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3-5 Beach and Company Hour 2

Mar 5, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- here that's some people are cheerful that they could get drive through ashes. I'm -- I was sorry I just -- I'm cynical one real answers. Every year you go to get ashes on the church treasures and that's nice that's terrific. Now you can get drive through ashes of people crying about drive through confession. That -- good XXX. May I speak. Dominates the drawn up. I like an act of contrition and three hail Mary's plays aren't on the line Fries -- thank you very much well who -- some people are more emotionally -- others. It is a big governor yet I'm talking about the political screw that we're going to of the tasting and and testing. Rob asked the Reno is going to announce reportedly. Because I see -- so I think. Why he would put out a video saying he's knock on Iran because otherwise would put out video saying when -- -- But that's going to be 11 o'clock it's going to be an online video to show you how -- and equally isn't. All of these young volunteers see him as a future tomorrow. All the usual political stuff but he's gonna do about 11 o'clock so that's the first ingredient in the -- is that we will have a -- idea. A dedicated candidate to go against Andrew Cuomo. Unless somebody beats them out in either primary or or for summaries and drops out next is Donald Trump. Trumpet is going to make a major speech tomorrow that's the reason as the -- all moved up here is a big announcement today. What wasting our time which -- if you wanna see him as a a novelty act that's fine. But I don't expect him to Ron. If I I would like to see Iran. But even then I'd like -- a run with a full commitment to winning the job and wanting the job first -- -- and then winning the -- not enough to be known -- not enough that money. Otherwise a Bill Gates. As go to a lot more money than he does and and Bill Gates as a mechanic all right there's lot of people a lot more money -- trumpet aren't candidates so money alone. I doesn't do it not as good businessman we know that he's got an unknown presence in New York okay that's good to. -- high acceptance or rejection a lot of people love him a lot of people hate them a -- goes with the territory but almost everybody knows them so that's one kind of step forward. Whether indeed he would be a candidate or not I doubt it. And if he's not a full fledged I'm going all the way -- this one I'm totally in them pushing all the chips in the center of the table. And then I say I'd rather have a committed a lesser name -- idea kind of dip my toe in the water bigger name that's the way after. And and the third part of this. Political -- was Hillary Clinton. Yes yesterday we heard that Paul in New York a poll in New Jersey and Paul in Virginia say. She is the person for us we've got to have her as the next democratic president. Presidential contender. And so that's that now we're going to go through this Clinton fatigue again. That was yesterday today front page is by a reporter named Susan Page. On the USA today public finds her more likable than in the oh -- race while lovely. Clinton's negative image softens. A repeating things from this column Hillary Clinton. Would answer -- 2016 presidential race better liked and more respected and she was when she ran in 2008. According to the Pew Research Center by more than 21 margin. 42 to 17%. Those surveyed say her involvement and Bill Clinton's administration will be an asset rather of the reliability. If she saw the White House foreign 1040%. Say her ties to him wouldn't make a difference or Thais still she's married to -- up. -- a -- -- is actually having ties to embark she's married to. She is as strong a position as any potential nominee for an open seat race in modern history. Those awards have David Axelrod. A strategist of course for Barack Obama. I can't remember any like it so as saying she is the best position of any candidate. In history. I'm Hillary Clinton's of his as the path problem or getting them via forced down our throat. Hillary Clinton continues to spark strong negative reactions as well as positive ones. 51% say they'd like to run for president in two and one at 1643%. Say they hope she doesn't 7%. Don't have an opinion here as the graph on this one. Good chance. If she ran for president there'd be a good chance your vote for 35%. Some chance 24%. No chance 38%. Don't know. Or are just refused to answer 3% so they -- we're getting video we're getting the massaging already of don't judge Hillary by the over the years when she was First Lady don't judge your -- I'm not going to be in the kitchen baking cookies. Don't judge her by the Rose Law Firm -- records don't judge her for -- giant right wing conspiracy forget all of that. Forget all that and forget about you know things like falling down and hitting her head of the most opportune moment when she was supposed to testify before congressional committee. And forget about being godsey. You know at its final twice as I forget about that forget even about her voice she's in new softer. And we're gonna we're gonna have this crammed down our throat. And I can't even think about dealing with I have absolute -- We're dealing with -- another Clinton political run now Doug turner in the Buffalo News said in a recent column less than we called. Bill Clinton both helps and hurts. Hillary's chances. The he talks about former Bill Clinton is a two edged sword for his wife Hillary. Who for the second time in eight years finds itself pretty heavy favorite to become the next democratic presidential. Nominee. So apparently nobody at the Democratic Party. Think -- Clinton fatigue. They