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3-3 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 4

Mar 3, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WB he had. -- that he would rate. That. Hold to a no one ponds with an assault rifle. No -- Yeah. If they -- -- extreme conservatives. They have no place in the State of New York if you've got health care -- then you can keep your plan if you are satisfied with a. Wherever and whenever I can take steps without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families that's what I'm gonna do what happened to it. Can -- Destroy all silent. That was an advocate. About -- brilliant move Tenet knew what to eat. -- -- -- -- -- And I like you. You have loans. I'd like loaded. I do. Last hour I appreciate it and today I truly do and and the things I -- and I I don't wanna go any further with that with the show and bring it to open up. There are people I know in buffalo. Who are both Ukrainian. There are there a couple of groups that are very very proud of their national is one of those groups Ukrainian. And the other is Serbia. -- -- Tom serbians are ukrainians that's not the point in trying to make the point is. There is a might look at most of my ancestry is German. I couldn't give a rat's ass about October fest and the only leather pants I have are the ones that were in Jamaica and I think we'll just end right there. So well. It's just not a big deal to. But two ukrainians. It's a huge deal I did it really hit it ukrainians -- bravery proud of their heritage and for some reason it never -- you know once Ukrainian always Ukrainian. And the same thing with the syrups. Want to serve always -- its very inculcated from a very young age so I know that that's part of any component of some people's. You know anger and ferocity some of which you may be directed at me and and I understand that that's OK I was kind of expecting net. I come at a from a different point of view. And my point of view views. And -- and make this clear and you know without going into the entire family tree. I honestly cannot stand the European. Wars conflicts aggravation it's. -- politics. Because Europe. Has been a big pain in the ass for centuries. During the first world war. True story. My maternal. Great grandfather. Was fighting in the trenches. Of World War I for the Germans. While my maternal grandfather. Was fighting in the United States navy. -- I had on one side of the family the clip outs on the other side apparently the Americans. And if you wanna -- the World War II so weakened that. I a couple of Nazis fighting for Hitler in world -- my great uncles two uncles one of them died the other was a POW. So I can personally. Attest to the fact that Europe is and always will be a basket case filled with all kinds of power struggles power vacuums and guys who want to rule the world. And it's never going to change no matter how civilized we think we are. What is almost sounds like you're English teacher in your junior year high school talking about lord of the flies doesn't it. I hated that book and I thought it -- by the way Howell won all those awards I'll never know catcher in the high -- I got that one. Lord of the flies made me -- heat but that's another story altogether so look I understand and I respect. And I'd wanna put that up I respect. Those of -- of you Ukrainian heritage for whom this is very personal. And very close I get there. I also will tell you that my grandmother. Despite coming from Germany in 1923 to the United States her. Only concern. Even with her brother's migrate -- fighting for Hitler's army was that the United States would emerge victorious. Because she gave up Germany and she came to the United States. So that is my frame of reference those are my by Nazis and I'm responsible for. Now as far as treaties are concerned. If you think the United States is an honorable with its trees. You're wrong. And I think we have a great country. Please don't misunderstand me and I think America has been historically a beacon of freedom. To oppressed people around the world at the same time you know what. Let's be perfectly honest with each other to think that this country has warned the white hat. And has been the good guy all around the world out of some sense of benevolence beneficent decency. -- will be smoke and some serious week. -- -- Because. You don't give it. Ask the American Indians. The American -- got screwed by our government more than any other indigenous people every bit. True I mean I I speak nothing but the truth. Read up on the sand creek massacre. Where our troops opened fire on basically what was -- friendly Indian village. Annihilated the whole damn place. Without any regard for women children were civilians. They tried surrendering it would let him surrender. So if we're gonna look at Russia and its. Dirty past. Let's not forget that we've got some things in our closet as well. Which frankly would not stand the light of day and the light of moral scrutiny to most of the people in the rest of the world where most recently peaked at thinking people here in the United States. And getting back to foreign involvement in wars. I just want to remind you of sent. Bat. You know if anybody thinks we'll the United States needs to get involved and you know we need to fight we