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3-4 Beach and Company Hour 1

Mar 4, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Oh hello hello our dad's gonna -- what a day to be a talk show host first evolved. Earlier today. Before I euros on the air I got a chance to bundle Janet Snyder is for Tonto how about that is something. Every young boy would like to do about the name ever hairdresser potato princess go for dot RG let me run my fingers through it that was. -- the marvelous experience. Now what about bad guys Chris is -- Tony's here and I'm fairway and I was funneling Janet's for title. You know also is -- potato. Who Nicholas Nicholas -- get. Here that's what I think again now would Janet you can see I mean the money's on the screen right there a beautiful long flowing blond hair but Nicholas said. He says to me it -- a jealous sort away as I was in the studio this morning he put his hands by his ears and kind of movie -- -- bag that was his. I'm more in the title to. I think you he was fishing for a compliment probably wiese was nowhere to be found. It was -- -- he was probably actually working on the show. But it was very nice to stop and see them. Now I got a problem. It's an opportunity but it's also a problem I've got -- day's best guess where I got the -- -- where take it -- you're never gonna guess. The bakery -- while that they originated and of Agrium -- OK behind my door this morning was this note. There. -- know what the size of this you know. -- I'm out I haven't I don't know like this on a long time I can barely talk but -- there we go says sandy. These were just made at 6 PM Monday enjoy signed. Tom buy hourly Tom -- it left me. Face nice days of paradise from follows donuts. And so are we didn't already we asked of Paula made -- these are you know we -- -- -- Debbie does Dallas in this parliament once these these are the two things we have to know where I found out about that we've got to know Debbie did Dallas and that's that's history but Paula does make pushed me. And that's what this is now. I don't wanna look at a gift points in the -- OK I really don't I'm very appreciative of everything and this has nothing to do it any thing. But would you guys -- yours first I mean I thought I. I just I know I'm on the air got access to so we'll be really nice if you guys say you know ours and that no -- I leverage -- still upright. Then -- maybe I'll have two or three or six. What -- -- -- -- learn from history OK here's history you remember there was a group of people called Greeks. And -- And they were mad at the trojans. And what the trojans were behind these high walls and they couldn't get that them so what do they do. They left a hole artists a wooden horse outside the gates -- The trojans and watched is that a wooden horse to bring it ended up but inside. Inside the horse. Were angry Greeks. And I'm thinking do you think these doughnuts are Trojan donuts. Do you think that's -- they were left outside my door. Waiting for me to devour them from what your bag and now they look really good and Paula -- bonuses -- a good place to get a month just telling you today. So have you have -- -- -- going to maybe in the first break okay you will first write about progress I doubt it Randy bush over -- one he seems okay well bush ahead by bush over he could be to cast iron -- can be okay. -- so -- on that. But okay thank you Tom we're really -- You know I think this is part of a new job what do you think the food dom. He's bringing us the other thank you very much and give my other two guys survive at all thank even more tomorrow you go and meanwhile -- person. Oh I do a lot of stuff with a name mark Walters said. Why did you tried these and he -- me some crush -- T.'s crew shaky bad bakery -- Susan rose just -- interviewed idea and they make them and thank you our market thank you I'm -- For the the points he's it's a special day a westerner I never even heard of points he's Borg came here and something else I never heard of wasn't doing his day parade right and does so that's coming up -- we're going to be talking to yes but -- -- close the doughnut or the -- The don't out of a punch me that's a good question I don't know ha I don't have a history of Wednesday's when they first appear on the same but doughnuts have been around forever. But their polish so I wouldn't nova history of everything that happened. In the in Poland Africa looked it up I you can probably it probably Google move your punch you does that sound like something your mother would reprimand you for. -- -- -- As with that account because they don't allow Google reports on an uphill -- and company ground. You have to have a permit. -- it -- a -- permit and I'm just telling their people. We're trying to get points for free zones and things like that and I want a carry permit however public carrier plunged it was me is that of the units are charged that I think there is at New York's eight years ago. When we come back we're going to talk to -- -- Who is polish and knows -- about when skis which you know is even mark. About the date this day parade now that comes obviously the day after Easter. Lent starts tomorrow today is natural Tuesday. And that tomorrow is Ash Wednesday and lent begins. But when