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3-4 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 1

Mar 4, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WB he had. I wore the look and he would write this thing yeah. But hold look. Yeah. -- maybe you're better off not having the surgery but taking the pain -- -- -- -- -- stupid. But apple people in charge. Practice. I'm not only I don't know what the good. Kind of evicted people know me. I'm very happy. These mediums including you know partner one simple request. Somebody -- to have sharks let her -- All right. Are right it is up early and his -- WBE. And it's hooked up. I it's almost that we're sorry about that almost had to whip out that needs because that it's it's sure -- right now. I'm not Catholics are not really up on which days -- fat in which razor thin I don't know. I've been that was spent most of my life so every days or is that a struggle so it was always -- -- Tuesday or Wednesday or Panthers there for a Saturday that -- would Dominican Republic and I realized. You know what it was like to look at -- -- so there's that. Anyway don't ever. -- master control to share your call screener and a -- com. I feel like such evil human guys because yesterday we took the pictures of the three of us as the WB -- afternoon crew and our traffic reporter Alan Harris was not included. And edwards' wife Elin that we took the pictures during a news break and during that break. And -- market or Bryant has -- you all three of those guys. To view a picture says that today and we'll put it up on the -- on my FaceBook page because they are also a big part of the show but it just. Understand folks -- o'clock rolls around. Today I want to get the hell out of -- -- Bieber wants to get a lot of -- Seed John Sherman has business to attend. That -- Key pocket is already already dressed his car is already warming up in the parking lot at 7010. Okay we wanna get the hell out of here. So anyway guys -- -- -- your photo to my FaceBook well. I truly I feel bad about that because. It it really my gosh it's certainly was not intended as a slight or disrespecting. Of Alan Harris I'm -- -- has aroused -- we just figured we put the three -- up there because we had a moment to do it. The lights were on. And you were do during a news break and we just wanted to do so. The pictures still up there but more importantly. I am very deeply indebted to the Iraq out of -- family from western new York and them. For those -- missed yesterday. And I realize this is a thirty plus year old story and therefore it you know it's not really news. But it is it's always been important to me. Because one week talk about the United States under Ronald Reagan and we talk about a practical application of the human wrote doctor and which do I have to explain -- a better explain it again because we always have new listeners. In school you're remembered hearing about the Monroe doctrine right. -- that was it was -- the treaty the United States signed with anybody. It was just a declaration by the guy who was the president and his name was James Monroe very Smart man by the way. And he basically told Europe. This part of the world is hours. Keep the hell off of our law. That was basically the -- doctor he basically told Europe. Stay over there this is our part of the world this is a result of influence right here oddly enough just with the Russians are doing with Ukraine. But what they do it it's a bad thing. Pathetic lot of report. But real politics real politics we did the same thing with the -- But in any event during Ronald Reagan's administration. Early -- actually 1980 to believe wise. There Wednesday Caribbean island named -- -- And the Cubans and their bodies the Russians went to this Caribbean island because they were going to basically. Island hop. Like what the United States that in the Pacific theatre of World War II island tropical island the island island. Closer and closer and closer to the Japanese -- Atlanta getting ready for an invasion of the Japanese mainland or at least getting our. Army air corps in position to bomb. Tokyo and be able flight back home is that a crash landing in -- in China and hoping the Chinese Nationalists would get as and then the other guys. So anyway long story short. Ronald Reagan made the decision to invade Grenada he basically said screw you Russia. You got Cuba in our hemisphere yell locked out back in 19591960. But you don't get Grenada and you don't get the other islands and we're gonna force you the path off of them and that's exactly what we did it. And you know kudos to President Reagan for recognizing. The efficacy of them in the road doctorate it's not pretty. But it's got to be done because what that I tell you yesterday every nation on the face of this earth worth its salt. Is always act in what it perceives to be its best interests the United States not being an exception to the general rule of humanity and the general policy of nations. And as part of liberated Grenada. We suffered very few casualties and very few fatalities that got. It was like the Falkland Islands were between Argentina and Britain were thousands of guys -- Over basically some god -- islands to the out to the east of Argentina. Where there's just apologize sheep. Now I -- sheep as much as the next guy but I'm certainly willing to lay down my life for one. Seriously. So we -- the local -- he died in combat not friendly fire whose name was mark Rodham marker. And you know sometimes folks up -- -- com. And I said this before. Doing talk radio in the town in which you grew up is really really special because you