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3-4 Beach and Company Hour 3

Mar 4, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Tony did that can now that enjoyable instinct -- as Zeum -- -- -- us or not. Tell me if I can depend on him to tell me. As you have one yes or no he did it good to play yet to come low Paulus put -- what do -- like follows Wednesday's. Plus a -- top. Enjoy the -- over. What flavor -- -- I had grass there and that's the traditional flavor I had lemon. Tony you had -- the raspberry you Perez grid and I'd be Custer custard so good good good can Hamilton as well as we have seen them in -- In a month and where were very happy that he finally could raise -- off bail money to be with us this week. And I like to thank you for putting that file in the Polanski and now you can thank you. You -- Kind of educate me within his urine navy guy you were on a naval ship. I was on many navy should say when I started talking to the princess cruise line people the first thing that they -- -- Is that even though there is a term called the Love Boat. This is a ship it is not a vote. Now first of all I'm sure that the coral Barnes I was I -- like I had once and that their job verbal and I'm sure. That these ships that I'm going to be on was perhaps more plush than yours yours with the fighting armament machine but. When does a boat become ownership it's is there a specific is at length vote of Leo vessel or what is. If -- vote it's all of his vegetables and drinks a lot of home grows so does become a -- Mary goes that if you're. I don't know there's a specific Coast Guard delineation between the two but the rule of thumb is that. You cannot put a ship on a boat which you can put. -- ownership. And yeah wow OK that's good like that. I ever tell I've been on a military vessel whether the plane or whatever it's bare bones. I mean it is not watch. It is built for purpose this ship the coral princesses that us afloat on -- -- RO tonight as it's become what is a good time. You know I wanted to go back to Alaska but I have a couple more trips and I have to make before it goes OK so is Alaska in your bucket list. This is indeed on my bucket list your little younger have a bucket list but if you did have one Alaska's there Alaska when I and I wanna cruise the fjords of Norway and I wanna do the -- every guy myself. The idea that not really go forward but at some of those in this key boards I know I know he was the president leverage a -- -- -- -- And I wanted to do the viking cruise down the Danube wanna go from you know through Germany -- down the line on it all of those things about river -- -- -- Look I'm cynical. Ever since the commercial for the viking river river -- sudden OK they're -- on these beautiful scenic rivers. And there is you know -- you would -- fabulous buildings whatever -- because most of the greatest part of Europe was belongs in the rivers but there's one part of the commercial and every time I see it. They showed some people who are on the radio on the river ball there and their hugging a local peasant woman. And there handing her like three flowers. I think that peasant woman meets every book the comes up number at first. I don't think that was by accident and die in Iraq and then of the -- he goes around the corner gets entered the -- drew doesn't exactly because I don't have to tell how many guys are three peasant woman today eight Wednesday next when's the next vote thank you very much. -- we're talking about the idea of potholes. First of all up in your neck of the woods there. A mr. Ken Hamilton up and I were Connie we've got several on on on the list here. Including new road in a Niagara county a Tony tells me there's. Does he lives in -- Niagara Falls through there's a lot of there's so we government spared have you ever seen a winter like this -- this kind of road condition. Now now we we have now you mentioned about Fairbanks and 28 degrees -- race. Al -- suspending in his grave hopefully you know for a number of global warming thing. But the issue comes down to -- -- we haven't but. When that we had a winner quite like this and are like I'm where we have such infrastructure now. And if we keep saying is the winner of the freeze thaw cycles -- absolutely right but there's another phenomenon that's going on and and they start off very very small and the next thing you know you're pulling should be corvettes out of a -- -- holes I was -- goals and we've had a -- -- proliferation of cinco. Wait wait proliferation. Twenty dollar word Tony right that Kumble abreast and not allow you can't show up the rest of us where you're -- smooth vocabulary. Could okay for those folks who live -- listen now we have a whole lot of a lot of all of our all of America everywhere. Assembled -- children and and some. You have to understand these singles don't start off -- great big giant sink holes. When we start to have the water conditions. All of us and from the water department told me last year when we were having these major water breaks. Is that if you have a dry summer. The pipes are no longer supported in the ground and they move around the water kinds of -- kind of floats up -- -- as a part of the alternative water pipes. And so when