have enough people standing around that would perhaps like to be president but she has the name recognition. She almost one almost won the first time GO win against the Barack Obama and so -- your thinking what was the show and let's putter and there. I say that I'd I'd bet that there's a lot of fatigue around the nation -- Hillary. With a recent poll showing 82% of Democrats wanted to run. Why does she need him politically at all on the plus side. Is that Bill Clinton reminds the country of happier days all right so that's that's one reason. He talks about but there is baggage. The baggage is named Gennifer Flowers Paula Corbin Jones Kathleen Willey Juanita Broderick and Monica Lewinsky as a little -- there. More baggage -- will be on the on the ship that I take to Alaska. With the Bill Clinton OK senator Rand Paul. Said the U morality role in Somalia into the player piano when Bill Clinton went to Kentucky they're trying to unseat. Mitch McConnell. Position there and done rule. That -- Paul's comments about the former presidents past life was out of order so. He went up bear the -- unseat McConnell. And then Ron Paul. Brought up his is his past record. Senator Steve Israel Democrat from Long Island chairman of the house democratic congressional committees that he plans to -- Bill Clinton a great deal. They help the party regain the house so some people don't want him around some people don't want. Barack Obama around either during the mid term elections but some people think he is still imagine draw. We -- as much from lately as we did remember he was reluctant to leave the spotlight. -- he was popular it was controversial. It was there he was impeached in case anybody forgot about it he wasn't thrown out of office but he was impeached. But after -- -- was out of office we saw him everywhere everywhere now -- see him as much. -- but maybe we need a little breath. Amid we will be a little break from our fatigue of the clintons some asking about the political -- your thoughts on rob asked the Reno throwing his whatever into the ring today at 11 o'clock. Donald Trump -- or -- me and Hillary are we going to have to sit through another campaign and do you think she's a lock. You think she's a stone cold lock. Now to audio on an -- on Saturday mornings usually have a bookie in front of your legitimate yes -- stone -- -- yes that's right index I've talked to him and see if -- bundle it up. Hillary Clinton's don't call uncle block and aren't we like -- formulate 03093018060692. Through six Garland there. I don't think I would sporting a wreck but it where -- want gateway. The only place. Rob -- to Reno is going to make a big a video announcement on line. At 11 o'clock as to whether he's running for governor of the state of new York and we will attempt -- secured his attempt. To carry that live on we're carrying a live tape. -- at a I didn't. And -- a will we'll carry that Liza you'll hear it and start within our newscast have 11 o'clock. And I'm I'm thinking that there is no chance that he's going to say America run. But I don't think that's going to happen but yet -- -- you said somebody who opposed it on our FaceBook page thinks that's exactly what's gonna. DA import said he sent me a message or just a recipe for grilled about me a cup of coffee or drink he says that he feels and asked Reno will not. And I told Mike that oh yeah he's gonna -- Audio because if you're you know if they really wanted to orchestrate this sale was the deal was made -- the deal was made with trump. And asked the Reno. That. They'd both be on the ticket and trump would be having the -- OK and then why wouldn't he go with trump tomorrow to his big speech. And make this speech before trumps announcing that he day is not going to be the candidate for governor but here ladies and gentlemen. Is the next governor of the state of new York and then you bring on drop. Now that's show business has not picked to run in the -- with them now that's gonna happen so if anybody who thinks gonna happen I think is going to be disappointed. But there's there it is so will find out eleven I don't know about you but I can hardly wait. Among the edge of my seat and apparently from our calls and abort it looks like -- or super excited about it too. -- a team that nobody knows this guy nobody cares and hope they don't that's the bottom line and add if you what I candidate up. Would you rather have a candidate who has a flicker of a chance that this may be -- -- -- may be a perfect storm. Yeah and and Cuomo stubs his tell big time. And this unknown person from out of the blue the next Jimmy Carter the next Bill Clinton people that were not known on the national stage suddenly become known. I mean that's a bill that would be ideal but that isn't what's going to happen. Oh looking at their -- -- column regarding Hillary Clinton if she runs in their seems to be. -- an air of inevitability that she's going through. A bit Bill Clinton can herder who can helper but he can herder. Andy talks about what bill could do for Hillary. She needs Bill Clinton according to Doug turner she needs Bill Clinton to try to change the subject from President Obama. Who has been laying eggs when his health care health care law that's true. It's it's getting worse of course monitoring any better so you got to the got to erase the memory of Obama. In order to clear the slate for Hillary's and that's the way these things are our manager manipulated. This also poses risks and aggravating Clinton fatigue. Over the next. 33. Long months. Can you imagine the thought of dealing with -- Hillary Clinton for president. Cloud hanging over all of us for 33 months ago and he can. I mean seriously. Pollster John