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3-4 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 2

Mar 4, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WB he had. I wore us down upon -- with great. I think yeah if India -- hold to -- -- is that you can just my brother. That we have to pass the bill says that you can find out what is it about. What it's not my responsibility in the if you got -- -- already. Then you can keep your plan if you are satisfied with a. There really isn't -- nothing like a short. -- -- Didn't do well eyewitness. He's maybe 930 you've seen this new -- -- days in -- It's not. Asking -- he named it. One more time. You can't get our big guy evidently. Going to change. -- -- Boston player you know he sure does not have insurance -- wreck my -- They -- myself I I feel really good. Awesome I mean I -- death's door everything I'm feeling pretty sure that I get this memo from wired. And he lets not forget to remind our instance bring the clocks ahead this weekend. So I. To be the bearer of bad news day and you're gonna lose an hour's sleep this weekend. Lose an hour's sleep this weekend. So Saturday night before you go to bed. What you wanna do is set your clocks ahead an hour if you have one of those battery powered. Atomic clocks stay up until about two or 3 in the morning and just watch her hands around and around it's great fun at a party -- play that much hope and change the smoke detector batteries. Make sure when you go to the story gets in nine volt batteries OK so double is in Tripoli is. Because nothing is worse than taking the batteries up -- hey -- run up to the drugstore later and then you never replaced. So you know for those who don't have hard wired smoke detectors or who have the extra. I'm smoke detectors in the house that are battery powered corporate replace your batteries. You have to take your money your wife's rabbit shall never know the difference let's find out about traffic here is -- therapists. Are ganging up they want to if you call Alan that's great if you get a busy signal -- maybe because folks we -- -- serious traffic situation and this is major core adore. The only thing we've got going force right now. Is that at least the skyway in bound it's close it's elegant outbound its inbound. Mean if it were morning drive it would be a different kettle of fish but at least there's that if -- can try to pick something positive out of -- negative. But we would definitely like them well if you're in -- wanna what the deal is this for is how far back up route five is before you get to this highway because skyway inbound. Is shut down and as at 344 this afternoon. I received an email from. State trooper buddy of mine who says that it is backed up well in the lack alana. And people should avoid route five anywhere near lack wanna like the freaking play except he didn't say freaking. So all please be advised it isn't unholy mess down there sell. I'd like -- how far back -- back -- is Allen would like to know and if you have pictures of the accident. On the east -- inbound where the tractor trailers apparently lost part of its load of steel pipes and there may be a small car involved and let's hope that there's no serious injuries or any injuries at all. But if you do you have any pictures. We would like them obviously if their pictures that are unsuitable I would never put them up. Sometimes it's a judgment call but it. You know I've known I think I know the difference between what is acceptable and what is an acceptable I hope that nobody's. Let's just put it that way so if you're like what what does nobody listened to elect a lot of you want to speak yet many you wanted to speak Arabic -- that you many accent. Is that what you need for me get a call from lack a lot of the about dissing anybody there's a lot of young -- who have like one and they speak Arabic with the many -- that it wants to take that as a slur in well. Up you're scared and it. Just happens to be a fact like there's a lot of French people in Montreal who speak French with a distinct we come back accent. Unlike the exit to get in Paris that's not an insult that linguistic reality of the one thing you should know after 35 years -- that make me. Linguist now looking at the situation and like a wanna. They've got or five if you're -- OK okay now getting pissed off of my audience is this good. Route five is back up. For miles. Is there nobody moderate five wants to tell me how far backed up that is. Why I have no listeners and lack a lot of -- what he's trying to -- may. You're trying to make life a living hell. There's nobody listening right now on -- five and -- a lot of the early show what -- -- -- through. Yeah I mean seriously. Are you gazing at amazement at the basilica. Okay that's Logan find -- focus on your driving. I did not offer backed up you are not there what I would do. Again if you haven't quite hit test farm. What I would do is cut over ridge road. That's what I would do that if there's one thing at a bar ridge road there's not a single pot hole on ridge road. -- -- But if you head over to rich -- -- two ridge road you can take ridge east. And you can basically go north by taking a left on 62. Which is South Park. Or you could continue on ridge if you're adventurous and all the way down to the throw away and just get on the throw away where the nine. If you haven't quite mean if you're already -- ridge road your options become more limited and you're gonna have to follow what the cops tell you to do. Because this accident isn't going anywhere any anytime real soon -- -- people are in like a lot of listening or they don't wanna go on. Okay because they'll call if you don't wanna go on