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3-5 Beach and Company Hour 3

Mar 5, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Back -- and governor and I'm sandy beach so it's official he is in the race rob vasser you know we just carried. The -- recorded an introduction to the beginning of his campaign and I'm gonna ask you to rate rob. All right I'd like you rate -- now here is -- my initial. Impression first of all on contents if you're listening to the contents of what he was talking about -- New York State. I think these -- things we've discussed over a long period of time and I think he's right on with the contents. Because obviously. We could hear it but we couldn't see it. There are some things that are perhaps not best left to imagination. At the beginning of the speech the music it was playing. To me because I didn't have a a video to see just a music it was like -- like a small car. Was going to pull up to my front door and thirteen miles we're gonna get out it was just the wrong music that now it may have fit. The video because I haven't seen the -- yet. But it's just the it didn't seem right. I understand what he was using the other music for pace and whatever so on contact -- -- the content is is pretty good especially for an inaugural. I'm an inaugural dress like that but. Whether it's effective or not we will find out. One would think that they -- -- be looking very closely at how many hits this thing gets on their on their web -- so we'll see with that the degree of interest there is for people wanting to know anything about rob mastering. But I I'd like you to up to comment on at the -- rob 803093018061692. Through six are right thirty. You're impressions Tony once we heard the clown music of the beginning what was your impression. I didn't like the music either in fact Chris set chimed in on that. I thought I mean he says some good things and you know very -- rocked side -- -- I would have to look copilot he made his statement about you know cutting taxes in Westchester County. And if I'm not mistaken when Donald Trump it called then he had mentioned that Westchester County was the highest tax counting not only in the staple in the country. He said that let's hope it was right because he also said nothing was happening. In Buffalo, New York to -- -- was wrong writes I'd like to research that journey now. And where is and that but yeah. -- he says about the formal and we seen about the state he's absolutely right and as day as a broadcaster as a former program director. He has a good voice unity clear denunciation you can understand what he's saying. And so I'm thinking the content is good. But I did not see the video on the music I think maybe you're committed some different choices there about. I'm not the worst thing no better than I expected let's put that not. Even try to be funny or a wise guy here but yeah I've seen of a hobby doing a measure would -- taxicab ads and on social media. And this could this could be -- rob is that he looks like and he as I recall seeing him on TV the other day his hair look flat is that yes there Latin and comb over -- has looked like put. -- face kind of looks a little bit like Paul mean people work. Making that comment he looks for the bench album we posted -- -- perfect spot outside a week you posted on your needs as well. Easily one -- on the show why. Concentrate on my listeners right I don't multitask guy one on one you know I'm not. Pretending to talk to you while I'm doing other things I am talking to you yes go ahead and yes that was -- -- it has so people -- in the pictures as needlessly -- well as a but listening if -- driving around in the car and we just might look at your listeners about via. I thought he is a voice quality was excellent -- really was. He could understand every word now that's important you may pull -- that but there -- ago a lot of speakers that but do that so his is -- the issue was great. He is content and I felt was very good right -- but as you said you wanna check a couple of things out with fact -- But the bottom line is changed the music but it's too late for that because I didn't see it may be totally appropriate music for the video but. I only heard via the audio part of a so beyond that it's better than I thought it would be. But I'm not getting my panties and Awad and ready to write -- is checked to support him it Ontario and Montreal 18060692. Through six and start -- thirty. Chester county executive rob -- -- And I'm announcing my candidacy today for governor of New York State. We watch it -- -- problem we just played did the introduction to rob -- Reno's campaign as he announces. He would like to be the next governor of the State of New York. My opinion on rating it is because I only heard and I didn't see it. I think it was better than I thought it would be it's basically. A general here's here's what I'm thinking about here's some things that for you to ponder. And it's an introduction to him. Beyond that I did not see the video a one would assume that there was appropriates the music I wasn't a big fan of music especially opening. But by and large elected have you rate rob it'll be interesting to see how many