Zogby. Said there already is a lot of Obama fatigue in Michigan a state Obama easily carried twice C is off the rose for Obama. I was off the rose real early for me it was off the rose before ever got on the world's. But now at least some people are seeing that he's not up to the job he's not doing much of a good job. And a lot of things that he's managed to accomplish have not been beneficial. So that's where the fatigue is coming him getting back to Doug turner no matter how personally popular Bill Clinton managed to be in 2000. His private conduct was still a heavy drag on Al Gore. You know what else was heavy drag on Al Gore. Al Gore absolutely. Al Gore who have who would I think he would win the charisma award right next to rob asked the I I wonder if they -- out charisma each other Mallon. Who who lost obviously. Today Obama's approval in Michigan is upside down according to Zogby 45% approving 54% saying yet. Obviously only 32%. A Michigan independents approve -- -- that's tough -- Obama. So she's got -- she heard. Hillary she's got to push the bad image of Bill Clinton. And shed the bad image of the job done by idea by. By our president how. And then tell us that she is the answer to. All of our dreams so if she can do that she's a masterful ball position. I don't know -- into government. Michigan voters speak for the nation according to Zogby voters -- record levels of this in champ but neither party is ready to pick up the mantle. Of this this of of this opportunity so we're sick of polls there but we won't always talking about. For running again we're sick of what's happening in New York State Cuomo is looks -- all formidable candidate. We're sick -- it's happening nationwide and go Obama won two terms we're sick of of of the fatigue would -- -- another Clinton Campaign and she's far and away the if that's all part of the political -- And that's why I am not tasting any of -- still I want something fresh and there it was your ideas are you willing to put up with this for another 33 months or so. In Austria and Montreal 1061692. -- -- and I thirty tell us your views of the political -- You're hearing the voice of buffalo WB -- that call us now an 8030930. Cell calls are free it's starting nine dirty -- toll free line is 1800. 6169236. Otherwise today's deal of the day for my level of Burks is a thirty dollar certificate to -- made on Delaware avenue or demo for just fifteen dollars. Get the adjustments and repair urgent need for your wardrobe. With the expert alterations from Taylor made go to WBN dot com and click on my buffalo perks mellowed at all here's something you don't see very often. I like these pants taken in please that there -- moved to large. I have. I have a feeling. That I've never said that in my life actually. It is a -- company were talking about the political still going on -- about rob asked the Reno at 11 o'clock. Rob mastery you know average recorded. Announcement that will play on the Internet now -- -- -- that Tony and Chris. What are we talking about does he have his own web site that's where it's going to be because we're going to attempt to carry it live. A news radio because as you know. Everyone wants to know more about rob best Marino and so what better way than to carry the initial address so -- and they can kind of spell out his hopes and dreams for us. Where is it on the I don't have a link for it was sent to me so I'm assuming one will if not. And blog Google. I mean really I guess this is this is what I you know I understand we have different ways to communicate now and in new ways that we didn't have in the past but. He have to be a little bit more specific. I -- I can't see people just dying to surf the web. Trying to find. The rob asked to Reno video hoping that they don't miss any of the I have a feeling that it's it's not exactly must CTV. But we're gonna carry -- if we can find that we're going to carry it at 11 o'clock. Yeah and though we're asking if you think that he is going to be a candidate that some people said. No it's gonna say that he's not running that's I doubt if that's I think he's going to announce. But why do it that way to me it's. It's not the most dynamic way to throw your hat into the ring you want some level of excitement. I mean and if you if you recorded it already. In India in a close situations say a studio with the friends and family and supporters. That it's gonna look phony because everybody knows it's recorded it's not the is not spontaneous. And they're probably handpicked. Of course did pretty well for -- Barack Obama on the campaign trail all of those program -- of the ones that behind him especially but. Is that if you have a that way. It's not going to do was not gonna make a big impression. I think you need some level of excitement if you wanna run up against an incumbent well financed like Andrew Cuomo he's got to start off with a -- because of you start off with a -- -- Or you start off with a where is this announcement. I can't find it. A one how do you expect to get a campaign -- rolling I don't understand that at all so to me -- just that spot you could simultaneously. Or release a video if you wanna use that fine but have a press conference. You know have have people have live action there. But I have reporters -- questions that you showed that -- live -- some somebody that can stand up to Andrew Cuomo. And yeah and be even -- more dedicated and a more acceptable then. Been Donald Trump but if you just put out a lame. Announcement. Is sitting behind a desk I don't know exactly what they're going to be doing it just doesn't cut it as far as I'm concerned. It's yeah that's a modern way to communicate it is not necessarily the best way to start a