remember these things and you'll also get a chance to flash these things out a little bit. And as fate would have it. At the time we were invading Grenada. I was young lady in Carolina. And we're still you know friends she's happily married and all that stuff issues of delightful person and I think the world to Carol but in any event. We were seeing each other than when she found out that mark -- marker had been killed in Grenada she was in tears. And I just to Robert Carolina what's up as she said that guy from East Aurora who got killed in Grenada yeah I went to school with him. And I said oh my god I mean I was in my early twenties she was in early twenties and I -- Toshiba. And she said well Tom you have to understand. More than anything in this world ever since he was a little kid will mark -- doctor wanted most was to be an ember can soldier. And I've just I've never. I have I'm sorry guys I I just have never forgotten that. And have never forgotten the name I've never forgotten the fact that that was his destiny. It's almost like that was why he was on this earth. And his family. I just I mean they passed a projector like I said something to the effect of geez I I hope this family is listening and they know he's not been forgotten words to that effect and within minutes I got an email from one -- -- sisters. Am I it was just a touch -- put it up on FaceBook are highlighted on FaceBook. And she was -- -- and the right -- -- family was kind enough to send me a picture of sergeant mark -- marker and I would encourage you to check out on my FaceBook page. As a an American hero who died in the liberation. Of Grenada. And I wish I could do this for everybody who lost a loved one. In any of our wars I wish that all those pictures were round -- which all those families were around with excuse me with those photographs. But it meant so much to me. That the Rodham -- apparently it was listening and they actually heard. Look they have no idea that and that this is what gets me I don't mean to make a huge deal out of this on my account. But it is for them. And I just I'm on trying to put myself into their shoes you know there are minding your own business. Thought about their daily tasks thirty plus years after. The United States liberated Grenada they turn on my radio show -- you're talking about their brother thirty years later. Give any idea how much it meant to me that they heard that. It got to help a lot. And I know a lot to them that he wasn't forgotten so thank you very much for the picture of sergeant mark -- marker it is up. Very very handsome man and we we lost him in Grenada. One of again very few American casualties in Grenada but of course there's always a Western New York connection and unfortunately this one was fatal. And. I know that we have a lot of gold star families in this area still whom I've spoken -- before. From world war two and Korea and from Vietnam of course and from Persian gulf wars Kuwait. And everybody deserves to be. Remember I wish I could remember all the names but I can't. But you do and that's the important thing. -- Anyway I just wanted to make mention event that around markers were kind at a this year a photograph of mark with me. And I'm deeply. It's not just that I'm appreciative I'm also bravery touched also speaking of veterans I was supposed to have -- -- they talk. I think you know I don't have the name of the VFW or American legion post Andy. But for some reason I think my email is going into the guys junk email folder so if you're part of a veterans group. And the guy's name I think is Paul. And his email was something like grumpy grandpa. Please have him check his trash folder. Because I told him two weeks ago I was not going to be able to attend the and I guess somehow the message must be gotten into this trash folder. I don't work all the name of the post where I was supposed to bin because I thought it was already. Take care. So guys I wasn't there by. I think the guy who organized that never got the email. And -- he must not get text messages on his cellphone because -- -- text or two and I've never heard back from. So please understand I've tried to get in touch on just I just have not but it didn't touch with a guy. And just for the current time. I'm just I'm not going to be doing any speaking engagements or making any other plans. And I will play -- without making a big deal out of it because. I just I just -- or make a big deal. Basically. I don't put this on on Friday found out that. On Friday a product but there's a little messed up. With the blood vessels in my brain. And they're gonna have to do some further tests I don't believe it's kind of funny is that that -- -- -- is gonna have some fun -- that -- early admits his brain is fried. Alan I give you full permission to tweet that. But now it's it's it's what Harold Ramos -- its it's called vascular plants. Now like everything else around your guess what it's an autoimmune disease. Can you imagine somebody in Western New York about the possible ideology autoimmune disease. OK I can now safely say that I have joined the tens of thousands of western New Yorkers with -- autoimmune disease. It's lightweight title -- -- -- well actually I don't. Because I would think that symptoms would have manifested themselves are -- on a long long time ago. I told you that again I'm pocket make a big deal out of this I don't wanna take any questions on that I don't wanna hear. I don't want sympathy about it if you feel the need to have sympathy for somebody to pray for somebody pray for some two year old kid with a brain tumor pray for some kid with cystic fibrosis or