had a fight with Ukraine against Russia. I'm I'm not now with that idea at all not in the least. I talked about Korea. How many have you lost loved ones in Korea comedy you guys listen -- to be the -- they'll turn around shrapnel. From a below the 38 Euro -- Yeah a few. Quite a few comedy if you go to the the as you're still dealing with PT SD for African Kariya. Quite a few. And our reward for getting involved over there is every year when the students are bored they have anti American rallies. We don't what each. Bring American troops all. Let them fight Kim Jong-Il were whoever today's leader visual work happens to be and frankly I think the same thing about Europe. And George Washington my friends would have agreed -- he was the first president of the United States. He was the leader of the continental army in our revolution. And he was very -- Not only of tyranny of hole in monarchist at all he was very wary of the United States becoming embroiled in foreign conflicts and even in the last century folks. Well we went to war against Germany not exactly. The Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. And Hawaii wasn't a state by at that point by the the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor December 719413000. Americans died. The United States and FDR the next day declared war on Japan. No mention was made of Germany. Hitler declared war the United States. Create the pillars of the stupidest things he did and all of the Second World War at that point -- generals know. That you've been taken too much by flooding for. Because he was watched that the whole country was lost at -- And we can think now we want. But you can Banca the Browning automatic rifle probably a little bit there as much as that. But anyway folks the wanna try to make your news. Every country on the face of this -- whether you like it or not. Is going to act in its own best interests. It is my opinion that -- 24 team our own best interest is in staying away from Europe. Ukraine Russia. In all of these troubled spots around the world with which we ought to be involved especially because you guys -- You guys elect the president of the United States who is a week. -- -- A guy that KGB. And a -- its successors have known for years will. Basically you'll fall like house of cards. On last he is attacking the right. -- keep in mind. When Barack Obama is running the United States he doesn't think anything about acting exactly like. He'll put the IRS after conservative groups. He'll make sure and his administration will make sure that the IR us. Goes after the tax free exemption status being sought by conservative groups and Tea Party groups -- then. Barack Obama he's got testicles the size of -- doubts. Tomatoes. And potatoes. But when it comes to potent. They're little raisins little shriveled to reasons. -- when Barack Obama is talking about. When he's talking about fox who's suddenly -- his testes are like melons. What he's talking about wooten. They're like the blue -- circuses. Streak he only has courage when he's going after the right. He only has courage when he's going after people who are American patriots. Gun owners believers in the idea that life begins at conception. He goes after people who disagree with his left wing ideology. Those are his true enemies. And by his own words and his own actions you'll Ike Perry understand finally from where this guy is comic why wouldn't wanna take -- -- anyway. Too strong against -- Because I'll play -- up and ideologically. There's not a doubt in my mind Barack Obama as a whole lot more in common with a lot of -- -- that he does with Tom Bauerle. They both hit for the same -- -- would one be the pitcher and one the catcher I can't keep these things up let's go to our traffic right now here is Allan Harris Alan. And the exclusive WB and AccuWeather forecast. What I said the size of little raisins yeah it's going to be that cold tonight. A minus one overnight it might be down to minus three which is a record set way back in the 1940s and tomorrow it's also going to be cold but don't you find your bodies adjusting to it now. As I do seriously like a Saturday when you walked outside it was about thirty degrees that it feel like. Well this is down right. When he went out on Saturday night and made it I'm this far is starting to Jeep but I said screwed us on balance. Anyway it is eight degrees minus. Ten as what it feels like outside at WB EN 621 let's get back to the calls who's next it is. Dave in Amherst I cannot believe I'm getting calls and Ukraine behavior WB and thank you hello. -- Could agree with you more in regards to all Washington statements for staying out of wars not in our interest rate specifically mention Europe. The bloody wars in Europe. I think the only way you can do that staying out of the wars. Is by heating in the admonition of Jefferson. Jefferson said the greatest danger. Estate private Central Bank. And -- know Doug alluded to. You know be the IMF. Being protected by the CIA. Essentially. It's -- bankers and war. Well it. You know I could just -- rhetorical question in which war have bankers not made money. Exactly. Do you know money and wars go hand in. Well I know fortunate son and I don't think you are -- I'm -- either and I I think the -- -- again if it's the banks. I I I