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3-4 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 3

Mar 4, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WD EA. I -- down -- the -- with great. I think that yeah. India hold to attempt -- -- is that you can just my brother and welcome to the New York yeah. If they -- a bit extreme conservatives they have no place in the State of New York no one -- with an assault rifle. Not -- it's -- yeah. Until then. Did ball club. There really is nothing like a short time. Don't mind these 8930. Excuse me while I whip this out. All right. It up by the way thank you very much for all the pictures you guys that sense of the accident on the inbound skyway. We actually have a photo album up at WB EN dot com that's WBD. And dot com. There on my page as well there -- also on -- that I mentioned WB EN dot com. And -- the the pipes. Have been pretty. Well. Did pretty amazing pictures and is now. Hard to describe and he usually just check out for yourself and again I've just -- we dodged a real bullet and the cops I think is -- will masterful in getting the news out. And making sure that the traffic -- trying to get into the city from the city lack of 105. Was improperly diverted away with a minimum of hassle. So nice job by the buffalo police like a lot of police and the supervising officers. Who had to make the decisions. Under pressure and at the same time -- for crane to under the location to get the load back on the trucks oh really. Mrs. this was a great team effort today by a whole lot of people whose names will ever know but we do know -- harris' name he's in WB and traffic command -- And as far as AccuWeather is concerned basically if you. Disappointed we didn't have the metal or just call to contradict anything I said. Four today cloudy and cold with some flurries tonight the overnight low thirteen in -- and tomorrow cloudy and coupled with a flurry and twenty through. To have any idea how much of a geek I feel like right now. -- what you guys are watching hockey games what you guys are out on dates when you guys are raising your family's. I'm a whole reading about greatly ship wrecks and reconcile strength of steel and brutal acts. -- -- -- -- All right 58 is temperature right now. At WBZ am honestly though it's what I -- is what I meant to do with my destiny it's just the way it is now and they would you evidently other. By the way I have to tell it was it was really just partly personal here. I'm so glad that this added each got his push keys today because a lot of -- do something nice percent are clearly there. All saved the smartest comments about how he's such a big fan of mine but I know that. I love sandy. And I loved. To do something nice for and the opportunity came up where he was in punched -- with drawl. And I happen to have very close connections. To the local build a community. Which is kind of funny because they can't really eat them but I have close connections to the -- a community. And -- now that Paul is donuts was making the push keys so I made sure work literally animated the call I dropped the dime. I literally made sure that my morning colleague sandy beach. That he got some the first push keys that were made yesterday at Paulus donuts. So when he got to work this morning outside of his office door. Still in the box and wrapped in plastic bag. I think there were two dozen a punch -- waiting for sandy beach and you know what if that made his life a little bit better. And it made his -- life enjoyable I feel like it -- a good -- today. Because you. What that's like we've got a craving for something it can't get anymore or you don't know where your next flight is is gonna come from. So I'm glad said he enjoyed among those crew enjoyed them. And a special thanks by the way or sponsor. Paula is donuts. I have -- -- at all the donuts. I'm very very well connected with the -- world are right it is 514. At news radio 930 WB the and now. Almost out of later Coca-Cola -- Actually said he -- I'm gonna do now. Is I'm gonna go home I'm gonna listen to George Harrison on Sattar. And a little low and saw he wrote forty points he. And then I'm gonna listen to Tom -- is I won't back down. Which is the song of a Penske. If you. Are right anyway. I'm glad you liked him I really anyway. The topic at this point. Basically my whole show. Was not supposed to be lack alana. And what happened on this guy. I do again. Is just wanna extend sincere appreciation as a citizen of this community for the great work done. By the first responders and by the cops and by the supervisory counts. You know the guys with the collar brass. For knowing exactly that they would be -- trade and and that along with the -- you've also got to have a crew that knows how to load properly and they crane operator who knows how to do it. Because folks it is an art form not everybody can do it it's not like you just pop into area. The housing crane and you start doing -- with L you don't. So well done by everybody and thank you by the way for all the traffic calls we did receive. Don't forget this coming weekend you