carry. No matter what happens my life has been really awesome. And I don't take a damn thing back. And I will whatever happens believe they will deal with it like a freaking man. Unlocking a crime and -- a super just gonna deal with -- way to deal with every. Basically helped run in sheer panic. Well but it's it's vascular lettuce and my suspicion it is and I'm not a doctor even -- like I can access to. Because it is autoimmune disease. -- when I came back from the Dominican Republic and I told you guys I was not right. I I said you know I have not felt right since I got back from there and my guess is my immune system. Had to activate some. Antibodies -- ordinarily would not have activated because of this mystery food borne illness I got down there. And as a side effect I think what happened is the all the antibodies said hey let's up is playing -- So I think that's what happened. Now the good news is. It seems to be a manageable condition. So that's the good news the bad news is it's manageable with prisoners well. Which will make me look like freaking each -- which means I may not decide to go with steroids. Or -- zone because I don't wanna look like a guy like guardianship month. So because I'd rather die young and leave a good looking corpse that look like African -- and Joseph can you blame me for that. All is vanity right it says that's where in the Bible I am no exception to the general rule if you. Although my doctors say probably wouldn't be a lifelong thing you're probably just be flare ups that. Anyway that's that deal it's vascular -- it's what Harold -- and his head and life goes on and I don't watch your sympathy. And if you have any prayers or anything seven to some two year old said it was sold through his legs blown off and Afghanistan those seven to me. Seriously cares if I were to die tomorrow which is unlikely. Believe me I've done everything I wanted to do. Every. Except the Olsen Twins and that doesn't look like it's real likely. It is 323. Okay only I could go from a vascular latest -- -- to doing the Olsen Twins in one sentence. It is and I don't wanna talk about you know it's like one of those things that's all I know. Although more later on but I don't wanna bore you with it because really it's almost gotten the point of eight to wanna kick in the nuts again. I mean what else she got. Our pace okay for us okay well that's still isn't -- -- are right. Now why don't you. And I can do it because I laugh about stuff like there is like water off -- ducks back it really hurts. I told you guys this before and I'll play again I'm a tough little branch. And there are questions about that you can talk to my friend David Sylvia who has seen me in situations where toughness -- necessary. Him it is coming up on 325 at news radio 930 WBE a look -- -- guys of the honest about this stuff I'm just being honest about it. But it's no sympathy. If I see any sympathy my FaceBook page I'm gonna ban you. OK I will. Does it ought to be reserved for two year olds babies and guys who got their legs blown off of Afghanistan were in the twenties not me. Because I'm cool I can handle any. So my own lust and desire but. Probably double overture it's 325 at W media. And -- It's it. And Jimmy buffet version and here they got a -- wrong it's Jimmy Buffett I mean he can pretty much do anything it's OKC's Jimmy. It's 334 Israeli in my thirty WB yet while the other Ers are great American songwriters. And I know that if I put this up on FaceBook -- get the one huge bags. But there are certain American songwriters like judge about that and acts then another guy who. Just never got Purdue which -- -- got the songs play acts that wrote over the yours. Is no longer weapons. But the day was it will this group the -- hits he even wrote the -- army popular. -- -- have the -- off in a note on smoke no more outlawed. And a whole bunch other ones so Jimmy Buffett is right up there as far as I'm concerned with great American songwriters and come Monday. We play as a musical break -- last week from the early 1970s. Come Monday will be all right. My god if that is not the most haunting. An awesome acoustic guitar songs ever I don't know what is all right 335. At that news radio 930 WB. Now. Right. I I just want that well I'd have a chance to here's an -- program this morning but I guys yesterday. -- Well -- or may not know people with certain alphabet soup federal agencies. Some of them may actually be from you'd you'd -- Well I've actually know people and that line of work the most important people -- all -- part of the DRI AA. Which is not the defense intelligence agencies it is the doughnut intelligence agency. And I -- -- reference to the fact yesterday and of course because I am. I've truthful and at great recipe and what I say hi made promise to sandy beach. The night news and post your WB yen because he loves ones keys and he was going to punched withdrawal. And I've heard talking about this for several days -- here is gonna get is what -- -- made special arrangements. With about Paul is doughnuts or great sponsors of hours by the way. And sandy beach got so the first -- skis or actually made yesterday and Paul is donuts and I think. We gave them about two dozen. Appointees from all the elements now I would not blame -- if we took a ball all. And put them in the freezer is freeze pretty well right of unsure about how the GM in the middle breeze. But I know enjoyed -- -- which if accurate this morning. But I'm glad that I was able makes these beaches like a little brother with -- keys and I thought it was a sweet thing to -- but literally he got. I'm not exaggerating he