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3-4 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 4

Mar 4, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WB he had. Doubles -- He would rate. That you. Hold to a point. That. No one ponds we -- yeah. -- -- It's -- yeah. -- -- -- If they are a bit extreme conservatives. They have no place in this State of New York. If you've got health care already. Then you can keep your plan if you're satisfied with a. Wherever and whenever. I can take steps without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families that's what I'm gonna do. It happened just. Got to recoup. The strong silent. That was an American. -- and brilliant move ten knew what to eat these greedy and dirty I like Q. You have blows. Like a -- yeah. So they might give me back my copy of team America world police slash. Hillary and Gettysburg. I've got to that anytime real soon. Anyway it is 60 evident news radio 930 WBM it is hourly pay up again thanks for making me a party today very much appreciated we're gonna get back to Joseph here momentarily. And I just -- point -- because this they came up yesterday right around this time. What we talked about the United States liberation of Grenada back in the early 1980s. And I'm mark read a marker was the western new Yorker who died. Liberating Grenada. He was in 1981 graduate. Your record actually talk about small world my a ex wife's mom won the Butler. Worked at record and probably had dealings whip mark red marker but I knew mark vicarious or I -- march 2 and three young lady he knew from elementary school named Eric Caroline Caroline Lambert -- -- and -- her Mary today. And the long and the short of it is I've never forgotten the name. And I've just never forgotten. And I got to forgive me repeating myself but just never forgotten the feeling of sadness that Carolina had as somebody who knew him but at the same time in this that this was tampered. By the knowledge that. There was no other life mark -- marker wanted more. Then to be an American soldier. Mean that's he that was his best in the that was his goal. And ladies and gentlemen I just want to let you know I've had some very nice conversations via email witnessed some of mark's friends. And some remarks family members and some of the red marker family has been kind enough to some if photographed a -- sergeant mark -- a marker. Wreck we -- -- in pot GA. Sergeant -- marker and a that pictures up on my FaceBook page and I hope -- take a second at least to look at it. And if you feel like saying for error sending a positive thought to the family. Or for his spirit. I certainly would not object but. You know sometimes do in this reliving. You just -- these feelings and I have one yesterday. That members of mark's family we're listening. And if you're listening at the time right I've made reference to that and lo and behold within minutes I had a response on my FaceBook page. And to the red marker family or you just never New. York communicating with me. Meant to me yesterday. I don't wanna -- -- -- -- But it made a real big difference in my life. It did. And thank you. And I'm never gonna forget to sacrifice I'm never gonna forget your brother even -- I never met your broiler. Normal I forget the thousands. -- can't name. Who have laid down their lives. In service to the United States. And its foreign policy. And his domestic policies were so. Thanks guys thank you thank you and thank you. Let's get back to let -- in Pendleton. On -- WB and because. We're asking the question what would you do. If you were president of the United States now the first thing Joseph said he would do is abolish all executive orders by executive order. -- which I found rather innovative and unique and the second thing you would do involve what again. Well sure purity that's all sort it would you know I'd Arnold or -- one rated score and to support this and it you know hurt during military early -- Our -- on what back home. And humanitarian that's the thing we were stuck on. And can do. Tell me jokers really lost on this with the exception of things that happened back right after World War II I either Marshall plan in the Berlin airlift. Can you tell me what kind of good feelings American humanitarian. Aid have reached around the world over the past sixty years because. I seem to remember a man running for president. Who. Said that everybody in the world hated the United States and of course that would all change once he wore the -- crowned it was a a rock something Europe. Are -- are bright you are correct so Moorer. Durst got to be away. So far all humanitarian. Aid where it should call. So that it doesn't get into the hands of what you said before. It's got to be a way there's no way. Are Smart enough to -- way it humanitarian aid could could orders air drops or something and whether it's on the ground. -- -- -- You know here's again here's the problem when you're talking about another country's sovereignty. Other countries have governments which the United States -- recognizes as the legitimate authorities