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Astorino Primed For Big Announcement

Mar 5, 2014|

Carl Calabrese

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Let's talk about the race for governor in New York State there will be new man in the race today. On the WBM live line news political strategist Karl cal coverage Carlos also former deputy county executive under -- -- armory here and Erie county. Carl good morning thanks for running. There seems to be little doubt now that rob mastery over the county executive from Westchester County will run. For the Republican nomination for governor of the planets seem to be lining up. You can tell -- tone of his voice when -- hear him speak about it you know good for him but as a political strategist how far. Will rob mastering a gut do you think. Well it depends it's -- open field for the nomination or McDonald from -- decides to -- there and nobody knows that -- that's all speculation but right now. Looks like he's going to announce -- announced a month ago that it was setting up a campaign finance account that really kind of showed his hand at. He was serious and it was moving forward and taking all the steps. Necessary to want to campaigns and how he looks like he's going to be officially yet. They get the question is is he the only is he the only horse in the race at which point. The convention and in May will be an explanation and it will be the candidate. Or is it going to be. Donald Trump in the race and then maybe your primary question is -- -- from -- -- with all of his resources within the history don't do because right now. -- history you know only has about a million dollars or less in his account. Would be very very difficult to compete with. Well in the form of resources for primary that happens that's all speculation what we what we know now. Is it looks like the Republican county executive of Westchester County. Who won his first election by beating an incumbent Democrat. When his second election with 55% of the vote in a county that's total one Democrat and got over 20% of the minority vote. Is going to is going to be announcing in and Republicans now have. Somebody they can at least. Advance for the -- Carl why today. For mastery now look at the timing honest and does it have anything to do with Donald Trump speaking tomorrow to the -- -- convention. It certainly -- the second mentioned. Has been around from schedule it's been not common knowledge for both at least a couple of months now. You know of this -- -- convention is held every year in Washington they always have. Very very high profile -- Speakers when they got along of course they and it continued that trend of every high profile speakers you make it may have. Nothing to do that they have certainly do with -- it's kind of a tough week to make an announcement given all the turmoil going on with Russia. And the Ukraine I mean. Depending on how that occur in the nationally this announcement that it completely you know just. Washed over west with the international events that's a risk you take but. The we'll see as. Robin history though is that credible candidate for the Republicans. He's articulate he's passionate. He he's very knowledgeable. And he's a skilled campaigner the question is will he be able to raise enough money to compete against an incumbent government right now is about 32 million dollars is war -- Well Donald Trump has said before numerous times we've all heard of that. He's not going around UBS to compete for the nomination but now he seems to be backing away from them a little bit. You know saying that he won't run will be asked to compete for the nomination what do you suppose you'd be looking forward to just really clobber Austrian won a primary. I think he'd be he'd be looking for a convention where he got. Not very very high percentage of the weighted -- Which would would certainly obvious statement. And you know it would require. As Korea that it doesn't get 25% of the Republican vote. To have to go out its signature -- stations and it just it really complicate things if if prop was able to. Get that high level of support up to this point he's been saying in the end of his supporters have been saying there at C. Has over 75% awaited vote. But county chairs. You know at a convention that they all be -- -- and it may change but that's what he's saying right now. What Carl Paladino. He was saying and even last night and -- and that he may still get in the race year. What is this still. Welcome to New York yeah I mean. Please note of this situation going -- Susan is that this is not just the race between the two men for the Republican Party. Endorsements and nomination this is also taken out of subtext of tried to replace the state chairman Ed Cox that this is involved. It's also involving the potential of a conservative candidate that -- -- LB you know wanting. It probably knowing he couldn't win as a third party candidate but maybe winning. Beating the Republican in finishing second to an incumbent governor that would move the Conservative Party up on the Baylor lines from flying feline beat. That would mean every. Political patronage job in every board of elections across state now goes to the Conservative Party not the Republican Party principal loss so. That it's ever happened. And it almost happened in 1990. When the Republicans nominated again in Pierre went 48 against then Mario quo. And peer group freight came within a point at a point they have a finishing third behind the conservative candidate. That was her -- So if I mean of -- ever occurs and there's a really weak Republican in the field you have the potential for the conservatives become -- -- That pretty much. Makes the Republican Party and that players New York State that if that would happen so you've got multiple issues going on he got the race for governor. -- the race for chairman and you got the conservative issue which would be let's try to get the Conservative Party elevated to -- beyond -- While -- you've given us a lot to think about thanks for joining us. Republican political strategist Karl calories.