got some of the first -- -- that Paulus put out yesterday. -- make sure that. And I even make sure I didn't open the bag so he knew it didn't do anything in the development. It is up 330s and they said these kinds -- -- cheek try this felt it died in stride that. -- of it is 330 spot and that is very the united I abuse myself at news radio I'm thirty when I got this card in my wallet and all that. To whom it -- concern periodically Tom -- has no filter in his brain. There were used to be excused from any conflict which were nearly could be considered to be in his demeanor in -- pentagon public decency or felony aren't. Put that back in the wallet might need that again. Okay now. About potholes. If not impossible she owns and for right now I'm done talking about potholes. I'd say I'm through with potholes. Said I'm not talking about potholes. Folks not proof is in the pictures. Here's what -- do. As long as you can safely. Do. -- if you go to the side of the road and you take a picture and some eighteen Wheeler -- you I don't need that on my conscience okay. You have no idea. I mean there are legal issues involved. But more importantly -- have to look at myself in the mirror every day and you don't want me to look in the mirror knowing that what I said had a role in killing you do you now. So as long as you can safely do. I want pictures of some of these voracious man eating pot holes which -- your automobile. What the Venus fly trap is to have a grownup -- otherwise known as the American -- fly. I want pictures I want -- identified where these potholes are located. Because I heard -- Indian can later on in this morning show talking about some of these voracious potholes in the area. But I want pictures sweet -- broad. Sweet home by maple sweet home by Sheridan the last time I was on these roads ladies and gentlemen. I know I've said this before but I saw Chinese student pulled out an end up back hole that's how deep some of the potholes work. So if you can safely photograph the -- I would appreciated because it's one thing to say hey it's the it's -- Dignity and it's another thing -- say -- leak capped at that picture so you can send them to meet Tom. WB EN dot com it's Tom at WB EN dot com. I would appreciate your pot hole pictures and here's what we're gonna. Not only -- put them up on my FaceBook page but I'll make sure that WB EN dot com and -- aggregates and so we've put together a pothole album. Because. I will tell you as they and almost lifelong western new Yorker except for three years. That I have never seen the roads in such a state of absolute district here and shell shocked as I've seen them. This winter's. It is not in 1977. Which was a bitter bitter bitter winter to remember pot holes the size. Basically. The arena downtown. And you know speaking of the re. Open tensions here -- always a reason for trying to make relevant. By the way in bounced away. The inbound skyway is closed -- truck has lost part of its load. So you'll get on the inbound skyway. I will also knocked it past the mental age of twelve every time I say that so other gonna have to call it a -- Now the funny thing is is that there's been thirty years ago my dad would have been the guy getting the crane from Higgins directors and all which no longer exists that's the funny thing. So I don't know who they call now to get a -- out. To put a load back on the truck. But I'm also very interested in knowing how was put on the truck that league where who did it and they follow the proper procedure. Because it's not supposed to work that way it's like we've got a sixty degree out. And I'm serious about this folks not because I always a point fingers of blame and say. -- Are to blame. But -- -- that in the last 25 years we have lost what about ten lives on the Niagara section of the threw away in two separate accidents involving steel portal trucks not to be confused with what this drug use but we're steel coils of literally. Rolled off of trucks because they were improperly secured and killed a bunch of people. So securing ones load properly. Is an electrical part of the trucking business and industry. And it is as important to the trucking industry as making sure your hatches are probably he's not properly sealed -- to the shipping industry. What that meant was you wanna make sure -- -- hatch covers are absolutely flush with the back. -- going to be going to the really rough seas you wanna make sure you've got carpal wins were -- over those hatch covers and you wanna make sure those those those -- Are absolutely secured now. Because I don't hear your modern 1000 foot freighter you start getting water into the hold of that ship you're gonna basically lose your buoyancy and you're gonna go. So you've got to secure your load of your truckers and if you're the guy in charge of securing the load you got a lot of responsibility. So. If you're by the skyway just -- in bounced highways shut down because. A trucker lost part of the load. And I'm sure that this is going to be investigated because. We do know. With tragic consequences. How serious. Ones load can be and it is improperly. Secured. And I still think that with great harbor. Two those two news stories about what six or seven years apart. Involving improperly secured its fuel cable. Apparatuses. That that rolled off the truck and killed innocent drivers so. Just be aware. 