have to set your clock ahead an hour so you lose an hour of sleep. Which personally I can't afford to lose but that is just the way things go now also want to remind you without his blather endlessly. -- As long as you're gonna move your clocks ahead those of you who still had battery operated smoke detectors. Here's what I want to do it's Tuesday. Now most smoke detectors take nine volt batteries. Right nine volt batteries some -- seen -- double b.'s. I've never seen any that took AAA is by whatever. You know what kind of batteries for smoke detectors take effect be on the safe side. Under way hole want to stop off get a couple that get a couple of by nine volts. Get a package of the double ways get a package in the triple -- you might not even -- you might not even need the triple -- just keep the receipt and taken back if you don't need. But take out the smoke detector batteries that are now in your detector replaced them with new batteries. Get the batteries first. And I'm not trying to be your dad lecture yet because they hate it when people in the media do that because we always sound like will be getting more runs. And they are our audience must be really stupid. But they look I've done at some times where change the smoke detector batteries. And I take out the nine boldly -- -- in the kitchen and I think where's that other nine volt. Caught up by used at all so it happens to the best that is so just be advised now two things here. And other basically got to be reckoned -- Number one if you were president of the United States. And let's just assume that by president I meant like Obama dictator. If you could have your way. And there are some things you can do as president of the United States to make this a better country what would you do. I will tell you this is going to be not very popular with probably most of my audience. But one of the lessons I think we can learn from Rome and one of the lessons I think we can learn from ourselves issues. You cannot police the entire world. The world is a very confusing on forgiving place the world is not for the faint hearted. I also wrote this about the world no good deed goes unpunished. And one seat every spring. The Korean students in South Korea. Protesting against the American troops in South Korea. Basically I use some very unflattering language. Toward the South Korean students. And yes that includes multiple uses of the F bomb. And various derivation -- Why because roughly 50000 Americans -- In Korea. In the early 1950s. Soviet South Korea did not fall under the dictatorship. Of -- China and Soviet that. North Korea. And our reward by today's Korean students is to be told Yankee go home. Well as somebody who's dead wasted two years of his life in Korea. I would bolt action I would pull back our troops. I would say you know what. You're right -- will go home we can't afford to be your police department anymore but body. Every American troop would be brought home from every -- I'll say that again every American troop would be brought home from every winner. And one more time every American troop would be brought home from every quarter. You know it's interesting -- history repeats itself folks. The Soviet Union collapsed. Why -- the Soviet Union collapsed. Well a multiplicity of reasons. Not the least of which was an American president who is perceived as strong. And who was perceived as hawkish. And that man's name was Ronald Reagan. But there were other reasons -- that are very very important number one the Soviet system does not work. Communism. Does not work communism is the ultimate false advertising. You talked to people who grew up in the Soviet Union who now live in East Amherst or planets. And they will tell you -- forget human rights and forget about goldilocks. Forget about prisons. Forget about the labianca prison for about almost things that human rights violations. It just doesn't work. There is no such thing as an egalitarian. Society in which there is only one class of people there never has been there never will be. Two point 82 yes. Hold onto that thought folks because I will continue to -- camps and a bite your phone calls at 8030930. -- big part of the show I especially like when people agree with me and tell me a brilliant idea. But let's go to traffic right about a guy who what do you would ever say that here's Alan -- -- -- it concerns me you said a little bit of snow coming down but it's not affecting the drive I hope that you have not just -- starts. Have always seems to happen. I as far as weather goes mostly cloudy deceiving and cold with some flurries here overnight low thirteen. Tomorrow cloudy and cold with a flurry and 22 right now -- is negative fifteen degrees. And plus four with a real feel. Plus a mean -- my god it's it's a war are out there all right so. If you were president and by president I mean you really had power to do work that is constitutionally. Mandated. -- made by president I mean you look at the American people and say whenever and wherever possible I will act in the best interest of the American public with or without congress' approval