it ends on Easter the day after is -- Tuesday OK this is where strange things happen. Because it's one of those things and if you tell somebody. Nobody believes that. Where one person chases another person. And tries that whipped them with pussy willows the other person's sports them with a squirt gone now you can make I mean nobody could make that up there's just no way. Because they would put you in video in the funny pharmacies that. -- holiday where people chase other people who went on what was he wells. Where you gonna come up with two holes and always available but in order to defend themselves. They have squirt guns. And originally I think there was perfume and -- in the squirt guns -- I'm not making this up. Per feel home in the squirt guns so you got a scored a couple of perfume and out. What's it all wielding -- It's it's a holiday that everybody can enjoy it or talk about -- and the need volunteers for that. We come back on newsreader and I'm thirty we are WB yet okay Tony is taken as his first bite. Obvious is that punched me and know what what kind of filling was in that one definitely the raspberry raspberry which is the traditional one raspberry I heard -- CBS guys say. That they put other things and their constant whatever but raspberry is the traditional ones though. You're down from that how is that it is to follow is always makes great donuts and we thank our friend Tom buy hourly -- special arrangement. It was beyond my door when I arrived this morning making DB thank you Tom we really appreciate that now. The day after Easter -- over. And it is a Monday and it's a day of celebration of as a dentist day is celebrated her once in New York. Lots of things going on a lot of different venue is one of the highlights of -- Tuesday is the biggest day parade it's not a traditional parade I can tell you that right now. A weather as we have a coordinator of the -- day parade Bernard metabolic -- Bernadette -- and good morning TV polio and just fine -- -- eighty wealth you're enjoying this -- -- -- talking to you last year about all the fun and things going on at -- The events and the parade. A describe the parade for people who have never seen that the newspaper. The print is very very untraditional -- we do have some marching bands but not the typical ones we have the bagpipers may -- or the did the people from Roswell. On the floats are basically people who are part of the polish heritage they could be a family they could be armed group of people that. Far from a neighborhood they could be a company. As just a collection of the below one -- -- they wanna be afraid they're proud of their polish heritage -- their problems of -- their neighbors polish heritage it doesn't matter people love to be in grades there really gonna like this parades are now so -- got a big parade. Oh what is the general rule you don't go street by street where abouts is the parades are boy's mom it's any -- traditionally polish historic neighborhood and the -- buffalo from around Broadway in front of the -- market. Down to fill more up to our powder SD on the front of the central terminal in -- -- general there are being starts early while people realize for many years Arnold he's gonna do it again this year -- act. Takes -- takes -- to stay off. So that he can enjoy the festivities and they start early in the morning and they go all day the parade what time does the parade step on the straight starts at 5 o'clock. And traditionally about an hour aren't half on and preceded obviously by -- -- that are our children finally we are a all ages parade. And then usually the more adult geared activities are after the -- now you know you're looking for volunteers because putting operate like that. At edits -- good size parade is not a small for an. On the takes a lot of people well basically the -- has been growing every year last year we had over a hundred entrants. And up until now it's being mean my family and my close friends running I. Which sometimes gets a little tough my feelings are ready to disown me so we are in great need. Of a lot of volunteer now what all the volunteers first of all. Is there any age group for the volunteers have to be a certain age or older in order to volunteer or any aged and Kamal went well we would prefer. Eighteen -- -- -- if it's someone under the age of eighteen may be with a parent because you're basically. Putting people in mind the -- of yet it's it's a large event you're dealing with a lot of adults and people driving motorized vehicles and things like that so. It's either eighteen and above or. A group with a pair. Now what kinder is -- -- Chris and Tony and I signed up we that we want to volunteer for the daily newspaper what kind of duties would volunteers be handling well you have to be able to handle a happy happy people yeah. -- a part of that would be on. It helping people -- end of there's a check in procedure in the article hopefully madam check out if there are really great -- know that and then there's -- line up everyone's put into a category and into division so it's helping people to line up in their proper division keeping proper spacing between the lineups that there's some sort of. Organizations. From what I know about the dentist day parade I've