hits this thing gets on line because there's they'll absolutely keep track of it. And see -- that. Russian -- via -- -- device on real or whether you're hip do today thank you do but anyway. Are your opinion I thought it was better of it could've been. Worst. And it was okay but that it did not start off it was all right. Let's go to -- -- middle port Debbie Iran WB yeah. Hello -- yes I have. I thought you know he had a lot Pamela had the urge to thing I have a problem what. And number one has what you mentioned about we got to find out -- lions trump for after -- about taxes and what jobs are counting. Something has the right there and number till. I didn't like the way skirted around the New York trade act. That is like. Asia -- hammered out happening at once used the word repeal. He never forget Donald Trump -- were repealed afraid can't. The History -- -- in this original statement I'm sure he threw things out just to have them on the record in there. And would hopefully we'll get more in depth on on his feelings on this. Rather than lay out his total agenda indeed -- to be picked apart before he even knows of trumps getting in there. I think as a general message hey I'm here here's some things that talk about. And as you said and and I'm glad you agree -- -- me that. Yes to get the facts of whether -- Westchester County is the highest rated county and in New York State are not so Denny if you had given her a letter grade AB CD -- when you. -- -- I'm -- Vito I think you're right okay thanks Deb thank you very much beat I saved me some -- the I think and he she was so okay what do you think. Still think -- and B enterprise these guys that are hair. I'd have to be a little bit different B minus minus yeah right -- -- -- and so what effect AB CD or I guess -- He sounds to batter now it probably sounded better than when you watched it when I -- that look and it's easy goofy because there were a lot of bomb. He was standing there and he just kept putting a bunch of what visuals in the back so at the beginning with -- visual when you heard the goofy music. It was kind of accompanied by goofy visuals all of us -- -- you know like Huntsville Alabama don't know he's about like any of that but I'm content it was fine we're just dug the total package is about average. Yeah I would have done here is that I would have gone I noticed that a -- a green screen. And have -- -- all kinds of outrageous things in the -- paratroopers coming down you know water skiing a guerrilla chasing somebody just know I would say which logs -- yes that's good yeah I know is by listening to it what I heard that music I felt we had the wrong video. Because there at the beginning because it sounded. Goofy satellite kids -- music. At least he understands about the taxes in the amount of people leaving New York State and -- that's Oregon that's a great concentration point. Great focal point that he should be out. Yeah I've got now I -- I consider video but if I were doing that I -- moving vans leaving and he didn't do that leaving New York absolutely and I'd be sitting there on an empty highway. On the inroads to New York waiting for removing them you know. Else -- really help would have been charts if he would have been able to show charts and you know grass and things like that. I think that might have how well maybe in the election phase but I think in the introduction phase a charge might be a little -- market should for me you know army because. Hey you know I'm gonna sit there and make your decision right then anyway I think mentioning it. Getting it in your thought process that's one thing but actually a pie charts or graphs or whatever that that ME -- purpose on the -- but I think for this it's an introduction. It's like a first date. If you don't do well first they often their -- second day it's let's go to Kevin impaneled and Kevin what do you think. -- I just total allying with Jessica Easter comptroller's office -- at Detroit give puberty and they agreed. You know as far as I'm concerned. It excitement on the job we've which is being peaceful and I didn't even quote all all of that I'm out of then vetoed it -- it. You know it's all competed what's wrong with that picture. Yeah that's that's a problem every election season sure. Exactly right and then -- each other kind of brushed me off my -- took. -- Jupiter like that talks and he let me know what you know Egypt announced his candidacy for governor. Well we what I -- If you -- -- like playing right now and it's up to him if he actor Michael. It is. -- -- -- All that's harshly but -- -- American Idol that would be a good distance. Out you know why do you think that everything. The messenger. Right. Well okay because -- Right now it right up there and it. -- -- and things but I think we're. It would welcome to. All summer. Absolutely I think that this was an introduction. If -- if we see in his campaign that he is. Just going to deal in generalities he'll be judged by that if indeed he's gonna play hardball -- -- judged by that through so we got a -- let's say to ease a B minus and an F thank you Kevin thank you very much. You may have to go to summer school we don't know under very organized very