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Not Much World Governments Can Do In Ukraine

Mar 4, 2014|

Dave Levinthal

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Dave Leventhal is with us on the WBA -- -- senior political reporter with the Center for Public Integrity -- good morning. -- turmoil in Ukraine a potent was talking this morning in a news conference he said he'll protect Russians in Ukraine by any means. But hopes force is not required. How do you read this -- -- Are back. Well you've got somebody who feels so emboldened right now because there's very little about the world community including the US can. Really do at this point that was stopped in its tracks. Look -- that you could suspend military sites -- -- the United States has done this -- included. Or since its planning meetings in military exercises. If you get sanctions sanctions are happily at the table for the United States. You have called up -- are fair and the government could potentially provide. Some kind of the future of economic aid to Ukraine so -- diplomatic stop. Foreign policy at its finest but at this of the United States -- in -- by military force against Russia. They're probably about it because the paper wedding every cup this year it's it's not going to happen and not be the Soviet Union at its peak but. Russia took command with some -- massive military as there is not earth it was the United States and China and it's sitting -- a couple thousand. You know you bring up the Soviet Union with President Putin being so stubborn -- trying to figure out why. Now we're hearing no more discounts to Ukraine. For necessities like heating fuel it does solid the former Soviet Union at work here. That there's no question that they're playing without some of the most strong arm tactics that the -- which and then that they're going to do. Clearly whatever they want to do in order to secure their interest in the Ukrainian. But also you're part of the United States in the interest or central. Lack thereof which would leave the United States to stay out of anything militarily. But most of Europe has pretty much next to no desire to inflame what earlier burial -- heated situation. And I have to deal with resources still like net apps for one would that be cute if you Europe because they get most of their natural gas. But Russia -- having -- for gas he's the bulk. On the country keep your country and the like -- itself you know it's it's been having to really deal with a European allies. I want from plants from Great Britain. Germany that are out. -- and really just they're hopeful outlook but except it's going to be that they outside just so much it's not more to be affected by. He action that Russia and the Ukraine and even the United States. Dave how closely is Vladimir Putin's listening to President Obama. It's probably not very closely at all. At the present -- makes speeches that he has that he can. I have phone calls let himself -- -- prepare vice president Joseph Biden. All of which is that very close contact that with the leaders and -- -- be Ukraine right now. You know and clearly this is -- the top of the agenda both internationally or domestically. For the United States right now but again it really -- back to the issue there's only so many. Options and those options are quite limited as it is right now. Or the United States in terms putting pressure on Russia and putting pressure on our equipment itself. Expect the United States state. Continue to come up with. Or ideas to -- what both. Economic and diplomatic pressure on Russia but it may not stop Russia from pretty much doing what it wants to do. In the Crimean peninsula. You know parts of Ukraine right now with our country in so much turmoil -- it in the. We'll -- -- saying all these pressures against Russia. We're gonna backfire against the west but how can they backfire. It's unclear in and of course on the goes to that's a lot of not hyperbole and back in top talking. On both sides particularly from Vladimir Putin -- apt to say it's about what ever he wants. At this point -- yet to do what's in that many of the statements that he was making. During heavy Winter Olympics says it's so he seemed like today it was about. A decade ago at this point from the peace and love and joy at the Winter Olympics too that the military action. All of them and purposes that this a couple of weeks later. I yen in the Ukraine itself. But a lot of talking from M. And note that said these are experiences the US leaders are going to react to that. In -- undertake any different tact and know what their -- -- right now which that he is limited and and really going to be just. So -- square and diplomatic and economic means to put pressure on Russia Russia release the time being. Aren't Dave yea your right -- Olympics and like they were so long ago. Hey thanks for joining us and we appreciate the update. Absolutely they wanna thank you could. That's Dave Leventhal senior political reporter. With the Center for Public Integrity.