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NHL Trade Day Insights

Mar 5, 2014|

Michael Peca

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Now former Buffalo Sabres star Michael -- Michaels on the WB and live like we're going to talk about what the Buffalo Sabres might do between now. And three this afternoon of the trade -- I'm Michael good morning and thank you for joining us. -- Michael we're doing OK I hope you are what is on your personal. Wish list. Verses. What you expect might really happen between now and 3 o'clock involving the sabres. Well I think clearly the favorite child you know. A lot of options in play here they've got. -- players was contracts reporters who have you know. Palatable term on a contractor can be abused. And they've got some prospects Colombian. You know ideally they'd Emeka. Continue to get first sector complex but it. In the process you -- you know a prospector. Agreed NHL player. -- -- early to mid twenties. Does that that's certainly hopes to building across -- are currently in the to a. Michael would you be surprised to see -- Molson tomorrow as a -- and then what about how -- I think I think most people will be surprised. Especially if you I think and there are a lot of teams out there -- we use -- troublesome. Scoring. Steps Goran than it is crucial to play out from. The other European. You know and I -- you know Los Angeles Kings come in my that would truly looked go out and scoring and you know our drug or more through word and the substantial gold and move -- -- folk. You wonder what the marketers know offer for guys won't help in the wonderful future as -- marketers should -- on our producers to dutrow a lark. That got W and -- should show up as a career. Some of these guys expect to be traded does that make it any easier once you do finally get dealt. You know it does. You know I think you know. I thought that through our content in the you'll put you know this is always an anxious state guys should round treaties are home wherever they are ordered all locker -- because in -- marching. You know trade -- shall -- what might happen. The guys that are often spoke about being traded. You know they troubled -- case of going on the road there you're almost expecting. To be traded their content conversations were probably there agents and this week -- rinks so it'll -- it's uninteresting day for everybody but obviously. A little bit tough on guys who look who truly might have a change of address. He and Michael let's Alaska -- -- -- -- turmoil with the team unit which followed Pat LaFontaine departure. -- landing about turmoil I mean you're here under John McLaren the -- guesses right. Yeah you know me. I think the thing that players are a very good at at this level is still there's something on on the front office approach that's. That's a book on the front office players. Can't control what we're doing to change its religious focus on what they've got to do and you know -- -- it -- -- -- kind of leadership won't try to keep guys focused on what's important not continue to prepare for games and play hard get better individually or collectively and as their throw in that the guys overly concerned themselves what commendable talk about it then it's overlooked in the press about it again. To the media unbelievable history against the for the most part they come in the rink every -- they're not they're concerned about what they've got a tremendous general manager got a tremendous -- -- that's -- that really -- to the players. LaFontaine son Daniel place for you on the junior sabres right. It dark and has it been a difficult time these past few days. I don't know really he's what you put tremendous gains in tractors from. He's. He's a character of -- and police. Or is cracked and smiles and jokes and no he's he's pretty good you know I think. He's grown up without fully understands what began hawking is all about -- the National Hockey League level that not from countries to -- distracted him one bit. It thanks for joining us this morning Michael. Rick I hope to talk you assume former Buffalo Sabres star Michael -- by the way. Peccadilloes to coach -- -- -- the junior sabres and their in the game three of the playoffs or is there a missile saga tonight.

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