it dries out you start to get these cold you have these shows and the water starts to leak out. In Europe and I remember reading this number forgot this this is about twenty years ago and and I can mechanics illustrated. But they talked about how they build roads in Europe and they have four foot concrete bed to build on top of comparable amounts of -- while. And so the road today or even though they might be freeze thaw cycles. The freeze but freeze thaw cycles though. Kind of pot holed -- -- -- out from underneath as we do it here because you've you've put back patch yet as a guy described. But if you have a little gap. Underneath right and the and the road I guess a little bit there you get corrects from underneath silliness is gonna crack along the side of this. And so we have to look at the entire. Phenomenon of -- Of geology road builder and a -- -- it really has is not a simple thing the pothole as is simply superficial what was it that topic is the pothole -- the sneeze you know you got the flu but the potholes the sneeze. Up in Niagara falls new road is terrible but I don't look at new road is being one of the wrote that we have to have much concern because. New road has never been it has never been good. The bad road in Niagara Falls is -- port street between main street. And Hyde Park boulevard. That is a terrible terrible terrible road but I'm gonna have to give kudos because what was being worse road in Niagara Falls is not the best -- don't. What's your Tony and yes it where over the use -- -- now's the basket you guessed offline you know -- -- apple -- -- very nice so let me get this straight now. If -- the history of Euro so you start with a small. A small defected and then it gets bigger and bigger pretty soon as the giant sinkhole. What's a pothole like that you drama marriage. Much the same equipment. Rebecca -- with frivolity and and a twenty dollar words and Jenna Hamilton in me sandy beach -- Hamilton -- -- -- I'm sandy beach who were talking about what you're talking about. Because if you've driven in the last few months actually. You vote said bad words you had bad thoughts. About the potholes the situation -- not just one here one there they're all over the place. And it's the worst season people who grow remember full page up front page article. In the -- a news today you know by Carole MacNeil about it minutes it's a major problems let's take some calls. Of this is -- in buffalo can Iran with Ken Hamilton and sandy B and can and buffalo you better sound intelligent because you have my name you guys who got you got your members can't held down and. You. Either physically -- buffalo forward and we had a meeting mystery of our arms around one. Under cigars and -- army -- so -- do oh once in awhile. And certainly certainly up there with the release and don't care and Ali and it was one of these security here and do -- the first time so it and they have to do to -- done. So. My wife felt that way among honeymoon -- To. Hit it. And seal the brick house do it at that. -- -- -- And I guess everybody is the most our heads and you're billing and he's Bob Dole's. Of papers saying we will unit makers sweet all out of there wasn't even -- left. And there you can make a mixture of Portland some water elegantly nature in -- -- at all. Then -- -- -- and didn't get there with a tamper. And the immunity to. This minority out of the -- These Brinkley and I'm at apple like for power. And then when -- it's right or are they wouldn't pick her up from our perspective -- are still there today. While that's a positive -- does a good solid plan instead of just being topical -- who went to the roots of the problem. Well thank you all we know about as hot pads and -- that's -- we know call bass doesn't work very well that sounds like you were given little pop -- route to an exact nice job hey thank you Dan thank you very much you have a good points -- we went and talking about the hall of shame for roads. And we have the list here but also capitalize. You know a mall parking lots. And plaza parking lots there's a lot in there as well and -- you don't expect -- there on the road you're ready for them you're looking for them. But what are you looking for when you pull into -- -- or -- you can -- parking space time and oftentimes you won't you just won't see and it's the same problem we have on the world. Jerry in Amherst Jerry here on WB yen. Well defined the -- can do when he got -- during and whatever its. Content whenever. It. The thing is much you know the thing they have now with the pot holes that you can't put in the complaint from march. Simply go from November to march oh really been a bit when they happened. Yeah that's exactly you toed boots OG you can put in a complaint from. From on November to march and what town you're talking not just an Amherst. Well I just think it just -- it's what I thought it was a general situation that you put it didn't you know that you can't put it in during a certain -- it's like hiring Gwynn for the board of education. Well I I was not aware of that budget so that's what it's happening that's when you'd be hard and I don't think that could be a valid you just -- excuse yourself and sound. About that the Russians database