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3-5 Beach and Company Hour 1

Mar 5, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Oh hello -- is -- governor and I'm sandy beach and I may have unveiled a mystery. -- as -- watching television early this morning I saw a site that I wasn't really sure I -- you know when you first wake up and and you're not really sure how the alarm -- shot off for what you just saw on TV but was all right. I happen to me but I think I've got the answers and I'm gonna share -- -- you. Yes guys -- go to bed -- the TV on some president with a timer on it sometimes I don't and I at this time I didn't insult when I was half asleep. And but -- -- is some network news on television. And it showed what it usually shows on Mardi Gras nine on no natural Tuesday at night the new Orleans police are old are called on the streets and clear the streets of all the party -- okay. And I could swear one of the mounted cops was asking this woman to get off the street Mardi Gras is over go home now. She looked remarkably. To me in my half sleep stage like. Susan grows but I'm a -- -- couldn't be Susan rose I adore Susan -- can't get them in years picture her Marty era something. I must have been dreaming that it was Susan wrote it couldn't be so I come in today this morning and so tired she's not usual perky self. And then I walked by her cubicle. Hanging from a nail. Lots of beads. Now there's no reason their -- beads in their Tony you know what they used beads war yet these are currency at Mardi -- Beads are I'll give you leads if you do oh yeah. And people do I get a lot of bait right and then what do they bring him home block I was in the -- look at how many movies I have. And so I'm I've got a question why those Beazer in her cubicle I don't know I'm not I'm not pointing a finger of an accusatory finger I'm just saying. It's amazing the coincidental event things aren't any now they are not adding up you know what else is -- adding up but I only 82 yesterday had a I had policy appoints a year round to -- -- a push to hear. From punched it home and a posh not. And I thought okay I did pretty well until of course I know of a champion meter. Would be Tony and what did you have -- I had the puts you here question here we saw you with that one. And three fashion this from -- approach. It woke up in the middle of night for one now these shots. Our big enough they look like a hubcap on a 56 Buick right OK you wait 30 yeah now Chris how did you do. Just one -- had the had to put ski here. And I was good for like in our -- they're -- so why there's so -- -- they -- -- a bit of one about one of the fonts that they're throwing and their militias there regarding banks through. -- shaky imposed on -- and all the good folks and supplied us we have. Good -- -- I'd a froze the rest I froze my Wednesday it was funny when I after we shall I went -- shop wegmans. You know -- is that the ECB which displayed like I -- someone -- and you didn't hear anymore. Now what are you guys they got the announcement though from Russ Brandon in the bills that they ain't going to -- The Toronto this year -- they're gonna do a full evaluation for the future. Remember we were told about how important it was that they market up their regional marketing in this and that whatever. What do you think happened so maybe. That there's a few ways of looking at it. On your -- want why is is that that they feel that. They are on the verge of having a competitive team that can't. Making a run for the playoffs and they really want them home adage. You know at the state that's just one way of looking at it another as -- did you see the writing on the wall that nobody is interested in that there were 121000 species list as ever we know even at the beginning of the series that they were -- house I don't know about Chris what -- -- -- I I absolutely love it the only depressing thing about it is it's not completely gone -- -- last year they sign the deal. To extended I think the 2070. So its offer at least at least this season. And it makes complete sense nobody in buffalo likes it. Toronto fans that are fans -- the bills don't go to the games and they come down here to -- -- -- Eric what is talked about it all the coaching doesn't mean I don't think dug her own like -- and I don't think he's come right out -- it's that there has been our reports that. He absolutely hates going upper their for the game. Exactly and and they they're not news you know was setting the woods on fire up there they only won one game Otto all the years they've been up there. And it was making money go -- but now that though Ralph is not calling the daily shots on the team. And that maybe this was made ago locally could be I don't know that right but here's one thing I don't know this is so beautifully got to got to take a look behind the curtain. There is an intense rivalry. In town between the bills and the sabres got a note that okay if you don't know what where you living in it is you know went in with Punxsutawney Phil. I mean there's an intense rivalry. It's just I don't know coincidence. That on a huge day for publicity of the sabres. That the bills announced of them are going to -- if that's a that's a coincidence. -- -- -- the cheese are -- as it currently is it's not a live and let live vote. Alliance between