campaign. That's what I'm thinking. No political. Consultant but I'm thinking you want hoopla you want excitement you wanna have have people buy into your message. And you do that would have a charismatic and why you've introduction. And I don't see this being that we are going to attempt to carry it and that will be at 11 o'clock so that'll start inside our newscast we have no idea along -- nobody. Maybe the guy will be target of three hours we're not really sure but we do know that it's supposed to start at around. The clock. Let's go to Jerry and merged carrier on WB yen. Everything's fine Gerri what about this political Stew was asked to Reno and trumpeting what. I tell you what like you know from the old days like you know when you're in the service and stuff like that when they tell you something sort of got to go along with it. Think it -- -- here's what is really prior help but think about this. Yes Perino. Is getting paid by quote roll. To run. This -- so many of them the face trump. Under the table. Like that he didn't want him to run. Because let's face it immediately got a chance but the point is that in the -- he painted by the money under the table he runs that you win. Yeah I it's it's called cannon fodder. It. It's about what it is. You send out you know like you're the general it's been -- 50000 guys threatened to -- up -- -- don't win the battle but nothing virtue. Exactly right well today that's about the only chance you have I think on this one thank you very much -- think you might be -- water. Do you agree -- answering always cannon fodder but in fact we did that show last week in late. That if asked to Reno runs are we all screwed in other words is is an inevitable that Cuomo would win the -- does Ron. Now we don't know about trump but don't don't wait for that is it you know if so you're probably go first among prom night waiting for mr. right to shore up in the never did broke your heart right. And that's exactly what happened here -- It seems to me that with -- Reno you have a guy. Who maybe. Is surrounded by people you know get robbed you should brought you you you could you know -- could you also was if -- is ego -- step up. What happens while Pataki was governor here he said he was going to explore the run for president. And we're thinking just observers. Where is he crazy. The people who make any any common sense decisions with the people from emerging them Iran that they really believe all that stuff because it's obvious from a distance that is gonna happen. -- -- -- Asked you know maybe the nicest guy in the world maybe he removed a thorn from -- from lion's -- something may be a cuddled babies and and and feeds the feeds in the at a hungry and close the media I don't know but I don't think. I don't think because of his lack of name recognition. And his lack of funding. Cuomo's got -- a much bigger war -- than he has a chance and meanwhile gold. Even in a perfect storm where everything is going fine hanging over it is we wish Donald Trump would run. But if he doesn't then our second choice would be asked. -- what kind of a campaign do you go -- like that personally applaud Obama. What am I I don't know I've seen her yet but what I assume would be a lame way to start a campaign I can imagine this video online announcing his candidacy is gonna light the world on fire. Today that's a non starter right there so what you know it's like a sprint race it's a it's a 10810. Meters. You got the other guy next it was -- same bolt he's got up -- you get out of the blocks. You can't it can't do that. I'm not saying that Cuomo's Hussein -- our buddies certainly a formidable candidate in New York State so it's good to have made. It's pretty lame but I wanna hear from you in the political snow rob asked the rain all 11 AM you're excited about it do you think he's cannon -- one about Donald Trump you're tired of waiting. You think he should you know water cut bait and Hillary Hillary Clinton Obama -- -- -- -- -- through another race with another Clinton. Are you suffering from Clinton fatigue. Were set up some political -- rob mastery go at 11 o'clock is supposed to release. On line. And recorded message as to whether he is running for governor of the State of New York or not. And I don't know my view the excitement is at fever pitch here at the -- decision it's it's much like waiting for the ball to drop. It is. Thank if you are running for governor you would have a bigger role while than that. And recorded on line announcement. Unless he starts off with Charlie bit me. I I just don't understand this this is. This -- a plan of action to me it's a non starter right away there should be. Some kind of excitement levels some kind of we've got some hope here's somebody that can -- Andrew Cuomo. I don't know what he's gonna do on this record announcement we are going to attempt to carrier. At 11 o'clock during our news check it out so we're asking if if you think he can be a factor is Donald Trump in her out. I would not -- he's going to be in Hillary are we going through Hillary Clinton fatigue. Absolutely there are already talking now is she's as walling them in new York New Jersey and Virginia. We -- -- we -- -- Zogby reports that there's no nobody that it in the even touched him ever garment on this one. And I'm thinking on known not another Clinton. Political -- companies suffering from fatigue as this field -- to about one of the possible load Republican candidates might be Jeb Bush. Now I like George Bush. But I don't want another another bush running because of -- the same actor in fact there was another Clinton bush would be in. But I'm basically no I I think we need some fresh faces -- and some new people. It