don't call it all right -- I'm not trying to be a putts here but. It does me no good to see -- Reagan and that all the lines are tied up in the nobody wants to one. -- I we just be legitimate public safety interest here in what's going on on route five. Here is Andy. Who is on route five to get us -- -- about where you are on route five in the. I just went over -- the -- about. -- -- -- And may I ask -- trust you're heading in the outbound direction. I'll borrow it at the air act. Very bad. Very faster very bad. Very bad nobody. Nobody really ought to have a look at it. Okay now the accident itself -- we're able depending on how high -- profile vehicle you drive were you able to see anything about the accident. -- I'll look like there was some hyper sub and not the right side of the Iraq. But what about in the right wing. All right and when you say hi I mean pipes nominal register conference's engages. How -- when are we talking hot dogs that are we talking thermos that. Like what looked like that large I think it might hurt at all. That article on -- I that it -- and the right side. We're talking Gene Hackman in the movie heist -- got you now. As far as route five. As you were heading in the other direction how far back is our route five backed up. Let me get to -- about it either way I -- what I got it that the if I play right here I'll pick a lot of what I. They're they're back -- -- Boy if it is pretty pebble or it or at. Called K good you're gonna look like people were taken ridge. Well all it -- But everybody thought. What are our people taking ridge road did you notice that because that's what I would do if I have choice. Okay and if -- past ridge already I'm sure the cops will direct you over to laborers way and ship canal parkway -- two of -- something. Is the exit before or after -- If I was heading into the city is the accident before or after -- -- to be after right. You're at in this city I mean appeared. That you're coming from Hamburg it out and vials -- in eight the little white. Al -- that's nonsense sounds reasonable especially given the fact that this thing going anywhere real soon. Sir I thank you for your consideration for your fellow western New Yorkers and the accident itself. Is on it -- you know by the skyway is how how far up the elevated part of the sky highway heading into the city would you say the accident is located. -- I'll order. It. -- you know what. At least that's not one of those windy days so hopefully wouldn't have to worry about somebody getting blown off the skyway which has happened before. So. I certainly didn't see anything where. Or any other -- are involved. All right so it's just basically going to be traveling nuisance I'm glad you alleged calls are really thank you for cajoling and -- and get to feeling guilty. Or cajoling UN feeling guilty that you know three on I thirty is the phone number -- -- -- That the pending from where you work comic. If you're on route five you're gonna wanna turn right on average if -- -- gone by ridge follow the cops they should direct you probably the history. And hopefully you've got a good GPS because sometimes they take you profits of these roads and then the other road that you're gonna access and that the shut out itself and you feel like I know. So follow what everybody else is doing so we should all be lost together. But ridge would be the easiest or if you haven't left yet just avoid revival together. Here is and again the accident folks is on the inbounds guy way our caller says about a quarter of the way up the elevated portion of this -- -- Which by the way. There is absolutely no reason to have any more on the buffalo skyline. The -- was built. In the era of Great Lakes shipment when the tonnage was astronomical coming in the buffalo the saint Lawrence Seaway was supposed to help buffalo. If you believe that at the time you were smoking crack because it didn't it hurt buffalo. Let's go to. We just got off on a ridge road it's not your exactly the kind of guy wanna talk to you or try to get into the city that this accident screwed you up. Yet. Well I did it you just mentioned it. You -- to get upper -- you make an immediate left of the -- you know like people would -- industrial park ship canal. Marquardt and say that -- -- comes -- -- -- just now they pretty you have it all vehicles overture to test. I'd Pat Murray and Gloria on the one idea I got -- I got off what do the industrial park not just the -- that Hopkins Hopkins -- so far. Felt spark that says it's good that -- the 190. And you know to have done so without making the obligatory stop at the great American news company I have to applaud your morality -- About I thought I thought you would. Got so okay with a good news is even if you -- ridge road -- and the -- street at least when you were there what ten minutes ago. It at least that was okay. And the only -- -- -- to deal with it is. In -- -- I mean it hit the you know drop in and I'll partner you're -- -- yet you know. Solid. -- bridge those -- like the one. That just what pleases him. That you could sit there for five minutes of the electorate though. -- I have a little secret career when Jimmy Griffin was mayor and torrents is right off their through. Believe me the lights were timed and held up better than they are now. Yes yes if you go to at all what you -- get -- 180 solve the postal. He just go. -- parked Bailey by make a lot and then go get on over there for what mr. wherever. All right you're a man who knows his way around the southern part of buffalo and probably the old first ward as well -- Our. Lord and you know the difference between the number two and an -- six grain shovel. -- do because I don't thank