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Paczki Day Fun Facts

Mar 4, 2014|

Ania Chrusciki

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Kanye -- sticky. Is with us on a WB in lineman from -- keep victory I am happy -- today. They're learning -- -- -- -- and you'd make up great tell us about the pledged he and Anderson -- how are you making deliveries. I don't drop box in an interview with a celebrity the mining about the -- -- tell our listeners what makes a -- Different from our regular plain old jelly -- Plano jelly doughnut -- because it's not -- that well it's like a donut however it is made are made scratched it's made like he. It's it's hand made are we do not use age don't have makes it's the you're from pure ingredients and it's blatant fluffy. Typically -- filled with bad very and clean. We also asked pruning and playing well -- we have black man and prepare arraignment chocolate filled. And they're just they're delicious. Do you make these for just one day. For today. No you know what actually hearing them clear around and -- became -- not. Our web polish bakery and -- punch he is -- -- -- one of our staples. And we have them all the time. One -- land as the season of you know fasting giving something up. That's when people have a tendency to give up things like punch -- intrigues. Now making -- is seems like a lot of work so I mean do you try to keep the mystique alive for at least a week. -- still sell a lot of them even -- land already stars like Wednesday. -- -- itself I think is really say that that they -- Beijing college to get something out. Auburn I don't want that I -- you know from people give up chocolate -- they -- -- to come back and get more. But we do we actually sell them quite a bit -- this week's black streak -- a great if you -- and then not again continue to habit Alley around. But really today and it just kind of flying out of the store. McCready expelled -- at the Bradley market. Currently will be excellent size and only I'll go out and -- -- Unless you trawler. -- controllable and Amelie will be their child. And not. You do you also supply other vendors. What -- -- -- -- my equipment he. We'll have our hunch keyed by we we didn't quite credit at a hotel and other item but pledged he would get that kind of bullying lately there are archive murdering. Well this must mean that were a step closer to -- in a state and right. -- -- I don't have fun day today and thank you so much for joining us this morning heavy punch today. Haven't -- and they say thank you for having me. -- onion her sticky from Chris sticky bakery. Of both the private market and their Lancaster location.

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