in a given country. And if you're going to donate humanitarian aid even to those governments. It is going to go directly to those governments for disbursement as those governments seemed a safe -- And more often than not those governments use that food used that aid only to solidify their own power to starve out the opposition and then of course the blame the United States when people start -- You find a way to get it to the people. Not to the government. Well like I think I just explained why that's impractical but I think we might have to agree to disagree on. There's got to be -- for our meters. There's what market everything white why can't you. Somehow maker agreed it was somebody and it will. -- Tibet people I at all. Well it's easier to get heroin and -- than it is to get food aid into a country were totalitarian. Use food to control people. I and I'm not I'm not trying to be silly and and I I really believe that what else would you do because I don't think we're gonna agree on this one Mr. President but -- major advice and counsel on the other areas that germane to discussion. Well another one and it is really get our meters. Immigration. Yeah yeah it'll all all keep on. Your honor roll now. Laws. And all should be -- go before it made the executive decision. To make no more executive decisions it's I wouldn't -- an executive decision. It would say. The United States will enforce all immigration laws. And then the next one would be no more particular order. Now. Now how to deal Mr. President with the age old argument that comes up every time people start talking about. Let's make sure that the people who are deriving the milk of our apps I have a legitimate right to be here. Are you willing to separate families what if you have a child born in the United States who's an American citizen -- and a family from Honduras that is not. American -- they have the proper paperwork are you going to separate those families you cruel inhumane and callous bastard. No I would make a desperate people but I talk more about. Yeah. There are other people. In this country. My -- was married -- German girl. -- I guess the question -- it. -- I I can say these things look at my last name go ahead. Yeah quality was Asian tour for like three years agreement that -- -- murder. When they want from the states should Gordon com. She had to -- oh. -- Work. At -- All shooters are -- And the well -- people Gator Bowl. They've finished the story so did they get a divorce because she could not legitimately enter the United States. Well again that's. Do you do you know show how many times I've heard this from my beloved audience that people who have followed the rules number one they've had to wait years and years number two they've spent thousands of dollars on the immigration lawyers number three. They basically are punished while the illegals get all the milk of our collective -- it makes me wanna puke. -- why do you think you're -- -- let's let's let's put our thinking caps on where do most of the illegals a region. Right now I think very pickle ball around the world -- war. -- Mexico is the answer you'll take Mexico for 500 Alex. Now I doubt I'll hold all all out because we're gonna use some logic to figure out what's gone on here and you're too good to let go even yet. So I've got you on the hook you're just gonna stay there flailing in the water OK so just wait just two seconds for me here's traffic with Alan Paris. That was. Here's Alan Harris now what traffic. I don't know what that wives you know I mean between my brain injuries and everything else and start to wonder with real Woody Allen do you exist. OK again. Our -- I apologize for my twelve year old mentality rubbing off on you were -- you were DeDe meaner I don't wanna bring you down to my level and have to fight you for a spot in the gutter. -- -- AccuWeather for tonight cloudy and cold with some flurries the overnight low thirteen tomorrow cloudy and cold flurry 22 right now my friends it is. Fifteen degrees -- news radio 930 WB -- Yes on such a good man. And that I actually retained these monks at a personal expense to continually chant his name. In the hopes that he may see -- right and do the right thing but right now we're talking with. President Joseph in Pendleton and what would he do if he was president and what are the things we talked about was immigration. And now we've established effective most of the illegals come from a Mexico. And Mexico loves to bitch about the United States and what I mean nasty country we are because of the fact that we just don't let Mexicans coming to the United States and live. And the Mexicans are so full crap and -- -- such hypocrites because the Mexicans regard the Hondurans on their southern border as sub human and they don't want Hondurans in Mexico said the Mexicans are frauds. BR phonies and CE are hypocrites. So. Why do you think that this administration and other administrations. Hitherto have an unwilling to handle this problem. It goes beyond that whenever you see a situation you don't understand look at the blank interest