even though you have no constitutional authority to do that. Not that we've never had a president in the past three months but I've I've been told that to happen. My first action as president would be. The complete withdrawal of all American forces from everywhere back to the United States. I would furthermore declared the United States to be neutral. In its foreign policy. I would declare that the United States has only one interest the United States. All we care about issues or are the United States of America. I would pay attention to what George Washington says. About number one of our constitution. Being secretly. Obligatory upon us fall. I'd pay special attention to that of course after I took full and complete power that I talk about it without actually doing anything about it. But. I would also make sure were to avoid any entangling alliances with any foreign state. Ladies and gentlemen. I hate to break the news here. The world is a really fouled up place it always has been it always will be. There'll always be -- his party's there'll always be the agree there -- always been victimized yours there have always been victims the world is not perfect every American force in the world is not going to make up perfect place and there is such thing as over extending your resources. Like your husband with his credit card and OTB. Stay with us and news radio 930 WB and more. Of the most common sense thinking you'll ever hear is coming up tomorrow on Rush Limbaugh -- -- from -- directory but until 7 o'clock that I you've got me. It's. You know. Okay. And I. And I'm sorry folks it don't get all bad at that mr. the original let it significantly mr. runny bands grants yes. Not my dope or hurt double -- -- our. Word. Some people problems shot and Floyd. I heard rush today and I felt good because he murdered the word and I thought to myself excellent. I always like hearing people better and -- and massacre words worse than ridiculous if -- Yeah it's I guess I've done that. We also -- Anyway Joseph beavers -- master control -- Germany's call screener and we do about photographs of the afternoon crew. Unlike FaceBook page also if you go to W the N dot com we have a bit the 08 video. This guy away and that accident which -- due to. Take a different routes. Poll. Actually be different route home from the south towns I'm looking at that video right now. And I am going to put a link to it directly. On me FaceBook page because I just got yet. But here or talking about right now. On the heavier side. If you were president of the United States what would you do where would you start. I would like -- ago. First thing I would do is bring every American soldier poll number one. No doubt about it every American soldier Paul. One of the great lessons that no particulars from history because everybody wants to show every country of the races are the players is bigger than theirs. One of the lessons is countries over extend themselves. And get as much as Ronald Reagan. I think hasten the demise of the Soviet Union I believe the Soviet Union system was doomed it to begin with. Why was it dealt. Many reasons number one communism does not work number two and do not forget -- this is so important in fact. I hope I have members of doctor Phillips at the Maria's family listening to the program right now you don't know Dr. Phil. He's no longer with -- -- doctor Phillips at the Maria always deserves credit and he always receives credit for me whatever talk about the old Soviet Union. Because back in September of 1983. Exit number of 1983. If my brain is an all that data com doctor Santa Maria from Ball State set. The Soviet Union is not going to last law. There aren't too many nations. There is too much nationalism. In the countries were in the regions. Over which the Soviets. Tried to have hegemony. For the Soviet Union to last well. I thought he was smoke in a week at the time because I was a child of the Cold War. And all -- debt less than ten years after doctor Phillips at the Maria made that prediction the Soviet Union crashed and burned. Communism did not crash -- -- The pride of the KGB. And the red army and the Soviet Union did not crash and -- To the people of the KGB like a lot of airport. And to the people in the red army. You know they loved their country as much as patriots in the United States love our country. And they felt the same about the demise of -- country. As many of us feel well about the demise of the country in which we grew up. And try to excuse. Russia. Or its behavior. I'm not. But an honest assessment of history news. Every nation work its -- always act in what it perceives to be its own best interest we do it. The Russians -- Well -- we had that treaty that was side. You know what there's also a treaty called for -- tree. That the United States government signed with the Lakota -- back in around 1867. Which basically granted the Lakota sue the northern plains including the Black Hills. To hunt and that until the sudden stop shining and the moon stops rising. But that's not gonna happen a guy named George Armstrong custer's. Rolls into