believe. Again you have to do what the constitution says. And issue. Interest free money as the constitution says Matt. We should not be asking ourselves why are -- raising the debt ceilings we should ask yourself why are we printing constitutional. Money debt free money. Instead of paying interest to private central bankers. If we were too. And that the Federal Reserve heed the admonition of Jefferson and do what. Jackson said Jackson settlement that that I believe. Talking about Andrew Jackson not Jesse. -- yeah of course we're still yes yes Andrew Jackson's that the greatest accomplishment. Was that the banks try to kill him but he killed yet. And like a call in a few weeks ago mentioned. JFK's. Executive order 11110. You know. We need to issue. Look let's not get too far field here apparently you've got your own agenda and I know your gender OK and that's fine but. Here's the immediate question here is what you the United States do. I'll -- power struggle now between wooten and Ukraine and what I say is leave it alone it's none of our business. I say leave it alone but I don't think we can because of the the banking Asia network worked tie that's our central banks are tied the IMAP and I think it's ultimately it currency struggle. Between the bricks that want their own currency. And the IMF. You know -- and essentially. You've got other things going with that the Chinese suppose we are dumping treasuries there. Just put it very succinctly to -- to push through. Canada. I just I don't know any other way to say which group and the and that's that's the bottom line we are screwed and Americans have only themselves to blame. Mean you can talk IMF you can talk treasury you can talk Federal Reserve the bottom line is the United States of America has allowed itself to be screw you know why because everybody wanted some -- for not -- And LBJ. Thank you for that great society it's certainly has done wonders for the black community. Unbelievable. Singers. Have always been -- real holes man. They believe it's. Hello this -- Me. -- -- -- -- I shouldn't zone but the picture the cowboys had happened that's it mr. beam. By the -- folks if you're curious. I don't mean by curious. -- Anyway if you're curious. There is a photograph. Actually there for pictures we took -- But for a weakness of the hourly crew you've got John Sherman your humble host and Joseph beaver. Now. That coach Sherman is not that much taller than I am I would just standing. In background. Anyway that's. The pictures -- up online to see the afternoon group. Knock yourself out also dug Hagman was our -- the opening part of the program and his website is Homeland Security US dot com. All and speaking of photographs. How many of you remember the seventies -- video I put up last week of the Electric Light Orchestra. Anybody remember that. The video I turned to stone was song. On is that Evans BWB -- promotions group. He has officially brought back the 1970s. Mustache best known for its appearances and -- ELO video. And in the movie slap shot. I've -- our Susan points. Gotta check out the pictures act Evans must act now is that is that head to breedlove a puppy here at the radio station named ranger. And -- sometimes comes to work with that. Rangers the dog is that one of our favorite friends here at the WB Ian by the way the cat out of the bag you're too much but -- I I know that that sandy beach has been vetted very very big on which -- Idol wanna say that. Analysts and he -- Out of Ottawa series in the punch keys but he's at appointees in a big way. Now what's at a beach does not understand and does not know about me is in addition to staying up late at night listening to George Harrison and -- -- music. And you know being conciliatory and stuff. What he doesn't understand about me is I have an end. In fact have quite a few ins. With the local doughnut community. And I happen to have and I'm pretty good authority DePaul is donuts. He's going to be open bright and early tomorrow morning making points keys. Now I know that this is gonna get back the sandy beach. Now I -- let's just about every word because he is a huge fan of an effect I can't think of a guy I've ever worked with you've been such a big fan of my show is Sandy Bridge. I mean the guy just loves me it's obvious every day so. I have arranged for sandy to receive. A complete box of push -- Don't ask now. Just know there -- -- bricks. Just know that I have the contacts. It all has to do with -- -- And George Harrison. And Tom Petty music as well. I won't back down that's my -- to the point. So ups and you're all hooked up with punch -- who's your body Hoosier pale but Alltel Alltel a -- be surprised at all or market touch. He doesn't have to worry about any special ingredient in the you know no. Never do that that's also illegal are at 637 -- news radio 9:30 WBZ am sorry Joseph beamer and sorry John -- but I don't he -- -- -- they had no idea -- I can't touch you do. I acknowledge -- there's some but I just can't I -- did you did did they just don't work. But it don't work. Can be -- we can work for the sabres. Boy you wanna talk about a dysfunctional situation elevated its archer archer but. Guys. Just when you thought the team might be on some solid ground and building for the future. WTF. With Pat LaFontaine. Isn't it ironic