fill in the blank. Starts with -- F but don't say that word. Whenever you see a situation you do not understand look at the financial. Interest. And the fact of the matter is. Big business big agribusiness and Democrat politicians want illegals in the United States. The Democrat politicians do because that's a big voting bloc that won't vote their way forever and agribusiness want to because. Well who else is gonna pick tomatoes for quarterback. You know we're all corners of the tech wants. Maybe we could just make a lot of deeper pay. I -- their you know what there are so many cultural differences. Between the United States. And Mexico. Bad I think you would be disruptive. To our nation in fact even looking at whole -- -- -- -- Well -- -- don't know yet you've not won a trip nor was I gonna offer you a bag of -- while. But my point what is. That even when you go to Hawaii is striking because you don't feel like you're in an American state you feel -- -- Your in a Pacific tropical island which oddly enough is exactly where you war. President Joseph it's a pleasure sir are you gonna serve one term. And. You know why -- the people look at me. I would run for another term but they wouldn't get me I'll be OK -- -- Well president Joseph I think it's been a great discussion and I it's really it's been fun speak and we do thank you. All right there's judge Joseph liked the guy I like that call for much I want the rest of my calls to be just as good 8030930. Start -- 3180616. WB -- You are president how to fix this broken -- in the US. I have favored version of mr. -- I won't back down from the euros for America -- right after nine either -- been. It is 634 news radio 930 WBBM are again you know I got it today is show. Was not exactly where I expected to be but that's the beautiful part about working here. Is that basically. We are given at this radio station more creative freedom than most radio talk show host get in a career. Which by the way probably has something to do with the fact that we're very successful at what we do because the bosses -- their management. We're talent. Their management we're experienced talent. And sometimes you know Tim's got to bring the -- down -- -- always for good reason. But we have a lot of freedom and that I was not expecting. The accident. The inbounds skyway. But I will tell you again. And I don't know -- would primary jurisdiction or all of the agencies involved and I'm really sorry if I'm leaving your anybody out but folks. The fact that it was relatively painless. In terms of traffic. Was not an accident. The fact that. We found out about it as quickly as we did. Was good plan. That was good community policing either by BP the LP -- marcher who called us. But also the supervisors. The captain lieutenant I'm not -- If anybody hire the food chain was involved but to have the foresight to know that this was gonna be a job for credit. And if you're gonna have a crane not only dvd -- -- Unita -- that is capable of lifting a certain load within a certain. Space shall capacity. And you need to -- that is worked together. Probably before he is certainly -- -- guy at the controls who knows what he's built. And some guys at the bottom who trust the guy who knows what he's doing with the controls. So I just wanted to -- You know. Sometimes it's just the stupid little things in police work that just makes such a big difference I wanna say stupid. I'm not call one not I -- it is what I'm saying it's it's this silly little things you wouldn't think would make such a big difference but they do. And the foresight of the BP. LPD I'm not sure but Stater county were involved. Really guy's kudos. Seriously you guys. Were once again outstanding. -- bout with what you -- so well up. You did have some things in your favor but without your excellent for planning. It could have been a real cluster. Let's get back to the calls if you were president of the United States. What would you do to fix America my first job would be I would call every American soldier poll. Every single American soldier hole. Every single American soldier hole. Number one. Number two. A real commitment. To the constitution. Of the United States. And when I say the constitution of the United States obviously. I hope this goes without saying if you know me at all. Hopefully. You know I'm not talking about slavery United States. I'm talking about United States post slavery. And post civil rights era. That's what I'm talking about. Let's go to -- in Williams bill. On that WB eat at out without the great society by the way do away with any of those programs -- you're on WBM hello. Right I'm karaoke. Yeah I bet -- -- -- in part about -- feel like your idea. You know bring it soldiers home. That being bad. I don't wanna live -- -- -- like -- particularly black granite military everywhere. I -- -- -- come home or have marketability is at our borders our National Guard at their borders -- if we don't have enough. And yet we have -- men and women willing to put themselves out there. And I think we could expect some of them better cute at all