rape or rob we played. Rob mastery -- introduction to yield. As far as being a candidate to unseat Andrew Cuomo what do you think. You're hearing the voice of buffalo WB ENN that callus now it. 80930. Cell calls are free and started 930 or toll free line is 1806169236. We have -- -- -- governor I'm sandy beach we want you to or raped rob rob has to Reno made the announcement of the top of the hour we carried it to them. Well I -- we carried it live we carried the recorded announcement -- because that's how he announced. -- online so we we. Gave that the airtime and he has announced he has them available. To be governor of New York State and does so we found out true. In the newscast that he will be in town tomorrow and he's going to be Tony did you hear that he is going to be in town rob asked the Reno will be in town. At zap all metrics did you hear that no doubt that we're gonna be he's going to be a zap all metrics truly. And then he's following it up -- -- visit to Groucho metrics. -- metrics in Chico metrics so he's gonna have the -- Brothers just totally covered. I'm Bob thank him and Boston U they did it. Try to good joke on my on my own show yes -- very much were asking him to rate rob. Give us the calls so far. If we're grating AB CD -- okay. I gave him would be. -- -- -- I didn't like the music that was there and I didn't see the visuals but for -- my game would be introduced a lot of things we talked about okay. Chris -- Monday Chris and I are right there on a beam as well as the breasts and on to about. Then we also got another beef from a listener and then Kevin. Kevin came in within half he dropped the F bomb ER thing here half remedial work he's got to go to summer school with that. I don't think it was an -- situation. I do -- do things that he introduced subjects as you'd expect him to do you don't expect him to lay out that there be game plan. On his introductory remarks. I'm glad he covered when he covered whether he was tough enough will have to find out as the as it progresses as the campaign presses. On state active and a common core and of the kind of things he brought up. We'll say he will judge him as -- goes along but. For the opening salvo I I think it was OK -- as -- -- didn't knock my socks off but I thought it could have been worse than. Came across as a likable guy. You know -- he's seen so many politicians you can tell that error again and greener than they just think if -- around the cat's meow but he seemed like likable guy you know. I don't disagree with you on that except bring up this point does everybody think that Andrew Cuomo's likable guys know any any everybody. Seriously that's that's a disclaimer they use we have Barack Obama. Yet now he doesn't know what back alleys doing buddies on nice guy well as a lot of nice guys on the launch countered today confines when he nice guys. I need somebody -- can do the job and if it requires them to be. Perhaps though last night submissive. If you follow myself that's what I want. I don't think people vote for nice guy or or bastard basically a lie it's a lot you'd think Cuomo has any in -- warm and Fuzzy and I. I think there are people out there that they did they -- goal though of what color. Well gullible they vote for anything about for passion but I'm saying I don't think anybody votes because you're nice guy I think they vote because they want to do something that'll affect their lives. I would say that. -- the desert fox -- -- public office at any time because he got the job done at the time we heard people turn Obama's campaign saying he is a nice guy that's a vote for well they can say anything they want about why they voted form but the bottom line is that what it was say -- go to -- I'm voting for him because he can give me something for Fareed. Interior vertebrate dark about that nobody showed what they sure -- but they don't and that's the point you always when -- -- something or against something. You've got to be for or against it at something you can defend okay. If if you if you looked at a Barack Obama and only get off the subject to much but if you look at him and Daniels and the campaign or whatever and as. Things -- the way he didn't think he could do the job but you still want him aren't -- not gonna say I'm gonna get much chance you're a season nice guy like him. And because of my -- ability for him amenable form. People don't do that I think that they pick out what they want if there's some people have to have something in it for them there are very few magnanimous people that are voting for something good for the country. Or in this case good for the state. They equated to something as good for them it goes right back to how does it affect me Al Franken. If they're saying things that that resonate with them and their own universe in their own area of vote of concern. That's what counts so the fact that he's a nice guy is gonna mean anything there are times when it plays well JFK. -- disarming personality. Had to a lot of people like that famous who who commit a quip. You know have a good sense of humor about things that's good but that doesn't win you votes necessarily it's frosting on the cake but I I don't think people