could really quick. When you're part of this commitment -- bulk to make sure you'd you'd hate to -- sanitize that you don't want to combat dead. Oh OK good thank you very much a little while Russian humor there. Now what I'm numb I'm just arc -- aquae ago pause. On the subject of models. We've been amazed at how many good people are getting involved we have at the educational system now we were talking about the buffalo school board and how people like Carl Paladino is now on the board. And other people getting involved that you wouldn't think would have an interest in that and they are. These are good people wanted to better be educational system while we're seeing it not only. In buffalo -- saying it apparently and a Niagara Falls through as Ken Hamilton. Our friend sitting right next to us you have decided that you're going to run for the school boards or may be wrong. I have decided to -- petitions and if the interest is out there for some real positive change in the and the education system in Niagara Falls. Then I will make sure that I meet the needs of the constituents the students to taxpayers. And get this this for moving in the group in the direction and ought to be. We have every asset that is necessary in order to have -- a quality schools district and I'm telling you schools are the most important part of learning and principality because these are the people who not only. Train the people become engineering and and productive. But -- also the same mechanism that keeps them out of the criminal justice -- -- channel and we and this -- goes with what Cuomo was talking about we're going to be of we're gonna give account index college educations to keep them from coming back how about giving quality educational rock band so they are always there in the first place. And these are the types of things. That I'm looking. To get done. We're not talking about those things I'm not the -- I'm a very active board member. And any board I'm on I'm very very active board and are you -- Tony and I are racist. That was a water board. So when you're running petitions knock them around from public office. You rang a doorbell and say -- can now that I like to run for school board would you vote of support my candidacy is that the way that works -- generally have but the best way and in weather like this and studying acting at the petitions and by the end of April -- the weather's nice and you run into vet. But I think I have you know measly 56 and under friends selected just caught up. And to stop other houses and have them so all right they have to be residents of Niagara Falls. Where residents of the city and I reforms and we should how many how many do you mean. I need -- hundred signature is going to be more comparable with 300 to show that there's really an interest in a strange I don't wanna get on board where. The constituency does does not care about change I think the -- -- now is the awareness of of some of the challenges of the educational system. Before our -- you know the elections are and may. There's not a big turn out a very small represented a representation -- community and people get on there because they'd like to power whatever I I like to hear the things you're saying about really caring about the educational. Why are absolutely in the power has nothing to do with it because I'd have to give up power to get on the board because. Because of the power that I am through media already that's right you -- -- look as the candidates. Why are. Ranked so than if all if I -- -- released the video chairman of the Christmas party last year which -- anyway -- out with the ever come Christmas party. Because we've we've we're gonna miss him if he can't be on the air during the campaign which would have him -- after April after a hand in my petitions and become a candidate then disqualifies me from a lot of other things. But I'm willing to give that up. And I love it I mean this is what I love to do this is all of them made to do. I would do give that up in order to help. You know to help the town I've told you time and time and many other people about my fourteen year old got -- that was surely yes yes as a result of a bad school district and that's the reason why it works so hard on the charter school. Is to make sure that that does not happen to him I'm willing to work with folks on -- and the public school system. To make sure that these things are not repeated in the public school systems well. Yeah let's say as far as I know the rules what we're not prohibited from having you to your mouse. So don't announce until like the day before. You know people to -- And -- Troy -- -- and now everything changes I said did you have you learned anything not only from your school -- -- the buffalo school district which is totally we did the show yesterday. And a non functional basically we got good people trying to change it but as of now it's still a mess. -- the buffalo board of education I'm very familiar with back in the ninety's -- around from up -- for state senate out of buffalo and I became very very. I'm familiar with buffalo issues and stay familiar with those issues and we can talk about that. I want to marry a -- won't be back get Hamilton meanwhile the bottom