though I do agree with what he's saying there. Well you -- you don't get in to some legal issues as far as using military. In a domestic situation. OK however I think you can get around dollars by giving it the standing army or Marines a different name. Amalgam I think some of them in two. Homeland Security to do exactly what you're saying to secure. Our borders. Me as long as they can just let enough -- in kokin but but keep out the illegal immigrants I'm down with that. And what it means it's gonna make you chuckled at that -- What I really wanted to race and it was the fact that illegal immigration and people are here. And how do we make it more complicated and it is we keep up complicated is -- you couldn't eat -- it's pretty collect quite a lot already in exist there's. That's we watched the president. Whoever it maybe -- let it warm up his aprilia called an act too cute. That a lot of and the constitution of the United States of America they hate that. And yet they're picking and choosing which lies not too old. Well. Well here. Here's the problem. When you talk about it forgive my interruption Bernadette and I apologize for but I could not let days ago. Our laws regarding immigration. Were passed away laws should be passed. They were passed according to the process that was laid out. By the constitution. The United States therefore they are legal they're four. There is a basic. A basis in law for our immigration laws to exist. So when a president says I will not enforce this law even though it wasn't done by executive action. Even though it wasn't done through emergency decree. There's something fundamentally wrong with that. Now locally let's keep in mind. We have a sheriff in Erie county named Tim Howard who won reelection in part because he said he would not enforce another war. Known as and -- safe. But here's the difference and why say it was a fraud Hubbell law it did not go through debate. It was not. Vetted it was a right shot fire like decree by -- power hungry gun. Hitting New York City liberal Jewish -- politician named Andrew Cuomo. Agreed not not integrating with you on it though is that immigration. Port there and they shut the whole thing without one. Why do you that we can't just opt out that -- Apparently they are you gonna wanna break amateur partner that not me. I think though -- need to decide what they're gonna get pitched a that on to take them back. Out and how is it. That we'd get to decide we're going to. Now what mantra now allow more now give pardons to a particular group in a country where we currently do not discriminate. We can't do -- -- job apparently can't do it -- anything else. Why are we discriminating they look at Hispanic you can. Well let's just I'm out of ought to pick the secret -- approach which you look at it. Wide why do you think that's the case here's what we went into it there in the last call. I think we all understand the underlying by. -- -- -- -- -- If you're Hispanic victim as opposed to -- -- -- and -- -- what did -- that was in two popular fitted into the majority. And and -- since you either illegal politicians do not have a boy. I'm not saying like that people snapping back is the only solution in front of us. Well it's a lot we currently have. And then of course we kept it revisiting what we would do for immigration reform. For the future in the meantime it's there it's in black and white it's got -- big challenge to break -- It's only about family being separated it bears. -- made thank you bay made the decision but consequences. To the bears with which to live. And I'm so glad Bernadette. That you brought up the point about what makes Hispanics of special. Because quite frankly not a damn thing makes them any better than you were some guy from New Delhi try to get -- to the United States the only thing. Think that makes them different is number one as a group they are more likely to register and vote for a Democrat. And the problem. So when Harris -- the latest -- definition that I -- I want you to I want you to finish just so we don't run into you know dueling talking over each -- You might have heard a guy on my show and I hope he's still with us and we've got some health issues -- -- -- And it's a MIT a -- And -- he is from India and I've got no idea whether he is a Christian and was slow mud here Hindu I have no idea and it doesn't matter to. But I do know that a meat is a conservative I do know that he is a hard working man. I do know that he has a lovely wife and family in India I know that he spent thousands and thousands of dollars trying to bring his beloved family from India to the United States legally. And while we've got marches in the street to California and Arizona for people who think that breaking the law automatically ought to make them citizens we've got thousands of people like I'll meet. Might listener from India who can actually make an intellectual contribution to the United States along with his hardworking family and he has been going through hoops and it's gotten an absolutely squat. -- -- I don't understand it can't you know