that Ryan Miller and Steve not go to Saint Louis. You guys do know we're Pat LaFontaine was born right Saint Louis pat is a Saint Louis point. And yes that's absolutely and the relationship between Ted Nolan and Pat LaFontaine. Made a terrible if you're Ted Nolan would do. I wonder what you know if Pat LaFontaine is a class that I've met -- a few times. I can't there's nothing I would never say bad about Pat LaFontaine the man to perfect gentleman he is a tremendous human beings are very very nice man. I would imagine that Pat LaFontaine would probably say the Ted Nolan Ted look you've got to do what's best for ten. You know you ride that sabres poppy is longer she can. Build your NHL -- some more get yourself back in the game establish yourself as a coach we saw what you did with Latvia in the Olympics. And when the opportunity presents itself then you take off. But let's face it there are finite number of NHL head coaching jobs available. In any given season. I think you'll be stupid for Ted Nolan act out of out of -- and say screw this State's group Fontaine a lot of your. That would be acting impetuous -- and stupidly. And especially in the this is -- you know this is a chance for him. Just take the seat -- act impetuous leak. Of a -- and when -- screw that up. One extra -- that. I didn't screw. Sorry guys it's got out of my mind. Anyway. I hope things work I think -- going to be fine for Papelbon. But when your head coach you got to know. Bad things like this are gonna happen believe it or not even some radio stations. You know sometimes people really like in the -- and there's not really good reason for it and you've got a choice. You can dwell on it. Or you can choose to not worry about things you cannot control. And just let yourself control your own destiny and that's Ted Nolan is right now. You know Ted Nolan needs to be the master of his own destinies good till the end of the year I don't know it's maybe you'll get an offer somewhere else that he feels better work in the that he does with this dysfunctional organization. But it's a damn shame. To see what's happened to this hockey. Maybe if you draft choices will make us all feel better question mark I don't know I don't think the trades are done. I think you're gonna see another I honestly think UST another popular player ago another big name player ago. Because it's all about the future. Yeah you don't yet I think he's gonna go he's gone but anyway. 64 U news radio 930 WB EM so I want alt -- that's very very important to me. That I make mention of -- because. Well I do want to do a quick shot of heroin. That did not come out right at Ole. Hold on just a moment if you think -- Being a wise as I'm not hold onto that bought just for a moment but I mentioned that the American invasion of bug Grenada. Back in the 1980s. Some time ago. And then. I mention though whenever local kits whenever local men actually mark -- marker who dot. In the invasion of Grenada and I made mention of the fact that I've never forgotten. About the struggle. About the sacrifice. Of mark Rodham locker. Local young man. Who made the ultimate sacrifice. On behalf of his country and frankly in behalf of freedom and grenade. And sometimes they do show when I wonder. Does anybody directly involved in that story. Today listen are they Alter. And -- river specifically today saying something about the red marker apparently am wondering if they were listening and wouldn't you know I checked my FaceBook page and I'm glad I did because it did not come to regular email I got a very very nice -- What message from Jane red marker who is mark's sister -- tong and this is this is very touching. And it means more to me that I can even -- -- -- Caught your show late this afternoon. On the ride home. Just as you were mentioning Grenada. And my brother. Sergeant mark -- a marker. I went to Grenada this past October for the thirtieth anniversary of the liberation. The people of Grenada are still very grateful to the United States for our participation in the intervention. And liberation of the American medical students that are in attendance at saint -- medical school one effect. He wasn't friendly fire that killed my brother and four of his comrades on the -- mission to clear the air field. And that's important to me that I correct. Somebody once told me it was friendly fire. And I took that to the bank is if they knew but it was not friendly fire it was in fact enemy fighter or. I don't know if it was a mine. Or direct fire but it doesn't matter mark -- -- did not come home alive. And as I mentioned the first time I brought up mark red marker during today's program. This young man. And for Easter roar of and I know resistor can back me up on this say if you saw -- decline. His lifelong goal all he thought about from the -- a little boy until we actually enlisted. And ultimately gave his life and service to this country was being an American soldier that's what he wanted to do. That was his destiny that was his mission -- surprised nobody. That when the United States went into Grenada. That mark read a marker was -- front insider as a sergeant. Surprised nobody. Because that was his destiny that was why he was here. In deep inside he must -- no and that's why he was here because that's all he ever wanted to do. Now granted