the Black Hills and I'll be damned if he doesn't buying gold. Well the word soon scripts. And what you know. The treaty. The Indians signed with the United States government. In 1867. For -- treaty. Went out the window why did -- go out the window because the United States believed it was in its own national interest of scrutiny Indians. To light and Indians. To defile their holy ground there got their Black Hills because we or our government. The non native population. Wanted the goal. So again please don't wave the flag thinking that this country has never committed any grievous wrongs against any of its own citizens because we had. And the Lakota -- Is just one example. Of how the United States government just like the Russians said one thing and then did another. And -- I also add. It's always. About the money. I'll say that again. It's. Always. About the need I'd do this there were -- Yes no yes or let's go let's go to traffic right now WB had Alan Harris once thought. -- a friend and a great job by the winner skyway coverage but I also wanna thank Tim Wagner who amidst all his other duties has been a busy taking care texts and videos and pictures and everything else for the web site. AccuWeather. Basically. Nothing has changed in fact nothing ever will change in fact I'm pretty convinced that will be July 14 fifteenth and I'll still be saying it's fifteen degrees. You don't think -- No well. If it is I'll challenge you to a sword fight. I can find that it's up 541 news radio 930 WB and let's go to Dominic in Erie Pennsylvania Dominic. Your president -- of the United States of America post -- What do you do. Or seeing other people in the world to live in poverty. And pollution so that we can purchase inexpensive goods is an American. Mike first action will be to require that all imports. Complies with our minimum wage and EPA standards. Well let's let's just think about the the ramifications. Of this this means. That mr. and mrs. America. Will no longer be able to squeeze themselves into sausage like. Stretch pants and go to major retailers and buy underwear that lasts for a month. I'm sure it's that you you know there. I mean look I I hear you loud and clear. But do you also think that that is gonna have the effect of bringing jobs back to the United States were quite frankly we make stuff I -- a lot better than China. Well a lot of cute things would happen. Either the manufacturing -- back to the United States. Or eight countries that are art manufacturing. Would have to either lie cheat steal. Or come up -- large standards. Which would level the playing field economically we would be able to compete either way eventually. They've ever been to let China or any country. Such as India or Pakistan. Or even Mexico for that matter where these standards are not as they are in the United States. Nobody Q if you look at what's going on in China right now they are starting to -- Against the pollution. And the standards are starting to get better on their own. I think a little push would go along way. Well you know I question Dominique because apple or not I was waiting for call exactly like this to come in and I wanna tell you a little story. And here I'm gonna sound like one of my least favorite presidents Abraham Lincoln let me tell you a little story. In the 1967. My parents took their spawn all for service support Colbern Ontario. And I think the place was called crescent beach. And before we drove up your mom went to the local store and she bought us some 1967. American made beach towels. -- what happened to those towels which were made in the United States in 1967. Time they were confiscated at the border are not complaint it. Some Serbs and. That should always brilliant thinking but it's also incorrect. Those hot holes which were made in 1967. By American workers in American factories. Art in my possession and are in use at my house told. Almost fifty freaking years later they still all look great. It. But the point is you know I go to certain places and I buy securities. And I'll be damned if I don't get crotch rot in the first couple of months apply that -- what we're likely person but. But the crotch always rots out on. -- I'll try to -- -- I'm just saying that you know sometimes a good deal isn't a good show. We used to have companies that manufacture things the last and it went on to manufacture something else. Now they don't know how to make anything new so they make the same thing over and over again patently. Well I wonder. Dominic and I don't know how old guy you are but I wonder how many of my listeners can relate to my stupid little story. About US made beach towels from -- the summer of 1967. Still being used by your humble host today where any -- you bike today I don't care from where you buy it if it's made in China or Pakistan or India you're gonna get may be two years out of it may be. I've got to meet on Hoover vacuum. That my mother bought in 1960. Works wonderfully. And where was that man. United States I can't remember exactly. Court it was a it was made in the United States. And and I think you know there's something