whether -- intellectual contributions. Whether it's physical labor construction. Not come from a family of immigrant. And you know we want it and we -- even wanted to sit there were eight. Anecdotally they X amount of time and -- out of Baghdad. And I don't understand why you're announcing that he vocal odd lot of body which is essentially what we're doing. I want me to allow illegal immigrants streaming and I really. I'm not saying that -- -- -- -- I might but it it if they're ill people illegal -- that I'll bet they're illegal. Iceland Iceland. Maybe if you don't get much more nordic and Iceland because I for one getting sick and tired of being called a racist. Every time I mention Mexico and immigration from Mexico that's why -- talked about my friend a meat from India because you know he's about why is Barack Obama -- And as far as the intellectual contribution. I want to clarify what I set I did not say that Mexicans are stupid okay what I did say it is. And actually didn't say it implied it now I'm going to stated is that when you think of illegals from Mexico. You think of people who generally speaking did not receive a very good education they are not caught out. For the kinds of jobs and contributions. That need to be made in America in 2014. And beyond and quite frankly America is still such a desirable place that we have every right to consider ourselves to be the all star team. And we ought to be taking the best and the brightest from around the world. If they have an interest in becoming American citizens like our body on meat and his wife and his fan. Definitely agree that -- agree we consider them out our. I'm not true what we got it in her -- collectively -- I well you know what that is a very interesting question. And here is were we get back to the politics of division. And we have a president in Washington. -- rock Obama. In fact I have my own great personal expense continue to retain monks around the clock to chant his name in the hopes that he may see the lights. -- I. Okay. And this was a man who is supposed to be a great -- -- picture of people. And instead in practice what you seen is a man. Who has exploited the very darkest and worst elements of humanity. To divide people. One from the other. For his own sordid political ends and I find that to be absolutely shameful and he gets away with -- because he is a black man. Yes and I and I think it's there aren't a lot of people are not really cheap -- that. Seattle's. Not nobody is the first African American president. -- Much to Bill -- supply. And racial. Well well exactly -- in order to black and liked it to my -- my -- it is. That Bernadette Barack Obama. Had the ability. To unite this country like no other president. Could possibly. Have done now ideological late probably not. But even a little. Even things that are not national crisis things like trade -- -- For example. He basically joined in the pre judging legal lynching. Of the Hispanic George Zimmermann when they thought George Zimmerman was probably a white Jew from Minnesota. He was more than willing to join in that and say if I had a son he'd look like Tre -- -- And in the whole thing the whole thing was a tragedy. And and it was a tragedy for Tre -- and his family it was a tragedy for Zimmerman and his family but the president. Have the opportunity to act as a healing. Ball but instead he chose the -- he chose the low road of racial politics and I quite frankly think Dr. Martin Luther King would give it would have bitch -- Obama. But I'm glad it happened because I think people lit spot for human rights and there are eight. In this country. Would be appalled and frightened by electing our current president and yeah that. That he should be leading the country you're at the practice he has such compliments urged her up -- -- I didn't vote on the first time. Or that that's what I -- But when I -- What I thought there -- -- on TV. I started to -- you know or maybe this is -- guy who's going to get. Our young people involved in our country. Harvick energized like it while it may be the beginning that our country with sensing there was a well yup people -- on -- Unfortunately. Unfortunately. He blew his opportunity. And he blew his opportunity because fundamentally. He is not a uniter he is a divider. And I am much more of a uniter than Barack Obama is even in his -- his dreams. I must move on I'm glad you called it all right yep thank you very much and I believe that for much. We we we need to be united. Absolutely all ports. In listening to WB EM day. Well I guess we're out of time. It well. Worth a couple of crap I hate this I -- evidence they get by could do this a lot longer seriously that weird. I want to thank Joseph -- ever thank you -- great job as always today and -- John Sherman a very fine. Job by you up thanks for all the calls I'm sorry it couldn't get everybody. Damn you lacked a lot of -- a truck load dropper. It just sounded gross well folks that lead to -- or does -- well. And those words. But these words -- yourself.

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