the bills with sabres they're they're fighting for. Four space of more camera time for microphone time and all the time this is an ongoing thing. And the bills have a superiority attitude like you've never seen for what reason Obama. They do you look at then news that the sabres have been making lately you know first the military that a lot now -- so with a dominating the -- -- Locally well the bill's got to -- him. And it's -- and I didn't know at 3 o'clock today is the deadline trading deadline 3 o'clock today so it's a threat like deadline so -- -- it's in the morning that they announced that sucked the oxygen out of the publicity air. I think that's. Kind of amusing let's review yeah I guess not franchise tagging Jerry's Byrd wasn't enough enough yet more we get we -- birds and million a year forward three of the first three years and he says no school. Somewhere else. I mean seriously and you know what I gonna win the Super Bowl win them anyway so what the -- I just get after awhile you know the numbers just -- your mind. We do if you're a DBU quarterback. And you're running back and you're not a star receiver or DB and their important I'm not saying they're not okay ten million a year is not enough -- that says one thing. I don't wanna be here under any circumstances. Well two things that I take out of this one is. First of all you as this defensive back is good is your defensive line if you're defensive line is not put pressure on the other team's quarter exert quarterback you're not gonna get those those quick throws you know -- you you got to get as many. Interceptions. And you know so you really he benefited from having a great -- like so he's your go somewhere else and you are marginal at best. Like him I come. Like a good game is is hard to find guys understand all that but it's it's it's not going to. It sells tickets to be -- there are a few positions a dual I don't go wow are all take a break it will be. What are we doing sports talk today says. Now -- getting into the political -- We're gonna hand you a big -- this moment -- dig again I'm coming up later on the show would be -- and company you know why should go to. She brings -- -- there as well it's hard for me I hit the bride but some of them mom who -- -- actions in various. Because of the State of New York I'm I'm after one. I have to him. Have a cargo bill have been built in on -- that could be taxed you know that you're could be absolutely by weight. The government's gonna try and get their their little hands on some of those. Gold coins of those people found buried -- first it was a question however that was stolen but there's no record from the treasury that there was ever. A robbery that the coins are over a hundred years old right and they were buried. And they're worth the millions of dollars and his people just them. And does so now the IRS I heard on the on the news with -- as a as -- -- We have no plans to investigate treasury didn't say it was stolen but they're gonna have to pay the highest tax rate on. So here you know it's interesting 'cause they just found them they didn't work for them they didn't want them -- them and even just finding them you're gonna pay taxes. So just the fact that you you find what is it like 37%. Are. 39% somewhere on the -- ridiculous is it as it's ridiculous is right but of course we know that the money will go for good cause. -- If your -- they show yesterday. If you're -- showed today and yesterday you -- grocery shopping. And you're in a motorized. Cart you know -- was some handicapped people used the motorized cart and you couldn't quite reach the top shelf. And it kind league guy came over and said may I assist you. And reached for the item you want it off of the top shelf because you couldn't that man. An -- and get -- -- you -- are only -- Own -- buried very nice now you say. That what what this person was trying to retrieve but couldn't quite -- -- and and you help and says I'll get this for you. Well or cookies did you demand a ransom did you get at least one frequently. -- It's a massive famous name -- -- It was nice you did it really was very difficult that is the climb -- freezer when you've got who signed or you know if it -- well I did that the did you yeah. The big problem is when I go grocery shopping I only buy things that are between my -- the -- well I would I refuse to reach either up or down if -- between here I just pointed out where my nipple and these -- mining agency that I didn't right here in this area right here okay. I'll buy anything -- that there if you're above that. Although I'm 64 I can certainly reach anything grocers or just refused to -- I have it's above -- below that I just might just buy stuff right in the middle. So you know and when people are looking for product placement of the big companies they've been a news these moves and then sometimes a wine and dying to get that. And caps and things like that. And -- get everything between the couple of days find out exactly. What the average spaces between Naples and -- It's probably -- who threw for. And that's -- -- -- so you miss out on the famous things cookies if their ball if there below mine are about my -- I don't buy the bottom shelf. That's not where mama hides the cookies and Rick Jenrette says that's top shelf where mama hides the cookies and -- -- He knows it