you very much of a magic golf. -- -- acts coming in for you guys that look this is an important story. I don't like doing traffic all day. I can do but but we -- taxed your two minutes ago. I have up here on the -- it will be a few hours before this gets cleared up six inch round a solid steel stock and two inch flat steel stock on the road. So somebody is. Somebody's gonna have so much scratch and dents two count were let's find out -- traffic. Allan Harris Alan my listeners are awesome and I know people have been calling you to. And a lot of thank you up by the way operations manager to wire who is continued to feed -- some of the Texas they're coming in that are relevant. I'm I'm up here on the skyway is from a worker on this guy -- who knows what he's talking about. -- author on the skyway in will be a few hours before this gets cleared up six inch round solid steel stock and two inch flat steel stock on the road right that's -- that's another confirmation of what is going and also explanation why they need to get a credit. So there gonna have to get that a crane. They're gonna have to have guys who know how to operate a crayon in tight circumstances. And they're gonna have to make sure that the load is secured. You know you've gotta you gotta it well loading that kind of stuff folks is a special skill it really does anybody see the anybody see the war of the worlds will be with Tom Cruise. You know the beginning of the movie where he's -- at the -- work in the -- work in the cargo ship's okay. It's like an art form don't ever think that somebody does that is stupid that's an art form itself. Sell not only do they have to get decree in there they got to get somebody who knows what he's doing or she is doing to get that stuff the way it should be on that truck again. But if you're just joining us in bounced highway is closed the inbound. Outbound. The inbound skyway is close but so far it's not like the lack wanna PB. And the buffalo PD are doing a great job making sure the traffic is getting off properly in either at ridge or at -- and if you. If you haven't left yet in the -- to get to the north I wouldn't even worry about five that it I would just say screw it detective -- -- that -- -- to be your best bet. Saying screw it is usually best that life anyway sometimes it's best to leave it alone for 25 WB Ian. Yeah. -- -- -- And crazy maybe -- -- It's for a 34 days or the united thirty WB and joke ever that mr. controlled -- is our call screener and we put a picture up actually more pictures of the trek crew. On my FaceBook page but right now folks. I hadn't planned and there's obviously odd couple a -- spewed my load all over the skyway. We've got a a truck. -- lost part of its load involving some steel piping and I guess in steel sheets. And it's fun. That windy today. Thought. Folks I do let me tell you what could have happened if that truck had been in the more elevated area of the -- With a fifty mile an hour wind it. Even politics. Had been known to blow off this good advocate faster. So as bad as it is in stock on route five it does not look like we're talking about a serious injury or mentality. So let's count our blessings year. Now lol let's go to sharing and right now who's probably counting the number of -- she's hit on hit streak since she got off. Sure and Europe WB and tell us the full picture what you see. Well I think -- will and it about a minute ago about it now but I can't attic and treat. That in what was going on and they weren't that aren't coming from major -- by. If it was can -- it up to about intricate if people that we would divert everybody up until I don't street. -- little eloquently put bumper to bumper. About the green milk and then everybody can go down there to Michigan over the elected. Oh well what you're gonna well by the way when you when you press the maturity goes joint and you see the higher vote Edward -- which you should do is throw five dollar bill down to our captain Bob youngster. Captain because. Basically the city doesn't. Really give the fire -- much of great here in terms of annual budget expenses so it needs every clinic and yet to see you know. -- up OK so that the long and the short of it is you've got off and the cops were very helpful in directing you exactly where to go and you knew the areas that -- -- with the alternate was going to be. Well -- I don't like it I don't I don't it was bumper to bumper but eventually it. And I would and then wicked -- kept it that green elevators that was pretty -- -- Internet. All right well those grain elevators and I'm sure that what you drove past the grain elevators you said yourself these old derelict structures. How can we ever lose these and lose this kind of ascetic -- wonderment on our waterfront facility right. You said yourself this beauty. Now I I think their eyes -- And I love buffaloes maritime history probably more than most of the preservationists do but I also know an ice or what I see one. Thank you let your share on our ID well you know that's. Once again. And for those who think I come down too hard on cops on time. I only come down like cops when they don't do their duties according to the constitution. That's my issue. But in terms of what they've done here -- lack of one in buffalo I gotta tell it sounds like the buffalo PD is gonna help the good job. And it sounds like the lack YPD have that I -- a good job. Mean if I'm wrong you tell me. But. Couple things were in their advantage and I'm trying to say well. And they didn't really do a good job first of all it was heading in to the city. Not heading from the city just before Russia that was advantageous. To all of us. Number true. There were escape routes