followed for a few years now for what I know about it really is a community event where people become a part of it. A lot of parades OK are you going to stand their watches. Or you may be in it but it's not big in our community is involved with -- they -- everybody's involved. And -- certainly isn't we wanted to make it an event that would not be your traditional -- we wanted to be eclectic we wanted to be funded we want people. To interact with the people that are in the -- so there's a people thought tossing things to the crowd the crowd may be squirting. The people escort guns you know it it goes back and forth it's very interactive -- policy alone airborne. -- be in the break and I'm hoping parade viewers are able to throw things Panama during the parade wrote. Yeah until -- expect -- different -- my friend on her. So -- people -- committee gets together it's a great celebration great fun. And -- -- that especially with out -- -- -- I know of -- that you have an I've interviewed her a couple of years now people come from a long ways away to be in the parade. Are they surprised that they know that this is a regular celebration a lot of polish communities. They're they're surprised to hear that we have well buffalo does have the largest ending his day celebration in the world on you even. Over Poland I mean we just have this great celebration so when people find out that we habit. They come I've come have people come from Virginia up from Pennsylvania I mean they really are coming great distances for a long weekend to participate in -- in and throttle then. Now that's great and I know that in past years I don't know this year is roster because it's not settled yet but. I know in past years our sister station WGR. Would send out which would have afloat there aren't. Be joy it was to keep from falling off it and and it was a great community event. How to people get a whole review how -- they -- get to say yes I'd like to sign up. Well there are two ways actually the our website is www. Thing -- -- buffalo dot com. And on -- you'd just go to the right section all the information for submitting. An entry into the prayed and for volunteering. -- you can get in touch with me anyway through that way. And there's also the -- like us on FaceBook and dean is paper rate and dangers is spelled DYY and GUS per. Now there's no if you wanna be in the parade there's no fees no feel whatsoever just be willing to have a good time and edits of from what I've seen on I've heard it absolutely is. We keep our fingers crossed for the whether it's way too far out for us that think about it now what. Wasn't about two years ago a new report on two years ago we got Florida last year we got hail land the lord poses a good I can't talk and talk at the end of April it's later this year it's able trying first tracks that we have a better chance we hope I itself. Biggest day parade if you would like to be a part of it would either -- At march a -- I -- afloat they can be group of people will be afloat can be more rise not -- whatever. Or if you'd like to volunteer to help out. Will give -- -- -- the site again. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What's volleys he's German right -- departure archer and our German. And so thank him for -- when -- still under way I'll grab a point I'll think yeah slightly mildly very much are we come back we're going to be talking about something that you. Maybe government talking about -- screaming about you've been yelling about you and bitching about. Potholes are you can't. It seems like a promise serviceable. What's going on here. Wilbon discuss that and and a punch -- information to -- might need. Under his radio I'd certainly are WB. It WB and wherever you go with a WV EN iPhone app powered by the final -- let. The best in fence railings index. Back weird -- gotta -- -- age okay Tony has devoured his first one -- of the day and I saw Chris. Our Chris was later to the party you know we're kind of staggering them Tom -- left us above Wednesday's from -- zone -- thank you Tom. And mine was a buyer was the city of lemon. And yours was -- yes what was yours -- it was Costner who I love costs not yet like the old the yellow -- the -- steal the yellow custard on the military's -- Yeah I love cost in very good yeah I love -- on my favorite things are thank you that you follows dogs and also thanks to appreciate you bakery. And so they did pick up the mantle of because remember they all used to be delivered by government and pastry. And there are no longer in business -- already hear that but they're not. So -- the others picked up the mantle. When the going but it's tough the points he's got going in on talk about what's the over and under how many I eat before the the so they're very hopeful and they know they are a lot of filling out the key to eating once who is you have to kind of -- When you bite into where the jelly is going to come out which is immediately because there's so much of it. You know and regular traditional. Jelly donut. Is not that much Shelly so you can buy it almost anyplace and and and figure out what went up pushed me it's one -- -- as -- rewiring it is a tie. -- gotta have I I use a paper towels from under -- so I'm ready in case I don't drop into the