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3-4 Beach and Company Hour 2

Mar 4, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We're back -- Beijing governor front page of the bubble on -- no question about it they show erode in total disrepair. And that says highway crews get creative what -- in -- this is a road in the -- tunnel Wanda. But it's certainly not restricted of that as a story by Harold -- talking about the disastrous condition rose right now. Lots of people having a problem -- blowout tires and then programs and all kinds of stuff like that. And meanwhile. It's still call. Insult upon -- -- of the -- free cycle continues. My neighbor gland actually blew out two -- within two weeks and apparently believe on the Robert Moses alone so you got to really be careful. -- -- nominees as far as bad pot -- driving. Hopkins Cuyahoga drive chasm over your bargains senators street. Delaware near Sheridan and those are just some of them or asking to have -- yours in the air and let us know where the worst driving is. And I think you're gonna be almost easier. To describe word decent driving is because I've never seen anything like this let's go to Mike in and see Mike you're on WB yen. -- -- -- -- give -- your -- your eyeball version of what's happening on the roads and -- there. Well ultimately wanted to be a lot easier to -- industries that don't have apple and -- That's in this the worst I've ever seen that went out for about eight years. And its series of disasters there really is you got to hear you talk about Bob and are we even edit its answered because. There's cars coming the other direction there because we're over it's it's a little dangerous and most guys though give your brake -- pull over you know they don't realize what's going on the senator wrote. And they and their bobbing and weaving to see you gotta hope that you don't Bob and weave in the same place at the same time. What we can't -- together we got -- at. It worked -- I got another thing I -- you guys talking about big mistake earlier out. -- it shocked when you mentioned the people in Poland don't celebrate as much as we do right because I worked with a guy from Poland and I remember this conversation. What we mentioned and for the first time. He didn't order talking about. Yeah that's true and other cities. Talking to Bernard Pollard 'cause she says that other cities contact. You know the people here wanting to know about these celebrations because. Is this is the biggest celebration in the country and a lot of other people wanna get in on -- too so it's a lot of fun. You know -- I think we created just we have another excuse to party. I think so it specially today after Easter I mean party party party eight thanks Mike any anti heroes I got down. Any anti roads have a dangerous biggest day parade it's always great Lance is over you had Easter Sunday. And then the next day Monday. I think Tuesday and -- that three years took that day off. I never know why because if you know John party animal is his second calling that's what he has. What he's covering his chickens -- -- -- -- chance. Have a chicken -- much like that -- -- was that chicken with ice cream party with poultry. I'm why that -- party would paltry very good Chris would have to come up with something good -- the counterparty with poultry. Oh Skoda by the way if you wanna come to get a going to meaning of the two going on Sony's Thursday night. At 6 o'clock at the AAA on international Sheridan. And you can get anymore information by calling 18024. To 4244. Will be interesting is only go up to Alaska. To see if the roads up there. Our rob are better than they are down here one would guess that they have a lot of as much practices we do. You know what the temperature is you know was this morning when I was now that nick and when he -- in Alaska. It was 28 and Alaska and I was like three year. So you figure I -- Fairbanks was 28 degrees this morning one yeah so what will see what the roads are like more up there course -- won't be driving will be shipped. Hopefully there's no pot holes in the ocean. That would make a good countries on there will be a pothole in the ocean when I come running back to you Stephen -- WB and see what's going on. I'm fine we are impossible hell right now what are you seeing what you think. I -- truck driver by trade. Air and I worked out that not all there greater on the same club there are important factor today and my nomination goes for a new road. And these public school right there folder employee to stop Greg Gardiner road is people are losing part of -- Tractor trailers -- -- part of the tractor trailers and it's. Thirty it was circular -- they have. So that's no wrote on the false because I go over new role and Amherst and that's pretty good because they re did the road two years ago so. New road in the -- lots of problems. All right well it's it's got some big -- thank trips up there. -- man okay thank you Steve thank you very much. Yeah I do think about it wouldn't make sense if you had doesn't spend a little bit more initially on the road and not have to keep repairing and repairing and repairing and repairing it. The when it blows my mind and we've talked about sweet home before in the fact that all -- little. It and his vision re done -- in the last two to three years out and it looks like a minefield it does especially from maple. I'm going up north right maple north it is like. Driving on either