for traffic so people did not have to sit there hour after power there's ridge road there's tipped. And plus people who were listening to WB -- They too. If they hadn't left work yet to just for five and just it's a head north or whatever road is the road with which you feel most comfortable driving. -- the cars that were there you know edit -- -- wrong. Let me know but it sounds to me like the buffalo koppers and the lack like opera element job. And I think the other captains and lieutenants and shift supervisors on duty. Who took care of that I think they deserve some some kudos because basically what we're hearing is an orderly. And orderly. Creation out of what could've been chaos though I would like to applaud. Unless I'm wrong. I'd like to applaud these or quick thinking and the planning of the BP. LPB. For what Purdue and that. Because it could help a lot worse. Let's go to traffic right now and ladies and gentlemen here is mr. Allen Harris. -- -- -- -- Amateur compared to user an amateur I tell you. Apologies. And you know all of those crane operators I know you know this because you actually worked real jobs in your life to those crane operators are special type of person that's an art form that's not just brute strength. You and I -- her. -- you know the good thing ridge road has zero potholes on zero potholes and ridge road -- -- I'm Janet. It no matter at all I saw the Philippines once through the pothole once we don't. -- -- twelve year old to I was drunk anyway thank you. -- Well it was the Philippines it was OK there. As far as AccuWeather is concerned. Well plus he was cute mostly cloudy and cold with some flurries. He didn't really just say that city yeah I'll do anything for cheap -- the overnight low thirteen and tomorrow cloudy and called a flurry and 22 and always a fifteen degrees and news radio 930 WB ER. -- -- I get into some other things here but I also. Keep in mind. What he thing is about what we do here on the afternoon show I think Andy has exactly the same approaches I do during the mortgage. Sometimes the best laid plans of mice and men. And the last thing I expected today was to be talking about a truck which dropped some of its load on the highway and and it's almost like. We have it's we get a few things going for -- number one once and at the very top of this guy. Number two it was inbound and outbound this time it. Number three it happened during business -- so get a crane -- locations. Was a little bit easier than it would have been had it not business hours number of former. A crane operator with skills was also apparently available to start this job go. So it's just a lot went right today when it could've went wrong. And lack a lot of but I will tell you that if you're just tuning on the radio and you've got art fort courier is started at 430 -- running in the parking lot to warm actually bought wouldn't breeze. I just noticed you don't wanna be on route five in -- a lot. -- -- Now granted they'd done a terrific job getting traffic get to the east on the ridge and to the east on tipped. Like a lot of police in buffalo police should absolutely be praised for it handled this like absolute pros somebody has some real big brains on both of those departments this year the player they thought ahead. And I mean that is sincere compliment but if you haven't yet entered that race and you're trying to get northbound. I wouldn't have anything to do with route five. Now the crane is on location. Depending on how much of the product was on the truck has to be re loaded. And then read. Fastened onto the truck. And I'm sure DOT people are going to be. Or we deputy national highway transportation people I'm not sure somebody. Is gonna somebody's gonna wanna know why the load fell off. Including by the way this would probably be. Well you know what this is a Thursday to jurisdictional -- I don't know who will be the buffalo police accident investigators. Where the lack -- accident investigators were the state police accident investigators. I let the statement is they've got. Top flight accident investigation people but. You know my -- I'm kind of wondering if AA. It was loaded onto the truck in correctly and secured on to the truck incorrectly or be whether it was metal Petit. Now why -- mention medal for today was the temperature been like outside. Pretty Frick and -- right. What's the temperature right now fifteen degrees. And you do well. That steel like any other thing made by men. Is subject to the vicissitudes and the temperament a mother nature right and some steel performs better. Under adverse circumstances. Than other steal ballots. So it might have been metal fatigue may be compound it by the freezing and falling of the weather I don't know if -- just conjecture. But I will tell you one thing. And the reason I know -- and actually really roundabout way it ties into the -- and why we even have the -- Way back when on the Great Lakes there was a big debate. Between the traditionalists who thought that the greatly freighters -- wouldn't holes. Wouldn't holes and those who believe that the Great Lakes freighters ought to have the the -- holes. Well there's a commercial vessel known as the western reserve. And it was the first vessel in our part of the Great Lakes. With ace Cole Hall that was used for commercial purposes. And it was a new vessel. -- -- new bestseller had a couple seasons under its belt -- -- hold it gets up in the Lake Superior. And if some sudden storm doesn't start. And it happens that the western reserve broke in two and went down there was only one survivor to tell this to -- And it turns out. That the steal from which the western reserve was made. Was of equality that