knows he's the -- have a -- tickets to giveaway now a four pack of tickets to see the buffalo bandits verses of the Minnesota swarm. And and that's going to be this Saturday at 730 the value of the 112. Dollars is a four pack and and people love watching the -- -- General conference rules apply call now 6449875. And indeed. A random caller will be chosen. Don't miss his little thing and -- and so don't miss the hard hitting high scoring action a buffalo bandits lacrosse. As the buffalo its host the Minnesota swarm on Saturday. You know all calls the bandits games and know the mute somebody who works here you know AD can't and no. No Americans are emotion yes I don't know okay used to use I think -- used to do. Via via a public address for the bills on time. Yes a finger -- does -- that skirt would agree. Yeah he did dumb he does when I first started here -- O six and early 07 I ran some bandits games and he was on horse of the -- -- -- he's got a good voice though and he's very easy to work with very closely for a new -- to -- -- there is a nice guy as regards to a. A great seats still available first dire grows in her box office or online -- bandits dot com. OK when we come back we've whipped up a still for your way political -- and we're adding a little bit of rob asked the Reno. Were adding a dash of trump and -- were cooked. Yacht and and I of Hillary Clinton I was gonna put I have Newton there but no it's not an -- viable this year at so called the -- got the -- I couldn't Hillary Clinton and is going to be a witch's brew we're gonna talk about all that stuff on there is -- and I third WB yet. It WB and wherever you go with a WP an iPhone app powered by the final out left. The best in -- railings and -- Back -- governor says -- VH. Thinking now. Wellington -- any kind of work you're going to have to make any effort to do anything anymore. Because. They're making -- as easy as possible for you to do what they'd like you to do. Group remember it started with restaurants. Where we don't have time to drive and park the car and get going into the restaurant and get the food so what will do is we'll have a drive through window. So you just simply get in the line. And you -- your order and usually in one location gore on the corner and you pick -- up amid other luggage you don't even have to go. Okay that's how easy it is his drive. Today's Ash Wednesday today is Ash Wednesday beginning at first they went right okay. People apparently. Find it to halt to actually go in the church to get their ashes and you know it's available today I'm not making this up because you can't make it up. Drive through patches. It is seriously I heard that from the minutes. -- interview this morning on -- show -- I'd seen an interview with another person earlier drive through ashes. But -- think in the press I hope they tested this first. Because when you are regular drive through windows say its McDonald's right and you've ordered something humorous and get your order you can barely reach out. With just putting -- arm out the window to get a vote you know about. I can't imagine. Getting your head out the window far enough. Where they can apply the ashes so here's something in the solution is ever see them. They have long arms. I have ever seen NASCAR women drivers especially in this other races. And it's really really hot and the -- got a changed four tires. In in two seconds and things like that the drivers really parched. They take up an enticing bottled water. And the driver to assembly lifts up his shield. And then they put on the stick. And they put the -- from a window and they actually par on the guy and I hope they don't do that with the ashes I think it takes some of the dignity or and I will -- Stick full of passion I could ever imagine that you've got to make you know right there and they make the -- there. But I'm just thinking a little too easy we should be we should be. Able to do some things like actually go into a building I don't think got us into. But that's that and -- as as I don't know maybe the minister stands outside in the driveway. And that they go work Babin have they actually have a window I don't know many churches and have a drive through audio now they oh I did see one. It was it had to windows and at a regular window and an expressway and go for six and analysts. And so that's admiral moves traffic along a little fast are you get that market. How does or talking about. I was never that when Netanyahu was Tommy Shannon. Never was the only one who could use the regular market right now as terrain all. You are rob -- -- wants to be governor and today at 11 o'clock. He is probably although it's not for sure but it's pretty much accepted that he's going to announce his candidacy. A two run against Andrew Cuomo. Now how's he gonna do it he's gonna do -- the modern way everybody. -- no sense in having a press conference. No sense in having a big band no sense in having you know screaming admirers no sense in a motorcade none of that stuff. The putter on line. So while searching around for naughty girl dot com maybe maybe you'll find rob asked the Reno's announcement online that he would like to be. The next governor of the State of New York I'm thinking is splashy way to start campaign. Online. Couple. -- -- he -- information you need like a lot of physical information