floor either because I'd look foolish -- and off the floor and that I would barely get up off my earnings. There's that that the technique to do and it is you take a little white first. Okay seductive and if that pilot but I would like -- into the jelly exactly and then. Which you have to do was after each -- you said it. On its side -- Akron now on flat but you set -- outside so that the that the -- doesn't run out of it and then you take smaller -- you can't take. The big fight because you're gonna Wear the jolly. You can run a sex men and that was fabulous. It was really great and the first time you give -- those instructions in the rooms or have its own -- that's. Not lately about the call. Holiday bird did you find out. If you don't that's preceded put ski or points he preceded donuts and you think point -- Was around before doughnuts you Google right they said the Middle Ages. -- -- yes I think that's before she takes that he beat one Everett. That's well close milk and half is incredible. I come. -- I gotta give any punches as we need him ourselves what we are going to give you a policy. A pair of tickets to see the Bob bandits vs the Minnesota swarm. This those Saturday. At 730 value is a 112 dollars about that because it's a four -- at the Fort -- -- like ago. -- 6449875. A random caller will be chosen general on this rules apply. Don't miss the hard hitting high scoring action a -- men's lacrosse people don't love it they love it. As the problem -- host the Minnesota swarm on Saturday. Great seats still available at the first Niagara center box office or online at bandits. Dot com. Well as luck would have it we had a run -- a Lindy -- last night and in Dallas and it went back and forth and we lost and -- pretty good. Now -- lost by one goals was hoping that turns around onward and upward. Now when it a talk show the key I think use to talk about things and -- to two hours ago. You can kind of plant a seed about things that maybe not everybody is about. And you get interest that I hadn't out of that I didn't know that and that's going to go the other is to. -- present what everybody's talking about although the de germ. I'm presenting what everybody's talking about and I've learned this from years of being a doctor most is. That sometimes. Even though everybody's talking about it nobody wants to talk about on the air -- and -- the absolute kill switch on any subject I don't care what it is is when your told. This is the buses this is what everybody silenced the buzz okay. Well you find out of the -- the -- sometimes I don't know about today because. I think I think it'll play because I don't -- I've been driving the last couple weeks. Out on the road which is the best place to drive people mad when you drive through their kitchen. Out on the road is I've been I've been yelling at potholes. I've been saying bad -- words in -- and Italian that pot holes. They're not just potholes that Roger mama and daddy's bottles these are made up models these are so big. As I said your drive a Smart Car in inaudible you could -- six clowns and a possible without any problem at all. And their awful and they're all over the place it used to be that they would be on a road here and -- there depending on. The condition of the road and and how many cars and trucks travel it. And though how much water got on you know into the seams and -- the freeze and thaw cycle is what causes bottles. But now. I think there's hardly any place where they don't have them I I know and my distance and my knees as the year. Where I drive. Only a couple of roads that or actually re done. Two years ago where they dug right down to dirt and and and produced and -- those -- the only -- that don't have models and I'll do. But I like our whole experience your pot holes story. Yeah I want to tell us about that. And also where the worst bottles are the UC. And we will nominate the pot hole road of the day. First of all I would make the make the first. A bottle roll out of the day. A nomination Hopkins. Hopkins is fall in in waves. It is terrible in order to navigate Hopkins and has been however sometime you practically have to drive on the other side of the road. And the problem is the people on the other side of the road driving on our side of the road so Hopkins is my idea is my first the response I tell you I'd I think I know what you're gonna say. Well you would think that I would have picked sweet home because of all of which -- wrong you can drive in Niagara Falls. Is so unbearable. That an issue V. Can barely handle it is ridiculous -- of god I wish I had my Hummer back. Actually it didn't sound right to know I know I wish I had my truck you are known as the Hummer H two my age two because I had. To wage to write but I wish I had mighty one of my two H two is back because I had those huge tires and -- so -- -- Hopkins. Nominated as a possible capital of the day and tell you good drive. Now Chris you're you are going different direction and we do and though -- what would you like to nominate the biggest one I've seen. Is he -- and over your park right by senate mystery its enormous the only saving graces. If the road is clear you for the most -- -- aboard because you're going so slow. But it's right in that area where