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"Ashes To Go"

Mar 5, 2014|

Bishop William Franklin

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

This is the first day of lent. And the episcopal diocese is bringing back a popular program today ashes to go. We're gonna talk about it next with episcopal bishop William Franklin who's with us on the WB Ian lifeline bishop good morning. And that. You were granted to have you with us as well this morning to tell about this program which I'm finding that. And afterwards has started now I don't know how many years it's been but. It in this. Day in an age where everything is just so -- and moving -- theory you know feverishly. It seems that this ash is to go program. Really. Is something metal on people who are latching on to. Absolutely this is the second year that we got at. At a at nine locations in western new York and buffalo. And other child of our region of this -- -- and he can. Will be there to share ashes with people outside the church -- LB the and medical campus. The metro station starting at 7:30 am -- -- colleagues. At eight other locations will be there all day. To impose -- some people some people drive up and they can get action inside their car. Other people. Just come up to the curb side or at other locations but that's the way we want to bring the church. To the people. Bishop how many parishioners did you serve last year when you first started this. Who I think are probably you were close to a thousand people. Who came out or -- to go on the outcome of the church but it -- that people actually drive up. And stay inside their car and -- -- -- -- while they shouldn't target car that we saw. This is a way to show that god -- people that god is ready to reach out to people on this first day of let. Where can people get their locations where he'll be in and the times. They can go to the web site of the fiscal crisis. Of western new York and attention to albeit -- and medical campus metro station. They'll be people that the three others got frustrated and and that as her. Says and other churches are outside of their parking lot for example the church parking lot -- saint mark's church. OEX Quaker road in Orchard Park outside of saint Paul's. Church in the Harris you know so north shout it throughout we'll have our clergy out their. Giving people ashes during a twenty. Bishop were there any purist so out there who objected to delivering -- -- -- drive through. Of course I think some people. A little bit nervous about this he practiced but it's likely impose actors with the traditional prayers. With. But to be greeted as we get to people and actually it's crucial to its taking the church service to people and I don't think there's anything wrong which got its -- God's presence and God's love with people who might feel a little bit nervous about coming out of the church. So we want to go through there. Willow was some of the initial reaction from folks getting ashes of the drive through until they say. Well I think got what I experienced last year was set. Many many people had tears and -- and many people's sentiment I haven't been to church along current. And this really feels good I'm glad I've begun -- in this way so it was overwhelming emotional reaction I think. That people felt that there would be looked and that's an important sign to begin -- -- season when it. -- and may be reached a lot of people that you otherwise might not have seen last year. Politically I remember one person was driving a bus. And they stopped and they -- children just dictated and they came out perceived actions -- and you guys got back in the budget drove all children were so wonderful strange. But connecting with people that's what church is all about. -- relate to connect god with people. We're glad you could join us this morning and have good luck with this today. Thank you so much. Thank you so much and god bless you. And that's a bishop William Franklin of the episcopal diocese of western new York and will be getting those church locations for you on our website WB EN dot com.

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