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Paczki Day Fun Facts

Mar 4, 2014|

Ania Chrusciki

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  1. Dr. Ermelinda Bonaccio MD- Roswell Park Breast Imaging Program

    Mon, 20 Oct 2014

    Everything ashamed to be pink nowadays is to remind those who have breast cancer awareness especially now during though the month of October. Breast Cancer Awareness Month let's talk about those doctor caramel and director of breast imaging at Roswell Park Cancer Institute. Doctor good morning thank you for joining us. Good morning thank you for having me here. Are you pleased about this everything. Paint that just seems to be sweeping the nation even an excuse me. Even pumpkins sold in supermarkets are panicked at a local car dealer as the front of his business you have to be pleased although I think it wonder. You know it reminds us that we have come a long way but we have a long way to go. It reminds women scheduled their mammograms it reminds me on everyone to support that organization. Wait on the are dedicated to. and to try to find a cure it is indeed I think it's a wonderful Doctor but until there's so many misconceptions. Out there about when someone should begin screening for mammograms and how often they should be getting them to. Yeah in and benefited can't convert the different organization. Have made a recommendation went on but when you really look at that they got. The marquis is the only Catholic has been proven him randomized control trial would have considered to be the gold standard can lower your risk. Of dying from breast cancer. And that when you look at the study that I have done over and over every time the country at birth can come about. On that in the dark. Doing colonoscopy is an 848. And most of the recommending organizations including the American Cancer Society. Recommend annual tomography beginning at age forty. Doctor finding a cure you mentioned this a minute ago. Really are we even close or is early detection still the best. Early detection it. Still what have our on main tools in risk of to care. And you look on at the data out stand up on nine do you stop on mortality rate from breast cancer has decreased by 30%. And part of that is due to the market but part of it is also due to improvement in treatment. On chemotherapy hormone hormonal therapy and we have made it. Delighted toward a run in improving that on the art are cure rate. We haven't quite gotten your right to but there have been great achievement over the past I'm decades. Now we also know that there are learning that Roswell is opening up my Griffey screening. To all women now not just those who have committed with the cancer diagnosis or have suspicion of cancers are ranked. That in Iraq you know this is what we do act star and cancer detection diagnosis and treatment. And that that is it part of our mission Q on Q in you've got cancer screening. And so we wanted to do it to a higher capabilities that we don't we're not quite ready. That and you don't mean I think you heard about our new chemical don't mean that comment back on what will open hopefully and then on. 2000. Fifteen and that allowed to truly expand our that you targeted but we wanted to get started sooner. So we've extended our hours so that we can actually offer screening tomography to women in the community not to let me back and to diagnose it. Doctor you had mentioned age forty as the age when women should really get moving November mammograms but. What about women with a family history of breast cancer should they do this earlier. Yes there are some women with a strong family history of breath and especially women who have a feeling that you're Brett cantor and the women are diagnosed at a young age. upon whom that may be back for them to start screening mammogram earlier but this should be done in consultation with your position. We out having hybrid screening we have a hybrid on the op program here. I'm not rules but on the we evaluate women that I'm helping them without their actual red and determining. Whether they are candidate screening at a younger age of forty. Doctor we learned a lot from noon we're very grateful to be joining us thanks. Thank you so much of my pleasure. Doctor Malayan. Amarillo in my director of breast imaging at Roswell Park Cancer Institute.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Kanye -- sticky. Is with us on a WB in lineman from -- keep victory I am happy -- today. They're learning -- -- -- -- and you'd make up great tell us about the pledged he and Anderson -- how are you making deliveries. I don't drop box in an interview with a celebrity the mining about the -- -- tell our listeners what makes a -- Different from our regular plain old jelly -- Plano jelly doughnut -- because it's not -- that well it's like a donut however it is made are made scratched it's made like he. It's it's hand made are we do not use age don't have makes it's the you're from pure ingredients and it's blatant fluffy. Typically -- filled with bad very and clean. We also asked pruning and playing well -- we have black man and prepare arraignment chocolate filled. And they're just they're delicious. Do you make these for just one day. For today. No you know what actually hearing them clear around and -- became -- not. Our web polish bakery and -- punch he is -- -- -- one of our staples. And we have them all the time. One -- land as the season of you know fasting giving something up. That's when people have a tendency to give up things like punch -- intrigues. Now making -- is seems like a lot of work so I mean do you try to keep the mystique alive for at least a week. -- still sell a lot of them even -- land already stars like Wednesday. -- -- itself I think is really say that that they -- Beijing college to get something out. Auburn I don't want that I -- you know from people give up chocolate -- they -- -- to come back and get more. But we do we actually sell them quite a bit -- this week's black streak -- a great if you -- and then not again continue to habit Alley around. But really today and it just kind of flying out of the store. McCready expelled -- at the Bradley market. Currently will be excellent size and only I'll go out and -- -- Unless you trawler. -- controllable and Amelie will be their child. And not. You do you also supply other vendors. What -- -- -- -- my equipment he. We'll have our hunch keyed by we we didn't quite credit at a hotel and other item but pledged he would get that kind of bullying lately there are archive murdering. Well this must mean that were a step closer to -- in a state and right. -- -- I don't have fun day today and thank you so much for joining us this morning heavy punch today. Haven't -- and they say thank you for having me. -- onion her sticky from Chris sticky bakery. Of both the private market and their Lancaster location.

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