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What Should Be Done For Ukraine?

Mar 4, 2014|

CBS News Military Consultant Jeff McCausland

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

As we focus on the increase tension between the Russians. And Ukraine and the rest of the world and actually just on the WB a live line is CBS news military consultant just because one. Jeff good morning thank you for joining us. You know we talk more than earlier guest and we brought up the former Soviet Union. You know it's sort of easy to make a comparison known. Draw comparisons when you look at what Russian President Putin is doing threatening in Ukraine although he did say this morning that he will begin a troop withdrawal. What do you suppose is going to do next. The guitar this they put himself may not know focus. That troop withdrawal mean they're they've been at the masters at the bait and switch saying one thing and doing. Something else so there have been on the ground made dictate the next move by prudent you know -- reason press conference talked about you know humanitarian assistance to report this is all about. There's propaganda in Moscow for example. There's 600000 more ukrainians who fled into Russia from the Ukraine all of his split ways and true. And while he's that they made back there -- -- has also says that he will use additional forces that required. In his -- in this operation to the United States is that Iraq Afghanistan. With its allies to Libya echoes of go into the well you can use military force -- These were his first comments any reason to do any reason why he decided that to speak out today MS. What it was about time it's -- point in time he needed to speak out early world leaders have spoken out about this present Obama as mr. Cameron. Mrs. Merkel of all publicly spoken out so he needed to make some kind of a statement. At this time for domestic consumption as well as international consumption. You don't -- -- said that the Russian military exercises help near Ukraine's border were not intended to intimidate. -- why then if not to intimidate. Well Russians had conducted a series of so called -- exercises seen those who last year certainly began acting at Macquarie and so one could say that you know operational testing a one's military forces is it is fairly routine there had actually been some rumors that. Patel of operational test like there's going to be conducted. Prior to the Olympics -- groceries the Russians by the way that. Obviously in this situation. In the Ukraine deteriorated became an opportunity not only can we conducted a test. -- do it -- fashion that you know flex Russian muffled not only to the ukrainians. Crossed the Eastern Europe and around the world. Can you explain to our listeners you know why -- the Russians do in this one are really there -- interests in Ukraine as a control over. Natural resources what else. Who controlled natural resources important job you don't you back which is at the top I. -- -- of people who knows as the next Brezhnev the next leader of the Soviet Union that people would know the first bizarre of the 21 century pro Russia. You know and his mind Russia collapsed twice in the poorest country once in 1917. And again in 1991. With the end of the Soviet Union. And he considers it his responsibility. To improve the power in the image. Of the Russian Federation -- around the world he also as -- many Russians view the country's northern periphery is part of their sphere of influence. And talked for many many years there. That those Russians who lived. In those areas where the so called near abroad in the -- had a responsibility. To protect them so I think that's all part and parcel that's when he's making this statement to the west that. Things are not gonna occur in the Ukraine without the acquisition of the Russian Federation because they consider it again part of that spirits -- And Obama here and how closely is put listening to him. Helping you -- mr. Obama much at all but I don't I don't think it would matter if mr. Obama or anyone else in the White House. And food and he's gonna do what he thinks is appropriate -- gonna shrug off publicly. The claim you know economic sanctions being placed -- give him as a dictator of course. He he can get aware that. Probably the most disturbing thing I've heard the last couple days -- some comments attributed to mrs. Merkel in Germany the chancellor. That in fact he didn't think that he was in touch with with reality. And short term though he may be successful at securing gains in Crimea -- bit longer term. He could result with a couple of his -- worst nightmares and that is. Dramatic increases in spending in NATO. Of the movement of ballistic missile defense systems in the Eastern Europe commitment show for awhile and frankly even the eventual. -- entry -- places like Ukraine or even Georgia debater. While holy -- CBS news military consultant -- because when Jeff thank you very much for joining us this morning. --