343. By the way it. This is why I don't anybody else ever does this. If -- behind a car carrier truck. I pass it as fast as I possibly can. I if I'm ever behind a car carrier truck. I don't get anywhere close to it in what I would consider going to be the bomb drop zone. Seriously. I wanna be as far away from the car carrier as possible. I don't remember the last -- I've heard about a car falling off of a car carrier but it doesn't matter to me I don't trust them I don't wanna be close to them. I get the hell away from. And by the way speaking of improperly secured. Apparatus on the way. On the young men this is thirty years ago I still remember this story. Thirty years ago and I'm not trying to bring up bad memories for people listening but I'm only gonna use this as an example. Thirty years ago there's a guy -- all of a boat on the young. And guess what. The chain broke. The total broke the boat. Basically. Lost. Its way from the vehicle that was -- it. And an innocent person died hitting the ball they weren't exactly expecting to be in the middle of the young. So when you're -- something where you're tracking something you know you've got a birdie every week T responsibility. And I know you eighteen wheelers and we've got a lot of truck drivers who listen to the show I mean that your bread and butter right there you're one of those accidents. And I'm not sure of the full responsibility ultimately devolve upon you where the person who did the loading but. Maybe you can educate us all. -- bounce our way is closed truck lost part of its load it's it's so big that they've got a call it a crane in order to take care. So I would say it's going to be closed for awhile. The Pentagon -- much cargo got lost and how easy it's going to be to put it back onto the bed of the truck in the properly secure it. Which chains or whatever they're gonna use to secure of the load. So just be advised. Any traffic problems you see a -- major note you caller traffic hotline 803. Zero. 3218030321. That is -- traffic hotline number. And again I'd I don't wanna go into all traffic mode unless absolutely necessary and at least it's inbound and outbound. So we've got back don't force today at least reasonable people working downtown. Not -- budget topics I want to get into today. I wasn't expecting four hours -- Ukraine yesterday -- a surprise you guys surprised pleasantly I might that. But it's for the most part but say this because I'll ask your question. -- fantasize. About what it's like to be president of the United States. To save yourself for your friends if I was president. I grew. Well here's your chance. Here's your chance. They get the -- Of foreign policy I want to break it wide open. If you were president. What would be the first thing you would do. Now I would of course assume immediate full dictatorial powers for the good of the public. How about you. 803 on I thirty at news radio 930 WBBM. Right now it's fifty. Edgar's -- thirty WB in our if you got pictures from lack wanna route five is a major be -- rate now. Because. There's an accident. On the inbounds guy away a truck has lost part of its load and it's awesome that it is pick up and put back on. That would even with a fork lift -- gonna have to bring McClain to do. So try to get the crane through traffic. That's gonna be like threading a needle for blind man soul in any event please. If find a different -- other than route five to get to the north if you're in black wanna right now. Because. It's going to be tough I mean depending where you are seeing it's it's tough for me because a lot of it depends on where you are in net cord or. I know what I would do if I was in certain spots and other spots. I don't know what I do about it east over to us all part of like if I was close enough to it but he really is gonna depend on where you are. I mean I don't -- to repeat myself but a lot of your best route is going to be based on where you are right now appears that truck is not going anywhere. 41. In bounced highway if you can safely take a picture send it to Tom at WB EN dot com Tom WB Ian dot com also send me your pot hole pictures as long as you can safely. Do it. Right now somebody said that he just say send me your pot yes send me your -- Thomas WBN dot job. Here is Gerry in the forest bill on WB and Gary talked him if you -- president of the United States what would you do. What I would do is real ripple into single combat leader to leader. Are -- battlefield. And I would like the course. Why I'll Shakespeare and do I think you're the man medical school I think you only go -- -- -- warrior and a polite. -- we're aware -- okay Jerry are now this is if you were president because I really don't like the odds of Obama veep who -- whether it's with broad swords must gets or or dueling pistols. All know he couldn't -- the -- and appears suspect that knowledge. It would that would have to be near couldn't do it certainly could appeal Bob. Okay well at this point you do know that the American army and the Russian army and not squared off against. You know across a marginal line waiting for the first shot to be fired you know. Wolf physically they're not well we all all that far in the near future sometime in the next. Decade or two we will come to -- with the Russians I think it's a good idea that -- the told now that we are still -- -- -- warriors. And I mean keeping our former marine in the current prison guard -- quite good not quite dirty and being a child of the eighties -- -- fully indoctrinated their direction side of it. Laughter if you fight security. If you fight purity that's nine tenths of the battle right there there are no rules in the street right. -- even even the testicle rule goes out the window if you're losing. Gary thank you. All right 803 all night thirtieth WB -- some items of the man code are negotiable.

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