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Bills In Toronto Off?

Mar 5, 2014|

Peter Gross of 680 News

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Let's go low lying to Toronto where a six city news reporter Peter -- is anybody talking about us. About the latest developments involving the Buffalo Bills and their agreement to play one game of the season. At Rogers Centre in Toronto and Peter good morning thank you for joining us. We hear that the 2000 a fourteen game in Toronto. Is off right now we don't know about 2015 but we know the 2014 -- what do you know about it. Well that's what we're hearing com. That unofficially from our sources we understand Russ Brandon cancel the deal because I was not available for the halftime show. He was a bigger drop listening they were an interest that. Yes he was bigger -- than -- game itself wasn't. He might he might have been -- the real truth is that there was tremendous excitement for the first and secure his goal and it's kind of diminished on a year by year basis. There were about 121000 amputees collapsed in one that Atlanta beat buffalo and overtime so. Holland were heartbroken and -- I don't think people are going to be crying in the streets over the fact that the bills -- coming here. While telling us say was this really any surprises anybody. Anyone there in trial really care. Well again you know some people got excited and and the report that the the attendance was much higher for a bills game analyst Bernard goes game. So there shortly once from the interest it would've been way better. It's the bills have lost five -- six games mean basically that's what it boils down to the states they just -- -- terribly exciting products you buy a year. Yeah you know the bills didn't exactly set the world on fire up there. Why do you suppose that is Peter do you think maybe it's because it just wasn't Toronto's team. Ot all act I think it's because they just lost some of the games -- real god wasn't there on like fourteen to seven game and sixteen about the game. A guessing game last December was pretty good it went to overtime. -- we're we're used to our share of very -- here but we're very. We're very faithful particularly to beliefs were that we we don't support the articles very much so I would think for an American football team to come up here. The bills would have had to win most of those games student sustained interest. The only won one regular season game in Toronto it is true to Peter that. Trying to fans like to come to buffalo to experience the games here. Got no I don't I can see that and because it's an easy trip to go over and it's a whole different atmosphere and I you know if you aren't what does Ralph Wilson Stadium old or 80000 -- so that's an experience. You know. A lot of money was involved in this deal will the bills you think -- you pay a penalty for backing out of disagreement. I don't know I'm I'm not a lawyer -- just play one on the radio so I don't know what the deals list I'm hearing that maybe it's just a one year hiatus. -- that they may get resurrected deal next year. So full of the -- -- the bills did really good money -- on the deal so you wonder why they would back out. -- -- -- good talker this morning as always thank you. Peter -- of the six city news in Toronto.

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