that you better either printed up or down loaders or that's one thing. But should -- start off with a little princess. Should at least some level of excitement. Liza you know what it -- investor -- doesn't make it with his online thing. And he can't you know it can't really cut the mustard -- thinking he -- sports on channel four. Because they love. People who have online experience. That's what our best accounts war. Yes we have another -- person or another example of over estimate in the importance of online. Putting too much emphasis on what people on the computer I I think it's terrible like. I it's 11 o'clock so what's gonna happen it's sort of filtering and that he's running for governor lobbied. Instead of having an in person deal if you are good and think on your feet. And you think you've got a lot to offer the people you stand up 101 they take your picture of their record your voice and the interviewer -- -- -- like that. And then people he gets it that way if you start out with a -- like this. What the hell's the campaign like. I mean it's gonna be boring I can tell you that right now but the reason he did it is because he's out of Barack Obama when he started two terms ago. A lot of that information came on line because he had -- hit MP young a millennium type of crowd you see how that's worked out for. I'm thinking that you gotta start off with a bang or just bank except for. Anthony Weiner you rarely do we have to start out with a bang get some excitement get people -- -- really good. And he's going at the day before Donald Trump is going to make a major speech okay. So he's the you originally according to our news earlier this morning was supposed to. Bore you -- up his dribble out on Friday but instead it's gonna dribble out today. A but I I think that's a mistake if you're really serious about a start off with some thing give me something. I wanna see a visual of somebody who looks dynamic somebody looks intelligent somebody who is in the presents themselves well I don't read about it. I think it's going to be a video on line. Yikes. Whole home. -- -- But that's what is gonna go and it's going to be 11 o'clock so he's if he's part of our political -- situation today we we're gonna talk about rob -- Perino. Donald Trump. And Hillary Clinton guys it's an amazing still first of all county executive -- as three notices from Tom precious in his article today. Is expected to make it official that he's jumping into the race. He's. He's won two terms. In his county where Democrats have an advantage in voter enrollment. Dad on his Twitter account he says he's announcing a decision on whether to run for governor. In a video news release today at the clock you think that that of whether he's going to run so. Is an NS insulating thing we're gonna we're gonna be kept on the edge of our seats to see whether indeed he is going to know whether he isn't. I don't like you but that's must see TV. Well not exactly TV let -- know -- you know. If so that's gonna happen today at 11 o'clock. Once he's in which is expect -- what is gonna do a couple of key questions. Remain first what's Donald Trump going to do. Is trump going to get in or not I've said right from the beginning. Forget for companies and elegant and I'd like -- to the shores at lowering of three is here are some throw something. But. I don't think he's going to really don't but if he does that'll change everything. Then then he can have been asked to read welcome put out another online things thing. Remember what I told you all oh Wednesday at 11 o'clock never mind. Because of -- cents and in putting out any further dynamic. On line releases. And on talking about this is so exciting to make this pay per view. Pay per view idea people will be -- snacks being handed out. Troxel surround your house as -- as all the neighbors gathered to see a vast arena is gonna run. I just find it ridiculous the -- So ES that this we have to see what happens with trump. Michael Cohen executive vice president of the Trump Organization said quote. Rochester Reno's announcement will do little to curb the vast movement by the majority of GOP leaders. Who are all committed to a Donald Trump candidacy. Their belief is that only Donald Trump has the ability. To win the gubernatorial race and defeat Cuomo well well thank you thank you thank you. -- mr. Michael Colin. Because if trump doesn't run and he won't then then you've embedded and and everybody's mind that festering l.'s second choice. He's left overs because the Donald did not decide to -- crown into the ring that's that that's what it amounts to. Put it all together we're screwed I mean that's the way I look at so far. The second major question restaurant -- is -- Paladino. Our own Carl Paladino will start a real move to try to run for governor on the conservative line. And so we'll see what happens there -- Reno would face a tough battle against Cuomo no -- the governor has 33 million in the -- reelection war chest which is bigger. -- Pamela Anderson's. And the state has five point four million enrolled Democrats compared to two point six Republicans so it's ended near you over two to one margin. Of the tiny but influential Conservative Party as a 154000. Members while 2.4 million New Yorkers are not enrolled in any party. Are we come back we're gonna go over more of the