there's more to a person than being unit dimension. But in terms of a career path or something that he strived. To do. That's what he realized. That was his destined. And to his family. All I can say is. Obviously have never forgotten. Your brother -- mark random locker I don't know how many of the local red markers are related to. Marc sergeant mark -- a locker but I just want you know. Bet there are people outside of your family who still remember him. And who remember him fondly. And who are more than happy as they were with me. To tell me the story about how your brother how your loved one. Had the dream his entire life. Of joining the becoming an American soldier. And I don't think that even thirty years. Is enough to -- The missing table. The missing seated the Thanksgiving table will be empty chair. On Christmas. Or wondering what might have been with the rest of his life. I do hope. And it seemed -- week to say these words. But I do hope for the red marker family even thirty years later. That in some way in some shape and in some form. You have derived some comfort over the years in knowing that Mark -- marker was not forgotten. I do hope that you derive some comfort some small measure of relief. In knowing that. Of all of the destiny's he could have fulfilled in this life. That was here's. He knew the risks. He was willing to put his life on the line for others. And that kind of courage. And that kind of sacrifice is something you you can't be taught you either have it or you don't. And young sergeant mark -- marker I don't even think he was twenty years old when he died. May be just about twenty. But. To have that much courage. And two. Die while going into an island in the Caribbean he probably never heard them before the American invasion. Is something that. I know I will never forget the name. And all members of my audience don't forget the name. And to what Jane -- a -- -- who was kind enough in her busy day. New probably a million things Jane red -- had to do to. And she took the time and trouble to sending a very very nice email. About going to Grenada. To visit. Where her brother. Served and gave his life. That island and to observe firsthand. The fake use. Of the people of Grenada we've and all these years later. Remember. What he did it and what Americans in our sphere of influence I eat the Western Hemisphere. And it to Jane red marker -- her family. Again without be laboring a point. Idea. I think you. For your very very nice email on FaceBook I will leave it up on FaceBook. And I hope that other people who Newmark. -- I did not know him I I knew him only indirectly through a friend who -- well. But to those who did know him. I know that I'm bringing back some memories and I hope that some of those memories at least made you smile a little bit. Thirty years later. Because. You know that that is what he always wanted to do. And you can look back now and hopefully as -- you can take some comfort in knowing. That he's not forgotten he never has been forgotten by me and he certainly has never been forgotten by the people of grenade. And not many people. Leave this world at such a young age. War movie stars are musicians leave that kind of an indelible mark of their own spirit. And indomitable real. Upon other people who did not even know them. And I know that we have other families listening to -- gold star families. And the same sentiment I need to cheer with you. The mark -- a locker story was always of interest to me because again I knew somebody who knew him very well. And there were so few fatalities. And casualties. On the American side during the invasion that they have won from the East Aurora area always have stood out as being very very memorable. So again Jane red marker I don't have the words other than. Thank you. And that thanks to your family don't know how big your family happens to be but thank you for correcting the fact that he was not killed by friendly fire. That it was killed in a Jeep clearing -- runway. Because without a runway you can't really elaborate well at least with a fixed wing -- for. So thank you Jane red marker I can't even tell you what that means to me that you chose to wrote wrote right. Coming up on 650 news radio 930 WB EN. OK guys -- you really gonna tell you that the show is for all intents and purposes over today and I didn't even get to the topics that I was connect. Oh my gosh. Okay -- guys thank you for all the calls I honestly was not expecting so many calls on the Ukraine situation I honestly don't know what the say. Might my game plan today was to talk about the storage of heroin addiction. Which is it's not going away I wanna do another show on heroin this week. Because. Number one it's serious number two I have to be honest I'm a little disappointed. With some of the feedback -- got on my FaceBook page today. When I said. Budget put the word -- one as say. Conversation starter. And I think there's a lot of misconceptions out there that need to be addressed about this evil evil concoction. Known as as her. Joseph -- ever wanna thank you very much for great job John Sherman thank you you can see -- pictures and my picture at the FaceBook about the hourly thing. FaceBook for you until then tomorrow history you know yourself.

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