all. Hall of shame Hopkins. Video of a drive cans of mobile market Seneca street Delaware near Sheridan Nortel on -- new road in the fall -- on young wrote into three different places. -- Aaron Harris drilled to nine team lock forward. Locked portrayed in the falls North American drive over the union and revive -- Angola state park will be back after this. You're hearing the voice of buffalo. WDN. Call us now an 8030930. Cell calls are free and start at 938 or toll free line is 1806169236. They're -- -- beyond me on the show they're working on my motor home or will be soon. A tree came down and take took the mirror right off of it touched a moral meets tomorrow -- But took the mirror to -- off and they're going to. Put that mirror -- back on so that I can do things like -- moving -- -- I guess thank you very mommy with -- this nerve root against their RV and Hamels. Will be you know will be circulating petitions for the school board in Niagara Falls city in Niagara Falls. And the first signatures also is already there from a legitimate resident. And that would that would be. Are -- on Tony Caligiuri now I'm willing to buy a house and signed your signature himself tonight that I do that so I will be illegal. Yes you can buy a house. And you can send the distant. Selling might be a problem already packed and very by now we ask you. Because you're a Smart guy and you you know politics and a and you do have a genuine concern about education. If you've learned anything from the buffalo. Board of education you're running for Niagara Falls but what what have you picked up from. As I was saying I I was ran for senate in 96. From buffalo -- wandered from Grand Island in Niagara Falls has been a great deal of time. And buffalo studying the issues involved and education as a big issue and of course doctor Williams and I spent some time he's got some time here structure with the U. And it buffalo faces in buffalo has many of the same problems that we have in Niagara Falls and Niagara Falls was the size of buffalo however. Niagara Falls would be the worst school district it was -- even as the buffalo. And they have a commonality on -- -- remember -- with buffalo association of black journalists to with a rod Watson and real. Name dropper that you know you mentioned rod Watson goes so I'd pay attention -- -- or amber the Watson. A -- chocolates. Atlanta's it's a broad. All we Watson's up in the flaws in the qualities they -- -- -- And so you're familiar with the buffalo public either of these like journalists I don't -- the ones that hold the forums for the board of education. Debates you know when they're running for election and this last one -- I think -- kind of pushed me towards. Making sure that we don't do this -- -- flaws. What I found is that the buffalo board of education is not a board of education -- the social club. It's it's just the club house and and Paladino was a 100% right in the things that he's saying about the makeup of that. We have the same -- and Niagara Falls where as a social club where the board of educate but and I were follows the board of education does not run the schools. The superintendent who runs the board of education route and that's correct that's backwards and right you know and so they're reaching the point where almost -- the tipping point where we have enough people. To shift the power back to the board and back to the people. Of the city and back into the students away from this this this. Velvet glove still had those still there's been a velvet glove absolutely. And so that's what we have to do it it's not my intention to spend the rest of my life on the board of education access let's get this thing straightened up. Let's get some good people in their list of the system working right because there is no excuse for us not having. The most quality school system. End New York State and we I believe we can do it and -- we have what's necessary to do that is your funding it basically the same percentages as the buffalo district. I for instance 80% of it comes from the state only six or 8% actually comes from the city of buffalo. Is that the same formula for the falls or do you go into a different form we we have a lot more in assessments a bigger budget last year's about a 120 million -- -- just picked up the budget twenty million of which came from the a tax assessments of the setting. And the bulk of the rest of what's coming from federal grants and other other granting and the state and in places like that. We cannot. We cannot raise our taxes. Because we have a tax cap situation. In addition to that. The people are so -- in the town of new -- this new or -- report that just came out who can afford a tax increase anyway. But I think that if we make ourselves better educated society get the school's going. Reduce the pressure on. Public safety on. On not policing and not fire and actually reduce those guy those cost because we have -- kids educator with hope and and actually out there working again that we have debt ceiling of revenue that we can move around and actually do some great things like fix potholes -- I've found -- dealing with a very this situation and buffalo is I think it's almost a distraction. Because when people criticize