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What To Do About Ukraine

Mar 4, 2014|

Congressman Chris Collins

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Joining us on the WB in line when this morning congressman Chris Collins he's with us from Washington DC and congressman we appreciate your time. To talk episode -- Yeah happy during this morning. Sure aren't. Vladimir Putin made his first comments on the crisis today saying Moscow reserves the right to protect Russians there he pulled his forces back from the Ukrainian border. But pro Russia forces still occupy Crimea. And they said any sanctions that the west places on Russia will backfire does -- tell you that the crisis is far from over. Yeah I assume that I think it is far from over you know potent witness are we increased -- Libya and Syria. He has seen time and again our president. Does say one thing but but not pick up the rhetoric and actions. And you know -- I think. You know we're we're what we're saying Ukraine as a result of our weakening foreign policy positions around the world. And you know who witnessed others push us certainly Robin period. And he's. That the president waffle. So I I do fully expect. You know we're in this -- gluten. You know push push the envelope here and defensive back in fuel and let's see what happens. You know I just hope you know -- that our president who now has mentioned sanctions and sanctions in conjunction with those in Europe. That there. Don't don't wanna sit back and see what's happening in Ukraine. -- to continue. Certainly in congress we will support the president in any strong sanctions. You know it's. If it's really ashamed that they are foreign policy is so we today and and other leaders and certainly. Russia. Wouldn't mind flexing their muscles again and and they are doing it I think a lot of people's summit coming. Congressman you should you saw the president waffling when it came to other crises. Do you have any questions about the way President Obama is dealing with this one. No not so much job I mean we're not gonna send troops in the in the anything like that of course. Russia and it who work hurts the most -- and his wallet they've got issues with their currency in their economy. It's just more than I think that this is a direct result of -- years. Of the Obama administration's. I've not been clear to the world of where we stand in the -- you know our rhetoric and actions and in many cases going too far with a record that the Red Line statement in Syria. Should never been said and then when they crossed the Red Line and we didn't do anything it was a message to others. Who who don't share our our view of democracy that you know they they can probably start to push the envelope. It at this point unfortunately five years in the president's administration. -- and in the -- in the Ukraine sanctions are the way to go to get our partners. And and not allies in Europe behind us it should shame -- the. What is on the table. What would you like to -- Well again it comes back to. Hitting Russia in the pocketbook. And the you know with which sanctions we can you know stop delivery of certain goods we can also. Make sure that their goods or services they're providing our purchase by. Other countries our countries. I -- economic sanctions can take a wide variety huge scene where Iran which is extreme case. You know about doing any trade there whatsoever. And you know we we need to make sure that who knows the world united which Ukraine we're not gonna let him. You know go landed in muscle its way into any portion up at. And you know if it's done properly you know we we couldn't. You know isolate them and and you know cougars got his own issues -- problems in the economy is struggling as people are struggling. They're currencies in trouble. You know businesses that side and I are confident the president in this case. And we will work -- them. To put the pressure on -- two or get Russia out. Crystals that seem to you elected seems to so are some of us the President Putin and his public remarks sort of the way. Remind you some of these former Soviet dictators. Absolutely except that you hear -- replicated background I mean cougars -- Is is. I'm very hard line. You know -- And you know I know he has now. Someone who wants to see Russia as a second class nation in this world. And probably you know who would not have wanted to see what happened with the Soviet -- what it did and that. Broke apart. And he is in charge and he witnessing. Obama and it it. Situation like -- period. Say one thing you know draw our red lines. I think a lot of us have their concerns -- there gluten. Putin enjoyed the old Soviet and that doesn't exactly. I wanna see Russia's state its effect perhaps. World power him he's flexing his muscles. Anymore. More than just flexing his muscles move. Moved in you know that portion of Ukraine. Congressman Collins we appreciate the time thank you. -- -- -- Kerry -- -- will be in touch that's a Republican congressman Chris Collins.