -- a whenever four columns. That we may later on but they know. I think it's a good day. I think the combination of the picks that we batted and the young players we about it I think that. It gives us a ton of ammunition now going to the draft word there will be players available that. Aren't available entry deadline that. And number 224 year old left for years gonna follow with his coach after they lose in the first round whatever the case maybe. There's always good young players available the draft and we have still a ton of picks to be players that we have young players to -- players players in that. We were -- -- we were focused today I think. And I think I'm drafting it weaken if if those types of colors available we can be a focus again and if they're not available we use -- -- -- Keep. Adding top young talent.