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Astorino Announces Bid

Mar 5, 2014|

Nick Langworthy

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I -- on the WB in lifeline is Erie county Republican Party chairman nick -- worthy to talk about rob mastery you know -- good morning. Good morning to our great thanks for the time in just a few hours rob mastery no's officially expected to -- the New York governor's race on the Republican line. -- did get your thoughts as to why today I mean knowing that Donald Trump is speaking tomorrow to that -- -- convention. Which are always gets a lot of attention and and -- a lot of political spotlight. Nationally. Do think today the announcement for -- and has anything to do with that. I really don't think this has been basically the timetable -- -- team who worked on. You know it is they've talked about their plans for the last. A month -- so they said. You know first week of march and -- here we are cell. He expect he's gonna put out his video announcement that the go to Barnes from the state next couple based kind of laying out his case just like he beat the best. Person defeated -- Ritalin curly Q we know you're counting on Donald Trump to -- your candidate what I suppose mr. Trump's. Next move might be. Well I haven't I haven't talked to -- -- in about a week. But. Anderson PGA is that it or golf courses these -- very busy for the remainder of the week -- -- on C -- I don't think he'd -- his plate where he would make any grand announcement about it. A race for New York governor because the New -- -- court wouldn't be here that would be more of our natural focus and probably talk about president. In an actual issues so you know they'll they'll be people there. Speculating and the possibility that he'll run in 2016 and fourteen. And he did the thing I'm going to be very -- it is to see. Donald Trump in Syracuse this coming Tuesday that. His that'll be his second trip to upstate new York and curious to see there -- -- gonna make any formal steps to get forward but. You know that the window is is closing -- -- two really. Prepared did -- are outraged because. This state Republican Party is putting together -- series regional screening for all our statewide candidates. You know allow our rank and file membership to be seen these candidates up close so we can make an informed decision editor -- convention -- Do you think is any hints anything in all the troubles say about the New York governor's race. -- -- I am sure so we'll get it to my question about it. But I don't think we use that venue to -- Blockbuster knew about of reaching New York outside of the -- to New York. Next do you think Donald trouble is now beginning to back away from saying that he won't run. For governor. From the nomination to be asked to compete with someone -- backing down from that. I think I don't know if. Did he back down and -- mean you know at about two weeks ago he said that he would go to the convention. In in it remains preceded again I think the actions -- Each city would not in gauge primary. Now primary wouldn't be set -- convention because if a candidate gets 25% of the vote at the primary or at the convention. That would set the table for primary in the fall. Carl Paladino has said he may still get in here's a third party candidate. Give a message for current. I mean -- your friend of mine right. I would hope that we can have maintained from the very beginning we need one single candidate for. In this the only way it. Republicans and conservatives. People that really wanna see real change this state needs will be able to enjoyed it changes if we unite in. You know we can't -- intramural scrimmage. Right up until September when we have a primary. It will hurt our image into -- there's a third. Party candidate race whether it's on the conservative why other line and I hope we can unite to defeat this governor because this governors and New York. -- we're glad you could join us thank you. Thank you that's Erie county Republican Party chairman -- playing -- me.

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