very important I think that the American consumer. Needs to realize and look I -- I own a foreign car I -- an American car affect I have to American cars and have one foreign. But one of the things the Americans have got to understand is that we are capable of producing quality. The rest of the world can't do I know this much about people and people who have a few extra dollars. You were willing to pay more when you know you're getting quality it's why I got to see -- vacuum former friends -- sex it was worth it to me because it's quality. Well that's what you have to do that you can't YouTube you have to spend them on. He gets something good and I think if we we close our borders a little bit more. Beat the quality would improve to the point where we -- happy. It anymore. Well I like your idea as long. As the result was an increase in manufacturing jobs in the United States because I'm sorry. The American workers still puts out pound for pound a better product. The other countries around the world one of the problems however is for example with an iPhone or Droid. We're not equipped to build those at a cost effective manner anymore and I don't think the you're gonna wanna pay 5000 dollars for -- -- -- -- -- That's like my daughter's monthly long distance bill. You are absolutely brilliant and I agree with everything you say. It's a pretty fascination with apps but can get on orbit that. -- Well. Here's the things her cats are more brilliant mind. All right thank you thank you very -- Are right. And I appreciate that. Again it's not so much brilliance as it is. I don't. A gift. I don't know who gave me. The same thing that gave me that gifts. Games -- release sake genetics. It is a 540 rated news radio nine does that sound bitter joke. Yeah it did that it. You know three on -- thirty at Israel at thirty WB. And thanks for all those pictures you -- us all the phone calls that you guys gave us when the situation on the inbounds skyway it was his Dicey as it was very much appreciated thank you very much. As far as AccuWeather concern cloudy cold some flurries tonight thirteen below. Tomorrow cloudy and cold with a flurry 22. Are we still -- fifteen degrees -- Earliest be stuck -- fifteen degrees until the crack of -- and doom fifteen degrees at the WB yen. It's one of my favorite lines from Macbeth. Will this stretch out to the crack of do when the Nazis bank -- issue on the throne of a detective she -- Shakespeare. 803 on my thirtieth WBZ and there must be one Shakespeare reference in every -- early show asked of you know why -- just like the Bible. What do you mean Tom -- as a book written by a man the other was divinely inspired a -- I happen to think Shakespeare was divinely inspired. I happen to think Shakespeare was what -- most brilliant man ever to walk the face of the earth. And when you put Shakespeare together with the Bible a particular in my case the new testament. You've got all the reading there as you've got wisdom there all the -- -- That I just really say the new testament you've got wisdom there out the laws to. Will be on the liner notes here is whose next -- Joseph impeccable tonight WB and Joseph you -- president general of the United States of America sir you tell me how to fix the country. Are out -- or. All right Don I just -- afflicted. OK. I -- Proclamation. As president albeit there. Would be an executive order. Like those. Well -- because it if it agrees with something I think is good -- adore them. -- Order. Very well and sir how did you come to this conclusion. Well because it's from one of those political tools -- abuse student. -- -- pitchers are not huge. We're out of wanted to. You -- I I find your your comment to be beyond that brilliant and very much appreciated by me have you another. Idea another. All right keep ordered. Absolutely man -- hear what I would do. I'm a little bit old and new -- are much but I think you were brought up the same way I -- My parents very good people -- pictures didn't have too much to rub together. Charity always began at all in a chair Erik Cole. -- I wanted to withdraw. The majority of the troops from around the world. And I would not provide military. Or equipment or any date anybody I would fortify our own country. I would. -- what are we had stockpiled to defend ourselves. And went humanitarian -- columns in the boy I'm also ordered. I'm all for open somebody start but we got to help. All people worst dad and we can help ordered. Here's the problem of humanitarian. Aid the minute it gets into the hands of a foreign desperate they used it to solidify their own power as Stalin's starve the ukrainians back in the twenties and thirties. Mean that's that's the issue I have with even humanitarian aid is that a desperate for really give a damn because a desperate has no scruples. I talked more about this if you've got the time we'll hold on because your your your guy and you you you think a little bit out of the box like that. It's 556 news radio 930 WB yen it is -- hourly on the radio with you for your drive all. Tuesday.

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