side by the way they both have not is not relegated to one side. And I've also seen it doesn't seem to really matter. Whether there's a lot of traffic or just a normal amount or little ms. potholes on the on all of it's it's not like because there heavily traveled this is. It's the freeze thaw cycle. As water gets down there. In -- freezes and I am pushes stuff up than it -- and got water. Amid the mess but we haven't had much hall no we haven't I'm surprised it just doesn't stay frozen I mean who we have been I heard them talking to -- National Weather Service today amid a record number of below zero days this -- desperate battle long. Tough winter this year hate -- I -- until I can hardly wait till it's gone but I've I've given up my snowblower is in my. Raj safely chain with a vicious guard dog -- And and Lucy and Ethel ready to pounce. But that's -- avoiding it out I'm driving over any -- that comes from here on hand I don't care I'm not going to fired up again I've had. We wanted to hear from you Europe hall of shame nominees we've got Hopkins. K -- -- good drive hasn't over your park near Seneca street Delaware near Sheridan. North tunnel on the roads period new broad and sweet home that's the hall of shame nominees and we were like yours after this we'll be back. Tony without mentioning brands or names okay. Yeah I think that cargo odds are sitting in my shoulder. Because I love cars. As you know I've had about eighty right around there new cars in my life I spent all the money okay it. They got that down good okay and it doesn't take much to get me excited about a different car no matter if I love the card I just I am I'm. I'm hooked on cars. All right last night I'm watching top gear in which is the British and it's that it's a great show and they showed his car right near the end. And I look at all that's. Populace but I hit no I don't need another car right now on no no I'm not going to go look at it nothing no I'm not gonna do -- go to bed. I wake up and I forget about it. I've heard a lot over. Now what are our employees here had a problem. With his car. And he had to be towed away and they're fixing his car now he doesn't know I saw a car. And I don't know about this car. But he says can you give me awry and he describes what dealership he has to go through to get his car. It's the dealership sells the car that I saw that last night that I think is really. How old is. Have named -- and Tony in his I must drop him off now do you think drag and drop them off without going. Into the showroom to see that that would be -- it's impossible I can't no we can't do it don't want to take in my -- this is my pin and I can't sign anything about don't have a pen right. Well maybe I need to guardian. American -- I think it's worth a -- when I leave my house. I don't know of a comeback would a Corvette or Zamboni machine I just never know. You just don't know and that's -- I don't listen and I want in Wisconsin went out on a Saturday morning to get her. Some new formats for car commuted new formats we came back with a new car climax is -- -- it was -- it's Iowa guards. Bad combination you have some say I have somebody who is -- opposite view you know -- him and I put. What color BO like. -- -- -- that it does look good read what I have seen it. In some really in his policies blow through it like that once again because they do a good job doing really good and even let's go to black black -- sinister. Lot of power -- black -- harmless from yeah -- does that block rooms absolutely right -- -- -- if you Activision no no you're as bad as I am. I don't need any help doing it. Remember one time during a snowstorm cheap and generic KV and I. We're watching this don't come down he had had his eyes on a united a Nissan ZOK. At that that was about -- as easy as the car. And these and I realize their cars that you know if you really like this is the time ago I said we're having a snowstorm. We -- in that showroom they're going to be all over you know you're gonna get as good deal as you get is if your father on the dealership. So we went over to revealing about the car. Those guys -- scrutinize it very easy I think it was there was eager to forty to sixty or 281 of it. Syria in that series was -- very nice cars. Let's get back to calls or talking about is down the hall of shame of potholes everybody is. Talking about it by streaming pounding their steering wheel braking. Breaking wheels. Absolutely a denting rims. I'm getting the blowouts needing knew what tires all kinds of stuff it's the worst I have ever seen it. And we want you to nominate the hall of shame candidates so far we have Hopkins we have -- you -- drive we have -- over -- park at Seneca street. A Delaware near Sheridan -- a north -- on that as a whole. Big goal and a new road in the falls those sweet home these are some of the entries so far. Let's go to soon one way -- is also here on WBN. Good morning -- this morning. Tony. However you guys we are fun zoom do you have -- -- -- you don't frisky today and we will. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- a couple of things then boys and young -- between wearily climbed OK okay particularly. Intersection at Sheridan. In young. But when you're on your throat heading. To see what he had Mary -- It is. Help. And it -- -- in Belgrade and agreed that there is is deeper than the ones in the wrote. If people like dad being in Antonio I don't know how -- lose a lot and it has by. It's yet. Younger -- from maple up through Maine is as bad as I've seen and and both sides it's just they're wondering. Yeah you know I can tell if you have a GPS and your car see if it says CR on it that that stands for county road. I don't know if those are Connie Rhodes or not you know Connie Jones when he 400 lane miles of road I learned that from this article buffalo. And there are also and the one thing we can definitely becoming his cases are gonna have to go up because of this. Even though they save money over the PA if you know 45 years without these costs. Why don't just build a dome over Erie county in Niagara county. Now I can afford it does get subsidies are already asking for five million earlier from the states. You know this is an election years where we -- that it. But also griner between stream that we're itself. OK I got that so Ryan Arabs and okay. It. -- -- -- -- -- Real bad in the darkness for tonight is brutal because you don't know -- field there's no light when you're in a way. Art Harris on Sharon's OK because you're going to Olson's them by a -- And you've got some good nominees here will write a -- thank you Vermont jumped. A young's road I was several sections are wrong or young's -- around -- -- also between Maine and maple very bad. And they're griner associates those through to the hall of shame. When my friends reminded me of this in our caller alluded to -- cause you mentioned near put. -- -- near Packard on campus -- balls yep Ayers you -- -- I would whistle they use to -- -- -- are an element that is unbelievably bad around that area it's it's just amazing I have as I said I have never seen anything like it in all my years and they says the freeze and thaw cycle. In this article by him who herald McNeil buffalo knows first pay up front page today. -- economy owns 2400. Lane miles of road. And prior to restart of the -- season rates on a scale of one. The worst and the best some of the roads at the start of the season normally go into being rated fairly good say a seven might be dropped down to a six by the end of the season. Now we have severe troubles upon holes. That would not normally expected be problematic. It's like an epidemic. Out there that's a quote from Stephen McNeal. So lots and lots of -- and quotes and of people going through them it's the kind of thing that. As you're trying to evade some other people are trying to evade them -- just remember that if you cross over in the somebody else's line. And don't pay attention they may -- be paying attention either cross over into yours -- police give you a ticket for doing something like that as. I was wondering now if they would if they would if they had a heart they wouldn't buddy if they call it. Are unsafe lane change and they absolutely could have they wanna do. But I think they'd be hard pressed if they're human beings and they most -- Two. Several as a stopper Chris and no I think that they are and they understand that when they get out of a police cruiser. And get into their own card that's probably a way of driving. It's not that you're trying to drive on safely is just that you would like to get home without having to replace four tires. Or wheels even worse we'll be back or suspension. -- -- a front end alignments exactly. We'll be back Lamar would Beijing company. You're hearing the voice of buffalo WGN. That call us now an 8030930. Itself calls are free and start doing very hard toll free line is 1806169236. Well I've got as a bad doesn't it noses -- today the cash trove Tuesday. And you should enjoy bush days with no guilt conscience at all OK that's the good news -- news -- In order to drive anywhere to Biden on skis you're gonna have to drive through a maze of pot holes that's the way it is. And we do think thank AO Paulo's donuts where their points he's anchored the sneaky bakery. In the market Broadway market thanks to them -- for supplying us with great a great punch -- thanks to. Tom Barley get on tape to play here isolate that. Thank Stewart Tom -- -- a we have which he's waiting for us this morning we came in and we appreciate that now all -- by the way to kind of looks really good interior does that you know thank you very much. Can't believe that seriously do you believe I saw last night. In one of our employees needs a ride. And I offered the right before -- even -- is going you Gregory going to Mars throwing no edits to the dealer they had that car sighing. It is yeah I saw this guy I've ever wears size five mental program thank you very much. All right. Let's go to talk about the hall of shame these are roads that are shameful. With bottles Hopkins. Can yield to drive has an -- a park near Seneca street. Delaware near Sheridan anti any of the and -- new road in the falls sweet home young Schroeder in several spots. Maine and a between Maine and maple is awful a bit on that a lot that's terrible. Also in their Klein who were early not good. Griner and -- hill in that area to not good. And let's see what that Rick has to say in Akron -- on WB yen. I'm fine Rick what do you think. Well I -- and -- aren't American -- It does appear that considered. I tractor trailer by the way they accurately. -- thousand now retired who. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But anyhow they're inspection and Bert why. America drag and drop or Europe were -- union. And there is -- closer. -- home. I mean you're down -- and entered the debate there but it did nothing but continued. To battle all roads are. If I I've never seen them in such configurations. To and length of lengthwise are solid Millar drove in one about three feet long. And as you just mentioned hardly any road surface left it seems like this year. A not always have the worst but you don't this year I've seen. Less attention paid to them I haven't seen many road crews are trying to do anything what. Well I'll tell you what. In my estimation because I'm a drag -- -- -- and and I ethnic and number one at work record -- or. -- that's it we have these steep street. And you know -- you know -- -- about it talked about to break older -- it's Iraq grow. Is all older and color and it was cold water. At that they expect. Expect that the water and in fact it's one factor and out of Iowa now. I hate to throw like order the book but on detonated by actor. And are now. Retired. -- -- And I got out of the war. Are now. Well that's the problem as as the water leaks down and there and then freezes and pushes that up and hot -- is the way to go but that equipment is expensive but you would think that they do a cost benefit analysis and find out. If it's worth buying more below safe driving view -- -- February march. Old days. When it wasn't quite as bad as it is now with potholes and you would see a -- truck pulled -- to decide -- the flasher is. And you see some guy in back of the dump section with a shovel full. Of patch and he would throw it out into the middle of the street to try and it was some like hit part of a pothole. And then people drove over it would tamp it down with their cars member of the members that do the trigger even that I'm I'm figured this can't last very long. Yeah they stay at a regular drug get a shot you know who could fix the bottles I know where you say mayor Byron. Now we saw that picture of him come in is fabulous Brooks Brothers suit. And his 500 dollar shoes and white block and white gloves. Trying to fill pot hole that was last year -- -- creates -- -- here Biron should get out on the road on the road again we'll Willie Nelson Byron brown filling the bottles of your life. Yeah basis then -- -- the road to bigger shovel Paula just hurled it toward the middle of Apollo was. And then when you ran over it you'd hear it opened your wheel well Egypt. And you know that all of the all of Leo material whatever was there were using was now stuck in your -- a while but it -- wrote. And that's -- and so. This is very strange. I'd probably went thirty years without getting a flat tire okay. In lately in the last three years I've had like five or six flats. Is are -- making means is our technologically more advanced. But really make them more sensitive icing it seems like I'm having more tire problems and I ever did my whole life. Maybe -- is more debris is on the road. Nowadays like I and I -- was not a big gold -- -- -- -- lodged in my time here. Is that Ken Hamilton. As well the last I saw he was on a milk carton he hasn't been here all month. While -- is back and ready to go on I'm sure he's from the falls fabulous and I were counting perspective on that he's enjoying a -- he. Is he having a points -- all points deal with time idea element that that those are courtesy of Tom Barley. Very very nice yes they are he paid for the meant everything I assume repaid them. -- maybe didn't. Maybe yeah maybe it was a a dine and dash cut a deal the gimme a dozen movies and the and he took off the reports Q -- says Greg but it's -- waiting car. The great which he paid -- Paula is -- animal over thank you grew shaky bakery thank you too as well will be back after this. No Thursday night the international drive in Sheridan our headquarters of AAA. The princess. Cruise -- -- will be there -- will be there and I'll be there. And you or your card you're invited to come and have fun. At 6 o'clock we'll kind of gore exactly what so what's available what's gonna happen and it should be interesting and informative and saying that this is my first cruise. -- idea asking many questions itself. -- let's go to. I'll tell you what let's find out of the bottles -- just has better Rochester as they are here -- and Rochester New York on WBM. -- standing here having the same prop -- problems there that we're having in the buffalo. Well traditionally -- would be better off to make English of polish to reach without potholes than the one with them. Is pleased to be -- shorter. Sailor as us I mean it's been the worst nobody can remember a worst season for bottles on this he used to be. -- one here one there but now they're everywhere. There you've taken us from our point of speed to potholes suddenly returned. To let it be. The polish heritage gold but at a much deeper than just pulling ski. General George Washington during a revolutionary war. I hit to -- generals and language that is a good score and Yahoo! which kitten Pulaski. They interrogated and back to West Point both you gentlemen George Washington engaged. Coached at West Point military academy the army well there's been huge plant over the incidents. Commemorating. What you pointed to quote -- fiscal and Pulaski. Asked -- again and Intel I didn't know that until it looked good haven't found other -- go back to the Middle Ages they've by the recede don't you know there is no so are you well you're proud points ski all are on those drove to a big you have one. All I don't know what to get him here and practitioners into -- -- scheme that. We got a lot