vote for. So you think he's a nice guy well he comes across -- he comes -- as -- as I I see I just heard it what I liked is. It was rational it was a reasonable. And I think that as I was making mental checks in my head. He checked off is this defensible as that defensible the only one that I came up with -- I've put a question mark is the same thing you'd. Talking about the taxes is in -- just account. Now when trump came up Peter said that they -- the highest in the state but trump shoots from the -- from time to time shoots from the hip right there and and they've gone out of holes there. So maybe. They are maybe not we have -- check that out and believe me Cuomo girls. And it'll come out on the campaign. But basically it's it's okay if he's a nice guy I just don't have somebody that can get the job. Now he mention because he talks about it in that clip about a lowering taxes in New York State and I remember making the that you know corner -- he has to do that with Westchester County they came out and said you know he's cut taxes I think twice in Westchester County so fees cart. Cut him twice in this still the highest taxed county in the state that's pretty scary. Yeah look at the messages we get all the time though. The messages are that New York City with the blogs ago. They are willing to and they are anxious to even raise their own taxes so they can have their own version of freak he. Ed at the all these surveys come out of the city. And there they're perfectly happy with paying even more there in favor of all of these spending programs and whatever so when he makes his initial. Throwing his hat in the ring like he just did. I mean he he can be general about a but then you gotta get down to the amount you've got to do is see the differences between getting a vote in New York City getting a -- buffalo. And then there's a lot of things that really repel us that they love the New York City so he's gonna separate that. Mozilla does and will will continue to -- To -- him but now I'd like YouTube not to. So far and will take yours after the break. Instead of improving education for our kids Governor Cuomo wants to give free college tuition to criminals behind bars at our expense you heard that right. What you -- I struggled to save for our children's college education or pay off our own college loans. Governor Cuomo wants to use tax dollars to get free college tuition to prison and yeah it's outrageous and unfair. Speaking of education. Almost common core has been a disaster for parents teachers and children alike. Make no mistake about it as governor I will get rid of almost common core and replace it with better standards teaching and testing. All set and controlled at the local level and for you charter school parents whose classrooms are being shut down. I'll have your back we need more charter schools in New York not fewer. Let's see if Tony is is on his game today. We just -- a commercial for the cowboys Yorkers are obviously accounts long gone all right -- but so -- phrase. That he originate. That now it seems generic it seems like no one person first said but it was him. -- base CO when he was alive obviously there was a famous phrase that he used that was -- in in several. Records and things like that but it's it's all out there and so generic that you you don't think it can be attributed to one really out. You know not let you tell us we either guys now about the countdown you know like 122 reform before -- not that's -- -- -- now one more time. -- you listened to some of the early records of -- I'm not a huge companies event. But I like all almost all kinds of music and one more time is it was attributed to him. And and -- -- Jews of course but. -- -- -- -- -- that some -- and things here on the show I love learning about music thank you thank you aware continue to -- rob yes rob asked to -- address was carried live all of the recorded address was carried live. From the government are from the web. Are here on WB and we want to courageous speech my thinking is I'm content it was fun there were a lot of good things to think about that we didn't expect a lot of vote. A background on each subject ago or his position on every single one of them in depth in -- -- but it was fine. Voice quality was good I did not see the video. Music was cool for whoever picked his music. Should not do that -- could put. So I don't like clowns getting out of a car at the beginning but I thought I'd get -- A date I thought it was going to be worse than it was it was better that I thought but didn't knock -- -- Let's go to Oscar in East Aurora Oscar you're on WB again. IPod hi -- iPhone out. Well I was sitting there are just ruled -- an electric apricot that it might free you know you're lucky guard dogs and a lottery ticket yes what do you think of -- rating rob. -- miners -- really thought that. I would call our target rich environment -- confidence in this campaign. Org Cuomo on so many you know and ordered me if you can shoot down. The unbelievable amount of things that they've all done. I I came you can imagine Kennedy. All of the things eat our food. That all what was done got to come out swinging and audit he'll. And if you stay -- -- like George Pataki. You could say weaker but it is a model for this -- he came from downstate you and nobody. And add a message that the message which changed. He lay down so it. Platform and stuck in that matter what the Democrats who hurled at him and tried -- -- com law as Mets pitcher walked. Or. -- -- He's stuck to a message one and I think that exact history -- One thing yes -- learned George scored two I think if if if he wants to if he thinks it's worth exploring. Is a huge divide between upstate and downstate because it's like he's running for governor of two different states now whether. Downstate wants wants is more to -- our state wants sort of I don't know I don't know if it's worth pursuing but it's definitely there. Well we're stuck with each other downstate upstate be good downstate York city. Has wanted to split off from the book I think for longer so far more reasons than we want them awful -- -- -- -- -- -- You practice so -- war the New York City wanted to separate from north to the state and so it's not like. We're the only ones that want their separation but for the time being stuck together and we've got to learn to work with and with the -- of the year downstate Democrats but. I think that anybody who has eyeballs ears can tell you that this state is just -- fault here. We've got to do something about. The unbelievable what steps of the Democrats in the state and it only goes just to their career. Spending -- but pretty unbelievable amount of grass -- option that's right it's in it's it's it's almost like it's. Like you like it's a part of them. It's it's sort of surreal. It is surreal it seems like where we we judge what goes on in this state I simply in a bubble blow like the other 49 states don't know what's going on where we always get a -- where in in more trouble went almost any of the -- -- good points -- you give him an a minus thank you -- -- about that. Do you think it's worth pursuing divided the state is he as he set and he's right it's always been divided but here's the difference. I mean as far as what we're looking for in a governor and what they're looking for a governor downstate two different things to us. The state back very important apparently not that important to the city they've become a favor so. Big divide there and this is probably the same thing with a common core standards a lot of things that he mentioned in there. Half the half are very comfortable with -- they're not clamoring for a tax decrease in New York City they they said we want a tax increase so we can pay paprika a our own version we don't want the state to -- or how do you put those together I don't know if you can. Yeah I don't think he can neither is maybe he's just better off. You know campaigning to the rest of the state -- let's face it he's not -- even come close to winning in the city. Yeah it's it's a matter of of showing people how you can benefit them. And unfortunately there's a lot more of them in New York City than there are up here. And so he's probably gonna have to lean toward that and walk that fine tightrope with some things -- Suggests that not fixable. And I don't know I don't know what you do to get in there except to show the New York is on the brink it's a break as the last caller says. Of of real serious problem. If you follow social media at all you know with the topics are that are. Hot with the New Yorkers and I think rob scored big time when he addressed one. The foremost plan to use a textiles to pay for prisoners for prisoners to get a college education in common -- in charter schools. Those are three very big issue. Absolutely and I think there are if you can get your foot in the door and get the ears of some people in New York City and they might they might Allison of with the examples you just use especially everybody's interest it in the proper education for their kids. But I I don't think that goes with free K in New York City another words. I when they want pre K I don't think they're thinking in my four year old can get to school. And they have a public pre K that I can get -- mentally Wharton school and Harvard and he's going to be on the fast tracked. That's a babysitting thing in New York City is -- here so I mean there are times when you can find these. She of these little shivers of life have light that we can put together I want. -- with the pulses of New York City with the paying for college education for prisoners and we know it didn't go over well year about it about -- giving me in state tuition to illegals and you'll notice I he did not mention immigration on. Immigration is really a national. Issue regarding the laws and immigration but immigration is also a hot button in New York State because they keep inviting. Illegal. Immigrants to get things like AID card the Bellagio wants that so they can get there -- their benefits faster. So -- you know. He's got it's a target rich environment as one of the crawlers that in their absolutely right. Thanks audio well we'll see you tomorrow morning at nine I tried to shift part time. On the news -- and I thirty Namibia. We'll we'll. I was never into music piece.

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