ingredients of this political Stew and get your opinion on -- -- taste. On news radio I'm thirty WB we're talking a lot of political still the first ingredient rob asked the -- 11 AM today will release and this is so exciting trying to enjoy yourself. They an online video announcement. On whether he is going to run or not. Wow I mean this guy knows how to kick off a campaign you know arm up as of eleven. A Donald Trump yes or no that's -- second ingredient. I say no I've said all along and briefly. No because he's I don't think he's willing to risk his political it is a brand the trump brand his brand is that of a winner. Can do guy a dealmaker. The art of the deal was his book as a matter of fact. And that he can take a hit every once in awhile -- business because that goes with the territory. But he sure doesn't wanna lose in a primary to ask Marino. All are in the general election to Cuomo also because he's I don't think he's willing to risk that. I his eagle is far too big for that and -- you will be a business decision. I don't see him pulling out of television risking his brand for this because even if he gets and there is still going to be a tough -- it's going to be easy. So I don't see him in there that's two ingredients in the -- It's a check in with Joseph and silver -- -- you're on WB NH. Oh thank you -- when he got. Part of the -- it's one. You know I was on here -- 800. Well and pocket the -- having lunch -- meg and yes. Yeah its slate on having -- would. Actually you know -- -- -- I'd rather. Albany in it. Should make an announcement. -- I regularly now. He is. We -- that you would -- -- -- And it's like all these and large order fry in the you should work. Yeah he doesn't yeah he's gonna end in and start over campaign might as if he's going to run you don't start -- off this way women online video. And I would what did it because. You won't eat you quoted figures involved so who and what party what and now in the states. At least twelve -- yeah. Recognition recently sought from your part you know hey you don't. Yeah exactly -- and there's so you don't have to waste time saying who you are if you like already you do like what you don't like -- may be dimensional like them. And he's got the money to he's got money that is festering over as the need to. What you want to talk about you know you show so you know it is really he makes so much we talk show. But we can't make us who -- this political still you know all good you know instantly malnutrition -- New York State would have still. I think you're right we're all gonna get rickets from this one good a good good analysis -- Joseph thank you very much. Yeah -- it's a political still live rob asked -- all the first ingredient he'll come in at 11 o'clock as expected. Because I would be shocked if at 11 o'clock we watched a video. If first -- shocked at your -- video but if you're dead and -- know -- I -- on Iraq Iran I laughed. What is that about so -- Iran. All right that's generally expected secondly trump hasn't made an announcement yet and not gonna make an announcement. Until the very last minute my understanding is that is television's dog show was still going forward so nothing's been canceled there. At the bottom line is he's not gonna get in the boys and girls so you forget about it if he did I'd be happy. I'd be happy to be enthusiastic. Do the best we can to try and a try and spread the Winnebago Boone knows about Donald Trump but I don't think he's going to. The other is Hillary Clinton. Ha yeah. When I started putting the pieces this puzzle together. It really gut depressing. Because yesterday we were told that in in new surveys just released in New York State. And New Jersey. And Virginia three big states okay. That she was the overwhelming. Favorite. To be the candidate. For the next presidential election and I don't know about you I am suffering so much from went and put -- And the thought of going through on other campaign. With all of -- garbage that we have to go through whatever Clinton runs for anything. It is depressing it really is depressing and that's worth having because yesterday. We found out about those three states and today what happened you picked up but I USA today what's on the front page by coincidence I'm sure. Clinton's negative image softens. Suddenly she's not Hillary the issue row. She's not Hillary the bitch she is a softer. More acceptable Hillary she changes like a chameleon all the time this isn't the Hillary of now as my emirates that make it's not that one not -- it's not. These -- right against it is not valid. No no it's it's not have them it is the new softer Hillary so they're already marketing Hillary for the next presidential campaign. And I'll go over some of the things. Regarding her entrance into the political -- but -- term. In a -- in his column a couple of days ago says Bill Clinton both helps and hurts Hillary's chances. That's a -- opinion we'll see if we agree with that -- not meanwhile we're putting is still together. I don't know about you boys and girls get some popcorn ready this is going to be a monumental event online. At 11 AM. Com we're gonna see if rob best Marino's gonna get the race. There give me a nitro tablets slip on the my tongue I don't get too which will be back after this.

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