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Weather Words: Continued Cold

Mar 4, 2014|

NWS Meteorologist Kirk Apffel

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

At the National Weather Service buffalo where for what -- meteorologist Kirk apples to anybody shambles about our call whether. Why is that so darn cold Kirk. Our allies and others felt like a broken record at this point but it's just we've been this in a persistent cold pattern we're diskette that. A lot of cold air are coming directly from the north then it's read this morning as an example of that -- have a high. Settled across pull out the temperatures to drop well below zero in most areas this morning. Kirk how many days do you know have we Ben. Below zero this -- -- so far. All including this morning at some BP fixed the below zero day here at the airport. Course a lot of other areas saying interior valleys may have a lot more than. Is an above average. I believe -- Where are we right now as far as the coldest concern. Of all right now while we are running at right around here at the airport we have got down to minus three which. Which would tie the record for the day wolf the F we get any call that -- I'm also yesterday let's average. 25 degrees below normal for the date so listen carefully well below normal for this time a year in early march. That's gonna ask if it's unusual to have below zero readings when you finally get to march. I they become less and less comment any most of our records in March are are around or below zero by. It is today getting -- time a year work harder and harder to get below zero. What did Leo tie the record -- how long's it last -- There's probably only a matter of minutes to an early morning hours well. Which when we got hit -- mentioned that we prison a couple of greens -- how to comment but still very cold out there. Okay my friend thanks again as always stay warm. Harry YouTube that's National Weather Service meteorologist current capital of the buffalo airport weather station.