of attention. You were ahead in the in the points you raise your buffalo I think it's and thank you very much today. He doesn't notify them we're afraid that one Republican pastry closed because they traditionally was where the ones that would the supplies of Pulaski. Today. That we would we would be pointless but no no we do have our supplies Yankee Apollo and you've already -- so far rightly want Chris is at one and I've had one that's shows remarkable. Restraint. The good part about these things as you can freeze. And just remember this. If their frozen you can even Needham girls at that's pretty desperate I eat cookies frozen all the time. And eye candy you know little everyone's solo pieces of chocolate -- can have that frozen. But the bid -- -- appointees either one can be frozen and never quite make it to the -- call today you'd be hard to choose to be hard to explain if you chip that truth on a -- yet on target about. Our Chris you have several FaceBook postings wanted to give us a few see hair let's go from Normandy to nineteen between Hamburg and -- on absolute timer it's supposed to be a highway. Our tax dollars as opposed to go towards improving the -- isn't there something else we can do about it the other join our team has elevated too which probably makes it even worse for temperature variations. And you know what's funny -- -- to nineteen. When they when they build -- it was going down a sprinkle whatever. It was great but -- like anything else that needs upkeep and there isn't a section of fairly new from the through nineteen down. A further -- but it's good road I was on a lot -- many times battling snowstorms what Altria. This is from Jeffrey he says clearly if you hit some of these giant bottles do deserve the damage that occurs it's buffalo there's going to be potholes in the spring to slow down a deal with it. All while off podcasts I -- That's -- -- hard data to you deserve it well first of all the advice of slowdown is good advice. The harder you hit the pot -- a better chance you gonna be shelling out dollars for a new either in new ram or were up our new tire. But we don't deserve that I mean we do our best we would drive slower we're trying to evade them a little bit the problem is -- so many that you can -- them. It's not like there's one here -- his eighth career. Okay and and again it it helps our hand to eye coordination. To see if we huge news this one's I don't hit bad outlining -- over bear. And hope that somebody coming the other way is doing the same thing I'm doing Gallagher hope will -- only to my tires and I'm okay I'll have -- -- -- exactly a good interest thing I'm going to Tripoli Thursday night Beatrice and talk to them see if they've had a lot more calls. I'm doing them trivia Alaska trip and see if they've had a lot more calls on. On busted up -- rims and tires and suspensions and things like that. Let's go to and a silver creek and -- on WV again. Hi sandy hello I'm surprised no one called about the -- goal of state her route 54. Lane. Disaster area. Five that's near Seneca gaming OK I'm home with a. If you're coming from buffalo definitely have to go through that way -- I tell you I call the DOT. And they were all night they gave me the 1800 pound hole number and a cop. Others and there's a pot hole number well I thought I would like to related to goggle -- there's only about 180768. 465. Degree. Or is there 31 a 1807684653. I mean you believing. Give me the numbers further word pothole. So I wouldn't know it -- her. Yeah that's what I was wondering if it's fell flat tire upon all or no air or some lucky that. Well and you that the tech talk to a very nice and he put. You know they have -- goal of state park road on the list but who knows what's gonna happen I mean they -- -- bad for years but here. Definitely worked. All right I like it down there because -- route 520 aunt Millie is down there may have fabulous good easier around that and that. They they do but I just I feel bad for any campers that are going to be coming out during the summer. Or you know beach people. That's of that is a you have well traveled road to -- five have been on of the gazillion times and that's on route five -- ever knows that park I got a thank thank you very much alive -- -- I'm pot hole there is an 800 -- model number. Now I wonder when you call them. You think it's like not a war room where they put a pin in a map. As though that's where that pothole as how precise going to be but it's 1800. 7684653. As 1807684653. That's a pothole reporting number. It used to be that if you reported one is because it was rare. And you wanted to alert other. Other -- motorists look out because as a bottle here. Now there's so many how could you possibly we're doing our best look at the -- we have just in the short time we've been doing this. The hall of shame includes Hopkins. I feel good drive -- mobile park near Seneca street Delaware near Sheridan. North tunnel onto a new road in the falls sweet home -- -- vote between made between -- incline and maple and a main. Our griner are near -- hill route to nineteen North American drive off the union. And now route five off vote via Google state parks -- there's lots of lots of them we come back. Are missing brother are missing comply Andre. Can Hamels and will be joining us will be talking potholes or whatever else can likes to talk about on news radio 930 we are WB.

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