simply was not made for the Great Lakes it was too brittle to handle the Great Lakes and did not have enough flexibility. They handle the twisting -- turning in the seeing in the sawing that the Great Lakes in this indices. Will put upon. In terms of stress a vessel. So that was an example of accidents death that led to progress the sinking of the western reserve and also a consideration when you're dealing with metal Petit temperatures outside. On the out of metallurgy is that if you are you wanna call and tell me I'm wrong. You know if if I'll ever say something that's wrong I want you to correct me if I don't wanna be some work. Think she's right -- everything it turns out he's not. But I'm just trying to postulate as to why this might happen today. And thank god no loss of life and no reported serious injuries so you know all of all I'd say we dodged the bullet today anybody -- disagree with that. -- any time to get in the truck accident and there's a little car involved and nobody ends up dead I'll take that is a blessed. 447 news radio 930 WB -- If there's anything else we need to know about this accident you give us a call start -- -- is free on the cellphone. That is star 30 also if you like to be put in the loop and get this information as quickly as we do. There are three words you need to remember traffic. News. And weather what you're gonna do. Excuse me if you're gonna send us sorry I couldn't hit the dump button and time yes that was a belch and chicken salad with prisons. Anyway. And -- any idea so anyway what I was gonna say issues Tom. I just I -- the dump on guys and sorry anyway that a cough button buddy are so set the word news to us. 30930. Cent. Then type in the word traffic. And hit 30930. Cent. Then type in the word whether. And hit 30930. Cent and that every time something big happens about which you'd like to know you get it as soon as we do. You'd be amazed that number of news alerts I received that help me at this is what I do for a living out here self. Basically you'll be in our loop so little fan club here at WB yet and I do beg your pardon for belching on the here -- where did. I beg your pardon only because I can do so much better I think that was pretty weak. Of course we couldn't possibly just an easy normal drive all migratory. AccuWeather tonight going to be cloudy and cold some flurries overnight low thirteen which will seem positively. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It'd be like African Tomas. Mostly cloudy with a flurry tomorrow 22 high right now were holding at the fifty degrees at Israeli in my thirties WBE. All right well let's -- like gang. I think we've done our job we've got our -- Traffic wise but please always keep in mind that. When we do major issues that affect a lot of people on major arteries. I never will get in trouble. In fact I'm encouraged. To. Make sure you get home safely. Now it's always a judgment call as to which stories. Deserve that kind of coverage. It was my judgment this one did because it was this guy. And again. I think the credit must be given the buffalo police department and the lack of one police department I think they were the two lead agencies involved the -- they've been there as well but I don't know. But whoever the supervisors. Were in that district involving the accident as well personally commend you for thinking it. For let me you know what was -- and for giving the resources in place to get the accident cleaned up as quickly as possible. And if you think it's easy to track down a an expert crane operator after normal business hours along with the crane that'll be big enough to do the job but small enough to get on this -- away. You've never done construction or know nothing about it. I only know what I learned from my -- And again vote my -- bothered this this is the kind of thing I used to. They would call him and say mr. -- we need to -- and skilled operator. Man he'd be on the phone two minutes later was taken care. In fact -- grisly story. I hit this year but there is an unfortunate man back in the 1970s who committed suicide off of City Hall. And the imperial themselves and one of the flag poles. And it was absolutely. Is nobody should have to witness that and the family. The people who knew him loved him and and just the witnesses who were just aghast at what -- agency. And my dad was actually the guy they called to get the crane to cut down on the flag pole so the -- gentlemen can be given. -- proper autopsy at a proper embalming. At the time. So that's woman did did for a living. Being in that particular business for as long as well so somebody had to make that phone call that somebody at some. Construction company to get this done. Am one of the supervisors a -- beat myself that you know -- was supervising the cleanup just. That they -- good thank you got a great having your shoulders thank you for thinking about York citizenry. Now coming up on the program. Unless we get some traffic nightmare that happens Lester was actually in nightmare this was you thought this was. This was something that could have been a lot worse and we should count our blessings in -- Now all of -- up from you guys. Watt. Would you do. If you were president of the United States. Now this is not confined to the situation in Ukraine. This involves every aspect of America. Domestic. Foreign. International. Interstate in trust there. -- fantasize about having power. Do you ever fantasize about having control. Do you ever say if only I could run the country this is what I would do. Well this is your chance in the next hour to tell me how you would fix things. On news radio 930 WBE.

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