Austria and I Israel -- it and it's excellent tonight through music stars on thirty Mary in buffalo you're on WB and merry. Good morning and here. -- -- ending yeah that's -- And ask you this question are out on a day away three times a week that's the answer okay what's the question. About I don't why kill -- record and what clicked and -- the number one quick within and he wanted to Hillary can do at the macro and the medical insurance. That was the first football of his presidency wanted to heard handle it was a disaster. Right out and I questioned. About why did you push back. Active and that. They get their -- -- Obama. With that Obama care. No I don't I I think that there but they're not happy it's happening by because they have the distance itself from it. But they're thinking that he won't be able to name any successor as a candidate for sure because of what's going on with -- obamacare no it's not good for the party. It's not good for the candidates is not good for anybody the way it's working right now nobody's gonna benefit from a at all. So you don't think tactically and -- influence. And the medical. I think they couldn't be considered an influence but I don't think. I don't think there -- happy about it even volley gives them a little advantage because. If he has any handpicked successors. They're gonna face a tougher battle because of the brouhaha over the medical plan. But no I don't think they're behind it but good dot I wish that war thank you -- Not sit still bigger debacle as a matter of fact in Nam. Doug Turner's column though that we were -- talking about he says some of the things that that they have to do. Is is kind of offset that. She needs Bill Clinton to try and change the subject from President Obama was been laying eggs -- his health care law. They -- will not wanna be tied in. With -- Obama at all on the campaign trail. Okay she might talk about ground breaking presidency or something like that which in this specific should not be involved with -- she wants to Wear the Teflon jacket. Remember warriors have the Teflon Don John Gotti this year is as tough one person. Secretary of state. Over all she was. Fabulous sister as secretary of state until you ask him some one thing it's dead they can answer -- those perpetual motion machines. Wary because something is repeat it's like the big lie is repeated over and over and over again. How Smart she is. A charismatic she is what a great job she's doing whatever and when it comes time to look at -- shows proof nobody has any because. The resenting. They don't -- on 3018061692. For six are -- thirty as I said I'm suffering from political fatigue period. Having had a chance to catch our breath from the last presidential campaign and now we're in tube of mid terms and worry and joined -- -- gubernatorial race. In which despite the fact that Andrew Cuomo says I'm not really interest and run for president Oreo right. Ya I saw his nose groan that went so we're asking are you politically fatigued. I think we can sell off from the of conversations or lack of them regarding -- politics from time it's time. That a lot of you are one of these suggested names of four with somebody that might be considered on the Republican side of the presidential. Race. Was Jeb Bush and I don't care Jeb Bush is the best that bush ever. I don't care if Jeb Bush would be the perfect candidate. I think that goods and build the fatigue. I sense is more than just against the Democrats and I think it's fatigue against. Politicians and congress and the president and everybody all -- once saw something email Jeb Bush even though it might make a good candidate and even though be unfair. There have been two bushes before him. I don't see a third bush do you see a third bush stoning now all I see the two bush theory. They're already served him reviews it and -- dead in George that's enough thank you very much even though I like -- and my dad like George I don't wanna see another bush and there. That's that's I try to live by those words actually. What do you think Tony it was going to be able to come up -- that mysterious announcement at 11 o'clock. I hope so I have I'm on his web site right -- -- -- -- -- -- if you go to rob asked Reno all in one word dot com. You get -- estrogen running for -- governor -- and also lets its larger cat so it just as rob pastor read a lot of course got the patriotic us stuff in there. And then on the right hand side you've got something on videos so I was trying to click on that and track -- down so you have to click on something at top. It drops down -- -- and you get the obvious drop the drop down menu yet drop down menu and now -- -- -- Reno announced his candidacy for governor. All right so he edged sword that's what they're bill boarding a even on the go on the web site already we will carry it live. On now on news radio 930 so that you'll actually hear in his own words I guess is part of a drop down menu when you go rob asked during a dot com. And you'll hear it here on news radio 930 there again if you're running for governor do you think -- release sent out a press release of the news sources telling them exactly how to find. You're bureau released yet it seems like this is obviously pre recorded so yeah -- this record why why. What's -- through that I -- I just don't get admiral Wilson eight because we're gonna hear what our own nears so you don't have the trust me you can trust rob mastery -- Excess charisma. A dripping with -- excitement announcement coming up in them oh about thirty seconds or so hang in there will be back after that if I can contain myself. I may have the -- myself -- during the break.

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