the lawful system was the first thing it's always a thrown -- we need more money money money. There's there's a billion dollars a year now. And I think just claiming you need more money is is a distraction has never been. Never been a study that says they're just throwing more money at something makes it better. Is there enough money in the Niagara Falls system to run it properly as as you would as you -- I always think that there's enough money. I think the situation in Niagara Falls is that the same people who are providing. The education and complaining about parents not participating in their kids' education. And the children not being in the seats in the morning are the same people that run the housing authority. Who have put these kids four miles away from the schools by busing them all over town. And their parent precluding their parents from having the ability to even go to these parent teacher conferences. In one case as a fifteen dollar cab fare for a a mother who lives in public housing. To go to parent teacher conference. We have to do something like that either start to go back to community schools are providing transportation. For. For participation. There are inefficient school system. Is a good investment in the community. But if it's not efficient it's just an investment in benefits and retirement plans for teachers. As far as I'm concerned so the key is to get it efficient because of he had -- -- official wiser investment. Because a lot of these kids -- make a -- do better than they would have done before. They're going to learn more than they would have got a may be able to stay here and work him and produce -- -- tax revenue that we didn't set -- leaving. And good and and seeing their dreams being fulfills a more. Well first step is to stop them from being a tax trained by giving them openly and confidence in themselves -- gonna vote in the criminal justice system right. That will say be the biggest initial savings. That we have and again going back to that relationship between public housing. And school board members and and staffers who work. Voluntarily in public housing with policies and giving -- and I'll say it like this and I post housing authority goes on the air and says. We have the finest housing in Niagara Falls and they're not lying. But there that -- housing for the people who did not do too well in school this is why you're in public housing. I want people have housing choice based on the education and a son -- should I report you know you gotta get a hold of that report. That shows the positive relationships between. Education. And poverty and then you look to -- what -- poverty and tax training start look at all of those things -- comes back to the school we have been televised good behavior. And we have to distance and -- bad behavior we can't give the people who are released reformers. The best housing because you distance and -- exactly and they teach their kids the same thing and it's not their fault. -- -- system that is let them out -- set all we're working on over Iran right and so this is what we have to change all right. Tony checked my mail solitude of my ms. -- a monthly version of the -- report I couldn't put it down last issue. At play that playmate she was. You have to solution I don't there was -- December and will be back at the Beijing government because instead you crazy. The golf hall of fame for potholes the pothole hall of fame. It used today does want their look out. There's a battle over every careful now they're everywhere. They're everywhere Chris we've had people posting all day on our FaceBook -- when he got. This is from gene that. California wrote in Orchard Park is brutal very dangerous because people trying to swerve around them at the last second you almost crashed into the because there in your lane that's exactly true end of the when I first noticed this was several months ago. On Hopkins. Goes on Hopkins a lot. And it's a Hopkins a very well travel Rhoda is that -- since and man you would see people weaving in and out and hope that. When music -- zagging. That is the bad part about it people who were crossing even doubles solid lines. Expect you to move over to -- right so they can avoid a bottle and they don't see the bottle in front you're exactly right and there's no protocol. If your ball in the center lane. Which one has the right away there's no answer to accident though you gotta be really recognizes a policy oncoming I slow -- to the puddles slowly I don't go to the left side I saw true but the problem you have is even slowing up -- often not a place ago. They were there's so many of them are everywhere but at least slowing up you you're kind of reduced news there's chances -- retire they are or anything else and then to see a real entrepreneurial person would set up a little higher stand right on though Hopkins. As a ready you ready quick change so when you go flat he just runs out with a portable air compressor. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He's already worried about taken entirely out this spring because potholes can be deadly on a -- oh absolutely. You know that's a good point. That is an excellent point with a car you got some wiggle room okay well a bike you don't. And -- -- the main differences if you hit one minutes of a vertical okay north itself one you don't you're you're lovable loser of the steering on the bike because it'll just cigarette on your hand you've got a real careful but good point there other camp -- else. This is from great season and try to avoid these bottles most of the time harbor. Sometimes -- -- covering them there's nothing you do about it and you can't slow down and you don't see it. That's true -- especially. -- dangerous at eight simply because you don't see it if you -- she got a chance but it goes up the creek. I'm gonna to be driving slower under these conditions knowing that you can't see the bottles anyway absolutely if you don't do the speed limit. Okay we've got -- A few minutes before we sign of -- wanna get your take on Ukraine. And pollutants my vote good with -- saying it's not -- for any military intervention now. Might view who just looking at it. From a distance is that he's pulling Obama's strings. Because he knows that first of all by doing what he's already done. We're not going to suddenly Norwood the allies suddenly be sending in troops so he knows that. Can do what he's gonna do them and then pull back and watch the world jumped do you agree that he's pulling the strings because I'm not confident. That -- a model a model contest with our president and the Russian. Of food and that that we'd be doing very well well everywhere. We will not do very well we've -- disabled our. Our military you know one of the things when I was in the navy. My captain became the chief of naval operations is treating us. For a 600 ship navy where no place close to that we don't have the mobilization the F 22 is scratched. Are new cargo transport plane that should have been flying today. Scratched we don't have the materials for a are the manpower are our -- down to oh what is it two thirds 13 of what used to be. I wanna get it now with a new budget they're gonna wanna get it down to war pre World War II levels though I know we have some advances would drones and and missiles and things that we didn't have. At that time but still it gets very nervous when you talk about a traditional boots on the grounds that. And here's the thing that you have to compare that to not just war pre World War I. It's how many troops -- we have over the amount of people that -- in the world event at that time reward to action and it changes everything even more. We are woefully under prepared to engage and even an economic war with the Russians right now. Remember when answer prewar award -- they're talking about before World War II that means remember there was a massive mobilization. After Pearl Harbor absolutely and so they're talking about the level before the match. Realization militarization. After the sec after the first World War I on -- first world war so we went way down this is like. -- we that was what would Japan have today it was a coastal defense system and -- prior to world war on two. Look like this if if we're looking for somebody to negotiate a contract for me I wouldn't pick Barack Obama and essentially. That's what are you will be going he'll be negotiating with. We have our allies and and where those who aren't friendly to us I'm not convinced he's got the right stuff for this I think they they've read him like a book. They know that he's an idealist and this -- the kind of stuff he envisions so I'm not confident there's more than Barack Obama because is the American people we elect Barack Obama's true read and he reflects. Us -- hole but here's the problem he has already said that he doesn't need congress. He doesn't need the constitution. He's got to do things by executive Fiat whenever he count. He's not afraid to bypass them and we don't get a direct vote. Another was there are certain things he just can't do but there's a lot of things that we didn't think he could nobody's willing to do. Why is willing to do because nobody in congress is willing to two and I don't drag him out to the Supreme Court into this thing rectified. But he cannot send Putin. I'm an executive order telling him to get out of the out of Ukraine last -- and I think you'll complain I'm like a book personally obviously don't like each -- never see the last time they were regular on Wednesdays and look at each other and not even looking at each other that -- -- tell you something like I tell you this Putin is not sending -- -- To Obama today and we also have to look at even George Bush who was an adventurous. Did not do anything about the Georgia -- either and I'm not suggesting we should send troops over there I'm just suggesting that we got to show. That when push comes to shove eventually. We've got to look for stabilization. But. It's so easy to read him that I think the Russian. Who is positioned to just push tomorrow okay that about wraps it up courtesy -- the -- make -- another month before -- back where punch you -- -- we'll see you tomorrow at three under his radio and I no and I'm sorry. Under -- and try nine. Actually help the other players -- George -- tonight talking all whack jobs with us tomorrow at and -- -- they never have to these beasts.

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