you're turning and your -- one -- is gonna and it Arianna squeeze over just far enough and some of them if they are you know but he rock and pop balls are heavy red tag or. Right it was a correct angles there easy but a life wise ones look like they're part of the road you can't tell. And I hit one of those the other day it was probably of four feet long. It wasn't wide but it was long and got the tiring their practically with the wheel right on my. Hands so I don't Treo not -- 1806 -- 692 of the six are nine there it is -- -- coming of sandy beach bottles bottles everywhere no matter -- ago. You have to drive -- take evasive action. A -- to the other side of the road sometimes and though and and many times you just don't see them and suddenly you're in them. And you hear about bang and you don't know if you blow a tire. Bent rim. Or if you're lucky enough to drive in and out of them and it's half the time of their filled with -- water or covered with snow. You're in an order there it's impossible I'm -- good driver York. But you're -- hovercraft. The movie that would be a good promotion. Giveaway a hovercraft because you kind of float on a cushion of air much like a sleep number vet. A cushion of air above the road that would be cool. As so farther nominations for our worst -- all areas Hopkins. Hi -- good drive chasm over your partners Seneca street and I think we're gonna get another one from our friend Franken tell Wanda. Frank you're on W via. More than Charlie you. There are so many areas that are out here. Directly directly -- but one is. Is lower lower. Are going up tortured and sure to -- Off and I'm telling you. It's -- to be someone. It's like a parade of work to writers. It took potholes are just so. Are so many -- so armor. In -- -- -- an in -- -- Obstacle. To 220 lead that they are there its stubborn streak. -- if but it is just a few years ago. And they're already showing a guy you see. As you said being Ambac and somebody sometimes it looks like the beginning of a race. Where of their race car drivers go back and forth back and -- of what he did their tires you know and that's what looks like his people are trying to abate these things. It -- -- impossible. I'd super artists and what type from I don't hit the water yes I execute well to -- the weathered the weathered the weather. What do we. -- what. I don't think they all have different types of materials that they -- you. Two UND here read paper of the road. It's popping are the taxpayers in your state. And you know there are some Martin Marty a rogue errors -- it they don't want it all. Much like its coffee got bigger every year they keep getting more -- too little repairs and getting. Another nickel -- classic gasoline. From repairs are why do you see it I don't see it. If they think the older they're more deplorable condition of -- -- this. I've never I've been here since 1968. I have never seen the roses that ever admire in my entire life and -- I think. There should be won some when somebody contracts to build roads and other words -- gonna take it from scratch there should be some kind of warranty weathered some kind of rebate if all of a sudden I'm two years down the road that things are falling apart I've where's the quality control there. What is. It's our. Actors -- infrastructure. The -- reconstruction. -- numbers. Here and urged a mobile computers. Why. The city some. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Center. For all -- our. It's you know it's much better. Out here or poor as well but the two. Young. Johnson. Johnson -- and interviewed a guy whose company did that. He said the difference between the hot -- in the gold prices of the hot -- we make we mix it right there at the site. And then as it's pushed down again it goes into every little nook and cranny and every crevice of the water can get a he says as a puzzle called that which you just put it in there and tampered down. But it's there's all kinds of air pockets and places where the water can go down and and re freeze and then pushed me pothole into into existence against -- it doesn't it doesn't -- -- post cold match. Well now you're appearing it's not entirely into the same thing that's from the from the official following us. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What don't you think there may be a long run you might be all better -- that you get more points -- Gravity rock salt yeah well as. Part of that will solve underwrote and mystery at all it -- Well the -- Via freeze and and thaw cycles what really kills -- they should do what I'm sure they have. Do certain sections of highway is -- sections and find out if it's cost prohibitive. To use. To use better materials or more more hot patch or whatever and find out in the long run if we can do that affect cost effectively because it's a mess now thank you it's a huge mess. So he says a Delaware near Sheridan. So here's what we got. We got Hopkins which believe me is a disaster has been for a couple of months now nothing Brando. I feel good drive has that senator stream. And a Delaware near -- we'd like your nominations. Flora pothole. Capital of the world here in western new arcade Austria on 930180616926. And -- 930.

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